Unabuzzer 6 Questions by Jon Pennington of Superfly and the Slow Motion Jiggle

1. When this drink from the Global Beverage Company is combined with rum,

the resulting concoction is called a Jumper Cable. Dolly Parton claims it

helped her to lose 20 pounds and college students rely on it to help them

survive late-night study sessions. FTP, name this beverage marketed with

the slogan "All the sugar, twice the caffeine."

Answer: JOLT Cola

2. His real name is Henry Dempsey and he began his career as an illustrator

for pulp fiction magazines, before selling his first science-fiction story

in 1951. His 1966 novel "Make Room, Make Room!" served as the basis for the

movie Soylent Green, but his most famous character is Slippery Jim D'Griz.

FTP, who created the Stainless Steel Rat series?

Answer: Harry Maxwell HARRISON

3. The creators of this television show filed an intellectual property

lawsuit against the McDonald's fast food chain, because Mayor McCheese

looked much too similar to the title character of the show. The show

starred the British child actor, Jack Wild, but he was often upstaged by

Witchiepoo and a talking magical flute. FTP, name this Sid & Marty Krofft

TV show that took place on Living Island.

Answer: H. R. PUFNSTUF

4. In 1995, he became the second member of the NFL to successfully complete

a pass for 99 yards. A graduate of Southern Mississippi, the Atlanta

Falcons selected him as a second-round draft pick in 1991, then traded him

to the Green Bay Packers in 1992. FTP, name this quarterback who competed

with Ben Stiller for the affections of Cameron Diaz in There's Something

About Mary.

Answer: Brett FAVRE

5. The proper medical term for this phenomenon is "prostatitis," but it is

also known as "the priest's disease." It occurs when an excess of prostatic

fluid builds up in the urethra, when the penis is stimulated for long

periods of time without ejaculation. FTP, what is the colorful nickname

given to this painful testicular condition?


6. In the late 1960s, she was the lead singer of the psychedelic pop group,

the Wind in the Willows. In the 1990s, she appeared as a member of the

Witches' Council on the first episode of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. In the

1970s and 1980s, she sang the lead vocal on four Number One hits, including

"Rapture," "Call Me," "The Tide Is High," and "Heart of Glass." FTP, who is

this lead singer of Blondie?

Answer: Deborah HARRY

7. According to witnesses, he is a heavyset man with red hair and

eyeglasses. After committing his first two murders at a lover's lane in

Vallejo, California, he sent letters to over a dozen newspapers with

elaborate cryptograms detailing his plans to collect "slaves" for the

afterlife, but he has never been caught. FTP, name this anonymous murderer

with an astrological nickname.


8. They make their first appearance in Gray Barker's 1956 book, They Knew

Too Much About Flying Saucers. According to the 1970s UFO book, the Mothman

Prophecies, they were controlled by a force from another dimension called

the "Superspectrum," although most versions of this myth depict them as

covert agents of the government. FTP, what is this UFO legend that inspired

a comic book series by Lowell Cunningham and a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones?

Answer: the MEN IN BLACK (also accept M.I.B.)

9. He played a truck driver in the third sequel to the Texas Chainsaw

Massacre, but he was so ashamed with his connection to the film that he

tried to get his agents to prevent the film from being released. A close

friend of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, he had his first speaking part in a

film as Wooderson in the comedy Dazed and Confused. FTP, name this Texan

actor who starred in Amistad, Contact, and A Time To Kill.

Answer: Matthew MCCOUNAGHEY

10. Starters, Main Courses, Sauces & Pickles, and Problems are the four most

prominent sections of this book. The editor of the book was a famous

English biologist and anarchist, but most of the material in the book came

from a married couple who preferred to remain anonymous. FTP, name this

illustrated sex manual edited by Alex Comfort.

