Round for UnaBuzzer Open by UCLA (c) March 4, 1997


1. You probably remember that Harvey Keitel played Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction, a man who cleaned up a a botched crime scene. But do you know that he had an extremely similar role in another movie-- in fact his character was called Victor the Cleaner. The makers of this film won't be complaining about plagiarism, however, given that this remake was hardly remade, as it took most of its scenes almost verbatum, or perhaps I should say exactement, from a thriller starring Anne Parillaud called "La Femme Nikita."

A: _Point of No Return_

2. Cedric Ceballos, Kenny Walker, Isaiah Rider, Larry Nance, Dominique Wilkins, Harold Miner, Dee Brown, Spud Webb, Michael Jordan, Brent Barry, and most recently, Kobe Bryant, have all won what annual event?

A: NBA All Star-Weekend _Slam Dunk_ Contest

(Moderator NOTE: Please hesitate appropriately at indicated pauses.)

3. I want to tell you the name of this ... uh ... fun thing but I can't use any of the five ... um ... units that make up sentences ... listed on the card or else I'll get buzzed. FTP, what is this "fun thing" popular at uh ... social gatherings whose name derives from the five "sentence units" you're forbidden to say?

A: _Taboo_

4. A trip to this place might lead you to encounter U2 holding a press conference to promote their new album,"Pop"; Raymond Babbitt buying underwear; and/or the director and one of the stars of a recent baseball movie making a commercial together. FTP, what store do Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell pitch for?

A: _Kmart_

5. This album features classic rockers Van Halen and Deep Purple as well as the more contemporary Marilyn Manson and Porno for Pyros. But perhaps most intriguing are the inspired collaborations on this soundtrack, such as LL Cool J with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Dust Brothers backed up by the movie's star. FTP, name this biopic soundtrack, which also features recorded scoldings from the star's father in a twisted techno goof called "The Ben ('shut up! sit down!') Stern Megamix."

A: Howard Stern _Private Parts_: The Album

6. According to Robert Bryce, the first person to make it there was Joseph Fletcher, who stepped off an Air Force C-47 plane in 1952. Over 40 years earlier a controversy erupted when two men each claimed to be first, but Bryce accuses both of them of fraud, as he claims that their own notes and diaries prove that neither of the dogsled expeditions each man led could successfully have traversed the harsh conditions, like the moving ice packs on which they were forced to travel. FTP, where did Frederick Cook and Adm. Robert Peary apparently fail to reach?

A: The _North Pole_

7. Standing might lead to the Stride or the Tripod; role reversal could be done by the Tongs, the Bee, or the Swing; sitting might involve Victory, the Knot of Fame, the Tortoise, the Swastika, or the Lotus; easier and perhaps more standard are the Flower in Bloom, the Flag in Cupid, or the Monkey; if there's a size disparity then it might not matter with the Jewel Case, the Squeeze, the Entwined, or the Mare's Trick; and for some fun beforehand try Sucking the Mango or Quivering Kiss: both simultaneously would be the Crow. FTP, these are all positions in what ancient Indian erotic guide?

A: The _Kama Sutra_

8. Five years ago UPI quoted John McAfee stating that "hundreds of thousands around the world" would fall victim to it. Reuters predicted casualties in 7 figures. In the end, it turned out to be real, but its magnitude of infection was only on the scale of ten to twenty thousand. FTP, what was it that was set to strike on the birthday of its namesake, March 6th, and terrorized IBM PC users until the dreaded M-day passed and they realized their hard drives had not been erased?

A: _Michelangelo_

9. X-Files creator Chris Carter has said that the look and feel of the X-Files was heavily influenced by a short-lived TV show from the 1970s, which featured Darren McGavin as a reporter who investigated vampires, werevolves, amd other supernatural creatures. FTP, name this "Night Stalker."

A: _Kolchak_: The Night Stalker (accept _The Night Stalker_ before it's mentioned.)

10. Warning: possible hose ahead. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men behave and adore, and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God!" On the contrary, thought Joseph Campbell, men would go mad. So the Astounding editor asked a young writer to pen this story based on Emerson's idea, and the result has been voted in various circles as the best science fiction short story of all time. FTP, name this short story by Isaac Asimov.

A: _Nightfall_

11. The heightened sexual experience attributed to using XTC may be a result of the depletion of this neurotransmitter. Indeed many aphrodisiacs, as complicated as XTC or as mundane as alcohol loosen inhibitions by depressing this chemical which regulates agression, appetite, mood, sleep cycles and body temperature. Synthesized from tryptophan, it is found mainly in the intestinal walls, blood vessels, and the central nervous system. It has a variety of functions in the body and is used clinically in appetite control and the treatment of depression.

