Vanderbilt�s Trash Packet

Team Name = Chemical Elephants


1) She got overlooked for the part of Mary in the school Christmas pageant, won the city-wide essay contenst with a D minus, and her desk snored without her in it. FTP, identify the more common name of Patricia Reichart, the spunky tomboy of Charles Schulz�s Peanuts.

Answer: _Peppermint Patty_


2) "Success. What does it mean to the average rock star? Lavish homes, fast cars, beautiful women, expensive drugs -- success affords them the ability to live fast, die young, and stay pretty, to cop a phrase from Debby Harry." This phrase in turn is used to describe, FTP, which band, found on the inside

of their 1991 greatest hits release, Decade of Decadence?

Answer: _Motley Crue_


3) On July 30, 1994, the largest one of these ever to take place occurred in Lebanon, TN, where 2,578 people donned Stetson hats and cowboy boots and started gyrating to Brooks and Dunn�s "Boot Scootin� Boogie." FTP, identify this type of dance, first made famous with the Electric Slide

Answer: _Line Dancing_ (accept _Line Dance_ or _Country Line Dance_)


4) FAQTP, do a one-man Chinese Fire Drill.

Answer: _player will get up run-around for a second, and then sit back down_


5) The receptionist asks him if he�d like to go upstairs. He can�t say the letter B -- er, I mean C -- due to a trauma he suffered as a schoolboy. Eventually he goes on a tirade about fat German businessmen, adenoidal typists from Birmingham, and Watney�s Red Barrl, until the cops come and drag him away.

FTP, identify this character portrayed by Eric Idle in the infamous Travel Agent sketch from Monty Python�s Flying Circus, whose name implies he ought to cut down a little.

Answer: _Mr. Smoketoomuch_


6) He was born in Alton, IL on February 22, 1918, and was a perfectly normal child until a hernia operation at age 2. He suffered throughout most of his 22 year life because of his abnormality, ultimately dying from a septic blister due to a brace in his size 37AA shoe. FTP, identify this man who died at the astonishing height of 8 feet 11.1 inches, the tallest human ever on record.

Answer: Robert _Wadlow_


7) Ben Brush in 1896, Lieutenant Gibson in 1900, George Smith in 1916, Omar Khyyam in 1917, Paul Jones in 1920, Clyde Van Dusen in 1929, and Tomy Lee in 1959. They may sound like the trainers, but these were actually the names of the horses that won, FTP, which historical race, first one by Aristides in 1875 and most recently by Grindstone?

Answer: _Kentucky Derby_


8) Some people prefer a kneeling position. Others prefer to lie on the right side, with the legs doubled up toward the chest. Sometimes it may be necessary to start with one quart and work up to two. It is helpful to add a teaspoon of honey to the water, which is contained in a bag suspended at least three feet above the patient. FTP, name this cleansing medical procedure, after which it is best to stay close to the bathroom.

Answer: _enema_


9) This is the only grand slam tennis tournament that Arthur Ashe, John Mcenroe, or Jimmy Connors never won. It wasn�t won by an American between Tony Trabert in 1955 and 1989. For ten points, name this Grand Slam event, the only one played on clay.

Answer: The _French Open_


10) She is the youngest person ever listed in Who's Who in America. By the time she was 10 in 1939, she was a multi-million dollar a year industry, parlaying her fame into selling numerous items like clothing, tableware and dolls. FTP, who is this child star, best known for her 33 golden spiral curls.

Answer: Shirley _Temple_ (Black)


11) Based on a novel by Pierre Boulle, this British film won six academy awards, and Sessue Hayakawa received another nomination for best supporting actor. For ten points, name this WWII epic,

directed by David Lean and starring Alec Guinness.

Answer: The _Bridge on the River Kwai_


12) This television show appeared in 16 different time slots during it's 1975-1985 run on CBS. This sitcom was set in a luxury high-rise apartment on Manhattan's East Side and dealt with the lives of 2 families that survived the racial turmoil of the 60's and prospered. FTP, what is this sitcom, which dealt with the lives of the interracial couple Tom and Helen and their African-American neighbors George and Louise.

Answer: The _Jeffersons_


13) It got its name from a West African word for a house of ill repute. In the American South this word was used to describe a less than high class dance hall. FTP, what is this device, which first became popular in said dance halls, which would play one of a number of records for a nickel.

Answer: _Jukebox_


14) He was a good friend of Winona Rider's parents, who named him as her godfather. A former Harvard Professor of Psychology, he was also a leading proponent of virtual reality during his later life. FTP, who is this recently deceased scientist and counter culture leader, best known for his advocacy of LSD.

Answer: Dr. Timothy _Leary_


15. He escaped from a Czech prison with a rubber glove, a dinner cart and an aspirin. He prevented a ski lift car from plummeting 150 feet with a lighter, a copper pipe and a backpack. FTP, who was this man, an agent for the Phoenix Foundation, the title character of a tv show starring Richard Dean Anderson.

