Round for UnaBuzzer Open by Quentin Tarantino's Septic Tank Dogs (David Dixon/Peter Freeman) (c) March 4, 1997


1. A typical score might be 12 to Q. A typical temporary rule might be that if you don't touch the 30-yard base wicket with the flag, you have to hop on one foot. The only permanent rule is that you can't play it the same way twice. FTP, name the sport invented by a six-year-old boy and his feline friend.

answer: _Calvinball_

2. Its founder, General George Owen Squier, was the first passenger of the Wright Brothers. Its first satellite, crashed and burned when launched in 1979. Its chief supplier in the 1970s was the Brno Radio Orchestra of Czechoslovakia. And Ted Nugent once offered to buy it for $10 million, just for the pleasure of erasing the tapes. FTP, name this 63-year-old company that is synonymous with "elevator music."

answer: _Muzak_, L.P.

3. It began in 1961 as a replacement for "Police Surgeon," and starred Ian Hendry. After a year's hiatus, Hendry left and was replaced by Honor Blackman as Mrs. Catherine Gale, PhD. Two years later, it went into hiatus again, after which Elizabeth Shepard took up the most well-known female role in this series, only to be replaced after two episodes. FTP, name this series which also began running on ABC in 1966, which inspired the hit single "Kinky Boots," and which starred Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

answer: The _Avengers_

4. Arthur Granjean developed "L'Ecran Magique" in his garage in the late 1950s, and The Ohio Art Company took a chance on it, although they did change the name. There have been only three design changes, the latest involving the knobs in 1992. Although hot pink and bright blue versions have been offered, red is the enduring standard. FTP, name this toy for which the left knob controls horizontal movement and the right knob controls vertical movement.

answer: _Etch A Sketch_

5. Take one Senator's daughter, a Porsche, and a Portal of Time. Oh, and make sure she knows nuclear secrets. Mix in the characters of the sorceress Lyranna, the evil Arklon, and the infamous "Key of Magog." Add Ruh, Sharak, and Podo and Kodo, and Dar to keep them in line. What do you get? An incredibly bad vision of the Apocalypse. FTP, name this sequel movie with a tiger, an eagle, two ferrets, and Marc Singer as the title game warden.

answer: _Beastmaster II_ (prompt on "Beastmaster"...and laugh uncontrollably and lose bladder function if team answers "uh, 3?")

6. Once called the "thermometer of the mind," they're nothing more than a thin layer of cholesteric liquid crystal material that responds to changes in body temperature- the lower the temperature, the longer the wavelength of reflected light. FTP, name these baubles which can range from purple "bliss" to red "irritability" to black "depression."

answer: _mood ring_

7. George Mott, who left a leg and shrunken skull. Helen Conway, who left nothing. Jack Angel, a survivor. John Irving Bentley, who left a lower leg and a two-and-one-half by four foot hole. And Mary Reeser, who left a slip- pered foot. These are the five subjects of a 1995 book by Larry Arnold. FTP, what experience did all these people share, as indicated in Arnold's book title, "Ablaze!"

answer: _spontaneous human combustion_ (prompt on "shc")

8. Enemas, fat, hello-kitty, woody-allen, wizards, plushies, intergen, first- time, breast, toupee, telephone, spanking, bondage, oral, femdom, voyeurism, exhibitionism and zoophilia are just some of the divisions of- FTP- what very popular newsgroup hierarchy?

answer: _alt.sex_ (PR. alt-dot-sex)

9. On his way home from school in 1947, he saw a book on magic in a bookstore window, and luckily found the money required to purchase the book on the ground. If not for that bit of luck, today we would not have the spectacle of the Secret Garden, featuring Gildah the Asian Elephant, the White Lions of Timbavati, and the Royal White Tigers of Nevada. FTP, identify this man who, according to Homer Simpson's sister-in-law, owns his partner Roy.

answer: _Siegfried_ (prompt for more specific on "Siegfried and Roy")

10. King Herod might have been successful at producing this drug. To make it, male marijuana plants are killed off before they have a chance to pollinate the females, who in turn, instead of making seeds, create high concentrations of the narcotic THC. FTP, name this potent form of marijuana, sometimes called "sensi" for short.