A: _Setatonin_

12. How close he was. This man had an answer, albeit the wrong answer, to a lot of scientific mysteries of his time: for instance, the determination of a child's sex. It was a simple concept-- if the man was thinking of his own pleasure during climax then the child would be a boy, if he was thinking of her pleasure then it would be a girl. FTP name this supporter of a geocentric universe and spontaneous generation who despite his many errors is nonetheless revered today as one of the great classical thinkers.

A: _Aristotle_

13. This group organized an attack on the Imperial Palace of China in 1814. It's primary objective was supposedly to return the Mings to power. Reputed to have used many names such as the White Lotus Society, the Three Incense Sticks, and the Big Swords, the history of this tong, or secret society, is shrouded in myth. The members were believed to be trained based on the martial arts techniques of the Fighting Monks of Shoalin and were involved in political assassinations and conspiracies. FTP, name this society which made a brief appearance in the movie Dragon to put Bruce Lee on trial.

A: The _Triad_

14. In bogs, marshes, or swamps, decaying plant matter releases gas. These pockets of gas ignite creating either a luminescent ball of light or many tiny flickers. Ignus fatuus or "foolish fire" will hover in mid-air and move with the breeze causing many superstitious people to mistake them for ghostly manifestations or omens of bad luck. What are these balls of light commonly known as?

A: _Will O’Wisps_ or _Will Of TheWisps_ or _Fox Fire_

15: Perhaps the correct thing to say about this 1987 Universal Picture is not who WAS in it, but who WAS NOT in it. This compilation film, originally titled the "Cheeseburger Film Sandwich," features footage from "King Kong," numerous references to "It's a Wonderful Life," and spoofs of "The Invisible Man," "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet," and "Queen of Outer Space." Skits included "Blacks Without Soul," "Hospital," "Mondo Condo," and the title sequence. FTP name this cult film whose directors included Joe Dante, Peter Horton, and John Landis.

A: _Amazon Women on the Moon _

16. Priced at $20 or more a pound, it is considered an aphrodisiac by many. It contains tetraoxidin, which even in small doses can cause paralysis and death. In trace amounts, it has a tingling anaesthetic effect. Each year about three hundred deaths are attributed to it. It is so lethal that one must pass a difficult government exam to earn a license to prepare it. The thrill must be part of the appeal since the demand for this delicacy is so high that the population of this puffer fish is declining rapidly.

A: _Fugu_

17. This cult's spiritural bases once numbered 600, but today there are only 20. Founded in Poona, India, this cult moved its base of operations to rural Oregon in 1981. Its founder and leader, Baghwan Rajneesh, became famous for his love of Rolls Royces. Baghwan, which means "master of the vagina," believed that spirtual peace was attainable through a form of meditation that involved nudity, loud noises, and sex. As a result, sex is a central part of this religion's practices, which has led to rumors that many of its members carry HIV, and that AIDS brought about the 1990 death of the Baghwan.

A: _Osho_

18. Pencil and paper ready. A very good major league baseball pitchers gives up 38 earned runs in 180 innings pitched. FQTP, what is his earned run average? (NOTE: allow ten seconds to solve problem)

A: _1.9_

19. In the past two years, as more and more food manufacturers have slapped "low-fat" on their products, the FDA has been forced to intervene. One of the agency's first and most public targets was this candy bar, which proclaimed itself low-fat despite no changes to the long-standing recipe. Mars, Inc. rationalized that since it was lower in fat than most candy bars, it could be called "low-fat." Mars, Inc. now labels packages of this candy bar as containing "45% less-fat," a tactic that has allowed the company to continue its healthy image campaign.

A: _Three Muskateers_

20. "If the program is not stopped, the computer's processor will be placed in an nth-complexity infinite binary loop which can severely damage the processor if left running that way too long." Warnings were sent to newsgroups, mailing lists, forwarded by thousands of users, even broadcast on radio. It was an international phenomenon that even employees at companies such as AT&T, NBC, Texas Instruments, and even NASA and the Department of Defense reputedly fell prey to after receiving a warning about a virus that could be spread if any e-mail with a certain heading is opened. What was the name of this bogus "virus"?

A: _Good Times_

21. In 1965 on a weekday in Sweden, all traffic stopped at exactly 5 PM, and drivers proceeded to do this. The time and day were chosen to prevent accidents where drivers would have gotten up in the morning and been too sleepy to realize that this was the day of, FTP, what event that now makes it easier for Americans to drive there?

