Jay and the Crack Ho's


(Moderator�s Note: Pronounce first sentence like a gameshow host.)

1) Shoooooooooowwwwwwwwww meeeeeeeeeeeeee IN THE GROUND!!!!! This dead guy was a funny man, so funny that Hollywood used him to warm up audiences on TV's "Golden Girls." Despite being on a suicide watch for a week, he managed to hang himself in his room at Glendale Adventist Medical Center earlier this year. FTP, name this man, best known for the six years that he spent hosting "Family Feud."

Answer: Ray _COMBS_


2) Depending on which story you believe, he was raised by woodland creatures, or danced with wolves on the American prairie, or fought in the Spanish Civil War in 1937, or was a soldier for the CIA and the

Canadian government during the Civil War, or fought against Nazis with Captain America in World War II. His first universally accepted appearance was in the backwoods of Canada in 1968. All of them could be true. He has lived for a long time. FTP, name this comic book hero, who also goes by the name "Logan."

Answer: _WOLVERINE_ (prompt on _Logan_)


3) "He could have had any woman he wanted, but he had to take my girl!" said Floyd Raglin of this man, a former friend. This was after the man had seduced Raglin's fiancee, lingerie model Gretchen Stockdale. Raglin and this man knew each other from the time when they had teamed up on the football-based sitcom "1st & Ten." FTP, name this man, who Raglin has accused of having sex with approximately 3 or 4 women a day, while he was still married to Nicole Brown.

Answer: Orenthal James _Simpson_


4) Assault charges were filed on May 6, 1996, but subsequently suspended. The charges were a result of the choke hold that this man put on Bill Clennet, a demonstrator, during a Flag Day celebration on Feb 15th, 1996. FTP, name the Canadian Prime Minister responsible for the assault.

Answer: Jean _Chretien_ (cres-shen)


5) This process is accomplished by gravitational lensing, the creation of a distorted image of an object when it's light is focused by gravity. In this specific case, the light is focused so that the object's index of refraction matches that of its surroundings, making the object transparent. FTP, name this act or the device which facilitates it device, used by Klingon and Ferengi ships, but not on those of the Federation.

Answer: _CLOAKING_


6) Scotch Bonnet, Charleston, Rocoto, Tepin, Pequin, Serrano and the Habanero (ha-ba-nyer-oh) (which is another name for the Scotch Bonnet) are all types of this food. FTP, name this type, perhaps most famous of which is the Jalepeno.

Answer: Chile _PEPPERS_


7) This number one super guy is quicker than the human eye. But not only that. He's got style, a groovy smile, and a bod that just won't stop. In fact, when the going gets rough, he's super tough, with a _______chop. FTP, name this character, who isn't Sarge, or Rosemary, the telephone operator. Is he

Henry, the mild mannered janitor? Could be............



8) Sandy McCarthy, Chris O�Sullivan, Ronnie Stern, Jaime Huscroft, and Zarley Zalapski play in one of the strangest looking, and certainly on of the most strangely named arenas in pro sports. Their team is remarkable for actually moving north across the Canadian border as opposed to south of it. FTP, name this hockey team, who moved from Atlanta to Alberta, winner of the Stanley cup in 1989.

Answer: _CALGARY_ _FLAMES_ (host: accept either or both terms given as answers.)


9) Throw rice. Cover head with a newspaper. Shoot off water pistols. Light candles/shine flashlights. Fifth, snap rubber gloves. Respond with applause and noisemakers. Toss confetti. Hurl rolls of toilet paper into the air. Throw toast in the air. Put on a party hat when people on the screen do the same. Ring a bell. Finally, throw cards into the air. In order, these are props used and actions taken by the audience during the viewing of what movie? FTP, don't dream it, be it.



10) A 21 year old business student at Shoreline Community College is suing this company for alleged breach of contract, fraud, deceptive and unfair trade practices and misleading advertising. He saw a commercial saying that he could receive a Harrier jet for seven million ____ points. He managed to collect the seven million points, the equivalent of the points from 16,800,000 cans of this soft drink. FTP, name the company, who may owe the student a Harrier jet.

Answer: _PEPSI_


11) Seeing as this is a trash tournament, we should ask trashy questions. And what's more trashy than semi-believable monsters? To be specific, vampires. To be more specific, a reptilian vampire creature reportedly feeds on goats and other such animals. FTP, name this animal that reputedly sucks the blood out of farm animals in Florida and Puerto Rico, and who's name comes from the Spanish for "Goat Sucker."