Answer: Angus _MacGyver_


16) This woman was #400 this year on the Forbes 400 list. Surprising for a woman who dropped out of Tennessee State University and became Miss Black Tennessee in 1973. She got her start on tv as a newscaster in Nashville, and later moved to Chicago to start a talk show. FTP, who is this woman, head of Harpo Studios.

Answer: Oprah _Winfrey_


17) The Brooklyn Dodgers faced the New York Yankees seven times in World Series play between 1941 and 1956. One man, played in all 44 games. This Kentuckian may be better remembered for smoothing the racial tensions in the Dodger dugout, and supporting Jackie Robinson. FTP, name this long time Dodger Captain, and Hall of Fame shortstop.

Answer: Harold "Pee Wee" _Reese_


18) This anatomical abnormality occurs when an infant is born with a malformed or unformed peritenium. This allows the intestines to hyrniate at the spot of the necrotic umbilical cord. FTP, what is this navel phenomenon.

"Outie" belly button


19) This director�s films include "The Set Up" and "Odds Against Tomorrow." He also edited some of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musicals, and he received an Oscar nomination for his editing work on _Citizen Kane_. For ten points, name this co - director of "West Side Story" and director of "The Sound of Music."

Answer: Robert _Wise_


20) He recently filmed his television show at the Beverly Hills, MI home of tv star Tim Allen to look at the addition Allen is adding to his house. This is an act of reciprocation, since he has appeared on some episodes of Allen's Home Improvement. FTP, who is this man, currently the host of A&E's Home Again, who first gained fame as the host of PBS's This Old House.

Bob _Vila_


21) "Pack it up. Pack it in. Let me begin". Biscuit this tossup-that�s a sin. The video features a St. Patrick�s Day Parade and a Bar, but no African Americans. FTP, identify this rap hit by "House of Pain".

Answer: _Jump Around_



Bonuses by Vanderbilt Chemical Elephants


1. Identify the films from quotes FTP each:

A. "You know what one of those things can do? Suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro!"

Answer: _Spies Like Us_

B. "Great. I�ve got a trigonometry midterm tomorrow and I�m being chased by Guido the killer pimp!"

Answer: _Risky Business_

C. "I thought you said your dog does not bite."

"That is not my dog."

Answer: The _Pink Panther Strikes Again_


2. Identify the following stand-up comics from their albums FTP each.

A) 200 MPH, Wonderfulness

Answer: Bill _Cosby_

B) The Devil Made me Buy This Dress

Answer: Flip _Wilson_

C) Class Clown, A Place for my Stuff

Answer: George _Carlin_


3. FFP each and a bonus five for all five, identify the LOSERS in the following NCAA Men�s basketball championship games given the year:

A) 1989 _Seton Hall_ Pirates

B) 1987 _Syracuse_ Orangemen

C) 1985 _Georgetown_ Hoyas

D) 1978 _Duke_ Blue Devils

E) 1975 _Kentucky_ Wildcats


4. Given a character from the "Letter People" give the two word phrase associated with their sound, for seven points each.

A) Mr. M

Answer: _Munching Mouth_

B) Mr. B

Answer: _Big Buttons_

C) Mr. S

Answer: _Super Socks_

D) Miss U

Answerr: _Uppsy-Daisy Umbrella_


5) Identify the poet from lines, 30-20-10-5. Yes, this is a trash question, don�t panic.

A) "Roses are red, violets are blue, that�s what they say but it just isn�t true!"

B) "I�m a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, and here�s a note from my shrink. He says I�m getting better. Last week I thought I was a toaster oven."

C) "Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he. He called for his pipe and he called for his bowl, and he called information for numbers he could have easily looked up in the phone book!"

Answer: _Dot_ Warner


6. The computer game Civilization II is a big hit following the even bigger success of its predecessor. Those lever people at Microprose changed some things in the new version. FTP, given the function of a Wonder of the World in Civ II, name it, for ten points each.

A) Counts as a Granary in every friendly city.

Answer: _Pyramids_

B) Counts as a Research lab in every friendly city.

Answer: _SETI Program_

C) Eliminates anarchy and allows selection of any government type.

Answer: _Statue of Liberty_


7. Given a position in baseball, tell who won the most gold gloves at that position, for ten points each:

A. Pitcher

Answer: Jim _Kaat_

B. First Base

Answer: Keith _Hernandez_

C. Second Base

Answer: Ryne _Sandberg_


8. Displaying an great lack of creativity by Television producers, most television shows are set in either New York and Los Angeles. However a few shows are not. F5PE, given a television show name the setting.

A) John Larroquette Show

Answer: _St. Louis_

B) Designing Women

Answer: _Atlanta_

C) One Day At A Time

Answer: _Indianapolis_

D) Golden Girls

Answer: _Miami_

E) Frasier

Answer: _Seattle_

F) Dynasty

Answer: _Denver_


9. Given a lyric from a classic 50's song, identify it FTPE.

A) Who was that man/I'd like to shake his hand.

Answer: _Who Put The Bop_ (In the Bop Shoo Bop Shoo Bop)

B) Day-o, Day-o/ Daylight come and me wanna go home.

