Tossups by Happy Hooker Goes to Washington


1. The game's objective is to score the 26 points first. Basic strategy includes offensive or defensive moves that restrict the progress of the opponents. Defensive tactics include separating an opponent's balls, thus forcing him to take long shots to strike other balls, or taking an opponent out of position to make his next wicket . FTP, name this sport played at family picnics and "Heathers".

Answer: _CROQUET_


2. Though he appears regularly on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" as a reporter on Christian television shows, he's best known for his reviews of trashy movies. From his beginnings with "Trailer Park reviews," this erudite hick has risen to superstardom. FTP, name this host of TNT's "Monstervision."

Answer: Joe-Bob _BRIGGS_


3. In "Ghostbusters" it is a metaphor for supernatural energy; in real life, it appears to be impervious to many forms of terrestrial energy, such as electricity. Its resistance is beyond the capacity of a digital multimeter. It also suffers little from falls, though water is its bane. Microwaves make the filling ooze out. FTP, name this thing, designed to survive a nuclear holocaust, and marketed as a snack food by Hostess.

Answer: _TWINKIE_


4. Anna Steiger was a happy 18-year-old in London when her mother got this "Boyfriend From Hell." He ordered Anna out of the house, Mom didn't protest, and Anna had to move to a student hostel. This incident is described in _Leaving a Doll's House_, the new book by Anna's mother, actress Claire Bloom. FTP, what well-known American writer was that evil boyfriend, later Bloom's husband?

Answer: Philip _ROTH_


5. His fantasy novel The Face in the Frost inspired D & D's magic system. He is best known, however, for other novels, such as The Eyes of the Killer Robot. FTP, name this master of young adult horror, such as The House With a Clock in its Walls and The Mummy, the Will, and the Crypt.

Answer: John _BELLAIRS_


6. Gorgo the Space Monster. The Enchanted Kingdom. Space Patrol. If you would like to buzz in now, and don't know what these are, go to -5 points. If you buzz in now, and know what these are, go to 10 points. Otherwise, your journey ends here. FTP, name this series of books which require you to make the story.



7. Only twice was it led by a hereditary leader- the second and third Indbur. It was left unsettled for a long time, owing to its lack of strategic resources, but in the closing days of the Empire colonists were forced to settle on it. For ten points, name this planet, host to the Encyclopedia Foundation in Isaac Asimov�s "Foundation" series.

Answer: _TERMINUS_ (Prompt on an early buzz of _Encyclopedia_ or _First_ and _Foundation_)


8. Their comic book series described their military operations in Vietnam, on a newly-formed island on the ocean shelf, in Springfield, against the Hard and Soft Masters, and against Kuraq. Their headquarters, The Pit, was destroyed by enemy B.A.T.S. androids led by Tomax and Xamot. FTP, name this fighting force, which included Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Duke.

Answer: _G. I. JOE_


9. Refugees from another dimension must adapt to our alien ways, including our reliance on meat instead of vegetables. Meanwhile, they battle Saurod, Blade, and Karg, and seek Gwildor and the Cosmic Key. FTP, name this mighty 1987 movie, which starred Jon Cypher, Chelsea Field, and Dolph Lungren as heroic travelers from Eternia, and was based on a popular type of toy.



10. There are 7 players per team, with substitutions only allowed after a score and during an injury time-out. Players keep the "flow" going to score, "lay out" to get a hard-to-reach pass, and beware drops. No contact is allowed between the players, who often referee their own matches. The fall season involves club teams, while the spring season is for college teams only. FTP, name this football-like sport common many college campuses which uses discs.




11. He was raised in Saranac Lake, New York and received both his B.A. and M.F.A. from Yale. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1975, the first person to do so in his genre. He has contributed to Harper's, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, and The New York Times. FTP, name this cartoonist married to Jane Pauley.



12. Ingredients include corn, wheat, and oat flour, zinc oxide, yellow #6, red #40, blue #1 and #2, and natural orange, lemon, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and lime flavors. FTP, name this cereal, the favorite of slugger Mickey Tettleton and also Toucan Sam's favorite little O's.



13. A male model, his career took off after he moved in with a new group of beautiful people. FTP, name this housemate of Becky, Heather, Julie, Andre, Norman, and Kevin on the first Real World, who later became host of _The Grind_?