Answer: El _CHUPACABRAS_ (choo-pah-cah-bras)


12) Good and bad luck are accepted parts of sports. However, it is unusual to seek out someone to purposefully place a hex on another team. Yet that's just what the people of the University of California, San Jose are doing. They are searching for Josephine Canicatti, a sicilian malocchio (or evil eye) who placed a curse on what manager of the 1955 New York Yankees? FTP, name this man, who not only lost the series, but also lost $200,000 in a real-estate deal later that year.

Answer: Casey _STENGEL_


13) Look, admit it. If you were sexually repressed, and obsessed with married farmers, you'd probably dance around naked in the woods too. Besides, the naked dancer, played by Winona Ryder, has chosen to focus her affections on Daniel Day-Lewis, so she's chosen a fairly healthy outlet for her affections. Gotta love lies, guilt and the devil, all put together in a movie adapted from a play by a guy who used to boff Marilyn Monroe. FTP, name this upcoming movie, set in Salem during the witch trials.

Answer: The _CRUCIBLE_


14) August 1974. Four young men enter a Bowery club. The owner isn't sure whether they've come to fence stolen instruments or to audition. After the band played a set, the owner still wasn't sure. All of their songs are very loud, very short and very fast. In fact, the only thing separates them is the bass player's quick shouts of "1-2-3-4" during the milliseconds in which they stop. Their first public performance is witnessed by a total of 5 warm bodies (six counting the bartender's dog). From this moment, rock and Roll will never be the same. FTP, name this band, who, along with the New York Dolls, the Dictators, and Patti Smith, played punk before bands like the Sex Pistols were out of diapers. Come on! Hey-Ho-Let's-GO!!

Answer: The _RAMONES_


15) If Billy Joel's voice sounds a little higher than normal in this album, it is because it was accidentally recorded at a slightly higher speed than it should've been. FTP, name this album that Billy was embarrassed by, recorded in 1971, which contains songs such as: She's Got a Way, You Can Make Me Free, and Tomorrow Is Today.



16) In the mid-80's, kids waited in lines outside of toy and department stores waiting for the doors to open so they could rush in and "adopt" a Cabbage Patch Kid. FQTP, how many of you remember the name of the guy whose signature was on the butt of every authentic Cabbage Patch Kid?

Answer: _XAVIER ROBERTS_ (must give full name)


17) Where in time is Carmen Sandiego? You know it, you've played it, admit it. You also know, therefore, that Carmen stole one of Acme Detective agency's time-travel devices in order to commit her crimes. FTP, give the name of the device that both Carmen and you, her pursuer, uses in the course of the game.



18) The name designates a pre-school Girl scout and a variety of flower. FQTP, name Dagwood and Blondie's dog in the comic strip "Blondie".

Answer: _DAISY_


19) Do the words barley malt, natural carbohydrates, hops, water and yeast sound familiar? I know it sounds strange, but then the mixture is run through a patented process that removes all beer color, flavor and foam. FTP, name this beverage, whose name comes for a Russian word meaning "Winter" or "cold".

Answer: _ZIMA_


20) Until 1824, many religious devotees would go to Godarpuras annual fair and commit an act many considered of extreme devotion to Hinduism. Buddhist monks also practiced this feat in protest to the Diem government in 1960s Vietnam. More recently, a disgruntled political activist commited suicide by dousing serveral gallons of gasoline and lighting herself on fire at the University of Pennsylvania. What is this form of suicide called?



21) An obvious time to boot is when the animal has an injured paw, such as a split; a scraped, torn or cut pad; or redness and swelling of the paw... are instructions most veterinarians give mushers to determine if they should get bootied and ready to go. What sport would this be a primary concern, especially when one is on the Ididarod, crossing the Yukon River after leaving Eagle Island checkpoint?



22) Sometimes men can get an erection and have an orgasm, but just don�t ejaculate. This is the result of a prostatectomy, diabetes, or nerve damage where the bladder opening may fail to clse during rough-and-tumble play, causing semen to lose its compass and shoot backward into the bladder. For ten points, what is the name of this irreversible complex?

Answer: _RETROGRADE_ Ejaculation


23) Celebrating his 21st birthday after a concert in Flint, Michigan, this drummer ruined several cars with fire-extnguisher foam and dived into an empty swimming pool, smashing his front teeth. After attending Paul McCartneys party for the screening of The Buddy Holly Story, this drummer was found dead after overdosing on drugs prescribed for alcoholic withdrawl symptoms. Name this drummer for The Who.