answer: _sensemilla_ (PR. sen-sih-ME-yah)

11. There are four major types: dry, sweet, imperial and specialty. One de- finition of it is that it's an ale with a significant percentage of roasted grains, principally barley and malted barley. The longer the grain is roasted, the darker it gets, resulting sometimes in an opaque black beer. FTP, name this beer style which is most famous associated with Guinness.

answer: _stout_

12. According to one headline, an X-ray taken of his head "revealed nothing." But his toe was his downfall; a line drive off the bat of Earl Averill which hit his toe caused him to change his arm motion to compensate for the pain. This ruined his arm after 134 victories at age 26. He won 30 games in 1934, and his brother Paul won another 19 for the same team. FTP, name this colorful country boy with given names Jay Hanna, who was an integral part of the St. Louis Cardinal "Gashouse Gang."

answer: Jay Hanna _"Dizzy" Dean_

13. Contrary to his claim that 11 mining companies had paid him millions of dollars, it was discovered that only one company, ZANEX, had ever paid him anything. Distantly related to Sigmund Freud, he has his own magazine called Encounters, he sells energized teddy-bears which cure illnesses, he helps train cyclist Bruce Bursford to world-speed records, and he owes James "The Amazing" Randi over $100,000. FTP, name this man who supposedly scared the dickens out of his parents at age four when his cereal spoon curled up and broke in his hand.

answer: Uri _Geller_

14. If you watch the ESPN behind-the-scenes commercials carefully, you'll see this man trying to bust open a pinata placed at eye level. During the NBA All-Star game, a Snicker's commercial featuring this man and the question, "who wouldn't want to smell like you?" appeared. FTP, name this 7 foot 7 inch Romanian commercial star whose day job is as a center for the Washington Bullets.

answer: Gheorghe (or George) _Muresan_

15. Illinois and Missouri have both banned this type of competition, which has flourished in places such as Brazil, Thailand, and Japan for decades before reaching the US in 1993. Only two things are prohibited: gouging of the eyes and biting. FTP, name this no-holds-barred spectacle which pits champions of various martial arts against each other.

answer: _ultimate fighting_ or _extreme fighting_

16. Rancher Mac Brazel was woken by a loud bang. The next day he found debris over an area 3 quarters of a mile by 300 feet. All he got for reporting it was eight days in a military jail. Elsewhere, at the Plains of San Augustin, 5 year old Gerald Anderson supposedly saw four crewmen, two dead, one dying, and one uninjured, who recoiled in fear and did not understand greetings in Spanish or English. FTP, these two occurances are part of what famous 1947 incident that many believe has been covered up by the U.S. military?

answer: the _Roswell_ UFO incident

17. What do the capital of Malta and the Hebrew word for peace have to do with each other? Not much, except each is found in the names of the hosts of this TV program. FTP, name this program featuring Gucci girl Amber Valletta and VH1 Model of the Year Shalom Harlow, more famously hosted by Cindy Crawford.

answer: MTV's _House of Style_

18. Curtis Collins, Pery Smith, Thomas McIlvane, Joseph Harris, Dominic Lupoli, John Merlin Taylor, Warren Murphy, and Mark Richard Hilburn all managed at least one kill, but Patrick Sherrill, with fourteen, holds the record among murderers who are also- FTP- what class of commonly-disgruntled employees?

answer: _post_al workers (accept equivalents)

19. After touring the world, they settled down in North Carolina and married the Yates sisters, who bore them 21 children. The wives chose to live apart, however, which forced the brothers to divide their time between the two houses. FTP, name these brothers who died within a few hours of each other in 1874 after spending their entire lives only five inches apart.

answer: Chang and Eng _Bunker_, or _Chang and Eng_ (the eponymous Siamese twins)

