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Tossups by The Crack Pipes Toss-ups


1. The Festnink Brothers were brain surgeons in their native land of Czechoslovakia. Then, in 1976 they came to America, frequenting the local singles bars, looking for "swinging American foxes". For ten points,

name the title of this Saturday Night Live skit starring Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin, also the catchphrase uttered by the Festninks.

Answer: "We are _two wild and crazy guys!_"


2. Over his 26-year career, he scored only nine touchdowns. But when you add in 335 field goals and 943 points after, it adds up to 2,002 points. Quite a feat -- for 10 points, name this kicker who leads the all-time NFL scoring list.

Answer: George _Blanda_


3. Beavis and Butthead called them the "Super Suck Group" � because three of its members look like George Michael, Kenny G, and Snow. They had modest success off their first album, including the songs "Thinkin� Back," "All 4 Love," and "I Adore Mi Amor." But their only really big hit was in 1992, when their song from the soundtrack to New Jack City hit it big. For 10 points, who are these singers of "I Wanna Sex You Up?"

Answer: _Color Me Badd_


4. Based on an earlier book, this early eighties bio-pic about a Hollywood screen legend remains one of the most popular yet. For 10 points, name this film, whose most famous line is "No wire hangers," based on the book by Christina Crawford about her mother, Joan.

Answer: _"Mommy Dearest"_


5. This diet guru of the mid 1990's burst onto the scene with an infomercial and the haircut to match. She wrote several books and even had her own talk show at one point. For 10 points, name this spunky blonde whose motto was "Stop the Insanity!"

Answer: Susan _Powter_


6. He died on October 2, 1985, at the age of 61, in Beverly Hills. His death did not go unnoticed, however. This actor, usually the ideal of virility when paired with Doris Day in 1950's movies, was not supposed to die like this -- collapsing at the Paris Ritz on July 21. For 10 points, name this actor, nominated for an Academy Award for Giant, whose death caused America to think much more about AIDS.

Answer: Rock _Hudson_


7. This great house was built in 1939 on 13.5 acres of farmland, with Arkansas off to the west and Mississippi a mile to the south. For 10 points, what is this place on the National Register of Historic Places,

whose most famous resident lived on a street that is now named for him?

Answer: _Graceland_


8. A stacked turntable, plate, doily, film canister, clock face, pizza, tire, and cake adorn the gaudy cover of this 1969 release. Featuring memorable tracks such as "Love in Vain", "Monkey Man" and "Midnight Rambler" it is considered to be among the greatest albums of the 1960�s. FTP identify this Rolling Stones album featuring "Gimme Shelter" and "You Can�t Always Get What You Want", and which was released before a similarly titled Beatles Album.

Answer: _Let it Bleed_


9. The duchy of Grand Fenwick declares war and invades the U.S. Incompetent Marshal Tulli Bascom wanders onto the campus of Columbia University and captures the "Q" Bomb. Wackiness ensues. For ten points, this is the premise of what 1959 movie starring Peter Sellers and Jean Selberg?

Answer: _"The Mouse That Roared"_


10. In 1959 it proved to the Florida Citrus Commission that frost-damaged oranges could still be used -- in concentrate. In 1960, it was bought by Coca-Cola. For 10 points, name this company, the same as the first orange juice made from concentrate, so named due to the speed in which it could be made.

Answer: _Minute Maid_


11. "I'm not going to change the name of _____. It's been such a long, outstanding name." So said the mayor of this New York town in response to a request from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to change his town's historic Dutch name. For 10 points, name this town that ichthiophobes might like.

Answer: _Fishkill_


12. In 1946, they captured the first Eastern Conference title of the newly-born Basketball Association of America with a 49-11 record. They folded in 1951, and were replaced by the Bullets in 1974. That year, they were reborn, but playing another sport, where players only got one point for putting it in the net. FTP, name the common nickname of the first NBA team and the current NHL team in Washington, D.C.

