Trash Pack for Unabuzzer 6: Unabuzzer Rots in Prison


By T. Fred Carpenter, Mike Usher, DM Levinson

Super Fly and the Slow Motion Jiggle

Toss Ups

1. Dave Pirner, Jonny Depp, Evan Dando, Jay Kay, David Grohl, Stephan Jenkins are a small list of this actress’ list o’ boyfriends. FTP name this actress tearing up the screen in cult classics like Heathers and Alien Resurrection.

ans: Winona Ryder (accept Winona Ryder’s boyfriends if buzzed in by last name in list)

2. He’s a hard boiled, tough talking, cowardly, bumbling, arrogant, selfish avian fowl detective. His voice is provided by Jason Alexander, FTP name this yellow cartoon character who has a home on the USA network.

ans: Duckman


3. Founded on July 13, 1937 this firm’s signature product’s secret recipe was passed by a Frenchman in Kentucky to Ishmael Armstrong. Soon a cult following began in Winston, North Carolina. FTP name this chain of donut shops with distinctive green roofs.

ans: Krispy Kreme

4. Though some people have been known to take this drug in quantities up to 40 grams daily, anything more than eight grams per day is discouraged. Manufactured in both China and Europe, it is white or yellow in color and should not be taken by women with water retention problems or by cyclists just prior to a race, because it works by increasing the amount of fluid taken in by muscles and hence can cause dehydration. FTP, name this bodybuilding drug found alongside androstenedione in Mark McGwire’s locker.

Answer: CREATINE monohydrate

5. It turns 33 this year, first premiering on November 8, 1965 this half hour show expanded to an hour in 1970. Set in the mid west town of Salem FTP name this show about the trials and tribulations of the Horton family as well as the compassionate Dr. Marlena Evans, the heroic John Black and the villainous Vivian Alamain?

ans: Days of Our Lives


6. Though much of his schedule is devoted to running religious revival meetings, this athlete has found the time to father nine children by six different women, including two who were born out of wedlock within a month of each other in the past year, as he acknowledged shortly after defeating Vaughn Bean last month. In 1986, he gained the WBA cruiserweight title, and four years later he won the first of his three heavyweight titles with a knockout of Buster Douglas. FTP, name this reigning heavyweight champion and victim of Mike Tyson’s appetite.

Answer: Evander HOLYFIELD


7. He considers every moment on stage, "..was smacking some Jew hating, lousy punk ever deeper into the deck", reserving a front seat always for his grandmother at concerts this performer has come to symbolize 1980’s excess FTP name this former lead singer of Van Halen.

ans: David Lee Roth


8. Caution, two answers required. Jane Rosenthal, President of Tribeca Productions, would like Joe Pesci and Cher to be cast, but Robert De Niro says that he can do a Russian accent too. These Jay Ward created characters will be coming to a big screen near you FTP, name these enemies of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

ans: Boris and Natasha

9. The Beast from the Belly of the Boeing, Mexican Slayride, the Out of Towners, Bullets and Bikinis are just a few episode names of this show that featured B.A Barakas, and Mad Dog Murdoch FTP name this show that was about a band of fugitives on the run from the military police for robbing the bank of Hanoi, a crime that they did not commit.

ans: A-Team

10. Nelson Mandela thinks they are heroes, Winona Ryder wants to be one. Meanwhile the objects of all this respect have Margaret Thatcher as their hero FTP name the female Fab Five (or whatever number may exist now) whose Spice World is making numbers.

ans: Spice Girls

11. Raised by his great-grandmother and his alcoholic grandmother, he earned 13 varsity letters in high school and served as president of a gang. As a sophomore at Syracuse, he was the second leading scorer in basketball, and two years later tied for the national scoring championship in lacrosse, but he later achieved fame in football, being the first running back to run for a mile in a season. FTP, name this man who won eight NFL rushing titles in his nine years with the Cleveland Browns.

