UMBCBCBC February 8, 1997 University of Minnesota Singdown Category: Paul Simon or Simon and Garfunkel Songs 1. With a recent appearance on the VH1 Fashion Awards and a new album called Still Waters to be released in 1997, this band is attempting a comeback, which will no doubt be fueled by the opening of a London stage production of "Saturday Night Fever" next July. FTP, name this brother group who have contributed a non-disco song to the show. _BEE GEES_ 2. You might know this actor from such films as "Friday the 13th", "Quicksilver", "Criminal Law", "JFK", and "The Air Up There." Or you might know him from the Internet game named after him, which links some other actor to him via co-stars in common. FTP, name this actor, star of "Animal House", "Diner", "Footloose", and "Tremors". KEVIN _BACON_ 3. This organization, headquartered in Denver, CO and founded in 1965, builds understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures through a year-long educational program, which includes inter-cultural education, community service, extensive world travel, and on-stage musical performance. FTP, name this organization, whose 4 Super Bowl halftime shows were parodied on "The Simpsons" with a halftime show featuring "Hooray for Everything". _UP WITH PEOPLE_ 4. Although his brain tumor was removed in 1991, this person remains the subject of an unauthorized Internet chain letter. The letter wrongly states that there is a terminally ill boy (him) who wants to receive the most business cards through Make-A-Wish. FTP, name this person, who as a young boy with a brain tumor in 1990, received 16 million greeting cards to claim the (now closed) world record. Craig _SHERGOLD_ 5. This pair of characters endure, despite rumors of a homosexual relationship and the falsely reported demise of one of them, all after their creators death in 1990. Named after two characters from the film "It's a Wonderful Life"; FTP, name this popular pair of educators and entertainers created by Jim Henson for "Sesame Street", one of whom sings about rubber duckies. _BERT_ and _ERNIE_ 6. This actor created the voice of Yoda for the radio version of "The Empire Strikes Back" but is better known for his Oscar nominated performances as the transsexual Roberta Muldoon in "The World According to Garp" and Debra Winger's lover in "Terms of Endearment." For ten points name this actor who plays deranged villains in the films "Buckaroo Banzai" and "Cliffhanger." John _LITHGOW_ 7. Among this artist's recent songs is one with the lyrics, "Make them laugh/ It comes so easy/ When you get to the part/ Where you're breaking my heart..." FTP, name this artist, born in Bay City, Michigan, whose child's pediatrician is Dr. Paul Fleiss (father of the Hollywood Madam) and whose early hits include "Borderline", "Lucky Star", and "Like a Virgin". _MADONNA_ Louise Veronica Ciccone 8. Once a poor kid from Brownsville, Brooklyn, this boxer's laurels include a 1988 Olympic silver medal in the super heavyweight class. Turning 30 in summer 1997, he announced in January 1997 that he joined the Marines for a three-year tour as an active reserve. FTP, name this boxer whose unanimous decision over Evander Holyfield on November 13, 1992 made him undisputed heavyweight champion at the time. RIDDICK "Big Daddy" _BOWE_ 9. "The Magic of You", "Savage Thunder", "Tender Rebel", "Surrender My Love", "Hearts Aflame" and "Warrior's Woman"; FAQTP all of these were written by what famous historical romance novelist? Johanna _LINDSEY_ 10. This fictional character is voiced by Chris Rock, and is a loud, look-alike counter part to a starter on the 1997 NBA All-Star Team. He has an Orlando Magic jersey with the number 1/2, and, in a Super Bowl commercial, asked Tyra Banks to marry him. FTP, name this character who appears in Nike commercials to advertise Anfernee Hardaway's Air Penny basketball shoes. _LITTLE PENNY_ 11. This food, launched in 1937, currently is made in Nebraska and Minnesota. During World War II, this canned food item was adopted by both the military and the public, as it needed no refrigeration and was un-rationed. FTP, name this "Miracle Meat", which is the next word in this phrase from a Monty Python skit; "Well, there's egg and bacon; egg, sausage, and bacon; egg and ..." _SPAM_ 12. This web-based soap