Answer: _Washington Capitols_ (Capitals)


13. He acted on the orders of his neighbor's dog. His neighbor did not know him, incidentally, nor would he want to -- he killed a dozen people with his .44 caliber. For 10 points, name this killer who terrorized people in 1976 and 1977, the original psychotic postal worker, and yes, the "Son of Sam."

Answer: David _Berkowitz_


14. William Bowerman developed a "waffle sole" and added it to Japanese-made running shoes. He teamed up with Phillip Knight and formed Blue Ribbon Sports. By making his shoes in Taiwan and South Korea, he made millions, and by 1990, his company had overtaken Adidas as the top sneaker manufacturer in the world. For 10 points, what is this company that Knight decided to rename for the Greek goddess of victory?

Answer: _Nike_


15. She was quite the beauty, winning the best-dressed co-ed award at Memphis State, Miss Liberty Bowl and Miss Tennessee, all before August 1972. However, she is best known as Elvis Presley's final companion -- for 10 points, name this woman who found Elvis' allegedly dead body in the bathroom.

Answer: Linda _Thompson_


16. "He�s doing the things that ought to be done, whatever that is," one of his supporters declared. Others were less reverent, like Roger Mudd, who asked him in a live 1984 TV interview "Will you do your Teddy Kennedy impression for me now? I�ve heard it�s hilarious." He lied about his birthdate and his last name, but got away with that. For ten points, name this politician who got in trouble for apparently lying about his monkey business with "No Excuses" jeans model Donna Rice.

A: Gary _Hart_ (or _Hartpence_)


17. A Roman legion, while fighting a Celtic detatchment, gets magically transported to an empire much like the Byzantine empire. There, characters such as Thorisin Gavras and Avshar live, play and die. For 10 points, what is this fictional empire, created by Harry Turtledove?

Answer: _Videssos_


18. This movie featured music by the Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. Its main character is on a going-nowhere band in the Seattle grunge scene. For 10 points, what is this movie that starred Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda?

Answer: _Singles_


19. Four years ago, she caused an uproar among feminists when she said "Math class is tough!" Her last name is Roberts, and she is the only 35-year old teenager. She has been everything from a TV newscaster to a McDonald's employee to an Olympic gymnast. For a fairly quick 10 points, what is the first name of this not-so-lifelike doll?

A: __Barbie__


20. Their original name was Nynuk (nah-NOOK), but soon afterward, it was changed to the name of a rap written by the two leading members. In 1986, they were formed by their producer, who was trying to mock the success of New Edition. For 10 points, name these teen pop sensations, whose biggest hit is familiar to us all -- "Hangin' Tough."

Answer: The _New Kids on the Block_


21. In 1909, Ty Cobb did it. In 1878, Paul Hines did it. In 1912, Heinie Zimmerman did it. In 1934, Lou Gehrig did it. In 1922 and 1925, Rogers Hornsby did it. In 1942 and 1947, Ted Williams did it. For 10 points, what did they all do, the term in baseball for winning the batting crown, the home run title and the RBI lead all in the same year?

Answer: The _Triple Crown_


22. Barry, Maureen, Christopher, Eve, Mike and Susan. These real names are almost as well-known as their stage names. For 10 points, name these kids, who gave blended families an unrealistic ideal for decades.

Answer: The _Brady Bunch_


23. Three answers required here. For a quick 10 points, if I bet on a horse across the board, what three types of bets have I made?

Answer: _Win_, _Place_, and _Show_


24. This country singer, born in Bethel Acres, Oklahoma in 1969, is among country's "young guns." For 10 points, name this singer who croons, "I'm gonna do my dreaming / With my eyes wide open," whose current album "On A Good Night" debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart.

Answer: Wade _Hayes_


25. On September 16, 1991, he was completely exonerated. The year before, he

did not have to have the courage of his convictions, since they had been

overturned. For 10 points, name this man who had earlier been convicted of

three small-time felonies stemming from the Iran-Contra Scandal before he attempted

to move on to the Virginia Senate race in 1994.