A: _Switched side of road_ from left-hand side to right-hand side (Accept equivalents)

22. This genre uses themes of horror and fantasy, often dark in nature, but also includes many comic elements. Its printed form has an estimated readership of over 30 million and it is the basis of its own international subculture. The pervasiveness of this culture can be seen in films such as Terminator 2, Robocop, and the Lion King. The growing popularity of this genre in the US is due to animated works like The Guyver, Macross Plus, and Akira, released by a video company named after the genre. What is this genre whose name is the same as the Japanese word for cartoon?

A: _Manga_ (accept Anime or Jap-Anime)

23. Marylin Monroe, Madonna, Cher, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Joan Rivers. These stars, or at least their cross-dressing incarnations, can be found performing in what Las Vegas Strip show?

A: Evening at _La Cage_

24. Hugh Hefner was recently rebuffed by this singer's refusal to appear in the buff in Playboy. FQTP, name this lead singer of Garbage?

A: Cheryl _Manson_

25. A favorite of many hip-hop acts, FQTP rap star Nas is the chief model for what fashion designer?

A: Karl _Kani_



Note: All Boni Worth 30 Points

1. Given a verbatim description of a product or system marketed on _Amazing Discoveries_, provide us with the name of the product for 5 pts each. Answers must be exact (Note to moderator-- each description ends with an exclamation point; don't neglect it)

1. "creates professional looking bows in seconds (without training or years of practice) you can add to holidays gifts, home decorating or clothing!"


2. "allows you to cut professional looking fruits and vegetables (even wafer thin, perfect cole slaw) in a blink of an eye!"


3. "teaches you the secret to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large numbers (such as 246 X 837) in your head as fast as a calculator!"


4. "teaches you how to memorize names, dates, places, facts and figures the instant you hear them, great for students, business people, church leaders, those involved in charities, etc!"


5. Now, for an additional 10 pts, name the host of _Amazing Discoveries_


2. How well do you think you know the content of the World Wide Web? The following six words were put into the AltaVista search engine on 27 February 1997. Rank them from fewest found to most pages found in the word count for 5 points for each word in the correct spot. The words are: "Schiffer," "Albright," "Metallica," "Iceland," "Liberace," and "Shakespeare." All words were searched for using the initial capital letter.

A: LIBERACE (1628); SCHIFFER (14782); ALBRIGHT (17162); METALLICA (34997); ICELAND (87506); SHAKESPEARE (148051)

3. Murphy Brown is unfortunately being renewed for its 10th season, which is one short of the record of 11 seasons, currently shared by 4 sitcoms. You'll get 10 points for naming 2 of them, 20 points for naming 3, and 30 for naming all 4. One of the sitcoms is currently in its 11th season.

A: _M*A*S*H*_, _The Jeffersons_, _Cheers_, and _Married with Children_

4. Given a clue about a serial killer's techniques, identify the killer FTP each.

1. He favored "pretty dark-haired cheerleader types." He would often wear an arm sling to make it look as if he needed help. He was fond of biting his victims, and his teeth marks were used in the trial against him.


2. A chocolate factory worker, he lured home black gay men and killed them. After they were dead, he had sex with them. Thankfully he was always careful enough to use a condom.

A: Jeffrey DAHMER

3. He enjoyed handcuffing his victims, anally raping them, beating them to a pulp, offering to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, reciting verses from the Bible, and strangling them to death. Oh, yeah, he sometimes went by "Pogo"

A: John Wayne GACY

5. Last year a catclysmic event rocked the comic book multiverse, as the Marvel and DC Universe were temporarily merged into a universe called Amalgam composed of composite Marvel and DC heroes. Given the name of the Amalgam-ated character, FTP each both or nothing give the Marvel and DC super heroes that merged to create each of the following:

1. Super-Soldier

A: _Superman_ and _Captain America_

2. Dark Claw

A: _Batman_ and _Wolverine_

3: Speed Demon

A: _Flash_ and _Ghost Rider_

6. What's a trash tournament without (NOTE: make appropriate Goat Boy sound here) songs from the eighties? Given the lyrics, FFP each name the song and the artist or band who sang it.

1. "She's a steel-town girl on a Saturday night Looking for the fight of her life"

A: _Maniac_ by Michael _Sembello_

2. "You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, When I met you."

A: _Don't You Want Me_ by the _Human League_

3. "Father wears his Sunday best Mother's tired she needs a rest The kids are playing up downstairs Sister's sighing in her sleep Brother's got a date to keep He can't hang around... "

A: _Our House_ by _Madness_

7. Identify the comedians on a 10-5 basis.

10-- He was famous for comedy routines featuring one-sided phone conversations, often set in historical time periods before the advent of the telephone. 5-- He has also starred in not one but 2 long-running sitcoms, the first named after his full name, while the title of the other was simply his last name. A third sitcom whose title consisted of just his first name didn't do as well.