opera or "cyber-soap", first of the genre, was once Cool Site of the Year in 1995. However, it has stopped production since its parent company, American Cybercast, went bankrupt early in 1997. FTP, name this "cyber-soap", set at a mythical beach house with a fake history of wild partying and debauchery, and a dog named Spotnik. _THE SPOT_ (prompt on SPOT) 13. Under attack in 1996 from the British government's chief scientific advisor, for the past 6 years this award has been given by The Annals of Improbable Research, and other guilty parties. This irreverent prize was given in 1996 for such things as lighting a barbecue with liquid oxygen, & proof that toast always falls on the buttered side. FTP, name this prize, good naturedly given by scientists to spoof science and the Nobel Prizes. The _IG NOBEL_ Prize 14. I am a game show on the Lifetime channel testing pop culture trivia. My claim to fame is that my contestants bring to the show a high state of indebtedness. They compete to have all their bills paid off and to take home cash. FTP, give my name, given that my host is Wink Martindale. _DEBT_ 15. This author's 1972 book "Golf In The Kingdom" continues to sell many copies despite a style that could be best described as "Jospeh Campbell crossed with Harvey Penick." FTP, provide the name of this author who shares his name with the singer of the 70s hit "Wildfire." MICHAEL _MURPHY_ 16. This company began with a restaurant founded by two brothers in San Bernadino, California in 1937. A Multimixer salesman came across it in 1954, and franchised it, first starting up in the Chicago area in 1955. Eventually the brothers were bought out by the salesman and this restaurant company grew to have over 18,000 locations in 79 countries. FTP, name this company, which has been involved in a 'McLibel' suit with environmentalists. _McDONALD'S_ 17. Rabid fans of this long running NBC show know that past and current cast members include: Anthony Michael Hall, Randy Quaid, Joan Cusack, Darrell Hammond, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Christopher Guest, Brad Hall, and Mary Gross. FTP, name this show whose most famous alumni include two brothers named Belushi. _SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE_ (prompt on SNL). 18. Many talk show hosts come from a stand-up comedy background; few however are women or African-American. Of these, few have won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording, and several NAACP Image Awards; _and_ had a recurring role on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". FTP, name this host of a 1992 talk show, better known for her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Ghost" in 1990. WHOOPI _GOLDBERG_ 19. Around the world, this drink is spelled with an 's' and misspelled with an 'x'. Not known to contain milk, it is occasionally made using steam, but the steam only moves the hot water. It is brewed by quickly forcing hot water through darkly roasted, finely ground coffee beans. FTP, name this drink commonly served at Caribou Coffee, and Starbucks. _ESPRESSO_ (or EXPRESSO. Whatever) 20. This actor is not one of the cast members of the sitcom "Cheers" to guest star on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Instead, this actor is the only "Cheers" alumni to appear in a LucasFilms science fiction classic. FTP, name this actor who has a small role as a minor Rebellion officer in _The Empire Strikes Back_. John _RATZENBERGER_ 21. Members of this girl group include Victoria, Emma, Mel C., Mel B., and Geri, whose first hit single in the UK was "2 Become 1" in 1996. FTP, name this group which in January 1997, cracked the US Billboard Hot 100 music chart at Number 11, the highest ever entry for a British artist, with their hit single "Wannabe". _SPICE GIRLS_ 22. Defying typecasting, this actor has done voices for the animated movies "An American Tail" and "Rock-a-Doodle." He has appeared in such works as "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country", "12 Monkeys", "Dolores Claiborne", "Wolf", "Dragnet" and "Jesus of Nazareth". For ten points name this actor who is best known for his starring role in "The Sound of Music" Christopher _PLUMMER_ 23. Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson. In recent years, this actress has played the love interest in films with all of these actors. FTP, name this co-star of "In The Line of Fire," "Outbreak", "Tin Cup" and "Ransom." Rene _RUSSO_ 24. This actor did not appear in his first film until the age of 32, although it may seem as though his career lasted "from here to eternity." FTP, name the Oscar-nominee of "Birdman of Alcatraz" and "Atlantic City" who took home the Best Actor Oscar in 1960 for "Elmer Gantry." Burt _LANCASTER_ 25. Her early death in a plane crash at the age of 33 cut short a film career that included the films "Twentieth Century", "My Man Godfrey" and "To Be Or Not To Be." FTP, name this zany actress who was married to Clark Gable at the time of her passing. Carole _LOMBARD_ 26. Despite having 13 other number one singles in Europe from their last four albums "Scoundrel Days", "Stay on These Roads", "East of the Sun and West of the Moon", and "Memorial Beach"; they are better known in the US for their first album "Hunting High and Low" which contained the hit "The Sun Always Shines on TV". FTP, name this band, the only Norwegian band ever to hit number one in the US with "Take On Me." _A-HA_ (spelled a-ha) 27. It is a state of psychological preparedness. It can also be a permanent change of form. Or even, it can be the act of arranging hair by curling or fixing it. An easier definition is a collection of things of the same kind. FTP name this word of at least 23 different definitions. _SET_ 28. This daily parade ended in November 1996, ending a 24 year run with a total audience of about 75 million. Several thousand light bulbs from this parade have been sold for charity. FTP, name this nighttime parade, which on its final night, drew such huge crowds that officials had to close the gates at Disneyland. Main Street _ELECTRICAL PARADE_ 29. On "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" in October 1996, Tyco Preschool supplied 200 of these toys as an audience giveaway. This toy, based on a prototype giggling monkey made in 1994, begin shipping in July 1996. FTP, name this toy which commanded high black market prices and was the most wanted Sesame Street toy during the 1996 Christmas season. _TICKLE ME ELMO_ UMBCBCBC February 8, 1997 University of Minnesota Bonus: 1. It is always interesting to watch tv shows portray their versions of quiz bowl/academic bowl type games. FTPE, identify the show from the description: A. This show starred Mike Tyson's former wife as an anchor to the team when the cast had a competition in Russia. _HEAD OF THE CLASS_ B. In this show the boy crazy, clothes lover answered questions while the know-it-all Republican brother sat there overcome with fear of the camera. _FAMILY TIES_ C. In this show, the lead character bombed on Jeopardy! until she mistakenly buzzed in without listening and asked Alex "What is, uh what?" and got it right. She won a trip to Hawaii. _MAMA'S FAMILY_ 2. For 5 points each, given the following list of Quiz Bowl related acronyms, expand them. The acronyms are: A. FAQTP _For A Quick Ten Points_ B. CUR _Colvin Unfair Result_ C. HCASC _Honda Classic All-Star Challenge_ D. ACF _Academic Competition Foundation_ E. NAQT _National Academic Quiz Format_ F. CBCI. _College Bowl Company, Incorporated or Inc._ 3. FTPE, name the TV show, based on these 'twin' clues. A. The twins play a single character living with her father, two sisters, an aunt, an uncle, a friend and a dog. _FULL HOUSE_ B. This show is produced by the author who in her several book series' created the characters of Jessica and Elizabeth living in sunny California. _SWEET VALLEY HIGH_ C. This show, popular in the 1980's, centered on twins- who after high school went to New York so that one could be a dancer and the other could go to fashion design school. _DOUBLE TROUBLE_ 4. Kevin Bacon has been in a lot of movies, but so has Christian Slater. Name the Christian Slater movie from his beautiful co-stars for five points each. A. Winona Ryder, Shannon Doherty _HEATHERS_ B. Mary Stuart Masterson _BED OF ROSES_ C. Milla Jovavich _KUFFS_ D. Helen Slater _LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN_ E. Samantha Mathis (2 movies, 5 pts for each) (Tell them they are looking for two) _PUMP UP THE VOLUME_ _BROKEN ARROW_ 5. 