Round for UnaBuzzer Open by Haggai, A Guy, and Two Guys (Elitzur, Branum, Gan, and Huang) (c) March 4, 1997


1) This "Amazing" man devoted his life to debunking and exposing so-called psychics and other new-age shysters. He has even offered 10,000 dollars for hard proof of paranormal abilities. FTP, name this magician turned foremost skeptic.

Answer: The Amazing James RANDI

2) The Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent #5,580,590 to Scott Hartman for making a type of this substance that dissolves if swallowed, becomes brittle if spit out, and degrades upon exposure. No one knows whether it can be mixed with flavors yet, though. FTP, name this food of which Hartman and the William Wrigley Jr. Company have a variation that won't stick tangle your hair or stick to your shoe.

Answer: Chewing gum

3) This NHL legend was recently passed by Dino Cicarelli on the career goal-scoring list, but that certainly doesn't diminish his achievments, which include the Calder Trophy for Rookie of the Year in 1978 and the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP in 1982. FTP, name this great New York Islanders forward, who is considered by some to be the best pure goal scorer in NHL history.

Answer: Mike BOSSY

4) Hold Block, Up Up. Your opponent's flesh is burned off, leaving only the skeleton. Back back, forward forward, block. His head is blown up by a tremendous surge of electrical energy. Forward, Down, Forward. His head is ripped from his body with the spine still attached. All of these are joystick and button combinations for Fatalities. FTP, name this infamous video game which included characters such as Goro, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and Sonya.

Answer: Mortal Kombat (2, 3 and Ultimate are acceptable)

5) Frustrated by her inability to 'hear bells' in orgasm during her many sexual encounters, a young woman consults a doctor who diagnoses her problem as having her clitoris in her throat. He advises her to seek satisfaction through fellatio, and she loses not time in trying as many male members as she can put her mouth around. FTP, name this movie which grossed over $25 million, was banned in 23 states, and saw Harry Reems become the only actor ever to be federally prosecuted for his role in a movie.

Answer: Deep Throat

6) It doesn't suck; well, at least not Nomi's "Versase" dress, and the nails she does herself. Nomi does suck on her first night in the show "Goddess" at the Stardust Hotel, but soon she is understudying Gina Gershon's character in this high profile, low class "All About Eve" ripoff. FTP, name this movie starring Elizabeth Berkeley as Nomi.

Answer: Showgirls

7) As a verb, it means to squeeze, pinch, eke out; to fuss around, or to be innefectual; to fret, complain, or gripe. As a reflexive verb, it means to exert of push one's self. As a noun, it means a person who complains or gripes, or one who works slowly, or a "wet blanket" who spoils everyone else's fun. FTP, name this Yiddish term, which is usually reserved for someone who complains frequently.

Answer: Kvetch

8) This character was originally envisioned by screenwriter David S. Ward as a "fat, disgusting slob." Considering that Paul Newman ended up playing the role, this description didn't exactly fit the character as he appeared on screen. FTP, name this movie character, the slovenly con man who comes out of retirement to mastermind the greatest plot of his career in "The Sting."

Answer: Henry GONDORFF

9) This all-purpose food spread is used around the world, but strangely enough, it has a poor market in the US, maybe because a bread spread made out of yeast is well, less than mouth-watering for most Americans.

Answer: Vegemite or Marmite

10) Faded TV stars on Broadway, what else is new? Marsha, Brooke, and Rosie have done "Grease," and Whoopi's in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," but the best play of '96, "Master Class," recently replaced Tony Award winning Patti Lupone with Dixie Carter from "Designing Women." Ms. Lupone, in addition to starring in such Broadway favorites as "Evita" and "Sunset Boulevard," also has a long-running TV show to her credit. FTP, name the heart-warming drama about the struggles of a young Down's syndrome victim starred the stunningly overqualified Lupone and the dubiously talented Kelly Martin.

Answer: Life Goes On

11) This movie, a variation on the old storyline of boy meets girl, puts a new twist on the whole genre. This tragic love story consists of boy-meets-girl, boy meets corpse, boy brings corpse to meet girl, boy and girl have threesome with corpse, girl kills boy and runs off with corpse. FTP, name this film, directed by Jorg Buttregeit.

Answer: Nekromantik

12) Teela, even though under of the guardianship of Man-at-Arms, was really the daughter of the Sorceress. FTP, name this cartoon, which starred characters such as Cringer, Orko, and Skeletor.

Answer: HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe

13) Victorian is the posh one; Geri, the fiery redhead; Emma, the bubbly innocent; Mel B. the loudmouth, and Mel C., the athletic one. This all-singing, all-dancing group hopes to make it last forever, because true love never ends. FTP, name this all-girl band who've hit the airwaves with their pop tune, "Wannabe."