Answer: ERIC Nies


24. The Oscars change "And the winner is..." to "And the Oscar goes to...." R.E.M. releases their album Eponymous. Alf has his third season on television. FTP, name this Olympic year.

Answer: _1988_


14. He was based on inventor Charles Frasier-Smith, who contributed numerous scientific gadgets that helped Britain win WWII. Because his inventions were designed during the war effort, only his spymaster friend could write about him. He even looks like Desmond Llewelyn. FTP, name the character that Ian Fleming created based on Frasier-Smith.

Answer: _Q_


15. This New York-based band took its name from the title of a 1971 movie directed by Anthony Harvey. The band is famous for its "Dial a Song" phone line, and the corresponding catch phrase "It's free if you call from work." FTP, name this group, known for songs like "Hotel Detective," "Youth Culture Killed My Dog," "Snail Shell," "James K. Polk," and "Lighthouse in Your Soul."

Answer: _They Might Be Giants_


16. A baked bread product. A boaster. A poor, usually southern white. Or, a band whose song "Dr. Bernice" was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial, and whose other works include "Happy Birthday to Me", "Mr. Wrong" and "Low". FTP, give the shared word.

Answer: _CRACKER_


17. Approved in 1953 by Allen Dulles, this study often involved subjects who were fed very little, exposed to X-Rays, sensory deprivation, regularly deprived of sleep and food, and monitored every step of the way. The use of psychedelics was central; ironically, this government-sponsored ultra-secret study spawned the commercial LSD industry. FTP, give the 7-letter code name for the CIA's mind control experiment on its own citizens.

Answer: _MK ULTRA_


19. Kafka theme bars and ecoconscious computers populate this tale of Russian mafia nanotech smugglers who seek to get their hands on primo microassemblers, which fall into the hands of a young rock fan. Meanwhile, she's on the trail of music sensation Rez, who's about to marry a computer-generated artificial personality. FTP, name this convoluted latest novel from cyberpunk icon William Gibson.

Answer: _IDORU_


20. Early this century, long before Maxwell House, this company claimed to be " "Good to the last drop". Later slogans included "it makes friends rapidly, The ladies are taking it right along, Thirst Knows No Season, the Great american beverage, and the pause that refreshes." FTP, name this caffeinated beverage, which I once upon a time, wanted to by for the whole world.

Answer: _COCA-COLA_ or _COKE_


21. A veteran of the silver screen, he starred in 61 movies between 1937 and 1964, including _Girl's on Probation_, _Naughty but Nice_, and _Brother Rat_, and was the director's original choice to portray Rick in _Casablanca_. His roles in movies such as _The Code of the Secret Service_ and _The Voice of the Secret Service_ may have hinted that his future would be somewhere other than Hollywood. FTP, name this popular actor-turned-politician.



22. Her roles included Stephanie, one of the Pink Ladies in Grease 2, and Brenda in Amazon Women on the Moon, but she is better known for two roles as women/animal hybrids. In 1985's LadyHawke, she portrayed the playful hawkwoman Isabeau, and in 1992 she showed the feline side of her character, playing Catwoman in Batman Returns. FTP, name her.

Answer: Michelle _PFEIFFER_


23. The name's the same. In the eighties, two of the members of Duran Duran split off to form another band who produced the hit song "election day." This band shares its name with a recent play by Tom Stoppard. FTP, give the shared name.

Answer: _Arcadia_


24. The Oscars change "And the winner is..." to "And the Oscar goes to...." R.E.M. releases their album Eponymous. Alf has his third season on television. FTP, name this Olympic year.

Answer: _1988_


25. Most likely you've rarely, if ever, heard of Cordelia Frances Biddle, co-author of the new mystery _Murder at San Simeon_, based on an actual unsolved murder involving a powerful publishing magnate. The subject was probably chosen by Biddle's co-author, who happens to be said publishing magnate's granddaughter. FTP, name this famous heiress and kidnap victim of the Symbionese Liberation Army.




Bonuses by Happy Hooker Goes to Washington


(25)1. Golf courses have feelings too! For 5 points each with a 5 point bonus for all 4, given the course, name the major 1996 tournament which was played on it.

