UMBCBCBC I - February 8, 1997

Bovine University

Singdown Category: Songs from a Disney movie


1. To commemorate holding off the Turks at the siege of Vienna, Holy Roman Emperor Leopold

I asked bakers to make a special pastry, given the name kipfel. A century later, Marie Antoinette

introduced these buttery treats to France. FTP identify this formerly high-brow food upon which

you can now get a breakfast sandwich at Burger King.


2. When the Taiping Rebellion spread to southern China, he helped to organize resistance, and

soon became a top imperial commander. In 1861, he became governor-general of Shensi amd

Kansu, helping to pre-empt Muslim rebellion. But, FTP, identify this military leader, better known

today for lending his name to a cheap to produce Chinese meal of marinated chicken dark meat

combined with sauce and hot peppers.

_GENERAL TSO_ Tsung-t'ang

3. Though rumors swirled that he would replace Eddie Robinson at his alma mater, Grambling, he

instead took the head coaching position at Morehouse College on January 7. Known for a

somewhat bitter autobiography "Quarterblack," detailing his estrangement from the Redskins, he

had also played for Tampa Bay in both the USFL and the NFL. For 10 points, identify

this MVP of Superbowl XXII.


4. He was a member of the group Avant Garde whose 1968 single "Naturally Stoned" reached

number 40 on the pop charts. He went to California in the '70s to become a singer/songwriter, and

was listed as such when he appeared on the game show TattleTales with his wife, JoAnne Pflug,

but he ended up in television, first as a singer on "Your Hit Parade," then as a cast member on

New Zoo Revue, and in 1975 as the original host of "Wheel of Fortune." FTP name this man,

whose later hosting gigs included "Scrabble" and "Love Connection".


5. A mobster in the Witness Protection Program becomes the head of a theme park pitted against

Disney in "Native Tongue." A college football star becomes a Marxist radical, and kidnaps the

Orange Bowl queen during the halftime show in "Tourist Season." And in "Skin Tight," a hit man

with a bizarre skin disorder, raised by the Amish, loses an arm only to have it replaced by a weed

whacker. For 10 points, these people are just some of the characters created by what comedic

crime novelist.

Carl _Hiassen_

6. He's not the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, but he was mistaken for him in January, when his

vehicle was mistaken for Hanuman's floating temple. He landed in the village of Nunkhar, India,

before the mistake was discovered. For 10 points, identify this man who set records for distance

and endurance, but was unable to complete his goal of circumnavigation by balloon.

Steve _Fossett_

7. Lorne Greene, Georg Sanford Brown, Florence Henderson, William Shatner, Robert Goulet,

and William Conrad all guest starred on this TV series, but were killed during the opening credits.

This and other sight gags such as not-quite still shots at the end of each episode prompted ABC

executives to say it required "too much attention" of viewers, causing its March 1982 cancellation

after just 6 episodes. FTP name this series, which inspired half as many movies as it had episodes,

and which followed the exploits of cop Frank Drebin.


8. Stu Silver wanted to create a show based on the characters in the Tracy-Hepburn comedy

Woman of the Year. ABC programming chief Lew Erlicht wanted to feature a performer he saw

in a Burger King ad. The result was this sitcom which some called a ripoff of Diff'rent Strokes.

For 10 points, identify this series which starred Alex Karras, Susan Clark, and Emmanuel Lewis.


9. In January seven men accused of sorcery were lynched in Ghana, accused of causing this object

to shrink and disappear from several victims. In fact, in the capital troops were called in to

restore order and special television reports were made to show that the phenomenon was mainly

linked to fear in males. For 10 points, identify this anatomical part whose disappearance in this

country is linked to Lorena Bobbitt.


10. Her first name is a shortened version of a much-longer Basque name, and she added her

mother's maiden name in 1988. She frequently travels with her two dogs, Roland and Garros, and

she has been a three-time co-winner of doubles team of the year. FTP name this tennis star whose

brothers Emilio and Javier are also travelling pros, and who is the only Spaniard to be ranked

Number 1 in the modern era.