20. In 1994, this woman began her own talkshow on WLUP radio, Chicago. Also known as Lynda Grasser and Dorothy H. Patton, her final film was 1986's, "Careful...He May Be Watching." Manager of an X-rated bookstore in the mid-70s, she had moved to Los Angeles expressly to be a porn star, and finally broke through starring with John Holmes in 1978's "Blonde Fire." FTP, name this woman who was the living embodiment of "Swedish Erotica."

answer: _Seka_

21. Hot tamales, Chihuahuas, collecting records, Black-capped chickadees, tomatoes, Chinese noodles, computers, finding the essence from within, and exploring the cave of the unknown are some of the things this band likes, as expressed in "Song for a Future Generation." FTP, identify this band from Athens, GA, with albums "Whammy!," "Wild Planet," and "Cosmic Thing."

answer: The _B-52s_

22. In this 1983 movie, five friends discover a tape of Candarian resurrection passages translated from the Necronomicon by the professor in whose cabin they are staying. When Henrietta, Bobby Joe, Jake, Annie, and Ash play the tape, a situation develops where total body dismemberment suddenly becomes, well, a necessity. FTP, name this first film of an epic trilogy starring Bruce Campbell and created by Sam Raimi.

answer: _Evil Dead I_ (do not prompt on or accept _Evil Dead II_)

23. Destitute, with less than five dollars to his name, in 1844 he wrote a completely fabricated story and sold it to the New York Sun, who promptly published it under the banner headline, "The Atlantic Crossed in Three Days!" The hoax lasted only one day, because no sign of the transatlantic balloon was found on the South Carolina coast, as reported by- FTP- what author, who later became famous for other fantastic stories, such as "The Masque of the Red Death"?

answer: Edgar Allan _Poe_

24. Scientists at the University of Tampere in Finland announced in January 1997 that they had, by very quickly rotating a superconducting disk, created a machine providing this fifth force. FTP, name this force which, critics claim, was not created by the Tampere group, since the mundane electromagnetic forces created in their experiment can account for the measured change in weight above the spinning disk.

answer: _antigravity_

25. Founded with the publication of a book in 1955, its 42 year-old founder admitted the ties to religion were really an attempt to gain access to prisons, hospitals, and the like. Its founder claimed that counseling clears the brain of past traumas and allows people to achieve their free and immortal spirit. FTP, name this religion/cult which has run afoul of the nation of Germany and whose members include Tom Cruise.

answer: Church of _Scientology_


Boni (All boni worth 30 points)

1. Identify the following classic baseball stadiums, given the team that played there, for 5 points each:

A. Brooklyn Dodgers, 1913-1957 answer: _Ebbets_ Field

B. New York Giants, 1911-1957 answer: _Polo_ Grounds

C. Pittsburgh Pirates, 1909-1970 answer: _Forbes_ Field

D. St. Louis Cardinals, 1920-1966 answer: _Sportman's_ Park

E. Washington Senators, 1911-1960 answer: _Griffith_ Stadium

F. Philadelphia Phillies, 1938-1970 answer: _Shibe_ Park

2. Chains are wonderful things. In a chain, two clues are given, and the last part of the answer for the first clue is also the first part of the answer for the second clue. Blend the two answers, and you have a chain! Create chains from the following clues for 10 points each:

A. DY-100 class ship with suspended animation facilities launched from Earth in 1996 with Khan Noonien Singh and his followers on-board, and a TV show starring David Hasselhoff as a private detective.

answer: _Botany Baywatch Nights_

B. The 1993 movie based on "La Femme Nikita" starring Bridget Fonda, and 1991 film starring Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause as characters who grow up together, then, realizing the singles scene is dead on their deserted island, do the nasty.

answer: _The Point of No Return to the Blue Lagoon_

C. The 1981 film starring Juergen Prochnow and directed by Wolfgang Peterson, and the 1997 film starring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson as characters desperately seeking contraceptives.

answer: _Das Booty Call_

3. For 10 points each, name the actor who popularized these TV sitcom catch- phrases:

A. (with a hick accent) "Shazam, Shazam, Shazam!" (pronounced "sha-ZAY-um")

answer: Jim _Nabors_ (Gomer Pyle, from "Gomer Pyle, USMC")

