TOSS-UPS for "Lint Trap and the Missing Socks" (University of Michigan)


1) Using the Rankin/Bass style of stop-motion animation, a future episode of this highly rated sitcom will once again put the shows star in cartoon mode. FTP, name this ABC sitcom which doesn't star Buzz Lightyear, but his alter-ego.

Answer: _Home Improvement_


2) He recently left Warner Brothers Records to sign with EMI Capitol, and is about to release a new CD, Emancipation. FTP, name this artist whose former romantic interests include Sheena Easton, Sinead O'Connor, Appalonia, and Vanity.

Answer: _Prince_ Rogers Nelson or _The artist formerly known as Prince_


3) He was recently seen as an Elvis impersonator on Sheryl Crow's "Leaving Las Vegas" video, and also starred in the motion picture _American Anthem_. But this athlete is probably better known as the firstAmerican gymnast to receive a perfect '10' in Olymipc competition. FTP, name this member of the 1984 gold medal-winning US olympic gymnastic team.

Answer: Mitch _Gaylord_


4) Planning to gross out adults, in order to please teens, Clearly Canadian beverage company has come out with a new drink which contains brightly colored jelly globs which you can drink through a straw. FTP, name this new lava lamp-inspired beverage.

Answer: _Orbitz_


5) "I realized the moment I stepped into that manhole cover that my day was off to a rocky start". This is the beginning of, FTP, what Parroty Interactive CD-ROM featuring a theme song performed by John Goodman, a spoof of a now legendary computer game.

Answer: _Pyst_


6) After graduating with a double major in only two years at the University of Miami, he holds the record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception. His playing career is winding down now, but his name is high on the list of possible owners for the next incarnation of the team with which he made his name: the Cleveland Browns. FTP, name this quarterback who gained a Super Bowl ring with Dallas and currently backs up Dan Marino with the Miami Dolphins.

Answer: Bernie _Kosar_


7) One of her early jobs was in the cast of the 1964 rock musical The T.A.M.I. Show . She recently choreographed the dance numbers in the movie, "That Thing You Do!". FTP, name this woman who shows her cheerleading prowess in the video for her 1982 hit song, "Mickey".

Answer: Toni _Basil_


8) This notorious Japanimation flick features monsters with penis-like tentacles who rape young girls and finally destroy the world as we know it in a rain of fire. FTP, name this movie, which tells of the three dimensions of the world and the joining of all three into one after a final, violent apocalypse.

Answer: _Urotsuki Doji_ or _The Legend of the Oversoul_



For a quick ten points, name the two boxers who on October 30, 1974 met in Kinshasha, Zaire and fought for the heavyweight championship in what is remembered as "The Rumble in the Jungle."

Answer: George _Foreman_ and Muhammad _Ali_


10) This character's wife was played by Catherine Bergstrom, but although his daughter Erin appeared in a few episodes, she was never credited. He was named after both of his parents, and grew up in the Bay area before moving to the Swamp. FTP, name this surgeon played by Mike Farrell, roommate of Charles Emerson Winchester III and Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce.

Answer: B.J. _Honeycutt_ (accept: 'B.J.')


11) While he was in high school in Chicago, a song he wrote entitled "Lament to Love" made him the youngest composer to appear on the Hit Parade. During his senior year, now in LA, he joined with a group called "The Schoolkids", who soon changed their name as his crooning and composing brought him fame, fortune, a guest spot on "Singled Out" and a recurring role on "Night Court". FTP, name this Mountain Dew pitchman whose first Meltones were formed all the way back during WWII.

Answer: Mel _Torme_


12) This former mayor of Cincinnati was forced to resign because of a sex scandal. FTP, name this man who might handle similar topics on his syndicated talk show.

Answer: Jerry _Springer_


13) Two weeks ago, the Atlanta Braves blew the second largest lead in World Series history, six runs. But more than a half century ago another team blew an 8-0 lead when they gave up a 10-run inning to the

Philadelphia A's. Good thing Harry Caray wasn't there; they'd have run out of beer. FTP, name this sorry squad, who haven't managed to bring a championship to the North Side since 1908.

Answer: Chicago _Cubs_


14) This new book by Florida ecologist Mark Hostetler contains sections like "Fun Things To Do With Jumping Plant Lice", games to play in the car, and before-and-after illustrations. FTP, name this book which presents North American insects in a "smashing" new style.

Answer: _That Gunk On Your Car_


15) At the age of 16, this singer dropped out of school to form "the Executives", a singularly non-descript musical group. Since then he's given us Music from the Edge of Heaven, gotten Older and left Sony for

Dreamworks SKG. FTP, name this singer who teamed with Andrew Ridgeley for some of the cheesiest 80's pop that a group called Wham! could muster.