Answer: The _Banana Boat Song_

C) Bring me a dream/ Make him the cutest that I've ever seen

Answer: _Mister Sandman_


10. Published in 1954, the Lord of the Rings trilogy has exerted a deep influence upon modern fantasy fiction. Given a quotation from the Lord of the Rings, identify the supernatural speaker FTP each.

A) "White cloth may be dyed. The white page can be overwritten; and the white light may be broken"

Answer: _Saruman_ (accept _Curunir_ or _Curumo__

B) "The darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell"

Answer: _Gandalf_ (Accept also _Mithrandir_ or _Olorin_)

C) "Old Fool! This is my hour. Do you not know death when you see it? Die now and curse in vain."

Answer: the _Witch-King_ (accept also _Lord of Nazgul_, _Morghul Lord_ or similar)


11. For the stated number of points each, name the all time winningest college coach in each of the following sports.

A-6) Division I football

Answer: Eddie _Robinson_

B-6) Division I Basketball

Answer: Adolph _Rupp_

C-18) Baseball

Answer: Cliff _Gustafson_


12. Name these fads from the 80's FTPE

A) These dolls, popular during the Christmas season in 1983, were shipped to stores in armored cars.

Answer: _Cabbage Patch Dolls_

B) This arcade character was based on a Japanese folk hero with a voracious appetite.

Answer: _Pac-Man_

C) This object could be aligned in 4.325 x 10 to the 19th different patterns.

Answer: _Rubik's Cube_


13. Answer the following questions about one of my favorite TV shows, Renegade, for the stated number of points.

A-5) Who plays Renegade?

Answer: Lorenzo _Lamas_

B-10) What is the title character�s full name on the show?

Answer: _Reno Raines_

C-15) What pseudonym does Reno always use when he�s chasing a bounty?

Answer: _Vincent Black_


14) It's time for a connections bonus. Answer the following connections FTPE.

A) A movie starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, remade starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, and the film which made Elsa Lanchester famous.

Answer: _Father of the Bride of Frankenstein_

B) A novel by Carson McCullers and the founder of Gonzo journalism

Answer: _The Heart is a Lonely Hunter S. Thompson_

C) A film starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn and a Patsy Cline song.

Answer: _Dead Man Walking After Midnight_


15. Given the three letter designations of an airport, name its major city FFP each.

A) SFO _San Francisco_

B) MDW _Chicago (Midway)_

C) SFD _Louisville_

D) PDX _Portland_

E) MSY _New Orleans_

F) BNA _Nashville_


16. FTPE, Given a phrase from old diner lingo, tell what it meant.

A) Adam and Eve on a raft

Answer: _Two poached eggs on toast_

B) On the hoof

Answer: _Rare beef_

C) Nervous pudding

Answer: _Jell-O_

17. Given the super bowl number, name the MVP of the game, for five points each.

A) Super Bowl I

Answer: Bart _Starr_

B) Super Bowl XXX

Answer: Larry _Brown_

C) Super Bowl XXI

Answer: Phil _Simms_

D) Super Bowl XV

Answer: Jim _Plunkett_

E) Super Bowl XX

Answer: Richard _Dent_

F) Super Bowl VII

Answer: Jake _Scott_


18) I�ll give you the name of a robot, and you tell me the T.V. show or movie in which they appeared, for ten points each.

A) Tweeky

Answer: _Buck Rodgers_

B) Lucifer

Answer: _Battlestar Galactica_

C) Dot Matrix

Answer: _Spaceballs_


19) What would a trash round be any more without a six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Each of the following actors or actresses has a Bacon number of 1, so FFP each and a bonus five for all five, identify the movie in which the starred with the center of the known universe:

A) John Lithgow

Answer: _Footlose_

B) Steve Guttenberg

Answer: _Diner_

C) Burt Reynolds

Answer: _Starting Over_

D) Bridget Fonda

Answer: _Balto_

E) John Malkovich

Answer: _Queen�s Logic_


20) From a description of a famous comedy team, name the both partners FTP per correct pair.

A) This duo started on SNL together, have starred together in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep.

Answer: David _Spade_ and Chris _Farley_

B) They were together from 1946-1956 and had an emotional reunion on Labor Day weekend 1976.

Answer: Dean _Martin_ and Jerry _Lewis_

C) This husband and wife duo worked together in vaudeville, radio and television for more than 40 years. In an unusual twist, he played the straight, and she was the archtypal "Dumb Dora"

Answer: George _Burns_ and Gracie _Allen_


21) You will hear a brief description of a well-known person, place or thing. Within the name of this object is the nickname of a U.S. military aircraft. FTP each, give the numerical designation of the aircraft whose nickname appears in the item described. For example, if I said "A popular Andrew Lloyd Weber musical originally starring Michael Crawford," you would say "F-4."

A) A popular novel by Daschel Hammett.

Answer: _F-16_ (Falcon, from "The Maltese Falcon")

B) A religion with its origins in Africa, popularized on the island of Haiti.

Answer: _F-101_ (Voodoo)

C) Another nickname of the comic character also known as the "Dark Knight"

Answer: _F-8_ (Crusader, from "The Caped Crusader")