B. "Stow it, Flo!"

answer: Vic _Tayback_ (Mel, from "Alice")

C. "Sorry about that, Chief."

answer: Don _Adams_ (Maxwell Smart, from "Get Smart")

4. When I think of spectacles and mayhem, I think of Hong Kong films, specifically those of Jackie Chan. Identify these Jackie Chan films for 10 points each:

A. This 1994 sequel film has Jackie as the put-upon young master of an alcohol-rich martial arts style, with a mom crazy for Mah-Jongg.

answer: _Drunken Master II_

B. In this 1992 movie, Jackie and Michelle Yeoh play two detectives who infiltrate a major gang by befriending one of its leaders, Panther.

answer: Police Story III: _Supercop_

C. Jackie debuted in this 1976 film set in 1930's China, with him leading his countrymen against Japanese invaders.

answer: _New Fist of Fury_

5. Caffiene is good. Write down the following list: Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Jolt Cola.

A. First, for 5 points: which has the least amount of caffiene per can, 38.40 mg?

answer: _Pepsi_

B. Next, for 15 points: within 5, how many mg/can of caffiene does Jolt have?

answer: 71.2 (accept 66.2-76.2)

C. For 10 points, all or nothing, rank the remaining members of the list from *most* to *least* caffiene.

answer: Mountain _Dew_ (54.0 mg), _Coke_ (46.0 mg), _Dr. Pepper_ (40.8 mg)

6. Physical Challenge Bonus! For this bonus, you'll have to get your butt out of that chair and shake your booty. For 10 points each, demonstrate these dances:

A. Do the Frug!

answer: dance like the twist, but with one wagging index finger raised above the head

B. Do the Monkey!

answer: swing both arms up and down (first one, then the other), or mimic climbing a tree or rope

C. Do the Pogo!

answer: body stiffened, jump up and down like a pogo stick

7. The Internet community has spawned its own unique lingo. Identify the following bits of netspeak for 10 points each: A. To purposely post blatantly false information on a newsgroup (especially the Star Trek newsgroups) with the intention of inducing as many follow-ups as possible.

answer: _troll_

B. The sound of a clueless or abusive poster's username being added to a killfile.

answer: _plonk_

C. To fill someone with intense uneasiness; originally used on sadomasochistic newsgroups, but later given the connotation of having sex with a trephinated skull.

answer: _squick_

8. B-movie film time!

A. First, for 10 points, name the only film from 1980 in which Jamie Lee Curtis and Ari Lehman appear. If you need a hint: Camp Crystal Lake.

answer: _Friday the 13th_

B. Friday the 13th spawned 7 sequels. For 5 points each, give the subtitles of Friday the 13th Parts V through VIII.

answers: A _New Beginning_, _Jason Lives_, The _New Blood_, and _Jason Takes Manhattan_

9. 57 Channelers and nothing on. For 15 points each, name these spirits:

A. Subject of a bestselling 1956 book, housewife Virginia Tighe, while in a trance, claimed to be this 18th-century Scottish woman. Book sales dropped a bit when it was discovered that Miss Tighe as a child had a neighbor of the same name.

answer: Bridey _Murphy_

B. Washington state resident J. Z. Knight channels this 35,000-year-old warrior from Atlantis who claims to have conquered three-fourths of the known world. Serious devotees, including Linda Evans, pay up to a thousand dollars each for a weekend retreat.

answer: _Ramtha_

10. Didja know that Paul McCartney is dead? Consider these bits of evidence for 10 points each:

A. On the cover of this Beatles album, Paul's bass (black, of course) is laid on flowers atop a coffin.

answer: _Sgt. Pepper_'s Lonely Hearts Club Band

B. In the "Your Mother Should Know" sequence of this movie, Paul- or someone who LOOKS like Paul, anyway- wears a black carnation while all the other Beatles wear white ones.

answer: _Magical Mystery Tour_

C. At the end of this song, you can distinctly hear John say, "I buried Paul." (Lennon claimed that he actually said "cranberry sauce," but he was just part of the conspiracy.)

answer: _Strawberry Fields Forever_ (Actually, Paul isn't dead, but considering where his career has gone recently, he might as well be.)

