Tossups by The Jeffrey Maiers


1) Her life was marred by tragedy, including the loss of her son Samuel to AIDS due to a tainted blood transfusion, and her husband Jerrold to cancer. After a long battle with breast cancer, she recently died at age 51, an event which drew no public comment from her famous protege. FTP, name this woman, played by Kathy Bates in an HBO movie, whose alleged attempt to bar guests from appearing on Arsenio Hall led her to be fired as executive producer of the _Tonight Show_.

Answer: Helen _Kushnick_


2) A 20-year old Canadian woman has complained that she suffered facial injuries and a chipped tooth when assaulted. Her assailant has been summoned to appear in Newfoundland provincial court to face charges, which could jeopardize her chances in Jamaica on Nov. 15 where she will compete in the Miss

World International pageant. FTP, name this not-so-congenial reigning Miss Canada.

Answer: Danielle _House_


3) A graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, where he was named 1991's All-Metro Player of the Year by the Baltimore Sun, he went on to star at Virginia Tech, as a star wide receiver . Drafted by the Green Bay Packers, he racked up five TD catches, including one on an underhanded pass from Brent Favre, in the first half of the season . FTP, name this player, sidelined for a month after breaking his arm in a Week 9 match against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Answer: Antonio _Freeman_


4) This Beverly Hills High graduate and married man told the National Enquirer, "I love Patty. But no one woman can ever own me," when asked about his public appearance with ex-fiancee Kristen Zang, while in Las Vegas for the filming of "Con Air". FTP, name this leading man, who starred opposite Laura Dern in Wild at Heart, and opposite Sarah Jessica Parker and Elisabeth Shue in two other films set in Las Vegas.

Answer: Nicholas _Cage_


5) When told that producers were changing the working title of her film from "Sydney" to "Hard Eight", this actress objected, claiming the new title made it sound like a porn flick. Named to People's 10 best dressed list, this blonde's unique look and style have been compared to Audrey Hepburn. Her co-stars have included Jeremy Northam, David Schwimmer, and Jon Bon Jovi. FTP, actress, star of "Seven", "The Pallbearer" and"Emma", Brad Pitt's main squeeze.

Answer: Gwyneth _Paltrow_


6) Rob Friedman of Warner Brothers calls "absolutely not true!," rumors that the studio is about to pull the plug on this new film with Dustin Hoffman, who's already been cast as the lead in the latest adaptation of a Michael Crichton novel. FTP, name this book, which has to do with the investigation of an alien ship found at the bottom of the ocean, and has apparently been there for thousands of years.

Answer: _Sphere_


7) This middle infielder may be the worst player ever to bat .340 in a season. Hitting for practically no power, he managed despite being a regular in his team's starting lineup to accumulate only eight walks

in the regular season. FTP, name this player often replaced in the late innings by gloveman Luis Sojo, the starting second baseman for the world champion Yankees.

Answer: Mariano _Duncan_


8) Two years after winning her first talent show in Flowood, Missisippi, she won consecutive victories on tar Search with Marty Robbins' "Don't Worry about Me, " and, by age 9, had written her own song and ecorded it on a regional label. After hearing her sing the national anthem at a Texas Rangers game, DJ Bill Mack asked her to record a song which he had written in 1963 but decided, after Patsy Cline's death, that no one else would be able to sing.. FTP, name this 14 year old, who hit both the country and pop charts with her debut single, "Blue."

Answer: Leann _Rimes_


9)Ancestor to Smud and Floam, you can buy it in containers called "splats", or make it at home with glue, water, and borax. Inspired by Double Dare, and introduced in 1992 by Mattel, it caught on with the Nickelodeon generation much as Slime and Silly Putty had done decades earlier. FTP, name this originally purple, malleable goop.

Answer: gak


10) At the Eurocard Open, this player brought Pete Sampras's 21-match winning streak to an end with a five-set win in the finals. The win gave him his 48th career title, of which 29 have been indoor championships. He got famous by beating Kevin Curran in the finals of 1985's Wimbledon to become its lone unseeded champion. FTP, name this tennis player, nicknamed "Boom-Boom," of whom Sampras says, "He's to Germany what Michael Jordan is to the United States."

Answer: Boris _Becker_


11 ) In 2022, Manhattan alone has twenty million unemployed residents. Those lucky enough to have a job might be working as "human furniture" in the apartmentsof the wealthy. This is the premise of a film , based on a novel by Harry Harrison, which features the last screen appearance of Edward G. Robinson. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, fresh food is scarce, and the masses depend on a government-provided food source of mysterious origin. FTP, what film starring Charlton Heston is named for this foodstuff, which is " made out of people! It's people!"?

