Round for UnaBuzzer Open by T. "Fred" Carpenter (Three Chicks and a Nick) (c) February 16, 1997 (w. minor additions by Gina Something, Nick Meyer, and Katy Suttorp)

Toss Ups:

1. One of his hands is named Monique while his appearance on the show, Third Rock From the Sun, possibly confirmed many teammates’ opinions that he is indeed a space alien. His basketball career is undiminished by his alien status as one of the best rebounders in the NBA. FTP who is this Technicolor Chicago Bull whose final game will be played in the nude?

ans: Dennis Rodman

2. Going for $50 a bottle this 144 proof spirit has been banned by most of the world in the early 1900’s. Alleged to have hallucinogenic powers, this emerald green drink was the favorite of French Romantics and Symbolists poets. Recipes on the Net are traded and one of the ingredients used is wormwood. FTP What is the name of this licorice and Ny Quil flavored drink?

ans: Absinthe

3. Hedda Hopper was one of this actor’s greatest supporters. A member of the Malefarum Coven in Hollywood he told his fellow Satanists that he was planning to cross the river Styx. An icon for discontented youth everywhere he starred in only three films but his influence remained after he died in 1955 in his Porsche Spyder 550. FTP Who was this talented yet nutty star of Giant and East of Eden.

ans: James Dean

4. Lisa and Bart sang this tune during the Fugu episode of the Simpsons. Topping the charts in the final weeks of 1971, it was the sung by the original artist on the Academy Awards show. FTP "who’s the black private dick/who’s a sex machine to all the chicks?"

ans: Shaft

5. Andy Warhol said this sport was, "hip, exciting. It’s America". Muhammed Ali was a guest referee while Gloria Steinem and Geraldine Ferraro attended matches. FTP What sport with an ancient tradition boasts such luminaries as Jess "the Bod" Ventura, Rowdy Rod Piper and the inimitable Hulk Hogan?

ans: Wrestling

6. He started out writing narrative for comic books, then moved on to science fiction novels. He only wrote two, but both are are usually considered to be among the best ever written. One of them won the first Hugo Award for Best Novel, while the other concerns a ne'er-do-well who becomes obsessed with revenge against the company that abandoned him in space. FTP, name this author of "The Demolished Man" and "The Stars My Destination", who shares his full name with a character played by Walter Koenig on "Babylon 5".

ans: Alfred BESTER

7. It is a tale of mankind, his power, and aliens who are concerned for the welfare of the surrounding stars, considered by many fans and critics as one of the best science fiction films produced in the 1950’s if not the genre. FTP What film with Paul Reny and Patricia Neal featured the unforgettable robot, Gort.

ans: The Day the Earth Stood Still

8. Shown from October 3, 1960 to September 16, 1968 this show was always in the top ten. The show featured secondary characters as Mr. Schwump, the Fun girls, Floyd Lawson, Emma Watson and Howard Sprague. FTP name the show, a spin-off of the Danny Thomas Show.

ans: Andy Griffith Show

9. According to the press at that time, Prime Minister Nehru, Oscar Hammerstein II and Daryl Zanuck were fans of this game which caused dictionaries to be sold out in 1952. Originally named Crisscross, it was invented by Alfred Butts. FTP Name the game which put Selchow and Righter on the board.

ans: Scrabble

10. Grown by George Washington and other founding fathers, theorists argue this crop has been prohibited because of a conspiracy on the part of the tobacco, timber, and cotton industries whose markets would decline if this schedule one drug were legalized. FTP what is the more common name of cannabis sativa?

ans: Marijuana or Hemp (prompt on other slang terms such as ‘wacky tobaccy’ )

11. Using an ancient melody line reminiscent of Beowulf, this song by Led Zeppelin was inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Written by Jimmy Paige and Robert Plant, at 5:51 minutes it records the coming confrontation between good and evil. Name FTP this Led Zeppelin tune whose lyrics begin, " The queen of light took her bow and then she turned to go."