11. How well do you know your X-files characters? Given an actor, give the common name for the character he plays and played, for 5 points each:

A. Nicolas Lea answer: Alex _Krychek_ or _Ratboy_

B. Steven Williams answer: _X_

C. Jerry Hardin answer: _Deep Throat_

D. John Neville answer: _Well-Manicured_ Man

E. William B. Davis answer: _Cancer_ Man or _Cigarette-Smoking_ Man

F. Last, give the character name for any one of the three editors of "The Lone Gunman." answer: _Frohike_, _Byers_, or _Langly_

12. The Mach-5 of Speed Racer had one of the handiest steering wheel control consoles ever created, with seven buttons marked A through G. For 5 points each, forgetting G, which controlled a robot, what functions did the buttons have? You'll have 15 seconds. You do not need to match letter and function.

[Moderator- accept anything that comes close to being semi-right.]

answers: A - releases powerful jacks that boost the car B - makes Mach-5 sprout special, gripped tires for traction C - releases powerful rotary saws from the front end of the car D - covers over the cockpit E - control for special illumination (bright lights) F - underwater control, with periscope

13. Identify the person, 30-20-10:

A. Elvis would warm up his voice singing this man's "Delilah" and would call radio stations requesting this man's "Green Green Grass of Home."

B. His resurgence began in 1987 with the single "A Boy from Nowhere" off the album Matador reaching #2 on the British charts. One year later he was collaborating with the Art of Noise.

C. His breakthrough song, "It's Not Unusual," was released in 1964 and is sung in "Mars Attacks!"

answer: Tom _Jones_ (aka Thomas Jones Woodward)

14. Three immortal police dramas (or were they comedies?) premiered during the 1968 season. For 10 points each, name: A. the one starring Jack Lord, James McArthur, and a man named Zulu.

answer: _Hawaii Five-O_

B. the one named for a police car starring Martin Milner and Kent McCord.

answer: _Adam 12_

C. the one with fashion and attitude starring Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III, and Peggy Lipton.

answer: The _Mod Squad_

15. Identify the creators of these classic 1970's songs oft-seen advertised on late night TV, for 5 points each:

A. Disco Inferno answer: The _Trammps_

B. I Will Survive answer: Gloria _Gaynor_

C. The Hustle answer: Van _McCoy_

D. Afternoon Delight answer: _Starland Vocal Band_

E. Seasons in the Sun answer: Terry _Jacks_

F. Alone Again (Naturally) answer: Gilbert _O'Sullivan_

16. For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, arrange the following serial killers in order from least to most murders (or claimed murders): Jeffrey Dahmer, Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, David Berkowitz.

answer: David _Berkowitz_ (6), Jeffrey _Dahmer_ (17), Ted _Bundy_ (22), John Wayne _Gacy_ (33), Henry Lee _Lucas_ (200+)

17. Answer these questions about games and toys from my youth, for 10 points each:

A. In this game, the server drops the ball and hits it underhanded in a specified direction. If it hits a line, the server is out. After a bounce, the receiver can hit the ball to any player.

answer: _four square_

B. This rubber doll's claim to fame was its ability to be stretched considerably without breaking.

answer: _Stretch Armstrong_

C. What score do you need to achieve in the upper level in Yahtzee! to receive a 35 point bonus?

answer: _63_

18. In 1987, the state treasurer of Pennsylvania called a press conference before he was to be sentenced for fraud. After reading a rambling statement, he pulled out a gun, stuck it in his mouth and shot himself as the cameras rolled.