Answer: Jim BROWN

12. Founded in 1928 by Memphis, Tenn., advertising executive Thomas Briggs, At its peak in the 1960s, representatives made 1.5 million home visits. It will all end in 1999, when everything will be done by mail. For 10 points, name this organization established to offer newcomers valuable community information, gifts -- and offers from local merchants.

Answer: Welcome Wagon

13. Shown in their entirety at the 1997 Music Awards the concept was borrowed from 6 degrees of separation and has been strangely hypnotic for the viewer FTP name the company that has the ad agency, Foot Cone and Belding, puzzling people across America with the Impala Man, a car chase homage to Kojack and a car wash scene.

ans: Levi Strauss

14. Derived from the Japanese word for perversion this form of animation is more familiar to the West by works such as, La Blue Girl and Demon Beast Invasion. FTP name this type of Japanese animation that is basically, animated porno.

answer: Hentai

15. It can cost $2500 to sing Happy Birthday on national television. The song is not in the public domain, rather, it is owned by -- for 10 points -- what two elderly ladies from Kentucky?

answer: Patty and Mildred _Hill_

16. In France, prior to the Revolution, prisoners were allowed to have at least one each day. Considered the height of health and hygiene some have speculated that formulas using nicotine and opium caused addiction to this procedure FTP name this process of irrigating the anal track to "cleanse and purify"

ans: enema

17. The literal translation of the word is ‘25’ which was the maximun throw possible in the original game. Originally played between royalty using beautiful women as board pieces this game was developed for the American market by Sam Lloyd. FTP name this Milton Bradley game that is the ‘A royal game of India’ and the goal is to get your pieces home.

ans: Parcheesi

18. James I of England was considered one of the foremost scholars in this field. This field is no longer publicly studied though there are many believers in its theories. FTP name the field interested in witches and supernatural beings and burning them alive at the stake.

ans: demonology

19. He lives in Hartlepool in North England, and was described as a "work-shy, beer-swilling, rent-doding, wife-bashing, pigeon-fancying, soccer-playing, uncouth cadger setting an appalling example to the youth of Britain." Good thing he is only a cartoon character. For 10 points -- who is this character first published in Britain’s Daily Mirror in 1957 and created by cartoonist Reg Smyth.

Answer: Andy Capp

20. The poet Li Po drowned trying to embrace the moon. Buzz in and give us the moon

ans: Well, what DO YOU think?


1. 30-20-10. Name’s the same. Given the description give the name shared.

30- The name of the horse on the British comedy, Steptoe and Son.

20- Elton John’s official middle name it was inspired by the size of his penis.

10-A son of Zeus he later freed the Titan, Prometheus

ans: Hercules

( do not accept Heracles in deference to Elton’s penis)

2. Ah yes boys and girls, it is now time for questions involving the Kult of the Kute. Sanrio Inc. has sales of $1.2 billion with its line of cute characters merchandise. Given the description of the merchandised character give the name.

A. 10 - One of the original Sanrio characters this feline was developed in 1963. According to the official bio this cat has a sister named Mimi, was born and raised in London, and lives with her parents. Best quote, "You can never have too many friends".

ans: Hello Kitty

B. 10 - The most masculine of the Sanrio characters this soccer playing puppy skate boards and has a soft spot for banana ice cream

ans: Pochacho

C. 10 - Sanrio’s latest character which is trying to reach for the adult market. This gangster penguin has spike hair and eyes that have seen too much.

ans: Bad Badtz Maru


3. In a galaxy far, far away there was a genius director named George Lucas who kept on casting related family members in his trilogy, Star Wars. For a tasty 10 pts each give the answer to these Star Wars obscura.