Answer: Soylent Green


12) This 32 year old announced a comeback last year, a mere nine years after he had first competed in the sport. His career best is 108 meters at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but he claims world records for jumping over cars (ten), buses (seven), and people (thirty-five). FTP, name this Calgary Olympian who spent four years racing downhill and slalom before becoming Britain's most famous ski jumper.

Answer: _Eddie "The Eagle"_ or Eddie _Edwards_


13) On the afternoon of April fourth, four students started down Highway 200 to Lincoln. En route, they spotted a white Bronco with an odd-looking passenger speeding toward Helena. On a hunch, the aspiring journalists followed it to the Federal building there, where they waited outside the men's room for the opportunity to snap the April 15 cover photo of Newsweek. FTP, what former Harvard professor and alleged Unabomber did they capture on film?

Answer: Ted _Kaczynski_ (do not accept Unabomber.)


14) During the 1995-96 season, this NBA player added nearly 12 points a game to his scoring average to lead the league in that category. He was Don McLean's chief teammate on the top-ranked UCLA team blown out by Indiana in the West Regional final his senior year, and spent last season as the Toronto

Raptors' three-point specialist. FTP, name this player expected to challenge Calbert Chaney for the 2 guard position on his new team, the Washington Bullets.

Answer: Tracy _Murray_


15) Paul Verhoeven's latest project is this 100 million dollar adaptation of a 1960 science fiction classic. In a future where humanity wages unending battle against arachnid aliens, young Johnny Rico, played by Neil Patrick Harris, enlists to become a citizen and win the love of his high school sweetheart. In the process, he just save humanity from the bug armies of the Klendathu. FTP, name this film based on a Heinlein classic.

Answer: Starship Troopers


16) "There is much that divides us, but the world breathes easier because we are talking here together," was one of the more controversial quotes in his 1988 bestseller, not because of its content, but because it had originally been attributed to the author's employer. FTP, name this man, who also said that his boss preferred the comics to newspapers and that briefing Ronald Reagan for a press conference was like "re-inventing the wheel, the author of _Speaking Out_.

Answer: Larry _Speakes_


17) Milk, Vow, My Lover's Box, Not my Idea, As Heaven is Wide. These songs are featured on the self-titled debut album of this band, whose drummer has produced albums for Soul Asylum, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana, and whose Scottish lead singer has modeled for Elle. FTP name this group fronted by Shirley Manson whose its include Queer, Only Happy When it Rains, and Stupid Girl.

Answer: Garbage


18) She recently made the cover of _Ms._ magazine, which praised her as a forceful role model for young women and suggested that she may be bisexual. Based on the various characters portrayed by Hong Kong film star Lin Ching Hsia, she has journeyed to the underworld , rescued Prometheus, given Helen a lesson on feminism, and made love to Hercules. FTP, name this character, whose best friend is Gabrielle and who is played, on a Sam Raimi-produced series, by Lucy Lawless.

Answer: _Xena_, Warrior Princess


19) In the course of his competency hearing, he claimed to be a Russian czar, the Dalai Lama, and Jesus Christ. Prosecutors insist that his insanity is a fraud, but a Delaware County, Pennsylvaniaa judge ordered him to undergo psychiatric treatment until he is fit to stand trial. FTP, name this 57 year old, heir to a multi-million dollar fortune, charged with the murder of former Olympic champion Dave Schultz in January.

Answer : John _du Pont_


20) Andrew Selvaggio was an executive chef at Chicago's elegant Pump Room before he was called on by his current employer to create a new menu item. Garnished with creamy dill remoulade, chopped onions, leaf lettuce, and "a little pepper as a surprise", it is served on a roll made mainly of potato flour. Selvaggio's creation sold 100 million in its first month despite suffering from one of the dumbest ad campaigns is recent memory. FTP, name this sandwich, part of McDonald's attempt to attract a more "grown-up" clientele.

Answer: _Arch Deluxe_


21) Suicides by asphyxiation in New York City quadrupled in the year after its publication. Authored by Derek Humphry, it discusses cyanide poisoning, hoarding sleeping pills, and "self-deliverance via the plastic bag." FTP, name this book for the terminally ill by the 1980 founder of the

Hemlock Society.

Answer: Final Exit


22) It grossed $35.1 million in 1982, finishing ninth in box office receipts for releases that year. Directed by John Huston, it was the second-highest grossing musical of the year (behind The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) and featured such songs as "Easy Street" and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." FTP, name the movie based on a Harold Gray comic strip, starring Carol Burnette, Bernedette Peters, Tim Curry and Aileen Quinn.