ans: Battle of Evermore

12. Love her or hate her. While listed by Glamour Magazine as one of America’s best dressed college women, she worked her way through Barnard college with degrees in architectural and European history on a modeling career she began at the age of 12. Model, scholar, and successful stockbroker in the 1970’s, author of best sellers: Entertaining, Weddings, and a magazine that makes everyone feel inadequate, FTP who is this hostess with the mostest?

ans: Martha Stewart

13. Ida Rosenthal said that, "Time’s on my side" when asked her opinion about former customers burning her products in protest. Invented in 4500 BCE in ancient Greece, the modern variant was developed in 1913 by Mary Phelps Jacobs. FTP What clothing garment has been at once the friend, bane and the fetish for so many no matter A cup to double D ?

ans: brassier or bra. (prompt on slang such as "over the shoulder boulder holder")

14. Nancy Sinatra was the first idol, to her Nancy was the epitome of cool with white go go boots, mini skirt and fake eyelashes. This pop icon has been on the cover of Time magazine more than any other woman not involved in politics. FTP Who is this popcorn loving idol who was named after her mother and not the Virgin Mary.

ans: Madonna or Ciccone


15. This irrepressible director has consistently produced and directed some of the worst films in cinematic history. Bride of the Monster has Bela Lugosi wrestle a non-operational mechanical giant octopus while the film, Glen or Glenda has the main character worry about how to tell his fiancee that he wishes to borrow her panties and brassiere. FTP What cross-dresser did Johnny Depp play in a film by Tim Burton.

ans: Ed Wood

16. It was Nelson Rockerfeller’s favorite TV show. A true classic, the pilot for the show cost the astounding sum of $630,000. Pitched as ‘wagon train to the stars’ this show boasts a cult following that only seems to dress as officers at sci-fi conventions. FTP what show boasted the first interracial kiss on TV?

ans: Star Trek

17. They were described by Timothy Leary, " mutants. Prototypes of evolutionary agents sent by God with a mysterious power to create a new species...They are the wisest, holiest, most effective avatars the human race has ever produced." Others might disagree about their avatar status but none dispute their influence on pop music. FTP with albums, such as, Revolver, Help, and Sgt. Pepper name the Fab 4.

ans: the Beatles (reader’s note: heckle the teams if they don’t buzz by Revolver)

18.He threatened to shoot Ted Williams off of his porch. Though considered one of the best players in baseball history he is better remembered for his brutal form of play, abusive marriages and the question of whether his mother really knew that it was her husband that she shot with a shotgun and not the burglar she claimed. FTP Name this former Detroit Tiger who said he killed a man in Chicago.

ans: Ty Cobb

19. Fortunately, he did not receive the underoos with his face on them. But overall he’s happy that his most famous character’s father did not fall into a volcano as he was originally told. Furthermore, it is probably good that George Lucas did not take his advice that Bobba Fett be his character’s mother. FTP name this actor who wanted Luke to get a buzz cut when he became a Jedi?

ans: Mark Hamill (note: prompt on Luke Skywalker on early buzz)

20. There were 41 songs or episodes in the original series. The idea began with David B. McCall, and quickly developed with music writers such as, Tom Yohe, Bob Dorough, and Lynn Ahrens. Launched in 1972, FTP name the series that spawned Cindy Crawford’s favorite, "I’m Just a Bill".

ans: Schoolhouse Rock

21. One of his favorite bands is Led Zeppelin, he’s reported sighting a UFO and his sister ‘saved’ Larry Flynt. FTP name the man who admitted ‘sinning in his heart’ to Playboy magazine.

ans: Jimmy Carter

22. The largest collection of occult books and pornography in the world are found in this great library. Located in Italy this library has-been the source for rare documents including the Gift of Constantine which was proven to a medieval forgery. FTP Name this library of the sacred and the profane.

ans: Vatican

24. Legend of the Overfiend, Adventure Kid, Macross, Akira, Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Forest, and Lum are works found in this genre of animation easily recognizable with the characters having large eyes, pointy chins and a penchant for young girls. FTP Name this type of animation originating from the land of the rising sun.