Answer: the JOY OF SEX

11. It supposedly happened, because of U.S. government experiments at

Montauk Point, Long Island that attempted to use Einstein's Unified Field

Theory to make military vessels invisible to radar. The incident allegedly

occurred in October 1943 when officials from Project Rainbow teleported the

USS Eldredge from a large Northeastern city to Norfolk,Virginia. FTP,

identify this alleged incident named after the largest city in Pennsylvania

that inspired a 1984 science fiction film.

Answer: the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT (accept PROJECT RAINBOW on early buzz)

12. For a quick ten points, be the first person to burp twice after buzzing in.

(Note to moderator: you must hear two burps in order to award 10 pts.)

13. He wears the number 21 on his baseball uniform in honor of Roberto

Clemente. In 1990, as an outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, he set a

team record for having 13 assists in a season, but the White Sox traded him

the Chicago Cubs in 1992. FTP, name this Dominican baseball player who

became the second person to surpass Roger Maris's record for most home runs

in a season.

Answer: Sammy SOSA

14. According to New York City police, this South American strain of heroin,

with purity levels that range from 60 to 70 percent, experienced a sharp

rise in popularity in the summer of 1996. This brand of heroin morbidly

became popular with Manhattan junkies, because it was linked to the death of

Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. FTP, what is this brand of

heroin that takes its name from a backward phrase used in the horror movie,

The Shining?

Answer: RED RUM

15. It was founded by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at the 1996 Bash at the

Beach pay-per-view TV special. Dennis Rodman is an honorary member and

other members include Buff Bagwell, Fake Sting, and most notably Hulk Hogan.

FTP, what is this wrestling team that shares its name with a phrase

popularized by George Bush?


16. His real name is Tahiem Smith and he began his musical career as a

member of the Leaders of the New School. He began his solo career as a

guest on "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest and, in 1997, he presented a MTV

Music Video Award with lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. FTP, name this leader

of the Flipmode Squad with the hits "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,"

"Dangerous," and "Woo-Hah! (Got You All in Check)."

Answer: BUSTA RHYMES (prompt on RHYMES)

17. The title character is played by the same actor who played Heavy Gene on

the John Larroquette Show. The Los Angeles City Council considered passing

a resolution against the show and UPN network officials placed an ad in Jet

Magazine in order to defuse protests from the NAACP. FTP, name this spoof

of the Abraham Lincoln administration that has been dubbed by TV critics as

the worst show of the 1998 fall TV season.


18. If you watched every single episode of this TV series back-to-back, it

would still not take you as long as watching the three movies inspired by

the show. Every episode announces that it is filmed in color and several

episodes end with the actors frozen in pantomime. FTP, what is this spoof

of 1960s police dramas that revived the career of Leslie Nielsen?


19. When this video game was invented in 1982, its creator called it "Snots

and Boogers." The title character of the game could be killed either by

occupying the same square as Ugg, Wrongway, or Coily the bouncing snake or

by falling off a pyramid. FTP, name this video game inspired by M.C. Escher

that featured a bizarre orange creature with a big nose.

Answer: Q*BERT

20. He began his comedy career as a member of the Credibility Gap and

briefly hosted The News Hole on the Comedy Central network. He imitated

Ronald Reagan as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, but he is better

known for his portrayal of Derek Smalls in This Is Spinal Tap. FTP, name

this multi-talented man responsible for doing the voices of Otto the

Busdriver, Principal Skinner, and Ned Flanders on the Simpsons.

Answer: Harry SHEARER


21. It was introduced at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Created by F.W Rueckheim, it wasn't until 1919 that it acquired its famous characters, one who began life as a child modeled after Rueckhiem's grandson, and the other wearing a frown, Sailor Joe and his dog Bingo. FTP What is this carmelized popcorn?