A. Name of the non-starring character, and fellow rebel X wing fighter, who was in all three of the Star Wars trilogy?

ans: Wedge

B. Name of the actor that played Wedge?

ans: Dennis Lawson

C. Name of Lawson’s nephew who is going to play a major role in the set of Star Wars prequal films?

ans: Ewan McGregor

D. For an extra 5, What role is Ewan going to play now that Kenneth Branagh has said, "that the Force was not with him’ for the role?

ans: Obi Wan Kenobi



4. Answer the following about the all-too-under-represented subject of women’s golf, FTP each:

a) Two of the four "grand slam" tournaments in the Ladies’ PGA Tour are the LPGA Championship and the US Women’s Open. Name either of the others.

ans: accept either "Nabisco DINAH SHORE Classic" or "DU MAURIER Classic";

b) Identify the South Korean golfer who, as a 20-year old rookie, won the 1998 LPGA Championship in May.

ans: Se Ri PAK

c) Identify the Swede who took women’s golf by storm as a rookie in 1994 and was the 1997 LPGA Player of the Year with a record-breaking $1.23 million in earnings.


5. The band Radiohead has had a great year critically and commercially with their surprise album OK computer. Show your band hipness for six points each by naming the members of Radiohead.

ans: Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Phil Selway, Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien

(moderator’s discretion on the brothers Greenwood)

6. James Bond Marketing:

Name the company that has the heavy marketing tie in to the latest Bond flick, Golden Eye, when given a description of the item being tied in.

a) Forget the Astin Martin Bond now drives a R 1200 C motorcycle in addition to the 750iL sedan from this company .

ans: BMW

b) It’s a stun gun, a remote control for the car, and safe opener but wait, there’s more! It is also a cell phone. Name the manufacturer of this phone for all seasons and whose spokesman is Q, the science guru of Bond.

ans: Ericsson

c) Bond Babe, Michelle Yeoh, has her own Bond line from this cosmetics manufacturer whose featuring, Golden Eye shadow with Bond Bordeaux lipstick and nail polish.

ans: L’Oreal

7. Ah the days of horror films are back. Given the name of the actor give the first name of the character they play in yes, Scream 2 FFP

a) Courtney Cox - Gale

b) David Arquette - Dewey

c) Neve Campbell - Sidney

d) Jada Pinkett - Maureen

e) timothy Olyphant - Mickey

f) Jerry O’ connell - Derek


8. The show premiered in 1968 and ran until 1970. They live forever in reruns though so it ain’t just old geezers who know their names FFP each name the Banana Split with a well deserved ten for naming all four.

ans: Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky

9. Kiichiro Toyoda the founder of Toyota Motor Company was given advice by a fortune teller that car names that began with "C" would sell better. Given what the name really means give the name of the model of car.

a) Derived from the Japanese word for "crown"

ans: Camry

b) Derived from the Spanish word for "heavenly" or "celestial"

ans: Celica

c) Named for the part of the angiosperm flower that is meant to attract insects and birds for cross pollination purposes.

ans: Corolla


10. Okay all you Beatles fans it’s time to ask you about Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band, no not the album, the movie. Yes, that monstrosity of over the top camp, better than Cannibal, the Musical.

a) The 75% of the Sgt. Peppers Band were played by the Bee Gees. Name the 4th man of this illustrious roster to pay homage to the Beatles and always getting electrocuted.

ans: Peter Frampton

b) Who played Dr. Maxwell Edison, the plastic surgeon that Peter Frampton battled in hand to hand surgical combat for the silver coronet of Sgt. Pepper’s

ans: Steve Martin

c) The boys are battling an evil band that just also happens to sing Beatles tunes too. This band has turned the paradisical small hometown of the boys, Heartland, into a Sodom and Gomorra like place, similar to downtown Los Angeles. Name this FVB, Future Villain Band

ans: Aerosmith

11. Let’s test your Jewdar. Identify the following as Canadian, Jew, both or neither.

a) William Shatner

ans: both

b) George Takei

ans: neither

c) Leonard Nimoy

ans: Jew

d) Yaphet Kotto

ans: Jew

e) Andre Braugher

ans: neither

f) Michelle Forbes

ans: neither


12. We have the technology, we have the ability we have questions on the Six Million dollar man and the bionic woman.

a) FFP each name the three parts of the body that were replaced with bionic parts for Jaime Sommers.

ans: legs, right arm, and ear (one leg does not count)

b) FFP each name the bionic parts of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

ans: both legs, right arm and left eye (one leg does not count)

13. Name the legend in the making actor with the role.

a) Hercules, the Legendary Journeys

ans: Kevin Sorbo

b) Xena, Warrior Princess

ans: Lucy Lawless

c) For an extra ten do Xena’s yell

ans: an undulating cry combining the Bedouin female wail and the barking of a Chihuahua.