ans: Japanime, anime, or manga

25. Marilyn Monroe was asked by a reporter what she wore at night and her reply was this item. This perfume is one of the most popular items in its field and is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary using an Andy Warhol silkscreen of the bottle. FTP name this signature scent of the design house currently headed by Lagerfeld.

ans: Channel No. 5

26. His agent was found dead in a car trunk after rumors began that this person was willing to coach other teams. Snubbed recently by the basketball hall of fame though he has the best ratio of wins to losses record in college basketball, he now coaches the pathetic Fresno State Bulldogs. FTP what Shark was the coach of the Running Rebels of University of Nevada at Las Vegas?

ans: Jerry Tarkanian

27. His adventures result from the fact that the Princess, daughter of King

Morpheus, wants him as a playmate. However, due to several mishaps and the

evil Dr. Pill along with the fact that he always wakes up in the last panel, he doesn't meet the Princess until the strip had run for two years in the New York Tribune. FTP, name this boy whose adventures in Slumberland were drawn by Winsor McKay.

ans: Little Nemo

28. The daughter of 60’s folk rocker Donovan, this actress was LLoyd Dobbler’s love interest in Say Anything playing "Einstein trapped in the body of a game show hostess" and she later starred in Gas, Food, Lodging as the ‘bad girl’. FTP name this beautiful actress.

ans: Ione Skye


29. As an organized movement it has been traced to its beginning in New York, 1848. This movement used seances, ectoplasm visions, telekinesis, FTP name this movement whose proponents include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

ans: Spiritualism

30. Quoted as saying that, "hair trauma ..It’s universal" this actress, has starred in films such as Halloween, Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and is presently the spokeswoman for L’eggs pantyhose FTP who is this daughter of Janet Leigh?

ans: Jamie Lee Curtis



1. Given the song title give both the name of the Star Trek character and the name of the actor who sang it for 5 points per answer.

a) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Answer: Capt. Kirk - William Shatner

b) Music to watch space girls by

Answer: Spock - Nimoy

c) Disco Trekking

Answer Yeoman Rand - Grace Lee Whitney

2. For 5 pts. and 5 pts. for all 5. Name the Peanuts character given the position on Charlie Brown’s baseball team.

a) right field Answer: Lucy Van Pelt

b) pitcher Answer: Charlie Brown

c) shortstop Answer: Linus Van Pelt

d) catcher Answer: Schroeder

e) second base Answer: Snoopy

3. Ah you thought you could get away with no Tolkien questions. This won’t be a namby pamby questions about Gandalf, Thorinn or the Fellowship of the Ring but about Tolkien movies. Ha, thought you were tough?

a) Name the actor who was the voice of the dragon, Smaug in the Hobbit. He was also a supporting actor in From Here to Eternity and the sheriff in the TV show BJ and the bear.

ans: Claude Aikens

b) He was Gandalf for the animations, the Hobbit and Return of the King. Ray Bradbury was the screenplay writer for his film Moby Dick.

ans: John Huston

c) The first film maker to attempt to place all of the Lord of the Rings on film using a combination of live actors and animation, many fans consider this film heinous. He was used to much more success with such films as, Fritz the Cat.

ans: Ralph Bakshi


3) It came from the eighties. Given the following lyrics give the artist and the song for 5 pts. each

a) ‘knew you’d be a vision in white, how’d you get those pants so tight. Get in ain’t no sin take a ride in my machine’

ans: Aretha Franklin - "Freeway of Love"

b) ‘Sometimes I feel I got to runaway/ I’ve got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart/the love we share seems to go nowhere/

ans: Soft Cell - "Tainted Love"

c) ’don’t, don’t you want me, you know I can’t believe it when they say you won’t see me..’

ans: Human League - "Don’t You Want Me"

4) Let us now talk of great TV shows, let us now talk of the Dukes of Hazzard for 10 pts. each name the supporting character

a) Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane’s good natured, upstanding deputy, and would be suitor to Daisy Duke

ans: Deputy Enos

b) Sheriff Coltrane had a best friend, not Boss Hogg, but another critter with 4 legs. What was the name of Roscoe’s best friend?