Answer: Cracker Jack




1. Identify the video game company responsible for releasing the following video game cartridges from the 1980s for 10 pts. each:

A. Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Combat

Answer: ATARI

B. Pitfall, Kaboom!, Stampede, and Double Dragon


C Donkey Kong, Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, and Zaxxon

Answer: COLECO

2. This bonus will test your ability to clap correctly. Provide the correct

number of claps and clap with the correct rhythm for the following physical

challenges for 15 pts. each. (Note to moderator: this bonus will be much

more entertaining if you actually sing the lyrics.)

A. Provide the correct sequence of claps that goes after these lyrics: "So no

one told you life was gonna be this way..."

Answer: Note the moderator: This is the first line of the Friends theme song. The

correct answer requires exactly four claps: a long clap, followed by three

short, accented claps in quick succession.

B. Provide the correct sequence of claps that goes after these lyrics: "We

will, we will rock you..."

Answer: Note to moderator: the claps should roughly conform to "Clap, clap, pause,

clap, clap, pause."

3. Identify the authors of the following Hugo Award winners for best science

fiction novel for 5 pts. each, 30 pts. total:

a) The Demolished Man, 1953

b) Double Star, 1956

c) A Canticle for Liebowitz, 1961

d) Ringworld, 1971

e) The Disposessed, 1975

f) Neuromancer, 1985

Answer: a) Alfred BESTER, (b) Robert A. HEINLEIN, (c) Walter M. MILLER, Jr., (d) Larry NIVEN, (e) Ursula K. LEGUIN, (f) William GIBSON

4. Identify the following sexually bizarre medical conditions for 10 pts. each:

A. Men who have this condition suffer from painful, chronic erections that

cannot be relieved through ejaculation or sexual intercourse. The name of

this condition derives from a Roman fertility god responsible for making

gardens grow.


B. Also known as penile agenesis, men with this condition have a penis that is

less than 2 centimeters long. In most cases, men who have this condition do

not have a scrotum and their testicles typically cannot function.


C. Another name for this disorder is "unconsummated marriage disease." Women

who have this disorder suffer from involuntary muscle contractions in the

vagina typically caused by a psychosomatic reaction to sexual trauma. In

extreme cases, women with this condition can contract their vaginal muscles

around a man's penis so tightly that the man cannot pull out for several hours.


5. Answer the following questions about assassination conspiracy theories

for 10 pts. each:

A. According to some conspiracy theorists, this assassin was programmed to kill

John Lennon after receiving hypnotic instructions from the book, the Catcher

in the Rye.

Answer: Mark David CHAPMAN

B. According to one conspiracy theory, this actor did not die of an accidental

drug overdose, but was murdered in order to prevent him from testifying

about child prostitution in the Children of God religious cult, where his

parents were missionaries.

Answer: River PHOENIX

C. This was the brand name of the untrustworthy Italian rifle that Lee Harvey

Oswald allegedly used to kill JFK.


6. Identify the book, 30-20-10

30 pt. clue: It was originally written by the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.

20 pt. clue: Fake versions of this book were popular among Satan-worshipping

heavy metal heads during the 1980s. The book also shares it title with a

book of artwork by H.R. Giger.

10 pt. clue: The book is most well-known for the role it plays in H.P.

Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories.


7. Identify the following mixed drinks for 10 pts. each:

A. Its main ingredients are 1 ounce Amaretto, 1 ounce Kahlua, and 1 ounce of

Irish Cream served over ice. Some bartenders add the optional ingredient of

2 scoops of ice cream.


B. It includes of 1 ounce of vodka and 1 ounce of Peach Schnapps. The vodka

and Schnapps are then combined with orange juice.


C. This drink named after an imaginary surfer consists of 1 ounce of vodka and

1 ounce of Galliano mixed with orange juice.


8. There are many rumors about steamy love scenes in Hollywood movies where

the actor and actress actually had sex on camera. For this bonus, I will

give you the name of a film and the year it was released. Your job is to

provide me with the name of both the actor and the actress who supposedly

had sex on camera during that film. You get 10 pts., 5 pts. each, for

naming both the actor and actress involved.