Answer: George _Michael_


16) This woman was recently invited to a state dinner, where the President of Ecuador stated that women are "empowered by her presence on the planet". FTP, name this woman who became famous after a violent

confrontation with her husband, John Wayne.

Answer: Lorena _Bobbitt_


17) Her name & image have been used to market a rose, perfume, and a doll. She played in 250 tournaments and earned 27 singles titles over a 13 year career. At the age of 15 she broke in to the top ten of women's tennis; at 17 she had become a millionaire. At 22 she won the US Open, her only Grand Slam title. Name this women's tennis player, ranked 31st in the world last month, who announced her retirement last week at the age of 26.

Answer: Gabriela _Sabatini_


18) The naming of this future movie starring Richard Gere, Bruce Willis and Sidney Poitier has caused quite a stir around Hollywood, mainly because the director of the unrelated 1973 movie of the same name, Fred

Zimmerman, and the original novel's author, Frederich Forsyth, are livid. FTP, name either the old movie about the attempted assassination of Charles de Gaulle or the new movie of the same name.

Answer: _The Day of the Jackal_


19) The focus of a new exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York is Da Vinci's Codex Leicester, a 72 page Renaissance manuscript written between 1506 & 1510 as an outline for a book on scientific theories and engineering projects. Da Vinci did not complete the book, however in 1994 the codex was purchased from the Armand Hammer Museum of Art in L.A. by this partner of Paul Allen?

Answer: William H. Gates III, or Bill _Gates_


20) TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED These characters were reportedly named for the cop and the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "It's A Wonderful Life". FTP, name these Sesame Street characters, one of whom may or may not be dead.

Answer: _Bert and Ernie_


21) They were victorious on December 15, 1995, the first bowl game of the season and the first overtime game in NCAA Dision I-A history. Not many people noticed, but nobody cares when the Mid-American Champion beats the Big West Champion in the Las Vegas Bowl, do they? So FTP, identify this

University, whose nickname is the Rockets.

Answer: University of _Toledo_


22) She appeared as Ron Howard's date on an early episode of "Happy Days", but this actress made a name for herself in a 1977 movie blockbuster. Her later appearances included "Amazon Women on the Moon", "The Blues Brothers", and "When Harry Met Sally". FTP, name this actress best known to most moviegoers as Princess Leia from the Star Wars Trilogy.

Answer: Carrie _Fisher_


23) "White Riot," "(White Man)In Hammersmith Palais," "Remote Control," and "Complete Control" are all early singles of what British punk band lead by Mick Jones?

Answer: _The Clash_


24) The Perot campaign denies it, but some fans believe that their "problem-solving prism" was taken from a rock album cover. FTP, name this Pink Floyd album.

Answer: _Dark Side of the Moon_


25) She has been romantically linked to Quentin Tarentino and David Schwimmer. Her real name is Ali Larter. FTP, give the name that Esquire magazine editors assigned to this fictional model, the subject of a recent cover story.

Answer: Allegra _Coleman_





BONII by Lint Trap and Missing Socks


1) 30 points

The rock group Phish has been compared to The Grateful Dead, yet they have received very little media coverage. FTPE, answer these questions about this group.

A) For five points each, name any two of the band members.

Trey Anistasio, Mike Gordon, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman (First or last names acceptable)

B) Name their newly released CD.

_Billy Breathes_

C) Give the name of their huge, 2-day concert recently held in Plattsburgh, New York.

the _Clifford Ball_


2. 25 Points

It's time to see how much you really know about the characters on "Gilligan's Island".

A) FTP, give the Skipper's real name.

_Jonas Grumby_

B) For 15 points, what is Gilligan's first name?



3. 30 points

Given a quote and a short description, name the female politician for 15 points each.

A) This woman, who will become Britain's minister of women if her party wins the upcoming election, has promised that "Under Labour, women will become more promiscuous. That's an election pledge".

Answer: Janet _Anderson_

B) This former prostitute and current San Francisco Board of Supervisors candidate said, at a speech to the city's Concordia Argonaut Club, "I'm pleased to be here. Nice to see so many familiar faces."

Answer: Margo _St. James_


4. 30 points

FTPE, answer these questions about TV shows.

A) This well known actress, formerly of Designing Women, has taken over Michell Pfeiffer's role in the new series Dangerous Minds.

Answer: Annie _Potts_

B) Fox has taken this little seen movie starring Parker Posey and has turned it into a series, which was one of the first cancellations of the season.