A: _Bob Newhart_

10-- His routines are legendary for seamlessly meshing comedy and tragedy as he shares intimate details of his life, and for his creative profanity, an example of which can be found in the title of his album "That blank's Crazy." 5-- Filmed versions of his shows, such as 'Live on Sunset Strip,' can be found on several prominent film critics' all-time top ten lists.

A: Richard _Pryor_

10-- Maudie Frickert and Elwood P. Suggins were characters in this inventive and spontaneous performer's stand-up act, as well as on his zany mid-1950s TV series. 5-- Ironically, this 'spiritual father' to Robin Williams had a role in which he played his son.

A: Jonathan _Winters_

8. Time for a Scrabble bonus. Answer the following questions FTP each.

1. First, what is the Scrabble face point value of the word "equinox"?

A: _23_ (Give letter point values if asked: 1+10+1+1+1+1+8)

2. The answer is 23. Now let's say you go first and start the game with the word "equinox," placing the "q" on a double letter score. Assuming no blanks are used, how much is this word worth?

A: _116_ points { (23+10)*2 + 50 } (First word must be placed on center square, which is a double word bonus, and THEN you get a 50 point bonus for using all 7 of your letters.)

3. Finally, assuming that you create a legal word, and that you do not go first, what is the minimum point total you can get in your turn?

A: _Zero_ (Add a blank in your possession to a blank on the board to create a two-letter word that has no value.)

(MODERATOR NOTE: If someone says something to the effect of: "that would never happen!" read following part:)

4. And now for 0 points, just to shut you up, under what wildly improbable circumstance would making such a zero point play actually win you the game?

A: _You use all 7 of your letters to make a word, but are still trailing. There's only one letter left to draw, which happens to be a blank. When it is your turn again, the board is so effectively blocked that the only word you can make is with another blank for 0 points-- but you end the game and in so doing get the bonus points of the others players unused tiles, thereby giving you the victory._ (Accept equivalents.)

9. Like Citizen Kane, many films portray thinly disguised versions of real people. Given the movie and characters, name the actual persons who served as inspiration for those roles. You'll only get 5 points if you need the occupation.

10-- "Grace of My Heart" : Denise Waverly

5-- Songwriter

A: Carole _King_

10-- "White Hunter, Black Heart" : John Wilson

5-- Director

A: John _Huston_

10--"My Favorite Year" : both King Kaiser and Alan Swann

5-- King Kaiser was a TV comic, Alan Swann a dashing movie star

A: Sid _Caesar_ and Errol _Flynn_ (Must answer both correctly)

10. FTP each, name the phrase or idiom, given the supposed etymology.

1. Long ago, clans that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them use to burn their houses down, leading to what present-day expression?

A: _"to get fired"_ (accept equivalents)

2. This term originated in the 1940s due to WWII fighter pilots in the South Pacific. Their airplanes' .50 caliber machine guns were armed with 27 foot long ammo belts, so if the pilots fired all their ammo, the target got what?

A: _"the whole 9 yards"_

3. This phrase is derived from and old English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than the object referred to in this phrase.

A: _"rule of thumb"_

11. Well I couldn't come up with Brady Physics, so how about Brady Tic-Tac-Toe? Given the name of two actors in the show, FTP each name the third actor who would make Tic-Tac-Toe if playing on the 3 X 3 grid that appeared on the show's credits, unless it is impossible to make three in a row with the actors given, in which case that should be your answer.

1. Maureen McCormack and Christopher Knight

A: _Impossible_

2. Mike Lookinland and Robert Reed

A: Susan _Olsen_

3. Susan Olsen and Ann B. Davis

A: Barry _Williams_

12. This bonus will test your spiritual knowledge.

1. First, for 5 points, this beverage's name is a diminuitive for water, usually translated affectionately as "dear little water".


For an additional 5 points each, how well do you know your vodka? Given the vodka, name the country

1. Stolichnaya


2. Absolut


3. Perlova


4. Denaka


5. Tanqueray

A: ENGLAND (it's both a gin and a vodka)

13. It's always been hard to come out of the closet in Hollywood... just ask Jean-Claude Van Damme. Given a clue about a celebrity with something to hide, identify him for the stated number of points.

1. FFP, this long-whispered-about celebrity is rumored to have married media mogul David Geffen is a secret ceremony is Switzerland.


2. Although married five times, this actor had an affair with actor Randolph Scott which lasted for years. He was also linked to Howard Hughes for a while. FTP, name him.