A. Don't Look Now, 1973

Answer: Donald SUTHERLAND and Julie CHRISTIE

B. Wild Orchid, 1990

Answer: Mickey ROURKE and Carre OTIS

C. Zandalee, 1991

Answer: Nicolas CAGE and Erika ANDERSON (also accept Judge REINHOLD and Erika ANDERSON)

(Note to moderator: If somebody answers Nicolas Cage and Judge Reinhold,

they should only get 5 pts.)

9. Identify the following famous pedophiles for 10 pts. each:

A. This movie director became the focus of protests after the release of his

movie Powder, when a former child actor revealed that the director had

molested him on the set of the movie Clownhouse.

Answer: Victor SALVA

B. This science-fiction author sparked a major controversy in Britain after Sri

Lankan authorities questioned him about his alleged taste for young boys,

shortly before Queen Elizabeth planned to grant him knighthood.

Answer: Arthur C. CLARKE

C. This Catholic priest who served on the Meese Pornography Commission was

later charged with sexually molesting runaways at his shelter, Covenant

House. The priest became the butt of many jokes on the Howard Stern show

shortly after his arrest.

Answer: Father Bruce RITTER

10. Many rock groups have taken their names from the titles of movies. You

get 10 pts. if you can identify a rock group based on the movie title they

adopted for their name. You get 5 pts. if you need another clue about the

group's music.

A. 10 pt. clue: This group adopted its name from an extremely gory 1964 horror

film about five Northerners who take a wrong turn down South and get maimed

and disemboweled by an entire town full of psychotic killers. The group

used the horror film as the basis for its own name, but they did not

remember the name of the film correctly.

5 pt. clue: Albums by this group include In My Tribe, Blind Man's Zoo, and

Our Time In Eden. At one point, they were reportedly Chelsea Clinton's

favorite rock group.

Answer: 10,000 MANIACS

B. 10 pt. clue: Like the heavy metal band Faster Pussycat, this American group

also borrowed its name from a Russ Meyer sexploitation movie.

5 pt. clue: The group from Seattle is credited with starting the grunge

craze, long before Nirvana, with their song "Touch Me, I'm Sick." Their

albums include Superfuzz Bigmuff and My Mother, The Cow.


C. 10 pt. clue: This British group adopted its name from a 1981 American

slasher movie about a psychotic coal miner who slaughters teenagers at a

dance party.

5 pt. clue: This group is credited with starting the "shoegazer" movement in

British alternative music. Their albums include "Isn't Anything" and

"Loveless," but they haven't released an album for over 5 years.


11. Answer the following questions about "inside jokes" in Hollywood movies

for 10 pts. each:

A. In the movie American Graffiti, Paul Le Mat's drag racer has an extremely

special license number that has special significance to the director of the

film. What is that license plate number?

Answer: THX-1138

B. This book, written by a family friend of Matt Damon, experienced a large

increase in sales after Will Hunting recommended the book to his

psychiatrist in the movie Good Will Hunting.


C. The character of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movie is based partially on

Donald Pleasance's performance in You Only Live Twice, but Mike Myers also

borrowed mannerisms from this person, his former boss.

Answer: Lorne MICHAELS

12. Answer the following questions about urination for 15 pts. each:

A. Some men have a gene that gives their urine a noxious, sulfurous smell after

they eat this particular vegetable.


B. According to an urban legend, this household product can be used to

determine whether a pregnant woman will have a boy or a girl. The woman

combines 2 to 3 ounces of her urine with this product. If the resultant

mixture turns brown in 10 to 15 seconds, she will have a boy. If it stays

yellow, she will have a girl. What is this household product?

Answer: DRANO

13. Is it just me or do drug commercials on television provide you with too

much information? Identify the following drugs based on warnings that

appear in the TV commercials used to advertise them for 15 pts. each:

A. The commercials for this rival to Rogaine say that pregnant women should not

handle broken tablets of this medication.