Answer: _Party Girl_

C) While unable to get Alicia Silverstone for the TV show "Clueless", Rachel Blanchard, an actress familiar to watchers of Nickelodeon, has taken over the role. FTP, what Nick show was she on?

Answer: _Are You Afraid of the Dark?_


5. 30 points

No terrapins here! FFPE, give the appropriate mascot for each of these colleges and universities.

A) Merchant Marine Academy

Answer: _Mariners_

B) University of Portland, OR

Answer: _Pilots_

c) Fordham University

Answer: _Rams_

d) Brigham Young Univerisity

Answer: _Cougars_

e) Washington State University

Answer: _Cougars_

f)University of Illinois-Chicago

Answer: _Flames_


6. 30 points

Name the album given songs FTPE, 5 if you need the artist.

A-10) Little Tiny Song, A, Jane

a-5) Barenaked Ladies

Answer: _Maybe You Should Drive_

B-10) Gary and Melissa, Rock n' Roll Will Never Die, Jesus Was Way Cool

b-5) King Missile

Answer: _Mystical Shit_

C-10) I Hung My Head, Lithium Sunset, The Hounds of Winter

c-5) Sting

Answer: _Mercury Falling_


7. 30 points

Every trash tournament must have at least one alcohol bonus. Given a recipe, name the type of cocktail FTPE.

A) 5 measures vodka

1 measure dry vermouth

1 olive

Add ice and strain before serving

Answer: _vodkatini_ or _vodka martini_

B) 3/4 oz. gin

3/4 oz. brandy

3/4 oz. dry vermouth

Fill with ginger ale or club soda and add a lemon twist

Answer: _Bermuda highball_

C) 2 oz. brandy

2 oz. dark creme de cacao

2 oz. light cream

Shake and strain and add apinch of nutmeg or cinnamon

Answer: _Brandy Alexander_


8. 30 points

Katharine Hepburn was one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood, as well as one of the most honored. For the stated amount of points, answer these questions about this film legend.

A-10) This movie, based on a novel by C.S. Forester, was directed by John Huston, starred Theodore Bikel and Humphrey Bogart, and was one of her most famous films.

Answer: The _African Queen_

B-20) For five points a piece, name the four movies for which she has won an Academy Award.

Answer: _Morning Glory_, _Guess Who's Coming to Dinner_, _The Lion in Winter_, _On

Golden Pond_


9. Given an odd fact about an animal, name the animal FTP each.

A) Studies show that this animal has a 30% less chance of surviving if it falls off the 7th floor of a building than if it falls off the 20th floor of a building.

Answer: _cat_

B) This animal has an orgasm that lasts for 30 minutes.

Answer: _pig_

C) This is the only animal besides humans that can get leprosy.

Answer: _armadillo_


10. Given the characters in a commercial, name the product being advertised FTP each.

A) A penguin singing Frank Sinatra tunes

Answer: _Bud Ice_

B) dolls Nick, Tad, and Roxanne

Answer: _Nissan_

C) Demons and a French soccer player

Answer: _Nike_


11) 25 points

The "CURSE OF THE BAMBINO"? The Boston Red Sox won the world series in 1918, but for the past 78 years they've had trouble regaining the title. Answer questions about this star-crossed franchise for five points each.

A) Which Red Sox owner instigated the trade, in order to finance his Theater pursuits.

Answer: Harry _Frazee

B) This Red Sox infielder is blamed for indecision and a late throw, allowing Enos Slaughter to score the winning run of the 1946 World Series.

Answer: Johnny _Pesky_

C) Which Red Sox pitcher allowed Bucky Dent�s crucial homer in the 1978 Playoff game.

Answer: Mike _Torrez_

D) This Red Sox reliever yielded Mookie Wilson�s fateful game 6 dribbler.

Answer: Calvin _Schiraldi_

E) Whose legs did that fateful dribbler dribble through?

Answer: Bill _Buckner_


12. FTPE, give the rank that each of these characters from "3rd Rock From the Sun" holds on their mission to Earth.

A) Dick Solomon

Answer: _High Commander_

B) Sally

Answer: _Security Officer_ (accept "Weapons Expert")

C) Tommy

Answer: _Information Officer_


13) For the stated number of points, answer these questions about skinny, freaky Iggy Pop.

A-5Each) These two songs of his appeared in the movie "Trainspotting".

Answer: _Lust For Life_, _Nightclubbing_

B) Pop recently released a new retrospective of his work. Name it.

Answer: _Nude and Rude_: The Best of Iggy Pop

C) In his youth, Pop and his friends formed a band that still influences the music of today. Name this band, not to be confused with a trio of comedians.