Answer: Keith _MOON_.


24) This wind instrument is a straight wooden trumpet used by northwest Australian Aboriginies. It is made from bamboo or a hollow sapling and is about 5 feet long. Decorated ceremonial varieties, however, may be two or three times longer. It is commonly played in such ritual ceremonies as those for sunsets, circumcisions, funerals, and whenever Paul Hogan returns to Australia. Name this instrument.



25) "In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire" this four-man group, the main characters of a popular TV show that

aired from 1983-1987.

Answer: The _A-TEAM_





Questions by Jay and the Crack Ho�s


1) Answer the following questions about Bob Dole and Cease and Desist letters, 15 points each.

A) First, give the artists who originally performed the first song to receive a cease and desist order. This song was adapted for use by Dole's campaign by replacing one word in the chorus with another one that rhymed.

Answer: the _BLUES BROTHERS_

B) Second, another cease and desist letter was received from a musician who objected to Dole using his song at campaign rallies. He also objected to Ronald Reagan�s use of a song by this artist 1984.



2) (Moderator: Automatic 30 points if at any time during the question, any member of the receiving team clearly says "I've got it!", "I'll get it in a second!", "I just can't get it!" or something similar)

30-20-10, name the STD from the given clues.

A-30) Inflammation caused by this disease in males is either called non-specific urethritis (NSU), or more recently as non-gonoccocal (gahn-oh-cock-al) urethrititis (NGU). Inflammation in females is known as


B-20) If left untreated in women, it may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) It may also cause inflammations and infertility in men.

C-10)0-It is similar to, but often more serious than gonorrhea. It was also one of the former code names of the agents in the movie "Hudson Hawk."


(Host: The line from Hudson Hawk is "Do you have any idea what it's like to be called Chlamydia for a year?")


3) Name the fictional food or beverage from the description for the stated number of points.

A-5) Homer Simpson's favorite brand of beer

Answer: _DUFF_ Beer

B-10) The favorite food of "like, wow" a cartoon guy and his dog, long thought to be laced with marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug.


C-15) Name the snack-food that Kelly Bundy became the spokeswoman for. Al and Peg subsequently won a cash prize from rubbing the scratch off tags that came with Kelly's lifetime supply. Because Kelly was an employee, the Bundy's couldn't collect.



4) A vice president gave an address at a prestigious Boston school's commencement recently. FTP, answer the following questions for the stated number of points.

A) For 5 points, name the school, famed for being inordinately proud of its faculty in writing college bowl questions.

Answer: the _M_assachussets _I_nstitute of _T_echnology

B) For another 5 points, name the vice president who gave the speech.

Answer: Al _GORE_

C) For 20 points, Gore said he could not be the stiffest man to ever give a commencement speech at MIT. He based his reasoning on the fact that this man, MIT's founder and class of 1882 commencement speaker, died while giving his speech. Name the man.

Answer: William Barton _Rogers_


5) We just survived another Summer Olympics, so answer this question about track and field's most grueling event, the decathalon. There are 10 events. Name them for 3 points apiece.



_1500 METER RUN_


6) Given the Line from "The Usual Suspects", identify the speaker, 10 points apiece.

A) "Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on this farm he...shot some guys...E-I-E-I-O."

Answer: _MCMANUS_

B) Warning: we don't want the name of the inspector here, just the other person.

"We could put you in queens on the night of the robbery."

"Really? I live in queens."

Answer: Todd _Hockney_

C) "It was Keyser Soze. The devil himself. How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?"

Answer: Verbal _Kent_


7) American Pie is a highly metaphorical song. For instance: The day the music died means the day that Buddy Holly, The big Bopper and Richie Valens dies. Given the people in the song, give their handles, 7 points apiece.

A) Bob Dylan

Answer: Jester

Janis Joplin

Answer: The girl who sang the blues

Mick Jagger

Answer: Satan

Elvis Presley

Answer: King


8) Given the town, and a law concerning sex within it's borders, name the state that it's in, for 10 points apiece, or for 7 points if you need a state fact.

A-10) In Newcastle, it is illegal for couples to have sex in a butcher's walk-in freezer.

A-7) The flower is the Indian Paintbrush.

Answer: _WYOMING_

B-10) In Willowdale, it's against the law for a husband to talk dirty during sex.