11. He solved "The Case of the Missing Case," for Miller Lite, and became one of the few authors

to play his own character on film. When producer Jay Bernstein wanted to create a series based

on his works, he only had three demands, film it in New York, a .45 not a .38, and surround Stacy

Keach with beautiful women. For 10 points, identify this author of "I, the Jury," and "The Killing


Mickey _Spillane_

12. Depending on the server's preference, he may choose a lively ball, an average ball, or a dead

ball, and players are strictly forbidden from playing left-handed. A wet towel is kept at courtside

at all times, in order to keep the straw from breaking on the players' cestas. FTP name this sport,

which has killed at least four people since the 1920s, probably due to it having the fastest ball of

any game.

_JAI-ALAI_ (hi-li)

13. 697 is Montevideo, Uruguay. 3031 is Zululand. 823 is Chilly Willy. CH-37 is Herod Kills

John The Baptist. These are among the reels that could be played in a 1960's Standard, 1970's

Lighted, or Clear-Backed, among other models. Later, sound was introduced as well. FTP name

this plastic device, which allowed you to toggle through 14 pictures, and which you held up to

your face and aimed toward a light in order to see the images on the reels.


14. His chief method of punishment is forcing you to sit in a room with the thermostat set too

high for fifteen minutes. His purpose is to make people suffer for flimsy rationalizations, white

lies and other minor sins, by 'darning' them. For 10 points, identify this "Prince of Insufficent

Light and Ruler of Heck" thankfully confined to the panels of the "Dilbert" comic strip.


15. Some new inhabitants entered this mystical region in 1984, including Mr. Mint, Queen

Frostine, and Gramma Nutt, but adventurers must still traverse the Lollipop Woods, Molasses

Swamp, and Gumdrop Pass. FTP identify this confectionary nation, created by Milton Bradley.


16. "Panama", "Paradise City", "Smoke On The Water", and "Enter Sandman", are a few of the

tracks on his latest album. To celebrate this release, he recently appeared with Alice Cooper at the

American Music Awards, dressed very interestingly. FTP name this man who formerly epitomized

white-bread music, whose previous songs included "Speedy Gonzalez", "The Theme From

Exodus", and "Love Letters In The Sand".


17. They weren't banned by the government, they never choked a Doberman, and they don't

contain spider eggs, but rumors like these stopped their production in 1980. The technology to

lock carbon dioxide into a solid had been developed by William A. Mitchell in the 1950's and used

in an instant soda pellet in the 1960's, but this food used it to the fullest. For 10 points, identify

the candy which was popularly rumored to have killed of Mikey, the Life Cereal Kid.

_Pop Rocks_

18. Items such as "Beach Chair with Can Holder" for 140 and "Fila Mountain Bike with Bike

Bag" for 2,750 seemed harmless enough, but via the Internet, Delta Services successfully

collected the 700 million of these required, according to a 1996 commercial, to win a Harrier jet.

FTP identify this marketing tactic which backfired on a major soda manufacturer.

_PEPSI POINTS_ (prompt on: "Pepsi" or "points")

19. A pair of aliens, angered by the "stupid minds" of planet Earth, set up shop in a California

cemetary. Their plan to animate an army of the dead to march on the capitals of the world. Their

only opposition is an airline pilot, and having to shoot around the death of Bela Lugosi. For 10

points, identify this cult-classic of bad filmmaking by Ed Wood.

_Plan 9 from Outer Space_ or _Grave Robbers from Outer Space_.

20. Possibly the only soft drink that started sugar-free but had sugar added later, this beverage

was created by Coca-Cola in 1974. Its flavor has been described as anything from like Cherry

Coke to prune juice, but, FTP, name this soft drink that most people think tastes more like flat Dr.



21. Known for both his ability with a cello, and his seemingly infinite knowledge of jokes, he was

a frequent panelist on Can You Top This? in the 1950's. According to the Dead Milkmen he

could "make a sane man crazy" and "make a nice guy kill." For 10 points, identify this recently

deceased comedian who played Buddy Sorell on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Morey _Amsterdam_.