Answer: Annie


23) After her music career stalled as a result of legal battles with three record companies, she turned to choreography, creating dances for David Bowie, Tina Turner, and Bette Midler. Recently, she did the choreography for That Thing You Do, a movie about one0hit wonders. FTP, name the woman who danced with pom-poms in her own one-hit, "Mickey."

Answer: Toni _Basil_


24) He was born in in 1908 in Arkansas, and his dad started to teach him saxophone when he was seven. He learned quickly, eventually fronting his own band, the Tympany Five. Known for his shuffle beat, humor and showmanship, he scored his first hits with "Knock Me a Kiss" and "Buzz Me." FTP, name the man who recorded "Caldonia," "Let the Good Times Roll," and "Run Joe."

Answer: Louis Jordan


25) At issue was a $350,000 loan from real estate developer Barry Wolfson, which was not reported but lumped under "small contributions". After it was disclosed by the media, he announced that he would pay it back, but it was too late to stop the indictment of this man and his brother and campaign manager Willard, in January 1988. When his lieutenant governor, Rose Mofford, was elevated to acting governor, the state was further embarrassed by the fact that the state constitution required the governor to be male. FTP, name this former governor of Arizona.

Answer: Evan _Mecham_




1) Identify these characters from "It's a Wonderful Life", for the stated number of points:

A)5 points each for the first and last name of George Bailey's guardian angel.

Answer: _Clarence Oddbody_

B) 10 pts - the last name of George's Italian friend, the owner of his favorite bar.

Answer: _Martini_

C) 10 pts: Mary Bailey's ex-boyfriend, whose favorite expression is "Hee haw". The fortune that he made in plastics inspired the famous scene in "The Graduate".

Answer: _Sam Wainwright_


2) Identify these actors from their role In Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom for ten points, or from selected other roles for five.

A-10) Major Todd "Maniac" Marshall

A-5) Biff, Griff, and Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in the "Back to the Future" movies

Answer: Tom _Wilson_

B-10) Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn

B-5) Alex in "A Clockwork Orange"

Answer: Malcolm _McDowell_

C-10) Senator James "Paladin" Taggart

C-5) Professor Maximillian Arturo on "Sliders", and Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Answer: John _Rhys-Davies_


3) Given a description of a heartwarming musical benefit collaboration of the mid-1980's, name the recording and the group for five points each.

A) Bob Geldof formed the trust to channel contributions directly to famine relief without paying administrative costs, and wrote and recorded the song with assorted British artists.

Answer: _Band Aid_, _Do They Know It's Christmas?_

B) The much-parodied American benefit was co-produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, who allegedly took a sizeable cut from the proceeds.

Answer: _USA for Africa_, _We Are The World_

C) Not to be outdone, Canadian artists recorded their own benefit album, spearheaded by Bryan Adams.

Answer: _ Northern Lights_, _Tears Are Not Enough_


4) FTPE, identify these works by Doctor Suess.

A) Suess's first published work was this story in which a daydreaming boy embellishes his sightingof a horse and wagon on his walk home from school.

Answer: _And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street_

B) Peter T. Hooper gives his recipe for an exotic version of an ordinary breakfast dish.

Answer: _Scrambled Eggs Super_

C) The morbid fable about this big-hearted moose ends with his ungrateful guests being shot and stuffed.

Answer _Thidwick_


5) Only twice in NFL history has there been a matchup of teams featuring starting quarterbacks who were 38-years old or older.

A) For 5 points each, name the two QBs in the second matchup, which took place this past Monday night, and their respective teams.

Answers: Warren _Moon_; _Minnesota_ or _Vikings_; David _Krieg_; _Chicago_ or _Bears_

B) For 10 points each, name the two QBs in the first such matchup which occurred in 1993.

Phil _Simms_, Steve _DeBerg_


6)For five points each and five more for all correct, give the television show whose theme song includes the following lyrics:

A)He's terrific - he's magnific. He's the greatest secret agent in the world.

Answer: _Dangermouse_

B)As long as we've got each other

We've got the world spinning right in our hands.

Answer: _Growing Pains_

C) Kenny wasn't like the other kids.

TV mattered; nothing else did.

Answer: _Remote Control_

D) Whatever happened to predictability?

The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV.

Answer: _Full House_

E) A man is born, he's a man of means

Then along come two, who've got nothin' but their jeans.