A) Augusta National

Answer: The _MASTERS_

B) Sawgrass


C) Oakland Hills

Answer: The _US OPEN_

D) Valhalla



(20) 2. Did you watch the world series this year? Not the Fox travesty, the Olympic baseball competition. For 5 points apiece and a 5 point bonus for all 3, name the gold, silver, and bronze medalists, in that order, in this year's Olympic baseball competition.



(30) 3. 30-20-10, name the album from the songs.

A-30) New Orleans Instrumental #1

B-20) Nightswimming

C-10) Everybody Hurts



(30) 4. For 10 points each, given the song lyrics, name the Animaniacs character who sang it.

A) "Humans ain't what they seem to be

They don't mean that much to me

No, not much at all."

Answer: _RITA_

B) "Ingredients:

Zinc trisodium, aspartate,

Sorbitol and bisulfate,

Oxide beta carotene,

Lactic acid, carob bean."

Answer: _YAKKO_

C) "There's a sixth sense, too, but it's hard to explain

It's a psychic connection inside of your brain

So you can understand people like Shirley MacLaine"

Answer: _DOT_


(30) 5. 30-20-10 Name the American thinker.

A-30) He holds that satanic hedonist empiricist Brits were behind World War II, the New Age, and the decline of Western morals. He has one of the most efficient private spy networks in the world.

B-20) He bought 30 minutes of network prime time in 1988 to air a program about a planned mission to Mars. In his platform, he called it a "science driver" that would cure all our economic ills.

A-10) Jailed on trumped-up charges of tax fraud in 1989, he nevertheless continued his quest for the presidency in 1992.

Answer: Lyndon _LAROUCHE_


(30) 6. Aaron Spelling's steamy _Savannah_ is heading into its second season of backstabbing, seduction, and revenge. FTP each, answer the following questions concerning cruical plot developments:

A) Nick, the long lost twin brother of Reece's dead husband, discovered what priceless jewel hidden in a fish tank?

Answer: _The Centurian Emerald_

B) Who has been in Savannah covering the State Senate race for New York Magazine while trying to steal Lane away from Dean?

Answer: _Terry_

C) Where did Veronica hide the gun which she had used to fake Edward Burton's assassination attempt?

Answer: In a hazardous biomedical _waste_ disposal _bin_.


(30) 7. Yuppies live! Remember Family Ties? FFP each, name the following

A-5each) The original five Keatons.

Answer: Stephen, Alyse, Alex, Mallory, Jennifer,

B-5) The actor who portrayed the goofy next-door neighbor, Skippy.

Answer: Mar _Price_


(20) 8. Geriatrics was never so much fun. Name the four Golden Girls and their respective marital status. (5 points for each correct name & marriage combination, first names are acceptable).

Answer: Sophia - widow

Dorothy - divorced

Rose - widow

Blanche - widow


(30) 9. Given the description, name the Ursula K. Le Guin novel, FTP each.

A) Sex-changing aliens bedevil an intergalactic scout and place him into

an arctic prison camp.


B) A scientist from a communist utopia travels to a capitalist world and

considers betraying his ideals.


C) An abused young woman finds her power in this fourth book of the

Earthsea series.

Answer: _TEHANU_


(30) 10. For five points each, and a five point bonus for all 5, give the

appropriate rhyme from Nightmare on Elm Street.


B) three, four Ans: _BETTER LOCK YOUR DOOR_

C) five, six Ans: _GRAB YOUR CRUCIFIX_

D) seven, eight Ans: _BETTER STAY OUT LATE_

E) nine, ten Ans: _NEVER SLEEP AGAIN_


(30) 23. 30 points. Cheap! Answer the following about Mad Magazine FTPE.

A) First, name its recently-deceased former publisher.

Answer: William _GAINES_

B) Next name the artist who does "The lighter side of..."

Answer: William _BERG_

C) Finally, name the artist of the Groo the Wanderer comic, a frequent contributor to Mad.

Answer: Sergio _ARAGONES_


(30) 12. Given the band members, name the band, fifteen points each.

A) Grant Hart and Bob Mould Answer: _HUSKER DU_

B) Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton Answer: _BLIND FAITH_

C) Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton Answer: _HUMBLE PIE_


(30). 13. Susanna Hoffs has recently achieved some radio chart success by doing a song written by Ian Broudie.