30-20-10, name the book from quotations 30 - "Poo-tee-weet?" 20 - "So it goes" 10 - "Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time." _SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE_ 6. Ever played Monopoly? How well do you know the board? Answer these questions FTPE. A. When landing on this space, the player picks up a yellow card and has a opportunity to advance, pass go, go to jail, lose money, or make money. _COMMUNITY CHEST_ B. For this space, located marks from Go, the player either loses $200 or %15 of all of his/her assets. _INCOME TAX_ C. In some versions of the game, players get the money thrown into the middle of the board, other versions just let people rest their piece in this space for one turn. _FREE PARKING_ 7. In the DC Comics Universe, there is only supposed to be one Green Lantern appointed as a guardian from each planet for that planet. Earth must be a very troubled planet, as five different men have been chosen to protect Earth at various times in history. Name them for five points each and a five point bonus for all. Alan _SCOTT_, Hal _JORDAN_, John _STEWART_, Guy _GARDNER_, Kyle _RAYNOR_ 8. Many characters on popular TV shows are known by their last name or a nickname only. Given the name of the character, FFPE, supply the part of the name asked for. (Show name in parentheses). A. MacGyver's first name (MacGyver, of course) _ANGUS_ B. Norm Peterson's real first name (Cheers) _HILARY_ C. Gilligan's first name (Gilligan's Island) _WILLY_ (also accept Will or William) D. "Skipper's" real name (Gilligan's Island) Jonas _GRUMBY_ E. Kramer's first name (Seinfield) _COSMO_ F. "Bull" Shannon's real first name (Night Court) _NOSTRADOMUS_ 9. In J. R .R. Tolkien's trilogy "Lord of The Rings" most people can name the characters "Frodo Baggins" and "Gandalf the Grey" as the principal members of the Fellowship of the Ring. FTPE, name any three of the remaining six members of the group that were picked to travel to the land of Sauron in order to dispose of the ring. (Hint, they consisted of an elf, a dwarf, two humans and two hobbits) Legolas _GREENLEAF_ (elf); _GIMLI_ (the Dwarf); Sam _GAMGEE_ and Peregrin _TOOK_ (the hobbits); _ARAGORN_ (or Strider) and _BOROMIR_ (the humans) 10. FTP each, give the coffee-related word from a brief definition. A. A serving of equal parts espresso, steamed milk and froth. _CAPPUCCINO_ B. The dense, golden foam that forms on top of a freshly pulled espresso. _CREMA_ C. A professional espresso bartender. _BARISTA_ 11. Given two stars of a TV show that debuted in Fall 1996, name the show for five points each. A five point bonus for all correct. A. David Conrad, Kimberly Williams _RELATIVITY_ B. Greg Giraldo, Megyn Price _COMMON LAW_ C. Kyle Chandler, Shanesia Davis _EARLY EDITION_ D. Eric Close, Megan Ward _DARK SKIES_ E. Megan Gallagher, Lance Henrikson _MILLENIUM_ 12. Here are five songs from Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Summer Songs published in 1996. For five points each, given the song and the year of the summer it came out, provide the artist. A five point bonus for all correct. A. #1 "Summer In The City", 1966 The _LOVIN' SPOONFUL_ B. #14 "The Message", 1982 _GRAND MASTER FLASH & FABULOUS FIVE_ C. #21 "Go All The Way", 1972 _RASPBERRIES_ D. #62 "Fooled Around and Fell In Love", 1976 Elvin _BISHOP_ E. #100 "See You In September", 1966 The _HAPPENINGS_ 13. FTPE, given the description of an entry from Spy's list of the 100 Worst People, Places and Things of 1996, provide the entry. A. Their "angry" husbands gave us the 104th congress. _SOCCER MOMS_ B. Denied reports that the Democratic party offered to pay off her campaign debt if she would give up her seat when her term expires in 1998. Carol _MOSELEY-BRAUN_ C. According to the company president, this food product was "never intended to be a silver bullet. Only those expecting a miracle were disappointed." _ARCH DELUXE_ 14. 30-20-10, name the actor. 30 - In 1926 George M. Cohan told this 26-year-old actor from Milwaukee "You're the best damn actor I ever saw." 20 - Given his problems with alcohol, his secret of success - "Know your lines and don't bump into the furniture" - takes on an interesting twist. 