3. For 15 points name this co-star of _Rebel Without a Cause_ who was killed after some mix-up involving a male prostitute


14: Name the drug, 10 points each.

1. A synthetic analog for meperidine, it has heroin-like euphoric effects. During the illegal manufacture of this substance, a neurotoxic impurity was formed. The impurity caused irreversable brain damage and Parkinson's-like symptoms in users. This is supposedly what happened to the fellow with Parkinson's who "froze" while trying to escape from a robbery.


This stimulant perscribed to treat attention deficit disorder has an effect similar to amphetamines and can be swallowed in tablet form, injected, or inhaled.


This sedative is commonly called the date rape drug. It acts as a tranquilizer many times stronger than valium and can cause short term amnesia.


15. FFP each, name the authors that created each imaginary place named.


A: Philip Jose _Farmer_

2. Earthsea

A: Ursula K. _LeGuin_

3. Xanth

A: Piers _Anthony_

4. Pern

A: Anne _McCaffrey_

5. Witch World

A: Andre _Norton_

6. Krynn

A: Margaret _Weis_ and Tracy _Hickman_ (prompt if only one given)

16: For ten points each name the mad or at the very least odd scientist from the description.

1. This psychologist has made significant contributions to psychotherapy and in the course of his research on human consciousness administered psychodelic drugs to subjects.

A: Timothy LEARY

2. This astronomer described and mapped canals on the surface of Mars and reasoned there must be water there.

A: Percival LOWELL

3. Though he held over 700 patents, he did not receive a patent for a death ray he claimed to have built that could destroy 10,000 planes at a distance of 250 miles.

A: Nikola TESLA

17. Torrid and graphic sex is porn. Artfully torrid and graphic sex is erotica. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about some famous works of erotica.

1. FTP, this is the story of the systematic degradation and sexual enslavement of a young French woman by a sadomasochistic secret society.


2. Often banned for it's graphic descriptions of both heterosexual and homosexual sex, for twenty points name this novel by John Cleland which describes a prostitute's rise to respectability.


18. How much do you know about Cirque de Soleil?

1. A Las Vegas casino host the permanent show of Cirque de Soleil. FFP each give the name of the permanent show and the casino.


2. For an additional five points each, name any four of the other six major productions Cirque de Soleil has gone through.


19. Martina Hingis is poised to become the #1 ranked female tennis player in the world sometime this month, which would make her only the 7th female #1 since 1975. Can you name the other 6? You'll get 10 points for 4, 20 points for 5, and 30 for all 6.

A: Steffi _Graf_, Martina _Navritolova_, Chris _Evert_ (Lloyd), Monica _Seles, Tracy _Austin_, Arnantxa _Sanchez-Vicario_

20. FTP each, give the cover model associated with each of the following titles of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition.

1. Nothing But Bikini's

A: Tyra _Banks_

2. She Reign's In Spain

A: Kathy _Ireland_

3. Thailand Fling

A: Elle _McPherson_

21. Given the character, identify whether he was associated with the NWA, the WWF, both, or neither, FFP each.

1. Bam Bam Bigelow


2. "Hitman" Bret Harte


3. Yoshiaki Fujiwara


4. Mike Rotundo


5. Jack Cactus


6. Masked Skyscraper


22. How good of a Net-izen are you? From the definitions, give the computer jargon term used for ten points each.

1. Though it has several meanings, generally a person who stretches the capabilities of programming; an enthusiast or expert who delights in the details and problem-solving aspects of programmable systems


2. A token of agreement between cooperating programs. You'll find it on the Internet as a record that a transaction has taken place.


3. A program that displays information about a particular user or all users logged into a system; usually used to query about a user name or location.


23. Given a current bestseller in fiction, name the author, FTP each.

1. Sole Survivor

A: Dean _Koontz_

2: Hornet's Nest

A: Patricia _Cornwell_

3: Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge

A: _Jackie Collins_

24. Lost amongst Peterson's and US New & World Report, a recent quality ranking of universities in the U.S. by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine hit the stands. The Committee ranked Duke as the nation's best, followed closely by Penn and Notre Dame; in a near tie for last place were the three major military academies. For 30 points, all or nothing, what was it that the Committee measured, which has West Point, the school that ranked last, all messed up?


25. Given the recently released autobiography, name the author.

1. "A Reporter's Life"

A: Walter _Kronkite_

2. "Personal History"; the heiress at the helm of the Washington Post.

A: Katherine _Graham_

3. "What Falss Away: A Memoir"; memories of her Hollywood childhood and husbands.