Answer: _Diff'rent Strokes_


7) FTPE, name these films starring the inimitable Jodie Foster.

A) This 1980 film followed the exploits of four teenage girls, one a nymphomaniac, one a drug addict, one overweight, and one played by Jodie Foster.

Answer: _Foxes_

B) Based on a convoluted novel by John Irving, the plot of this 1984 movie involved rape, terrorism, teen suicide, and Nastassja Kinski as a woman who liked to dress up as a bear.

Answer: _Hotel New Hampshire_

C) This 1976 gangster spoof featured an all-child cast, including Scott Baio in the title role.

Answer: _Bugsy Malone_


8) Identify these science fiction writers from a pair of works, FFP each and five more for all correct

A) Earthsea and The Dispossessed

Answes: Ursula K. _LeGuin_

B) OtherSyde and The Coming of Shadows

Answer: Joseph M. _Straczynski_

C) Solaris and the Star Diaries

Answer: Stanislaw _Lem_

D) Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead

Answer: Orson Scott _Card_

E) Nightfall and Robots of Dawn

Answer: Isaac _Asimov_


9) Identify the following Maryland Terrapins of past and present for the stated number of points,

A) You lose 8 points if you can't name the player who died after being made the second pick in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics.

Answer: Len _Bias_

B) You get 12 points if you can name the forward who was Bias's frontcourt mate and with whom he constituted the Killer B's

Answer: Adrian _Branch_

C) You get 21 points if you can name the transfer center from the University of Minnesota who was the third starter with Bias and Branch.

Answer: Ben _Coleman_

D) You get 5 points if you can name the coach of this fine early 80's Terrapin frontcourt.

Answer:Lefty _Driesell_


10) Identify these characters from Dilbert for the stated number of points.

A-5) This evil human resources director is a nemesis to Dogbert.

Answer: Catbert

B-5) Remarkably enough, she has consented to be Dilbert's girlfriend.

Answer: Liz

C-10). When Dilbert proved it impossible for his race to be extinct, he appeared from behind the couch. Later, he acquired a mate Dawn and son Rex.

Answer: _Bob_ the dinosaur

D-10) Ruler of Heck, this Prince of Insufficient Light punishes office sins too minor for Hell.

Answer: Phil


11) Many magazines devote their final page to an opinion column by various writers. FTP, on the last page of what magazine would you find:

A-5) The Point After

Answer: _Sports Illustrated_

B-10) The Last Word

Answer: _Newsweek_

C-15) Shouts and Murmurs

Answer: The _New Yorker_


12) Name these classic extra-legal how-to guides for the stated number of points.

A-5) This book by Abbie Hoffman taught a generation how to live on the streets; lesson one was not to pay for books.

Answer: _Steal this Book_

B-10) This how-to guide for the modern day Bakunin , by William Powell, contains tips on the creation and use of illegal drugs, as well as dubious information on explosives and surveillance techniques.

Answer: _Anarchists' Cookbook_

C-15) This classic work on paramilitary mayhem, by Kurt Saxon, has information on homemade poisons, explosives and improvised firearms.

Answer: _The Poor Man's James Bond_


13) Answer these questions about Disney animation:

A-5each) In "The Rescuers", the voices of the sophisticated European Bianca and bumbling American Bernard were, appropriately provided by what pair of actors?

Answers: _Eva Gabor_ and Bob _Newhart_

B-10) Often cited as an example of how Disney went downhill in the 70s, this 101 Dalmations ripoff features kittens named Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie.

Answer: The _Aristocats_

C-10)This poorly received 1985 film, based on a Lloyd Alexander book about Taran and his prophetic pig, was the only Disney cartoon to receive a PG rating.

Answer: The _Black Cauldron_


14) Answer the following questions about Knight Rider for the stated number of points.

A-5) What is the name of Kitt's evil twin?

Answer: _KARR_

B-5) What was David Hasselhoff's character's name before he became

Michael Knight?

Answer: Michael _Long_

C-10) What distinguished gentleman played Devin, the bigwig of the Foundation for Law and Government?

Answer: Edward _Mulhare__

D-10) What brunette played Bonnie, the mechanic who worked on KITT?

Patricia _McPherson_


15) Given a current or one-time professional wrestling tag team, name its members for the stated number of points.

A-3each) the two Road Warriors.

Answer: _Hawk_ and _Animal_

B-5each) the two members of Strike Force

Answer: Tito _Santana_ and Rick _Martel_

C-7) the two members of The Killer Bees

Answer:B Brian _Blair_ and Jumping Jim _Brunzell_


16) Answer the following about the American Standard system of bidding in contract bridge FTPE

A) How many cards in a major suit (hearts or spades) are needed to open the bidding in that suit?