Answer: _Stooges_


14) After shooting separate interviews for a morning talk show, the limos of two well-known people collided outside of the studio. For the stated amount of points, answer these questions aboout the incident.

A) For ten points each, name these two celebs, one involved in politics, the other in comedy, neither of whom were in the vehicles at the time of the accident.

Answer: _Elizabeth Dole_ and Bill _Murray_

B) For ten points, on what morning news and talk show were both scheduled to appear?

Answer: _Good Morning America_


15) Did you play with Strawberry Shortcake dolls when you were a kid? If you did, than this should be easy. Given a description of one of the Strawberry Shortcake characters, name it FTP each.

A) This tall, skinny man was the villain.

Answer: The _Purple Pieman_

B) This was originally the only male doll offered.

Answer: _Huckleberry Pie_

C) She was the only African-American in Strawberryland.

Answer: _Orange Blossom_


16) One of the greatest front lines in hockey history was the Detroit Red Wings' Production Line. FTPE, give the 3 members of the Production Line whose jersey numbers : 7, 12, and 9, have all been retired.

Ted _Lindsay_

Sid _Abel_

Gordie _Howe_


17. FTPE name the New Wave band that released these albums:

A) "But the Little Girls Understand"

Answer: _The Knack_

B) "Candy-O"

Answer: _The Cars_

C)"Freedom of Choice

Answer: _Devo_


18) 30-20-10 identify the sport given terms that are used in it.

30 pts. balsa, clothes line, and frozen rope

20 pts. apple, dinner bucket, and cherry

10 pts. bedposts, the Brooklyn pocket, Turkey



19) 20 points

Name the children's home video from the quoted Newsweek review, FTP each.

A) This video "features Kenny Loggins in a sort of 'MTV Unplugged' for toddlers. (No one throws any training pants onto the stage).

Answer: _Return to Pooh Corner_ : The Concert Video

B) This video is "for kids old enough not to be terrified by the sight of their own heads digitized onto puppets' bodies".

Answer: _Gregory and Me_


20. 30 points

Answer the following for the stated number of points

A-10) Name the fast food chain currently has the Reese's peanut butter cup pie as a desert choice.

Answer:_Burger King_

B-variable ) Suppose you went to McDonald's and ordered a 9 piece chicken nugget, large fries, and vanilla shake. Now assuming that you ate the whole thing, how many calories have you consumed? You'll get 20 points if you are within 10% of the answer, 10 points if you're within 20%, and 5 points if you are within 30% of the answer.

_1135 calories_

20 pts.: 1021.5-1248.5

10 pts.: 908-1362

5 pts.: 794.5-1475.5


21) 30 points

Stephen King recently published two novels, one under his own name, and one under an alias. FTPE, name

A) The novel published under King's real name.

Answer: _Desperation_

B) The novel supposedly authored by "Richard Bachman"

Answer: _The Regulators_

C) Now, name King's last publishing effort, a novel serialized in 6 paperbacks.

Answer:_The Green Mile_


22. 25 points

This summer, the Sex Pistols reunited and toured the United States, without Sid Vicious.

A)FFPE, name the members of the band that participated in this reunion tour.

Answer: Johnny _Lydon_ or _Johnny Rotten_ Paul _Cook_ Glen _Matlock_ Steve _Jones_

B) For an additional 5 pts, who is the man that created and assembled the original Sex Pistols?

Answer: Malcolm _McClaren_


23. 20 points

Name the Useless Web Page given the Yahoo! Useless Web Page description.

A) "If there is no darkness, the brightness doesn't exist. If there are no useless sites like this, we won't feel the usefulness of other sites."

Answer: _Abandoned Site_

B) "Learn to cope with your File Not Found frustrations in a controlled environment. P.S. The file really is there!"

Answer: _File Not Found Emulator_


24. 20 points

Although they wield anti-tank missles, Crips & Bloods they are not; but don't spend too much time trying to convince the Danish government. FTPE, name the two feuding Scandanavian biker gangs whose conflict is blamed for destroying a Copenhagen nightclub earlier this month.

Answer: the _Bandidos_ and _Hell's Angels_


25. 30 points

This bonus going to be buttas there is no diggety about this. FTPE, give the definitions for the following slang words from the new book, Street Talk II.

A) Brick (as in "It's dumb brick in the winter")

Answer: _freezing cold_ (or equivalents)

B) Pound (as in "Give me a pound")

Answer: _handshake_

C) Lampin (as in "I was lampin on the sofa")

Answer:_relaxing_(or equivalent)