ans: Flash

c) The mechanic friend of the Duke family he repaired the General Lee and Bo and Luke could not. Give either his CB handle or his last name.

ans: Crazy Cooter or Cooter

5) Remember that there is only conspiracy fact not conspiracy theory. Given the following descriptions name the location, object or incident for 10 pts. each

a) The U.S Air Force in its first reports stated that a UFO crashed there. The story was later changed to a weather balloon and years later it was changed once again to a secret aircraft. What town has become synonymous with UFOs, cover ups and a museum with an alien autopsy display?

ans: Roswell

b) Concerned mothers across America demonstrated with placards stating that "Forced medication is Un-American" and "Don’t poison our kids". The John Birch Society thought it was a nefarious Communist plot to either poison America or addict Americans to drugs. Name the scare over the element with the atomic weight 18.988 and had a re-emergence in controversy in the 1980’s over bone cancer.

ans: Fluoride , Flourine or Fluoridation


c) A startling resemblance between the A.T. & T. symbol and this space station is not purely coincidental but something deeper. What was the name of the space station that required the Force, a Jedi Master, an Aldaran Princess, 2 droids, 2 smugglers and a whiny Luke Sky Walker to destroy it?

ans: Death Star

6) Ah yes, it is now time for a Sid and Marty Kroft production bonus. The Bugaloos were a 4 member bug group with British accents. Answer the following questions about the enemies of the Bugaloos for 10pts each.

a) Played by Martha Ray, this character wanted desperately to record a hit record that would be played on Peter Platter’s radio station, She lived in a juke box and always plotted against the Bugaloos.

ans: Benita Bizarre

b) Benita’s chauffeur and chief henchman this giant rat wore a uniform and had an over the top German accent.

ans: Wolfie

c) The two minor henchman of Benita. They are named after the two components found in a speaker. Benita would punish them by crossing their wires to give them an electrical shock.

ans: Woofer and Tweeter

7) So you think you know trash films. Given the description of the film give the name of the film (15 pts each).

a) This film had a cast that included Louis Jourdan and Heather Locklear. The title character was derived from comic book published by DC Comics written by Vietch . Name the sequel that provided filmdom with such dialogue as..

"Abbie I just can’t provide you with the love you need; I’m a plant" and

"That’s okay, I’m a vegetarian"

ans: Return of the Swamp Thing

b) On the top 20 list of all time bad/boring films this film boasted a cast of Judge Reinhold and Nicholas Cage as two residents of New Orleans. The one traceable plot line of the film is a strange love triangle and many bad dialogue lines done with a phony Cajun accents. A film that gave you Nicholas Cage saying to his love interest that he was: "a parapalegic of the souls" and "gonna shake you naked and eat you alive". Name this film .

ans: Zandalee

8. For 5pts apiece, answer the following questions about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

a) The name of the martial arts rodent who is master to the turtles?

Answer: Splinter

b) Leader of the turtles named after the quintessential Renaissance Man

Answer: Leonardo

c) The female reporter that befriended the turtles and is sharer in their adventures.

Answer: April

d) The technical wizard of the group

Answer: Donatello

e) The comic relief in the group his name was taken from a prominent Renaissance Sculptor

Answer: Michaelangelo

f) The rebel amongst the group , named after a painter who painted the School of Athens.

Answer: Raphael

9. A little scandal, a little conspiracy; let us talk of the deaths of literary figures. (15 each)

a) This Japanese writer was found dead at his home, an apparent suicide. Known amongst his friends as ‘the master of ceremonies’ due to his presiding at so many funerals, this man beat out Yukio Mishima for the Nobel Prize in Literature, some conspiracy theorists posit that his death was politically motivated.

ans: Yasunori Kawabata

b) This male poet is more well known to the general public as the husband of 2 prominent poetesses who killed themselves. FTP, name this poet laureate whose works were deemed too depressing to be displayed in the Tube.

ans: Ted Hughes

10. Science has, hopefully, gone beyond skin deep judgments. This bonus is on two former sciences based on physical distinction found in humans. for 15 pts. each provide the name of the pseudo-science based on its description.

a) Based on the notion that the mind shape is intimately related to brain function, this theory opposed the Cartesian concept of a mind/boy duality. The main proponents were Franz Joseph Gall, Johann Kaspar Spurzheim and George Combs.

ans: phrenology

b) Banned by George II in 1743 and even earlier by Queen Elizabeth I for which the punishment was to be whipped bloody. The basic contention of this science was to determine a person’s character based on their facial muscles. What is the more formal name of this science of reading faces?

ans: physiognomy


11) 30-20-10 name this person

30 - Son of a rich Plymouth, England brewer he lived from 1875-1947.