14. We are all guilty of watching black belt theater. Yes, fans of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba rejoice. Given the description name that deadly Asian weapon.

a) Made famous by Bruce Lee in such films as, Game of Death. It was originally a tool for flailing grain and was later developed by an Okinawan martial arts master into a deadly weapon. Pretty impressive power for two sticks connected by a chain.

ans: Nanchaku or numchucks for the language challenged

b) One cannot watch a Sho Kosugi film without knowing about these favorite star shaped weapons used by Ninjas everywhere in film. Small and lethal these objects can be thrown at your opponent with a flick of the wrist causing much mayhem.

ans: Shuriken

c) You see them on the hip of your favorite law enforcement official as they are grabbing a donut. No not a gun the other thing on the hip! It was originally developed from the wooden handles of grinding millstones one can effortlessly poke, prod and strike another for self defense purposes.

ans: Tonfa or Tui-Fa

15) Let’s test your knowledge of pricing of McDonald’s products from thirty years ago as listed with the "Get Back with Big Mac" ad campaign

Given the product give it’s price from the 1960’s

a) regular soda answer: 10 cents

b) reg. hamburger answer: 20 cents

c) small fries answer: 18 cents

d) Big Mac answer: 40 cents

e Egg Mcmuffin answer: 40 cents

f) FFP 5 which item did not exist until the 70’s

answer: Egg McMuffin


16. Identify the following players who helped France to its World Cup Soccer championship this past summer, FTP each:

a) The star midfielder and son of Algerian immigrants who, after being suspended for two games early in the tournament for stepping on a Saudi player, scored the first two goals in the finals against Brazil.

ans: Zinedine ZIDANE

b) France’s starting goalkeeper throughout the tournament.

ans: Fabien BARTHEZ

c) The defender who plays at the club level for Parma and whose two goals against Croatia- the only two he has ever scored in his 37 international appearances- put France into the finals.

Ans: Lilian THURAM

17. Time for a Lone Ranger Bonus.

a) What was the Lone Ranger’s identity?

ans: John Reid

b) What classical piece was used as the intro. and theme for our masked hero?

ans: William Tell Overture by Rossinni

c) what does ‘kemo sabe’ translate to?

ans: Trusty scout (accept ‘white oppressor or The Man or stupid or equiv.’)

18. Answer the following about Cal Ripken’s recently-ended consecutive games streak, FTP each:

a) How long was the streak when it ended?

ans: 2632 games

b) Name the new current leader in consecutive games played, who now has played in 334 consecutive games and as such would have to play through his 46th birthday in order to catch Ripken.

ans: Albert BELLE

c) Name the team the Orioles were playing the day Ripken’s streak ended.

Ans: New York YANKEES

19. A number of recent books have been released about the President and his scandals. Given the author name the work. FFP each none dare call conspiracy books.

A. Jerome Levin

Answer: The _Clinton Syndrome_

B. William Bennett

Answer: The _Death of Outrage:_ Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals

C. Ann Coulter

Answer: _High Crimes and Misdemeanors:_ The Case Against Bill Clinton

D. Jim McDougal and Curtis Wilkie

Answer: _Arkansas Mischief_

E. Wesley Hagood

Answer: _Presiential Sex:_ From the Founding Fathers to Bill Clinton

F. Charles McCarry

Answer: _Lucky Bastard_

20. Let us praise infamous people, let us praise the present third place holder of the most sex anal sex encounters For 15 pts. of shame 30 total.

a) Like Messalina this third place holder of the highest number of anal sexual encounters held a contest to gain her title. A film univeristy student she has decided that her extra credit homework was a wise career choice

ans: Annabel Chong

b) This school’s film departments offers extra credit to its students if they wished to participate in an adult film. Name this school for scandal and the alma mater of the Annabel Chong

ans: University of Southern California