10 - His roles included Father Flanagan, Thomas Edison and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Spencer _TRACY_ 15. FTP each, given a description of a weapon used in fencing, give its name. A. A descendant of the 18th century small sword, it has a thin, flexible blade with a small bell guard and a square cross-section. _FOIL_ B. Like mid-19th century dueling swords, it has a stiff blade with a triangular cross-section and large bell guards. _EPEE_ (eh-PAY) C. A light fencing or dueling sword with an arched guard that covers the back of the hand and a tapering flexible blade with a full cutting edge along one side and a partial cutting edge on the back at the tip. _Sabre_ 16. 30-20-10, name this group from selected lyrics from its top hits. 30 - "Body, wanna feel my body, body, baby, such a thrill, my body." 20 - "Yes, you can sail the seven seas." 10 - "Young man, there's a place you can go I said, young man, when you're short on your dough You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find Many ways to have a good time." The _VILLAGE PEOPLE_ 17. In recent years, NFL Super Bowl halftime shows have featured big name stars. FFP each and a 5 point bonus, given a star or list of stars from a Super Bowl halftime show, identify the Super Bowl by number _or_ location. A. New Kids on the Block XXV/Tampa Stadium, TAMPA BAY, FL B. Gloria Estefan, Brian Boitano, XXVI/HHH Metrodome, MINNEAPOLIS, MN C. The Blues Brothers XXXI/Superdome, NEW ORLEANS, LA D. Winonna, Naomi Judd XXVIII/Georgia Dome, ATLANTA, GA E. Michael Jackson XXVII/Rose Bowl, PASEDENA, CA (Accept LOS ANGELES) 18. FFP each, given an Olympic team sport, name the nation which won the gold medal in that sport in 1996. A bonus five for all correct. A. Synchronized Swimming UNITED STATES B. Baseball CUBA C. Men's 400 Meter Relay CANADA D. Men's Soccer NIGERIA E. Women's Beach Volleyball BRAZIL 19. Name this popular alkaloid chemical, 30-20-10 30 - People reducing their intake of this chemical may end up with headaches initially, which can be cured with analgesics such as aspirin, which ironically contain this alkaloid anyway. 20 - It usually found in foods made from cacao (KUH-ka-oh) beans, which also contain a different alkaloid which at high doses is known to be toxic to dogs. 10 - The Canadian version of Mountain Dew contains none of it. _CAFFEINE_ 20. "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" was the first and most famous of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. However, there were six other books in the series. For five points each, name them. "PRINCE CASPIAN"; "THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER"; "THE SILVER CHAIR"; "THE HORSE AND HIS BOY"; "THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW"; "THE LAST BATTLE" 21. 30-20-10, Name the television show from quotes from it's lead character 30 - "You know, when a tomato grows out of your forehead, it makes you think." 20 - "Apocalypse is coming, and I've been his janitor for the past month!" 10 - "Whoa! They've got guns! This is definitely illegal!" "The _Tick_" 22. FTPE, name these people who died in 1996. A. Living with a price tag on her head, her shrill "Howdyyyyyy!" made her the first country comedian known worldwide. MINNIE _PEARL_ B. Played 2nd base in the Negro League's Indianapolis Clowns, thus became 1st woman to play on a big-league professional team. TONI _STONE_ C. Matt Groening's father _HOMER_ P. _GROENING_ (do NOT prompt on Groening or Mr. Groening) 22. A surprising number of novels written by Roald Dahl have been made into full-length motion pictures. FFPE and a 5 pt bonus for all 5, name them. _CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY_, _THE WITCHES_, _JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH_, _DANNY, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD_, _MATILDA._ 23. For the stated number of points, identify the following children's games. A. For 5, Players form two opposing lines and attempt to "break through" the opposing team's line. _RED ROVER_ B. For 5, One person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her. _RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT_ C. For 5, Players sit in a circle facing each other. One person is "it" and walks around the circle, tapping people's heads, and saying one of two things. DUCK DUCK GOOSE (prompt on "GREEDUCK" or "GREENDUCK") D. For 10, Give the name many Minnesotans use for DUCK DUCK GOOSE. DUCK DUCK GREEDUCK or DUCK DUCK GREENDUCK