Answer: Oliver _North_




Marion Barry Fraud Bowl


Tossups byThe Crack Pipes Boni


1. Reality bites. And it'll bite even more if you don't get these questions right about the movie.

a) For 5: He played the part of Troy Dyer.

Answer: Ethan _Hawke_

b) For 10: What does Lelaina's dad do for a living?

Answer: _Runs a telecommunications company_

c) For 15: This is how Lelaina pays off her $384 phone bill from The Psychic Friends Network.

Answer: She uses her _Daddy�s gas card_


2. I will give a date of a heavyweight title fight and its location, and you tell me the two boxers involved, for 5 points each, 10 points per pair.

a) September 23, 1926, at Sesquicentennial Stadium in Philadelphia

Answer: Gene _Tunney_ and Jack _Dempsey_

b) May 25, 1965, in Lewiston, Maine.

Answer: Cassius _Clay_ and Sonny _Liston_

c) February 10, 1990, in the Tokyo Dome.

Answer: Buster _Douglas_ and Mike _Tyson_


3. 1980s music has once again become popular, or so Nicole and Shawn would like to think. For the stated number of points, name the artists who sang these songs.

a) For 6 points, "(I Just) Died In Your Arms"

Answer: _Cutting Crew_

b) For 3 points, "Too Shy"

Answer: _Kajagoogoo_

c) For 4 points, "Der Komissar"

Answer: _After the Fire_

d) For 5 points, "Only the Lonely"

Answer: _The Motels_

e) For 12 points, "They Don�t Know"

Answer: Tracey _Ullman_


4. Answer these questions about _Carrie_, the novel by Steven King.

a) For 5 points, what was her last name?

Answer: _White_

b) For 10 points, what embarrassing event happened to Carrie in the first chapter of the book?

Answer: She had her _first period_ (menarche)

  1. For 15 points, to what high school did Carrie, Tommy, Chris, Sue, and the others go?

Answer: _Ewen_ Consolidated High School


5. Dangit, there's just so many scandals floating around out there with the Clintons! I will ask you these questions about the occupants of the White House, for 10 points apiece.

a) After Zoe Baird fell apart due to Nannygate I, this woman almost caused Nannygate II. Fortunately, Janet Reno was able to avoid a Nannygate.

ANSWER: Kimba _Wood_

b) Betsey Wright coined this term for the times when women claimed to have had an affair with the candidate Clinton.

Answer: _Bimbo Eruptions_

c) A former bar bouncer, he found himself as the head of security at the White House. Of course, Vince Foster hired him.

Answer: Craig _Livingstone_


6. We may not admit it, but some of us really like Spam.

a) (25) For 5 points each, name the five most abundant ingredients in Spam.

Answers: Chopped _Pork_ Shoulder Meat, _Salt_ , _Water_ , _Sugar_, _Sodium Nitrate_

b) (5) According to the "Spamburger" recipe, how many burgers can be made from one can of Spam?

Answer: 3


7. For 6 points each, I will name a comic strip, and you name the author.

a) _Foxtrot_

Answer: Bill _Amend_

b) _Andy Capp_

Answer: Reggie _Smythe_

c) _Funky Winkerbean_

Answer: Tom _Batuik_

d) _Shoe_

Answer: Jeff _MacNelly_

e) _Mother Goose & Grimm_

Answer: Mike _Peters_

f) Now lose exactly half of the points you just earned on this bonus if you cannot

name the creator of _Dilbert_.

Answer: Scott _Adams_


8. Given the plot of a TV show from the early 1990s, name the show described for ten points each.

a) The exploits of an Arkansas high school football coach whose team loses


Answer: _"Evening Shade"_

b) Three men living together in San Francisco � a clean-freak talk show host, his hair-obsessed brother-in-law, and his comedian friend � together with the talk show host�s three daughters.