22. Seattle Reign, San Jose Lasers, Portland Power, Richmond Rage, New England Blizzard,

Columbus Quest, Atlanta Glory, and Colorado Xplosion. FTP, these are the 8 teams that make

up what professional sports league, whose players include Saudia Roundtree, Jennifer Rizotti, and

Teresa Edwards?


23. Two answers required: In Spain they are Paseo del Prado, and Paseo de la Castellana. In

Germany, Schlossallee and Parkstrasse, in France, Rue de la Paix, and Avenue de Champs

Elysees, and in Britain, Mayfair and Park Lane. In America, they still cost only $750, exactly what

they cost in 1933. For 10 points, identify these two properties which form the dark blue group of

properties in Monopoly.

_Park Place_ and _Boardwalk_

24. She was discovered at an Annapolis gas station by the man who wrote Milli Vanilli's "Girl

You Know It's True". Arista Records signed her and her sisters in 1990 and their first single

flopped, but her voice caught the attention of Babyface, who needed a female solo act for his

new label. The single "Love Shoulda Brought You Home" paved the way for her smash,

self-titled 1993 debut album. FTP name this 28-year-old with such hits as "Breathe Again" and

"You're Makin' Me High".


25. He got the name because he was playing "Transfusion" by Nervous Norvus one day, and

someone commented on his sanity in playing that particular record. For twenty-five years plus

Barry Hansen has continued to play his off-beat brand of novelty records. FTP by what "sick"

nickname are Hansen, and his show, known?


26. An alarm clock, a green spray bottle of Mennen deodorant, a roll of pink toilet paper, a can of

fruit cocktail, a family size can of Spam, a bowie knife, a machete, several rifles and shotguns, 700

rounds of ammo. After murdering his wife and his mother, this was what he carried with him to

the top of the bell tower of the University of Texas at Austin, in the 1960's. For 10 points, identify

this snapped sniper, who managed to kill 13 people in 90 minutes.

Charles _Whitman_

27. Born in Buffalo with the original name of Weidenfeld, he appeared in numerous Disney

comedies and as Danny Thomas' agent on Make Room for Daddy. However he is best known for

a role which he created only to be succeeded by Gordon Jump. For 10 points, identify this man

who played the role of the Maytag repairman.

Jesse _White_

28. A Touch of Class, The Psychiatrist, The Builders, Communication Problems, Waldorf Salad,

The Wedding Party, Gourmet Night, The Germans, The Kipper and The Corpse, The

Anniversary, Basil The Rat, The Hotel Inspectors. For 10 points these are the twelve episodes of

what John Cleese series?

_Fawlty Towers_

29. Giganta, Sinestro, the Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Solomon Grundy, Toyman, Bizarro,

Black Manta, Cheetah, Riddler, Captain Cold, and Grodd. For ten points, name this group of 13

was in opposition to the Superfriends, but bear no relation to a line for the Philadelphia Flyers.

The _Legion of Doom_

UMBCBCBC I February 8, 1997

Joe, Dwight, and Co.


1. Three of the four ghosts in the Pac Man series of arcade games kept the same names

throughout the series. But the orange, or yellow ghost changed names throughout. For 10 points

each, give the name of the orange ghost in:

a. Pac Man


b. Ms. PacMan


c. Jr. Pac Man


2. On the Internet Movie Database, you can search by genre. One of the more unusual genres is

the "Inspired by a trading card set." Only two movies fit this category, one a 1986 movie, one a

recent Christmas release. For 15 points each, identify these two films.

The _Garbage Pail Kids_ Movie and _Mars Attacks!_

3. Given a random lyric from an '80s song, identify the song and artist for 5 points each.

a. Heading for the nineties living in the eighties screaming in a back room waiting for the big



b. Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling; Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?

_Eternal Flame_ by the _Bangles_

c. Welcome to your life, there's no turning back. Even while we sleep, we will find you.

_Everybody Wants to Rule the World_ by _Tears for Fears_

4. An 11-year-old mystery has recently been solved by Dr. Park Dietz, a foresnic psychologist in

New York City.

a. First, for 5 points, what national news anchorman was accosted on the Upper East Side in 1986

by a man who believed that aliens were beaming messages to him through the nightly news?