Answer: The Spice Girls

14) While in high school, he drew a cartoon for the student newspaper that featured the school's cheerleaders on the marquee of a freak museum. "Teachers banned the newspaper from their classrooms," he said. "I was worried the cheerleaders were going to beat me up." But he didn't get beat up, and instead went on to become an political cartoonist, who since 1989, has worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. FTP, name this political cartoonist whose work appears in a hundred papers every day.

Answer: Mike LUCKOVICH

15) Born with the last name Epstein in Paris, she was soon followed by a sister, Mishi. Her father, a career navy man, then moved the family to Maryland, where she and Mishi put on shows for local children and were soon in singing competitions and beauty pageants. After serving her idol, Anita Bryant, for a few years as a house servant, the homsexual hating Orange juice spokesperson got her a full scholarship to Oral Roberts. Celebrity-making gigs like "la-la" girl on Name That Tune and "Special Correspondent" for Good Morning America soon followed. For ten points, name the talk show host who met her husband, Frank, while guest-hosting Good Morning America.

Answer: Kathie Lee GIFFORD

16) Born Howard Allen O'Brien, this author grew up in the Irish Channel of New Orleans, loved its sensuous and sinister streets, and the madness of Mardi Gras as it paraded across the town. It is New Orleans which is the setting of her most famous novel, which was adapted to the big screen in late 1994. FTP, name the author of "The Vampire Chronicles", including "The Vampire Lestate" and "Interview With the Vampire".

Answer: Anne RICE

17) During his playing career, this international soccer legend once played with his arm in a sling because his team had already used up their allotted substitutions. He was the biggest star on West Germany's World Cup championship team in 1974, and he helped the New York Cosmos achieve dominant status in the North American Soccer League in the late '70s. FTP, name this man, nicknamed "The Kaiser", who in 1990 became the first man to coach the same team that he played for to a World Cup title.


18) As a child he was enthralled by American movies, and took his stage name from a movie which starred Humphrey Bogart. Ironically, he played the role once intended for Bogart in John Huston's "The Man Who Would Be King". FTP, name this actor, soon to be seen in "Blood and Wine, who won an Academy Award for his role in "Hannah and Her Sisters".

Answer: Michael CAINE

19) If you've got a heart, then _he_ is a part of you. FTP, name the lovable and bendable stop-action animated character whose enemies were the Blockheads and whose constant companion was the orange horse Pokey.

Answer: Gumby

20) Pencil and paper might be necessary, since it's time for a Liz Taylor's Husbands math question. Number the husbands from one to eight chronologically. Now multiply Eddie Fisher by the second marriage to Richard Burton, and divide the result by Larry Fortensky. FTP, give the name of the resulting husband, who produced "Around the World in 80 Days."

Answer: Mike TODD

21) Orignally called the "Stiff Kittens", this band took its name from a comfort zone for Nazi officers during WWII. After the death of its lead singer, it changed its name yet another time. FTP, name this band, famous for songs like "Atmosphere" "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Dead Souls", which was covered by Trent Reznor for the movie "The Crow".

Answer: Joy Division

22) Founded in 1744 by Samuel Baker, the highlight of its early years was the acquisition and auctioning of Napoleon's library in 1823. With a Frans Hals sale in 1913, it switched from books to dealing in art. FTP, name this art-house whose sales have included Van Gogh's "Irises" and Andy Warhol's estate.

Answer: Sotheby's

23) To Martha Stewart, Crafts are "Good Things," frosting is a "Vanilla Buttercream," carrots, celery and onions are a "mirepoix," and no one knows quite what "ganache" is.



1) Nope, this isn't a Star Trek question, but close...sort of. FTP each, name the British Sci-Fi TV series.

(a) A Gallifreyan Time Lord roams around space and time in a blue police box, battling evil aliens such as Daleks, mobile trashcans which shout out "Exterminate! Exterminate!" a lot.

Answer: Doctor Who

(b) Dave Lister, the last human in the universe, Arnold J. Rimmer a hologram, Cat a Homo Felinus, Kryten the android, and Holly the Computer all form the motley crew of the spaceship for which this series is named after.

Answer: Red Dwarf

(c) Its main characters were Avon, Vila, Tarrant, Travis, and Servalan. Name this show, famous for its dark take on sci-fi as well as for its low-budget star ship battles. The title number didn't prove so lucky for the protagonists in the last show of the series.

Answer: Blake's 7

2) Given a line from a memorable movie of the last ten years or so, name the movie for five and the actor who spoke those lines for an extra five each.

(a) "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Answer: Mandy PATINKIN in "The Princess Bride"

(b) "Now I know I'm pretty, but I ain't as pretty as a pair of titties."

Answer: Gary OLDMAN in "True Romance"

(c) "Boy, you don't know nothing. Mighty Mouse is a cartoon. Superman's a real guy. There's no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy."