20 - He said he was the Anti-Christ and was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn

10 - a prominent author on books dealing with the occult, a prolifically bad poet his works include, Songs of the Spirit and Diary of a Drug Fiend.

ans: Aleister Crowley

12) Given the ancient ingredients and description cosmetic product either the ancient or modern equivalent is acceptable for 15 pts. each.

a) Made from powdered antimony, burnt almonds, black oxide of copper and brown clay ocher the Ancient Egyptians were the first to develop this cosmetic

ans: Kohl or eyeliner

b) The recipe was developed by the ancient world physician Galen and called for 1 part white wax melted into 3 parts olive oil in which rosebuds had been steeped and great quantities of water had been added. The basic formula has not varied overly much since the time of Galen.

ans: cold cream

13) Welcome to the world of Python. Monty Python to you newbies. Anyway, answer the following questions about the film Monty Python and Holy Grail.

a) What was the name of the wizard who greets Arthur and his fellow knights warning them of the dread beast with 2 sharp front teeth.

ans: Tim

b) What was the name of the place where Lancelot rescued the reluctant Galahad from the foul clutches of nubile maidens aged up to 23. Galahad stumbled upon this place when bad Zoot, naughty Zoot turned on the Holy Grail hand beacon.

ans: Castle Anthrax

c) What was the weapon used to destroy the killer bunny by brave Arthur and his nights?

ans: the Holy hand grenade of Antioch

14. 30-20-10 Name this person.

a) Notorious, infamous and just maybe brilliant this writer once sent a dead rabbit to a critic of his. More well known as a writer of science fiction he was placed on then Governor Reagan’s list of subversives.

b) This author essays in the Los Angeles Free Press were collected under the title of the Glass Teat and Love ain’t nothing but sex misspelled.

c) Writer of one of the most popular screenplays in the history of Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, this writer wrote a A Boy and his Dog. and is technical consultant to Babylon 5.

ans: Harlan Ellison

15. 30-20-10 Name this event.

30- The penalty for a woman caught watching this event was death.

20 - Aesop met his death at one of these events by being thrown off a cliff

10 - Atlanta, Barcelona, and Tokyo have held them this century

ans: Olympic Games

16. Scooby Doo where are you? For an easy ten points each answer the following questions about Scooby Doo.

a) What was the name of the van driven by the gang in the series?

ans: the Ghost Machine

b) Who was the voice of Shaggy and Scooby?

ans: Casey Kasem

c) What was the name of Scooby’s annoying nephew whose personality bears a more than passing resemblance to Wesley Crusher?

ans: Scrappy Doo

17) Welcome to the world of psychiatry where your shrink entered the field so he could get a discount. Given the following information name the shrink. 15 pts each

a) Though he slept with some of his patients, he is better known for developing the theory of synchronicity and collective unconsciousness.

ans: Carl Jung

b) A new book about this famous child psychiatrist shows that the man developed his career on a series of lies beginning with his university grades. Name this psychiatrist whose theories about childhood, fairy tales and blaming autism on the mother made him king until recently.

ans: Bruno Bettleheim

18) Comic books are not the province of children any longer. Given the description provide the name of the comic book title for 10 pts.

a) This DC character’s siblings include Death, Despair, Desire and Destiny. Written by Neil Gaiman it is one of the favorite comic books of Tori Amos, and other intellectuals who find it’s lyric writing, post-modern gothic style the fearless topics the best of the Vertigo line.