B-7: the state flower is the _______ Grape, it's state animal is the beaver.

Answer: _OREGON_

C-10) In Fairbanks, it is illegal for two moose to have sex on city sidewalks.

C- 7) The state flower is the Forget-Me-Not

Answer: _ALASKA_


9) P-P-P-Pac Power! For five points each and and extra five for all correct, give the names of the five ghosts that were regulars in the Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man video games.

A: _INKY_, _BLINKY_, _PINKY_, _CLYDE_, and _SUE_


10) Do you play Monopoly often? If you do, you know it would be too easy to name which properties are of which color. Instead, given the price of rent, name the property or properties you might have landed upon, for 4 points each. Assume that none of the properties are Monopolized

A) $6

Answer: _Oriental_ Ave. _Vermont_Ave.,

B) $16

Answer: _New York_ Ave.

C) $22

Answer: _Altlantic_ Ave., _Ventnor_ Ave.

D) $25

Answer: _Reading_ R.R., _Pennsylvania_ R.R., _B&O_ R.R., _Short Line_ R.R.


11) Given a quarterback, name the USFL team that he led, 10 points apiece.

A) Doug Flutie

Answer: New Jersey _GENERALS_

B) Doug Williams

Answer: Tampa Bay _BANDITS_

C) Jim Kelly

Answer: Houston _GAMBLERS_


12) Given the '80's one hit wonder, name the artist or group who performed it FTP apiece.

A) "Life in a Northern Town"

Answer: _Dream Academy_

B) "Into The Night"

Answer: Benny _Mardonis_

C) "I Know what Boys Like"

Answer: the _Waitresses_


13) Do you know how anal some creatures are? Answer these questions based on an animals rectum or what comes out of it, FTP each.

A) This creature can expel their internal organs from the anus and grow new ones; this may be a device for escape from a predator, or it may occur for physiological reasons. They can also shelter pearlfish in the

anal cavity, with the head of the fish extruding. Name this creature, not to be confused with some sort of vegetable.


B) Eating dung, or feces, is considered abnormal among human beings but apparently instinctive among certain animals such as rabbits and in some leaf-eating primates. What is the name of this process called?


C) Speaking of abnormal behaviors, this is the proper name of a disorder characterized by an abnormal fascination, usually sexual, wit feces. It can apply to that of others, or one's own.



14) We all know what are the names of Santa�s nine raindeer, but can you name them, for 3 points each, in alphabetical order?

(Moderator�s Note: answers will be marked correct based pon corresping to spot in order on list)




15) Answer these quesitons about the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, FTP each.

A) This character has been chased through several galaxies by Zorgs and once tried to determine what would happen if Planet 3 crashed into Planet 4. In reality, Calvin is being chased by his mom or is attempting what 4 minus 3 equals. FTP, name this alter ego of Calvin.

Answer: Answer: _SPACEMAN SPIFF_

B) Although Calvin commonly refers to this girl as Tapioca Head, Hobbes thinks Susie is a cute girl and wouldnt mind geting smooches from her. FTP, What is the last name of Susie, which also rhymes with the name of a kind of pickle?

Answer: Anser: _DERKINS_

C) Upside down, this item is a transmogrifier; able to transform Calvin into a tiger, a frog, or a seven story gastropod. Right side up, this item is a time machine. FTP, what is this every day household item that has provided more adventures and mishaps in Calvin�s six year old life?



16) Answer these questions on current military dictators, 15 points apiece:

A) This man is responsible for the 1965 coup that deposed then Indonesian President Sukarno but is now under heated attack by supporters of pro-democracy champion Megawati Sukarnoputri, the daughter of former President Sukarno.

Answer: President _SUHARTO_

B) This US Senator has come under sharp criticism for her lenient views on General Sani Abacha, the Nigerian dictator is responsible for jailing the country�s elected president and as many as 7,000 other political opponents. Her refusal to talk to pro-democracy supporters in Nigeria has altered the view by many of her senatorial colleagues as a pro-junta crusader. Name this former Cooks County recorder.

Answer: Senator Carol _MOSLEY-BRAUN_


17) Answer these questions about diseases and the movies in which they were featured, 15 points each.

A) This disease is caused by the Mycobacterium leprae bacillus which is characterized by lesions of the skin and superficial nerves. In A Fish Called Wanda, John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis married, moved to Brazil

and started a colony for suffers of this disease. Name the disease.