Answer: Corey FELDMAN in "Stand By Me"

3) Given the lead singer, name the band for 5 points each, with a 5 point bonus for all five.

(a) Gwen Stefani Answer: No Doubt

(b) Hope Sandoval Answer: Mazzy Star

(c) Shirley Manson Answer: Garbage

(d) Micki Berenyi Answer: Lush

(e) Margo Timmins Answer: Cowboy Junkies

4) Place the following Grammy Award-winning albums in chronlogical order for five points each: Tapestry, Judy at Carnegie Hall, The Joshua Tree, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rumours, Faith.

Answer: Judy (1961), Sgt. Pepper's (1967), Tapestry (1971), Rumours (1977), Joshua Tree (1987), Faith (1988)

5) For ten points each, name the three men who won gold medals with the U.S. Olympic basketball team both as college players in 1984 and as members of the Dream Team in 1992.

Ans: Michael JORDAN, Patrick EWING, Chris MULLIN

6) The Newberry Award is given to the best children's novel of the year. I'll give you the award-winning story, and you name the author FTP each.

(a) Bridge to Terabithia Answer: Katherine PATERSON

(b) Number the Stars Answer:Lois LOWRY

(c) Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Answer:Mildred TAYLOR

7) For five points each, name six members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Answer: Any six of: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Boromir, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf

8) Ever wanted to know what kind of films are in the horror video store section? Name the sick and disturbing film FTP each given a brief description.

(a) Directed by David Cronenberg, this film's monster was a combination of a parasite and a venereal disease which caused its hapless victims to develop an insatiable sex drive. The most disturbing scene in the film depicted a little girl making advances towards and old man. Shivers

(b) This film's protagonist is raped by 3 men, one of which is the retarded delivery boy. Left for dead, she wreaks a certain kind of revenge on her assaulters which would make Lorena Bobbitt proud. FTP, name this film, directed by Meir Zarchi. I Spit on Your Grave

(c) The charismatic serial killer followed by a film crew taping his exploits has memorable scenes in which the serial killer recounts how much ballast it takes to weigh down a corpse, as well as one where he and as his cohorts take out a rival serial killer and his video camera crew. FTP, name this Belgian film.

Answer: Man Bites Dog

9) They're more than meets the eye! Given the name of a Transformer, tell me FFP each, Autobot or Decepticon?

(a) Grimlock AUTOBOT

(b) Starscream DECEPTICON

(c) Megatron DECEPTICON

(d) Omega Supreme AUTOBOT

(e) Soundwave DECEPTICON

(f) Bumblebee AUTOBOT

10) Given a list of famous characters played by the same actor or actress, you'll get ten points if you can name the person from the characters he or she played, or five points if you need the corresponding movie titles.

10) Commander Shears, Pike Bishop, Max Schumacher

5) The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Wild Bunch, Network

Ans: William HOLDEN

10) Elaine Robinson, Etta Place

5) The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Ans: Katharine ROSS

10) Bud Baxter, Joe Clay, Harry Stoner

5) The Apartment, Days of Wine and Roses, Save the Tiger

Ans: Jack LEMMON

11) In rock music, sometimes even the most popular bands have to wait a while for one of their albums to chart at #1. FTP each, name the first album by the following bands to reach that exalted position.

(a) R.E.M Answer: Out of Time

(b) The Cure Answer: Wish

(c) Aerosmith Answer: Get A Grip

12) Answer these questions about great runners for ten points each.

(a) His record of nine gold medals in track and field remains unbroken to this day. All told, this "Flying Finn" set 20 world records at distance between 1500 and 20,000 meters.

Answer: Paavo NURMI

(b) He set 18 world records throughout his career, which reached its peak at the 1952 Olympics where he won the 5000 meters, 10,000 meters, and the marathon, the only runner ever to do so.

Answer: Emil ZAPOTEK

(c) He still holds the world record in the 800 meters, an event in which he finished second at two Olympics. But this current member of Parliament is better known for winning the 1500 meters twice, in 1980 and 1984.

Answer: Sebastian COE

13) Anyone who's seen a James Bond movie knows that there's almost always a female character with a blatantly sexual name thrown in for good measure. For five points each, name these smarmy seductresses from the given clues.

a) This aggressive stunt pilot disdains Bond at first, but she eventually relents and helps him to defeat her evil boss, Auric Goldfinger.


b) This character, played by Natalie Wood's younger sister, Lana, appears briefly at a hotel/casino in "Diamonds Are Forever." Bond's reaction to hearing her full name is, "Named after your father, I suppose."


c) A very briefly-appearing character in "The Man With the Golden Gun," this Oriental concubine encounters Bond at the headquarters of the Hong Kong gangster Hi Fat. Bond's eyebrow-raised double take upon hearing her name is particularly memorable.


d) Barbara Bach's character in "The Spy Who Loved Me" is named Anya Amasova, but she goes by this more explicit code name when dealing with her bosses at the KGB.