Answer: _Five_

B) What is the lowest possible single hand contract that can produce a game?

Answer: _Three No-Trump_

C)When a player holds an outstandingly strong hand, what is the conventional opening bid used to show such strength?

Answer:_Two clubs_


17) Given lines from a power ballad, identify the band that performed it and the song FFPE.

A) "Remember when we used to park,/Down Butler Street out in the dark.

Remember when we lost the keys,/And you lost more than that in my backseat"

Answer:_Never Say Goodbye_ by _Bon Jovi_

B) "Ooo, it must be magic how inside your eyes I see my destiny,/Every time we kiss I feel you breathe your love so deep inside of me./If the moon and stars should fall, they'd be easy to replace,/

I will lift you up to heaven and you would take their place."

Answer: _I Saw Red_ by _Warrant_

C) "I used to feel your fire, but now it's cold inside/ And you're back on the street like you didn't miss a beat."

Answer:_What it Takes_ by _Aerosmith_


18) Identify the following baseball record holders FTP each.

A) He holds the single-season record for wins by a pitcher with 60.

Answer: Old Hoss _Radbourne_

B) He holds the single-season record for strikeouts by a pitcher with 511.

Answer: Matt _Kilroy_

C) He holds the single-season record for batting average with a mark of .438.

Answer: Hugh _Duffy_


19) Name the actress from movies, 30-20-10.

A) Over Her Dead Body, Sweetheart's Dance

B) Indian Summer, Miracle on 34th Street

C) Big, He Said, She Said

Answer: Elizabeth Perkins


20) Given a cast list, name the movie FTPE.

A) Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Pena, Danny Aiello, Jason Alexander, MacCauley Culkin

A: _ Jacob's Ladder

B) Mia Farrow, Seth Greene, Julie Kavner, Josh Mostel, Michael Tucker, Dianne Wiest

Answer: Radio Days

C) Tom Hulce, Ray Liotta, Jamie Lee Curtis, Todd Graff, Robert Levine

A: Domincik and Eugene

21) Name the character from Doonesbury FTPE.

A) A Yale classmate of Garry Trudeau, this All -American made frequent cameos early in the strip's life.

Answer: Calvin _Hill_

B) Homeless husband of Alice, he is the bass player for the Dumpster Divers.

Answer: _Elmont_

C) His wife left him during the gulf war; he is now a police officer like B.D.

Answer: _Ray_ Hightower


22) Identify the composer of the following works, 30-20-10.

30) "Iphigenia in Brooklyn"

20) "Liebeslieder Polkas" and "March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites"

10) "Toot Suite", "Grand Serenade for an Awful lot of Winds and Percussion", and "Birthday Ode to Big Daddy Bach"

Answer: _P.D.Q. Bach_ or Peter _Schickele_



23) Given a Doctor Who companion, name the actor who played the Doctor at the time that companion left the show, for 5 points each.

A) Adric A: Peter _Davidson_

B) Zoe A: Patrick _Troughton_

C) Liz A: John _Pertwee_

D) Peri A: _Colin Baker_

E) Sarah Jane A: _Tom Baker_

F) Susan A: William _Hartnell_


24) Oh the good old days! For the stated number of points, answer these questions about scandals of the 1980s.

A) For 5, a young Georgia Congressman named Gingrich led the Republican attack on improprieties surrounding the publication of this Texan's _Reflections of a Public Man_, eventually leading to his resignation.

Answer: Jim _Wright_

B) For 10, At about the same time as Wright's retirement, this House whip from California, was forced to resign on unrelated ethics charges.

Answer: Tony _Coelho_

C) For 15, In response to charges that her husband had sexually propositioned this lobbyist and Playboy model during a golf junket, Marilyn Quayle responded that she knew it was a lie because Dan preferred golf to sex.

Answer: Paula _Parkinson_


25) For the stated number of points, identify these types of gum, from an ad jingle or sales gimmick.

5) "The taste is gonna move ya' when you pop it in your mouth."

Answer: _Juicy Fruit_

5) This brand lets you "kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer, say goodbye a little longer"

Answer: _Big Red_

10) This brand came in a handy pouch so that aspiring sluggers could dip, just like their heroes.

Answer: _Big League Chew_

10) This defunct brand with a rhyming name featured ads in which two cowboys faced off in the middle of the street, and the good guy won, because his gum did not stick to his face.

Answer: _Hubba Bubba_