Answer: _"Full House"_

c) Judy, the younger sister in this show's family, had literally disappeared, replaced by a pseudo-brother, Steve.

Answer: _"Family Matters"_


9. Answer these questions about a capital baseball team, the Washington Senators.

a) (10) For 5 points each, name the two teams that both incarnations of the Senators have become.

Answers: _Minnesota Twins_ and _Texas Rangers_

b) For 10 points, in what year did the Senators win their only World Series?

Answer: _1924_

c) 1906 was not a good year for the Senators, as their star slugger fell to his untimely demise while trying to go between cars of a train. For 10 points, identify this oldest of five baseball playing brothers.

Answer: _Ed Delahanty_


10. San Francisco's first openly gay city councilman was found shot to

death on November 27, 1978.

a) For 6 points, name the councilman.

Answer: Harvey _Milk_

b) (24) For 12 points each, name both the man who shot him and the mayor who was

also shot.

Answers: Dan _White_ and George _Moscone_


11. One of the editors of Fraud Bowl just bought the new Van Halen _Best of_ CD. Therefore, rejoice through this bonus dedicated to this great band and their travails with off-and-on singer David Lee Roth.

A-10) In which movie could Brendan Fraser�s character Chazz figure out that the phony record producer was a cop based on his taking the band�s side over David Lee Roth in the infamous Van Halen vs. Roth dispute?

Answer: _"Airheads"_

B-5) Roth caused a stir at this September 1996 event where he performed live with Van Halen.

Answer: _MTV Video Music Awards_

C-15) He is Van Halen�s new lead singer, the former frontman of a Bostonian band who achieved some success in the early 1990s.

Answer: Gary _Charone_


12. Identify the actor, 30-20-10, from the works.

(30) "Gandhi" and "My Beautiful Launderette."

(20) "Room With a View" and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being."

(10) "My Left Foot" and "Last Of the Mohicans."

Answer: _Daniel Day-Lewis_


13. Answer these questions about Reagan's environmental policy in 1983.

a-5) For 5 points, name the Secretary of the Interior who resigned on October 9 for saying he had "a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple" on a board he chaired.

Answer: James _Watt_

b-10) For 10 points, name the EPA Superfund program director who resigned on February 7, and served four months in prison for lying to Congress.

Answer: Rita _Lavelle_

c-15) Name the EPA administrator who resigned under fire on March 9.

Answer: Anne McGill _Burford_


14. We think the Bradys are really cool. So why don't you answer some questions about them on a 5-10-15 basis?

a-5) Alice's room was not upstairs, but downstairs, adjacent to what room?

Answer: The _Kitchen_ (accept _laundry room_)

b-10) Greg once stole his rival school's mascot one year before a game.

For 10 points, what kind of animal was it?

Answer: A _goat_

c-15) What was the name of Jan's pretend boyfriend?

Answer: _George Glass_


15. Many of you probably know a lot about the World Series of Baseball. Well, how much do you about the World Series of Golf? For ten points each:

a) Identify the tournament�s sponsor.

Answer: _NEC_

b) In order to qualify for this tournament, what must a golfer do?

Answer: _Win a PGA event_ (prompt on "win a golf tournament")

c) Name 1996�s champion, a southpaw out of Arizona State.

Answer: Phil _Mickelson_


16. Several former Playboy Playmates of the Year have hit it big � well, medium � on the Silver Screen. Given a pair of movies, identify the Playmate thespian for ten points each. If you need the year in which the Playmate served as PMOY, you will receive five points.

a-10) "Sexual Response" and "Night Eyes 3"

a-5): 1982

Answer: Shannon _Tweed_

b-10) 10: "Summer Job" and "L.A. Goddess"

b-5: 1986

Answer: Kathy _Shower_

c-10): "Wild Cactus" and "The Pamela Principle 2"

C-5) 1988

Answer: India _Allen_


17. Shawn Pickrell likes Chicago. So, for 10 points each, identify the Chicago songs from the lyrics.

a) "She said her diamond watch had stopped cold, yeah."