Ans: Agent TRIPLE X

e) This leading lady of "Moonraker" was played by Lois Chiles, who somewhat made up for her dreadful acting with her stunning good looks.

Ans: Dr. Holly GOODHEAD

f) Bond encounters this attractive lady only once in "A View to a Kill" when she introduces herself at Max Zorin's manor. Her name is definitely more subtle than the ones you've just heard, but it's still pretty cheeky.


14) Now it's time to play name that Serial Killer! Given the real name of the serial killer, give his nickname FTP each.

(a) Richard Ramirez Answer: The NIGHT STALKER

(b) David Berkowitz Answer: The SON OF SAM

(c) Judias Buenoano Answer: The BLACK WIDOW

15) Sweetie, Darling, answer the following questions about "Absolutely Fabulous" for five each and a five point bonus for all correct:

(a) On what British sketch comedy show did Ab Fab get its start?

Answer: French and Saunders

(b) What did Patsy's mother say after having each of her children?

Answer: "Take it away, and bring me another lover."

(c) In her words, what went wrong with Patsy's sex change operation?

Answer: "It fell off."

(d) What Merchant-Ivory regular played Saffron in the dream sequence in the episode "Hospital"?

Answer: Helena BONHAM-CARTER

(e) What feminist author played Gran in the same dream sequence?

Answer: Germaine GREER

16) For ten points each, given a position on a football team, name the first player to won a Super Bowl MVP award for their outstanding play at that position.

a) Running back Answer: Larry CSONKA (Super Bowl VIII)

b) Wide receiver Answer: Lynn SWANN (Super Bowl X)

c) Kick returner Answer: Desmond HOWARD (Super Bowl XXXI)

17) Time for a porn movie bonus. Given a list of porn stars, name the one which is NOT real, FTP each.

(a) Asia Carrera, Ginger Candi, Chasey Lain

Answer: Ginger Candi

(b) Long Dong Silver, Peter North, Andrew Vantage

Answer: Andrew Vantage

(c) Cherylin Monroe, Sunset Thomas, Tammi Ann

Answer: Cherylin Monroe

18) Time to remember that great David Hasselhof show of the 1980's, Knight Rider.

(a) Michael Knight would have just been some schmo without his faithful talking car, KITT. But for ten points, what did KITT stand for?

Answer: Knight Industries Two Thousand

(b) For five pts., on what aerodynamic make and model was KITT based?

Answer: Pontiac Trans Am

(c) FFP, Michael and KITT worked for what quasi-official benevolent organization?

Answer: The Foundation for Law and Government, or FFLAG

(d) In two episodes, Michael and KITT faced their archrivals, the son of FFLAG founder Winston Knight and his almost-invincible armored trailer. FFP each, name them.

Answer: Garth and Goliath

19) I'll name a year and for ten points, you name the Oscar winner for Best Actress. You'll get five points if you need the name of the movie.

10: 1962

5: The Miracle Worker

Answer: Anne BANCROFT

10: 1965

5: Darling

Answer: Julie CHRISTIE

10: 1977

5: Annie Hall

Answer: Diane KEATON

20) It's time to play name that cult leader! Given the cult, give the infamous leader FTP each. (a) Aum Supreme Truth Shoko ASAHARA

(b) The Guyana Colony Rev. Jim JONES

(c) The Family Charles MANSON

21) One rock band that just doesn't have enough questions written about it is Queen. FTP each, given some lines from a Queen song, you name the tune.

(a) "Well, I loved a million women in a belladonnic haze, And I had a million dinners brought to me on silver trays."

Answer: "Keep Yourself Alive"

(b) "I was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad, But I knew life before I left my nursery. Left alone with big fat fanny, she was such a naughty nanny. Heap big woman, you made a bad boy out of me!"

Answer: "Fat Bottomed Girls"

(c) "Adventure seeker, on empty streets, Just an alley creeper, light on his feet. Young fighter screaming, but no time for doubt, With the pain and anger, can't see a way out."

Answer: "I Want It All"

22) For five points each, give the FULL name of the "Simpsons" character from the description:

(a) You might know him from such films as "The Verdict was Mail Fraud" and "Planet of the Apes: The Musical," or from the scandals surrounding his unnatural affection for fish.


(b) He's the lawyer who forgot to wear pants while defending Marge against shoplifting charges.


(c) The Hindu from whose store Marge "stole" the bottle of Bourbon whiskey.


(d) The TV personality whose hatred of Bart was so severe that he got a tattoo on his chest which he said was German for "The Bart, The"

Answer: Sideshow BOB TERWILLIGER

(e) Now, for ten points, name the woman who chose a life of celibacy after all these men either proposed to her or married her.