Dan _Rather_

b. FTP, what four words, shouted at Rather during this attack, became the most memorable part

of the incident?

_What's the frequency Kenneth? (Moderator: accept "What is the frequency?" which is what

Rather now claims to have heard)

c. For 15 points, name the man who was discovered to be the attacker after he was convicted of

shooting an NBC stagehand in 1994.

William _Tager_

5. Only 1 person currently leads two NFL teams in career total points scored. FTP each, name

this player, who was AFC player of the year in his 21st NFL season, and the two teams for whom

he is the all-time leading scorer.

George _BLANDA_, Houston OILERS, Oakland RAIDERS (accept team cities or nicknames)

6. 30-20-10 Identify the liquid.

30. If you can't get all the ingredients, it can be approximated using Everclear, Bombay Sapphire,

Wild Turkey, tequila, rum, a worm and Gatorade.

20. In its proper form, it tastes like "getting hit in the head with a large gold brick wrapped in a


10. This most powerful drink in the universe figures prominently in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the


_Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster_

7. Answer these questions about Superbowl advertising, for 10 points each.

a. We may finally be rid of the annoying "I love you" man, after he was thrown to the gators by

what former player?

Ronnie _Lott_

b. Try as we'd like to have Chris Elliot die in a freak bungee accident, he came back with a new

and equally unfunny ad, also starring what veteran comedian?

Johnathan _Winters_

c. The busy signal was a jab at American Online, but what computer company was throwing the



8. Identify the three named actress from her film appearances, for ten points each.

a. Other People's Money, Chaplin, Carlito's Way

Penelope Ann _Miller_

b. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bastard Out of Carolina, The Hudsucker Proxy

Jennifer Jason _Leigh_

c. Footloose, The First Wives Club, Striking Distance

Sarah Jessica _Parker_

9. 30-20-10 name the character.

30. Possibly the hardest part of him to recreate are the one-and-one half Tupperware "Florier"

vases which make up his torso.

20. He once made on to the Internet thanks to the site known as ""

10. With the departure of Trace Beaulieu from MST3K, he's now voiced by Bill Corbett.

_Crow T. Robot_

10. For 5 points each, name these actors from a list of shows they've starred in.

a. the miniseries "Winds of War", The Paper Chase


b. Fast Times, Picket Fences


c. It's Your Move, Simon, Valerie


d. In The House, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson.

Alfonso _RIBIERO_

e. FTP more, all these actors had supporting roles on what other show?


11. In 1957 a bartender in San Juan came upon the idea of inventing a newly invented coconut

cream with rum, pineapple juice and ice.

a. For 5 points, what had he created?

_Pina Colada_

b. FTP, The Pina Colada Song is the parenthetical title of what 1979 song?


c. For 15 points, for whom was Escape (The Pina Colada Song) a number one hit?

Rupert _Holmes_

12. Donuts! Is there anything they can't do? Well they can certainly get you suspended in the


A. For 5 points, identify the New York Islanders coach ejected in January for uttering the phrase

"Have another donut," to a referee.

Mike _Milbury_

B. For 10 points, identify the referee to whom the remark was said.

Don _Koharski_

C. Ironically, this was not the first time this was said to Koharski. During the 1988 playoffs, the

coach who opposed Milbury was suspended for saying the phrase "HAVE ANOTHER DONUT

YOU FAT PIG!" For 10 points name the coach, who on the night of Milbury's suspension was

coaching the other team.

Jim _Schoenfeld_

D. For 5 points, though Schoenfeld now coaches the Capitals, in 1988 he was the coach of what


New Jersey _Devils_ (accept New Jersey)

13. Some baseball teams have had horrible luck at filling one particular position for an extended

period of time. Given a time period and a list of forgettable players, supply the position and team,

5 for one 15 for both.

a. 1983-89, U.L. Washington, Johnnie LeMaster, Rey Quinones, Sammy Khalifa, Bill Almon

Pittsburgh _Pirates_, _Shortstop_ (accept Pittsburgh for team)

b. 1974-present, Bill Madlock, Pat Tabler, Steve Buechele, Domingo Ramos, Keith Moreland