A-5) Name the song.


B-5), name the band Susanna Hoffs previously belonged to.


C-10) Name the band Ian Broudie was in when he wrote the song.


D-10) Name Susanna Hoffs first album, released in 1990.



(30) 14. Given a science fiction story with a whimsical title, name the writer, FTP each.

A) Repent, Harlequin, said the Tick-Tock Man

Ans: Harlan _ELLISON_

B) Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones

Ans: Samuel _DELANY_

C) Last of the Winnebagos

Ans: Connie _WILLS_


(30) 15. 30-20-10, given the roles, name the actress.

A-30) Mercy in the 1994-95 _Masterpiece Theatre_ production of "Martin Chuzzlewit."

B-20) Lydia Bennet in the 1996 A&E production of "Pride and Prejudice."

C-10) Saffron of "Absolutely Fabulous."

Answer: Julia _SAWALHA_


(28) 16. Hollywood's just figured out how much sex there is in Shakespeare! For the stated number of points points each, name the film given the couples who wish to get buckwild.

A-4) Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio go skinny dipping.


B-6) Lawrence Fishburne and Irene (pronounced Ee-rehn) Jacob have lots of steamy sex.


C-8) Robert Sean Leonard thinks Kate Beckinsale is having sex with someone else.


D-10) Helena Bonham Carter wants to have sex with Imogen Stubbs.



(30) 17. Geek time! Given the situation in Dungeons and Dragons, name the type of dice you would roll. (NOTE TO TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: I'll try to dig up enough dice to make this a physical bonus.)

A-5) Your big burly fighter tries to whomp on a poor insignificant little goblin. You roll to hit.

Answer: _20-sided die_

B-10) The goblin's big friend walks out from behind you and whaps you with his battle axe. The DM rolls for damage.

Answer: _8-sided die_

D-15) Pissed off, your fighter points a wand and shoots a cone of cold at the nasties. You roll lots of this type of dice for damage.

Answer: _4-sided die_


(30) 18. C is for cookie, and college bowl! For this bonus, each of your team members will have to talk like a Sesame Street creature. Five points each, plus a bonus 10 points at the moderator's discretion. A different

team member must do each impression.

A) Elmo

B) Grover

C) The Count

D) Guy Smiley


(30) 19. You may know lots about Magic: The Blathering, but how much do you know about non-collectible card games? For fifteen points each, name:

A) 1. Atlas's game of prepubescent combat and petty theft?


B) 2. Illustrator Phil Foglio's pornographic pictorial domino-like game,

based on his comic book of the same name?



(30) 20. 30-20-10 Identify the thing.

A-30) Its name comes from the Portuguese for "whip".

B-20) The original song was recorded by a band called Kaoma in 1989; it was supposedly banned in Portugal for being too sensual.

C-10) A movie called it "The Forbidden Dance;" it involves the woman riding her partner's leg.

Answer: _LAMBADA_


(30) 21. Given a term in CB radio slang, give the English translation, 10 points each.

A) Ratchet Jaw Answer: CB user

B) Kodiaks with Kodaks Answer: Policemen using radar

C) Suppository Answer: No


(30) 22. 30-20-10 Give the shared name.

A-30) The TV series was based on the Disney movie "The Last Electric Knight".

B-20) It featured Ernie Reyes as a martial-arts preteen who solves crimes with his cynical detective buddy.

C-10) The movie featured a young martial artist teaming up with idol Chuck Norris to fight crime.


(30) 23. It's become popular to sample clips from films and place them in music.

FTP, name the film most often sampled, with quotes like "Watch her take the pleasures from the serpent that once corrupted man,", "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long," and "I've...seen things you

people wouldn't believe."


Now, FTP each, name any two of the next five most sampled films.



(25) 24. Do you know your hazardous chemicals? For five points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify if each of the following chemicals is a euphoriant, relaxant, anti-perspirant, or defoliant.

A) picloram Ans: DEFOLIANT

B) diazepam Ans: RELAXANT

C) ibogaine Ans: EUPHORIANT

D) aluminum zirconium Ans: ANTI-PERSPIRANT


(30) 25. Form Blazing Sword! For five points each, name all the lion pilots in Voltron. Note: one lion had two pilots.