ans: Sandman

b) Printed by New England Comics this super hero has found a wider audience with an animated cartoon that is now shown on Comedy Central. A wonderful spoof on the superhero genre and pretty darn funny with such lines as, "So much knowledge, if only to retain it" and "I was almost lucid for a second there" what is the name of this blue clad, insect named hero?

ans: the Tick

c). This comic boasts a devoted following who are willing to put up with a very convoluted story line. One of the big cash cows for Marvel comics it boasts characters such as Storm, and Wolverine what comic has had many writers such as, Chris Claremont.

ans: X-Men

19. Burger King commercials and their use of music will be the subject of this bonus. Given the band name the song used in the Burger King commercial for a quick 10 pts each.

a) KC and the Sunshine Band

Answer: That’s the Way I like It

b) Modern English

Answer: I Melt with You

c) George Thoroughgood

ans: Who Do You Love

20. Spike Lee rules. Given clues, identify the Spike Lee film FTPE, thirty total.

a) Phone Sex and the single girl in which Teresa Randle starred as a phone sex operator addicted to her work. Not one of Spike’s more uplifting films.

ans: Girl 6

b) This recent film is one of Mr. Lee’s better endeavours in which a disparate group of men board a bus to the Million Man March.

ans: Get on the Bus

c) Like Joyce’s novel Ulysses this film takes place all in a day in Brooklyn where temperatures and tempers rise to dangerous levels. One of Lee’s most controversial films it centers around the life of pizza delivery man, Mookie, and it introduced Rosie Perez to film going audiences.

ans: Do the Right Thing

21. Given a description provide the name of the occult or religious text for a quick 15 pts. each.

a) Mentioned in the works of H.P Lovecraft this book supposedly was supposedly written by the Mad Arab. It can now be found in your local book store chain as a paperback. Containing symbols, names of demons and supposedly other relevant information what is this book of the dead?

ans: Necronomicon

b) Also known as the Zohar this text is found in the Jewish religious tradition. Esoteric mystic lore upon an occult interpretation of the bible. The central themes include the nature of God, the manifestation of the divine, good and evil demons, and man’s place in the universe.

ans: Kabbalah

22. Now that you have hear the sci-fi movie toss p. You can easily answer like the other Jeopardy contestants what the command to the alien robot, Gort, These three crucial words made the Day the Earth Stood Still possible. Ten points per word in this three word command.

ans: Klatu Barada Nicto


23. Texas fertilizer salesman Harold P. Warren was the producer of this film.

It concerns a family which stops at a remote house inhabited by a mysterious cloaked man, his several wives, and his large-kneed henchman. This truly terrible film was incorporated into a unique "Mystery Science Theater" episode -- unique because it's the only one in which the Mad Scientists sympathize with Joel and the 'bots about the quality of the movie. FTP, name this film, which features the "Haunting Torgo Theme Music".



24. It seems as though any good TV show (and some not-so-good ones) have

dogs on them. Given a show that is on the air or is no longer on the air,

name the dog found on it for five points each.

Empty Nest ans: DREYFUSS

Mad About You ans: MURRAY

The Brady Bunch ans: TIGER

Frasier ans: EDDIE


Inspector Gadget ans: BRAIN

25. It's time, once again, for Geographical Anagrams! Given a clue

to a word, anagram the word into the name of a European nation,

for the stated number of points.

a. (5) The last name of Jackie Gleason's character on "The Honeymooners".

ans: DENMARK (do not accept Kramden)

b. (10) The full name of the actress who was the female lead in "Joe

Versus the Volcano".

ans: GERMANY (do not accept Meg Ryan)

c. (15) People who live in Bucharest's country. Hint: if you change one

letter in the answer, you get the full name of a famous football player.

ans: SAN MARINO (accept neither Romanians nor Dan Marino :-))

26. Answer these questions about some more minor characters in Animaniacs for five points each.

(a) First, name the Warners' psychiatrist. ans: DR. SCRATCHANDSNIFF

(b) Second, give the first names of the Hippos. ans: FLAVIO and MARITA

(c) Lastly, give the names of the GoodFeathers. ans: BOBBY, PESTO and SQUIT