Answer: PROPECIA (also accept FINASTERIDE)

B. According to spokesperson Joan Lunden, this allergy medication is safe for

children as young as seven.

Answer: CLARITIN (also accept LORATADINE)

14. The first novel written by Sue Grafton about the private detective

Kinsey Millhone was the novel A Is For Alibi. Name the next six novels in

Sue Grafton's alphabetically titled Kinsey Millhone series for 5 pts. each,

30 pts. total.

Answer: B Is For Burglar, C Is For Corpse, D Is For Deadbeat, E Is For Evidence, F Is For Fugitive, and G Is For Gumshoe

15. Identify the following three movies by the world's worst director of

all time, Edward D. Wood, for 10 pts. each. Hint: None of them is Plan Nine

from Outer Space.

A. This debut film from Ed Wood is a docu-drama about a heterosexual

transvestite who secretly borrows women's clothing from his girlfriend. The

film includes incomprehensible narration from Bela Lugosi intercut with

stock footage of stampeding buffalo.


B. This film has hilarious scenes of Bela Lugosi wrestling with an inert rubber

octopus. Footage of an atomic explosion was abruptly tacked on to the end

of the film to make a point about the arms race.


C This so-called "erotic horror" film was finished in 1965, but did not get

released until 1980, probably because Ed Wood could not afford to pay his

film processing costs. The movie features the psychic Criswell as The Ruler

of the Dark and topless dancing women who are supposed to be zombies.


16. In the 1997-98 College Football Season, most of the Bowl games had corporate sponsors who affixed their name to the game. For instance, the Peach Bowl was officially the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. For 10 points each, who sponsored these:

A. Cotton Bowl Answer: Southwestern Bell (accept SBC)

B. Holiday Bowl Answer: Plymouth

C. Gator Bowl Answer: Toyota


17. In 1993 a dessert conglomerate was born identify these things for 5 points each and 10 for all four.:

A. He began hand-cranking pure, all natural ice cream in Philadelphia in 1866.

Answer: William A. _Breyer_

B. This truck-born ice cream was born when Harry Burt invented the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar on a stick in Youngstown, Ohio in 1920

Answer: _Good Humor_

C. Frank Epperson, a California boy of 11, mixed some soda water powder to drink, but left it overnight on the back porch with the stirring stick still in it. The temperature dropped to a record low on that California night in1905 causing it to freeze. What was first dubbed the "Epsicle" went on to become known, of course, as this.

Answer: Popsicle.

D. Samuel Isaly, a descendent of a well-known Swiss dairy farm family, began producing what would eventually become America's #1 selling ice cream novelty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1929.

Answer: _Klondike_ Bar

18. Answer the following questions about perfect games for 15 pts. each:

A. In 1959, this pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates pitched a perfect game for

12 consecutive innings, then lost the game after allowing a run in the 13th


Answer: Harvey HADDIX

B. After Catfish Hunter pitched a perfect game in 1968, nobody repeated his

feat until 13 years later. Name the pitcher for the Cleveland Indians who

ended this 13-year drought in a 1981 game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Answer: Len BARKER

19. Identify the speaker of the following quotations, 30-20-10.

30 pt. clue: The lamp is running away.

20 pt. clue: I'm an Elk, a Mason, a Communist. I'm the president of the Gay

and Lesbian Alliance for some reason.

10 pt. clue: When I was a pup, we got spanked by ex-presidents til the cows

came home. Why I got spanked by Grover Cleveland on two non-consecutive



20. Identify the men from clues for 15 points each:

A. At Oxford he shared a house with Bill Clinton. Now Deputy Secretary of State, prior to that he was an editor of Time Magazine

Answer: Strobe Talbott

B. He shared a room with Al Gore in college, and may have been the inspiration for Erich Segal’s Love Story. His acting roles include the U.S. Marshall in U.S. Marshalls

Answer: Tommy Lee Jones.