Chicago _Cubs_, _Third_ Baseman (Prompt on Chicago for team)

14. Answer these questions about Schoolhouse Rock for the stated number of points.

A. For 5, where would you get your adverbs?


B. For 10, He is the subject of my sentence, and what the predicate says, he does.

_Mr. Morton_

C. For 15, What was the sequel to Schoolhouse Rock, which dealt with computer technology?

_Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips_

15. 30 20 10. Identify the movie from quotes

30. Seven schools in seven states and the only thing different is my locker combination.

20. My dead son is gay! I love my dead gay son!

10. Whether or not a teenager decides to kill themselves is the biggest decision of their life.


16. For 10 points each, given the 1996 directorial debut of an actor, identify the actor.

a. Looking for Richard

Al _Pacino_

b. Trees Lounge

Steve _Buscemi_

c. Albino Alligator

Kevin _Spacey_

17. One of our favorite top ten lists of all time is the list "Top 10 words which sound great when

spoken by James Earl Jones." For 5 points each, name any six words on this list. Speaking like

James Earl Jones is entirely optional.

Mellifluous, Verisimilitude, Guppy, Stolichnaya, Boutros-Boutros Ghali, Neo-Synephrine,

Pinhead, Mujibur and Sirajul, Heebie-Jeebies, Oprah.

18. Not content to be outshone by Steven King, another author embarked on his own six part

series in January, telling of the curious and horrific goings-on in a small town. For 10 points each,

give me the author of such books as The God Project and The Homing, the name of this new

series of books, and the name of the first book.

John _Saul_; An _Eye for An Eye: The Doll_; and The _Blackstone Chronicles_

19. Given some of the materials that came with an Infocom game, identify the game, For 15

points each.

a. A map of the catacombs, a 3d comic of "The Adventures of Lane Mastadon #1" complete with

glasses, and a scratch and sniff sheet.

_Leather Goddesses of Phobos_

b. Postcards from three planets, a stellar patrol recruitment brochure, and a special assignment

task force ID card.


20. 30-20-10, name the recording group from a list of members.

30: Genius, RZA

20: Ghost Face Killah, Shyheim

10: Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard


21. "There's no crying in baseball!" Well at least until you got this bonus. For five points each, and

a five point bonus for all correct, identify the four teams that made up the charter membership of

the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Rockford Peaches, Kenosha Comets, Racine Belles, South Bend Blue Sox (accept city or


Finally for an additional five points, identify the largest city to hold an AAGPBL team, hosting the

Colleens for the 1948 season.


22. Answer these questions about the comic strip "Mother Goose and Grimm" for ten points each.

a. First who draws the strip?

Mike _Peters_

b. Next name the cat and foil to Grimm, also owned by Mother Goose.


c. Finally name the neighborhood cat whose most prominent features are its weight, and its



23. For 10 points each, identify the last song to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts for each of the

following acts.

a. Elvis Presley.

_Suspicious Minds_

b. The Beach Boys


c. John Lennon

(Just Like) _Starting Over_

24. For ten points each, name the alternative band that recorded each of the following albums.

a. Evil Empire


b. Sixteen Stone


c. Last Splash


25. Beer commercials tend to throw around a lot of terms to make their processing sound unique.

FTP each identify these terms you might hear in such commercials.

a. This term means brewed with less malt, with more corn or rice sugars added during the brewing

process. The result is a more alcoholic beer that is cheaper to produce


b. This refers to the process of physically eliminating various sediments from beer before it is

bottled, making the beer clear and, many would say, bland.

_Cold Filtered_

c. This refers to beer that has not been pasteurized, meaning it will continue to age in the bottle.

_Bottle Conditioned_

26. Do you enjoy chili laced with Guatemalan Insanity Peppers? Then you'll enjoy this bonus.

a. First for ten points, describe the difference between Mexican style Chili and Texas Style.

Texas style uses cubes of meat, mexican style uses ground meat. (Accept equivalents)

b. For ten points, identify the city known for chili "five ways," chili, with beans, cheese and

onions on spaghetti.


c. For a final ten points, Cincinnati chili is different from most from the addition of both cocoa

and this spice to the mix.