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The Trash Quizbowl Packet Archive at quizbowlpackets.com is part of the Quizbowl Resource Center Database at hsquizbowl.org. If you own the rights to a set that you would like to release to the public for free, you may upload the set to the Quizbowl Resource Center Database and it will appear in the Trash Quizbowl Packet Archive once approved by Jeffrey Hill or a database administrator.

Please note that the Quizbowl Resource Center Database also includes entries for question sets that have not been made available for download on quizbowlpackets.com, so your set may already have an entry in the database. Do not create a new entry if an entry for your set already exists. If you do not own the entry for your question set, contact the owner of the entry (displayed at the bottom of the page) to have ownership transferred to you.

Find and edit Question Sets on the Quizbowl Resource Center Database

If you are having trouble uploading packets, you may also email them to Jeffrey Hill.