A. First, for 10 points, name him.

answer: R. Budd _Dwyer_

B. The Dwyer footage, now a classic in the underground video circuit, inspired a hit 1995 song which many people incorrectly assumed to be about Kurt Cobain. For 10 points each, name the band and the song, found on the album Short Bus.

answers: _Filter_ and _Hey Man Nice Shot_

19. Identify this drug on a 30-20-10 basis: A. Also known as Flunitrazepam, it is an effective sleeping pill available in 1 and 2 mg tablets. The effect is long-lasting: 16 hours or more. It belongs to the family of benzodiazepines with Valium, Librium, and Xanax. B. Called the "Quaalude of the '90s," it is marketed by Roche Pharmaceu- ticals in Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia, but is not marketed in the U.S. C. Smuggled into the U.S., the main use for these tablets, aka "roofies," is to commit date rape, ergo its identification as the "date rape drug."

answer: _Rohypnol_ (prompt for more information on "date rape drug")

20. For 10 points each, name the science fiction author who created the following planets:

A. Pern

answer: Anne _McAffrey_

B. Trantor

answer: Isaac _Asimov_ (from "Foundation")

C. Tralfamadore

answer: Kurt _Vonnegut_ (from "Slaughterhouse-Five")

21. Identify the root causes of these fashion crazes on a 10-5 basis:

A. 10: they caused a craze for tartan in 1975.

5: they were a Scottish rock band.

answer: The _Bay City Rollers_

B. 10: it caused a craze for muffs, fur hats, tunics, and calf-length, belted coats in 1965 and 1966.

5: it was a 1965 movie based on a Russian novel.

answer: _Dr. Zhivago_

C. 10: he caused a craze for collarless single-breasted jackets starting in 1967.

5: he was an Indian prime minister.

answer: Jawaharlal _Nehru_

22. Fraud knows no boundaries. For the stated number of points, answer the following about foreign fraud. A. For 5 points, throughout February, President Sali Berisha has had to handle the aftermath of a rash of pyramid schemes which hit this European country.

answer: _Albania_

B. For 10 points, a recent scam involved the downloading of Windows '95 software, which re-programmed the modem to make calls to an Internet service provider in this Eastern European country.

answer: _Moldova_

C. For 15 points, a recent scam involved sending e-mail about accounts past due, and asking the person to call a phone number with what Caribbean area code?

answer: _809_

23. Scientists are usually a pretty even-headed lot but- for 10 points each- name these scientists who deviated a bit from the norm:

A. Because of his Communist sympathies, this English geneticist's defense of Lysenkoism brought a new connotation to his oft-repeated maxim from his book "Possible Worlds", "The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."

answer: John Burdon Sanderson _Haldane_

B. Shortly before his death in 1994, this physicist who helped developed quantum electrodynamics became a vocal proponent of cold fusion.

answer: Julian _Schwinger_

C. This Nobel-winning condensed matter physicist runs the Mind-Matter Unification Project from his tenured position at Cambridge University.

answer: Brian _Josephson_

24. Identify the following about nasty epidemics, for 15 points each:

A. In 1722, 20,000 people died in Russia after eating this fungus which causes convulsions, delusions, burning feelings, and dry gangrene of the extremities, kinda like extreme LSD poisoning.

answer: _ergot_

B. In the 15th and 16th centuries, this epidemic occured in Italy. Linked to hydrophobia, it featured manic dancing and spinning, alternating bouts of laughter and weeping, coma, and death, and it got its name from the furry spider whose bite was reputed to cause the illness.

answer: _tarantism_

25. Urban legends abound about Disney! Answer these questions about the Disney empire for 10 points each: A. This attraction indeed does have a small half-court basketball hoop near its top.

answer: The _Matterhorn_

B. This character did not actually say, "good teenagers, take off your clothes."

answer: _Aladdin_

C. It's true that this science fiction author was fired on his first day as a writer for Disney Studios for jokingly saying that a "porn Disney flick" be made.

answer: Harlan _Ellison_

26. Porn movie titles are often take-offs of popular mainstream titles. Out of the following list of eight porn titles, identify the four real titles for 5 points each, with an extra 10 points and the shame of your dead relatives if you get them all. The titles are: Cum and Cummer, The Joy Fuk Club, Twat's Up Pussycat?, Night of the Giving Head, Edward Penishands, Ferris Boner's Day Off, Anus the Menace, and Holeminer's Daughter.

answers: The Joy _Fuk_ Club, Night of the _Giving Head_, Edward _Penishands_, and _Anus_ the Menace