Answer: _LEPROSY_

B) Woody Allen was only joking when in this movie he described his willingness to work with people who suffered from cholera and typhoid. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he promptly left the United States to go to San Marcos and became dictator. Name this movie starring Woody Allen and the major export of many Latin American nations.

Answer: _BANANAS_

C. This infectious disease is caused by several species of Mycobacterium, occurs in humans worldwide and is still a chief cause of death in developing countries. Name this diseases which afflicted Doc Holiday, portrayed by the actor Val Kilmer in the movie Tombstone?



18) Answer these questions regarding political contributions from individuals to the Democratic Party, 15 points apiece:

A) This lawyer donated $525,000 to the Democartic Party when, coincidentally, this man was concerned about a bill limitng lawsuits. Several days after dining with the President, the bill was vetoed in the White House. Name this securities-tort king FTP.

Answer: William _LERACH_

B) This president donated $455,500 to the Democratic Party when, coincidentally, he flew to China with former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and returned with a $1 billion communications deal. Name this

head of the Loral Corporation.

Answer: Bernard _SCHWARTZ_


19) Now for a "He-man and the Masters of the Universe" bonus. Answer the question for the stated # of points.

1. For a quick 5 points, who was He-man's wimpy secret identity?


2. For 5 points a piece, and an extra five for naming all three, name the only three people who knew that He-man was Prince Adam.

Answer: _ZOAR_ (Accept _Sorceress), _ORKO_, and _MAN-AT-ARMS_

3. And for another 5 points, name this character, who always scolded Prince Adam for not being around when danger struck, and did not know that Zoar was her mother.



20) Answer these questions about the technology involved in the TV show Quantum Leap for ten points apiece:

A) Name this supercomputer used in Project Quantum Leap, partially composed of Dr. Sam Beckett's own neurons, which is revolutionary because she is the only computer to have an ego.

Answer: _Ziggy_

B) Gooshie, Ziggy's programmer, a short guy known for his bad breath, was played by this late, red-haired comedian, best known for his spastic delivery and buggy eyes.

Answer: Dennis _Wolfberg_

C) Name Project Quantum Leap's Pulse Communications Technician, the attractive redhead who is romantically involved with Al.

Answer: _TINA_


21) Physical challenge: designate one team member to stand on his head. He/she gets one point for every second that he/she does it, with a 4 point bonus for each Five-second multiple passed.


22) For ten points apiece, answer the following questions about Harry Harrison's "Stainless Steel Rat" series of books, for ten points each.

A) Name of the series's perpetually drunken hero, nicknamed the "Stainless Steel Rat."

Answer: James Bolivar "Slippery Jim" _DI GRIZ_ (Dee-gritz)

(Host: Accept any of the first three pieces of information given, so long as the last name is given)

B) Name his wife, who's homicidal tendencies have been psychologically dampened.

Answer: _ANGELINA_ DiGriz

C) All or nothing, name the two children of the happy couple.

Answer: _JAMES_ and _BOLIVAR_


23) 29-18-7 Name the object.

A-29) It is made in two U.S. locations - Austin, Minnesota, and Fremont, Nebraska as well as seven other countries: England, Australia, Denmark, Phillipines, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

B-18) Nikita Kruschev once credited it with the survival of the World War II Russian army. ''Without ____, we wouldn't have been able to feed our army,'' he said. Estimates say that an average of 3.8 cans of it are consumed every second.

C-7) This product, officially defined as a technology according to tournament guidelines, invades on a regular basis

Answer: _SPAM_


24) Answer these questions about serial killers, 15 points apiece:

A) Charles Manson and his Family believed that songs such as Helter Skelter, Blackbird, and Revolution 1 descrbied the coming race war that would tear the United States apart. What album by the Beatles contains these supposedly prophetic songs?

Answer: The _WHITE ALBUM_

B) In all, this man wounded or killed sixteen victims in all and insisted that his neighbors Labrador urged him to commit these shootings. Who is this killer who on August 23, 1977, was sentenced to the Attica

correctional facility to serve a 365 year sentence?

Answer: David _BERKOWITZ_ (Accept, grudgingly, _SON OF SAM_)


25) If you ever babysat for six year old boys, the odds are that you'll know this movie, based on a toy and a videogame. Name it from its stars and the parts they played, 30-20-10.

A-30) Alyssa Milano played Marian Delario, Cory Milano played Marc Delario.

B-20) Koga Shuko was played by Robert Patrick.

C-10) The matial artists Jimmy and Billy Lee were played by Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf respectively.