Answer: _"Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?"_

b) "No one needs you more than I" and "You bring feeling to my life."

Answer: _"You�re the Inspiration"_

c) "Being without you / Takes a lot of getting used to / I should learn to

live with it / But I don't want to."

Answer: _"Hard Habit to Break"_


18. I will describe a company that got in trouble, you name it for 10 points each.

a) On May 2, 1985, it pleaded guilty to 2,000 federal charges of manipulation

of its checking accounts.

Answer: _E.F. Hutton_

b) On December 21, 1988, it pleased guilty to only six charges, including

insider trading, stock manipulation and falsified records, but had to pay

$650 million in settlement.

Answer: _Drexel Burnham Lambert_

c) On November 14, 1986, he was barred for life from trading securities.

Answer: Ivan _Boesky_


19. I will give the date of one of television's highest-rated programs ever. For 10 points each, you give me the program.

a) This November 20, 1983 ABC movie was the highest-rated made-for-TV movie ever.

Answer: _"The Day After"_

b) It aired on February 28, 1983, and was the highest-rated television show in history, being the last episode of a very popular sitcom. For five points each, name the episode and the sitcom.

Answer: _"Goodbye, Farewell, Amen"_ from _"M*A*S*H"_

c) It aired on August 29, 1967, and was the highest-rated television show in history until that point, again, it was the final episode of a popular show.

Answer: _"The Fugitive"_


20. It's time for a little World Hockey League excitement! Given a city, name its WHL team for 5 points apiece.

a) Phoenix

Answer: _Roadrunners_

b) Cleveland

Answer: _Crusaders_

c) Houston.

Answer: _Aeros_

d) Winnipeg

Answer: _Jets_

e) Indianapolis

Answer: _Racers_

  1. Toronto

Answer: _Toros_

21. Of course, now there must be a bonus about 1970s music. For six points each with a six-point bonus for all correct, identify the following singers from their songs.

a) "The Hustle"

Answer: Van _McCoy__

b) "Get Down Tonight"

Answer: _K.C. and the Sunshine Band_

c) "Love and Desire"

Answer: _Arpeggio_

d) "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"

Answer: _McFadden and the Whitehead_


22. Answer these questions culled out of last Tuesday's Times-Dispatch for ten points each.

a) Researchers at N.C. State University have found that what hormone is an unlikely possible cause of baldness?

Answer: _Estrogen_

b) Chet Blaylock was the Democratic candidate for governor in what state before dying of a heart attack?

Answer: _Montana_

c) This tax reform group le by Grover Norquist was the beneficiary of a $2 million donation from the Republican National Committee. It is known for trying to persuade candidates to sign pledges against tax increases.

Answer: _Americans for Tax Reform_


23. The North American Soccer League was the product of the merger of two professional soccer leagues in 1968. Name the two leagues for 15 points each.

Answers: _National Professional Soccer League_ and _United Soccer Association_


24. Identify the band from the songs, 30-20-10-5.

A-30) "Shake Your Body"and "State of Shock"

B-20) "The Love You Save" and "Torture"

C-10) "I Want You Back" and "Dancing Machine"

D-5) "ABC" and "I�ll be There"

Answer: _The Jackson 5_


25. Answer these angst-ridden questions for 10 points each.

a) He said, "I'm a product of a spoiled America. Think how much worse my family life could be if I grew up in a depression or somthing. There are so many worse things than a divorce." His mother and father divorced at age eight, and his mother later married a drinker and womanizer.

Answer: Kurt _Cobain_

b) The lead singer of this band told Homer Simpson that he envied him because all his band had were hordes of adoring fans, millions of dollars and their youth.

Answer: _Smashing Pumpkins_

c) Who is the author of the novel Trainspotting?

Answer: Irvine _Welsh_