Tossups by Geezers, Inc.


1) When it opened in 1990, it was the largest hotel in the world, with 4,000 rooms. The medieval flavor of this $250 million as Vegas hotel is enhanced by jugglers, jesters, and jousting knights. FTP, identify this hotel which shares its name with a superhero group based in Britain and King Arthur's sword.

A: the Excalibur


2) In 1900 it was the 4th most popular name for boys. In 1925 in had risen to number 1 where it remained in 1940 and 1950 but by 1984 it had fallen to 17th. Historically, it is a Norman name, meaning "fame-bright", one of many two-element German formations. It is shared by a King of Scotland, a Confederate General, and a Polar Explorer. FTP, what is this name that no President has ever shared but which could change with the upcoming election?

A: Robert


3) The groom is a broker with Prudential Securities and the bride has a Texas real estate license. It is his third marriage, but only her first maybe because she was too busy allegedly carrying on a 12 year affair. FTP, name this ex-cabaret singer who rocked the �92 election insisting that she was the long time mistress of President Clinton.

A: Gennifer Flowers


4) It featured lyrics by Tim Rice and music by the two male members of that second-most popular Swedish import, the band ABBA. It had two versions: in the American version, the Russian was the world champion and the villain, while in the London version, the American was the asshole. Among its songs was the popular single, "One Night in Bangkok." FTP, name this musical, which probably never received FIDE sanctioning.

A: Chess


5) Dog Care, Bee Keeping, Home Repairs, Pulp and Paper, Space Exploration, Leatherwork, Rowing and of course Citizenship in the Country and First Aid. FTP, these are just some of what skill awards given by the Boy Scouts.

a: Merit Badges


6) She was the youngest woman ever to win a match in a Grand Slam, the youngest-ever Grand Slam quarterfinalist, the youngest player ever to make the round of 16 at Wimbledon, and the youngest woman ever to win a Wimbledon match. However, her career has taken a downslide in recent years, seemingly ever since she was busted in a motel room in Florida. FTP, name this former teenage tennis phenom, whose comeback efforts have been rather pitiful until recently.

A: Jennifer Capriati


7) On October 3, Julie Andrews appeared on the LateShow With David Letterman, and discussed this man�s farting problem His New York stage debut in 1937 was in Sweet Aloes. His Broadway finale was in W. Somerset Maugham's The Circle. FTP, name this star of stage and screen, known for his Tony and Academy Award-winning performance as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.

A: Rex Harrison


8) The name's the same: the main character in the new Anne Rice novel, Servant of the Bones, and the cat of the enchanter Gargamel in the animated series "The Smurfs." FTP, give the shared name.

A: Azrael


9) Various governmental and lobbyist groups requested cassettes of them for use in training staffers, medical schools used them to teach first-year students, and many students got through history tests humming some of the lyrics. Originally running from 1973 - 1985, these short video clips ran on ABC Saturday morning television. FTP, name this collection of cartoon shorts including "I�m Just a Bill", "Interplanet Janet", "My Hero Zero" and the most famous "Conjunction Junction".

A: Schoolhouse Rock


10) He once threatened to beat up a neighbor�s dog because it barked too much. He was a one time bouncer in Atlantic City and also dressed up as a chicken to stalked George Bush. FTP, name this White House Security Chief responsible for Filegate.

A: Craig Livingstone


11) "When criminals in this world appear/And break the laws that they should fear/And frighten all who see and hear/The cry goes up both far and near for," FTP, what canine superhero of the 1960s and 1970s, who has long been a perennial balloon attraction at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A: Underdog


12) My Time of Day, I�ve Never Been in Love Before, Adelaide�s Lament, Havana, If I Were a Bell, The Crapshooters� Dance, A Bushel and a Peck, and Luck Be a Lady, are FTP from what Musical about racetrack touts and Rialto louts set in New York.

A: Guys and Dolls


13) Perhaps the greatest American in his sport in History, he became the first American to win 4 World Championships after he won the 136.5 pound weight class in 1990. In 1991, he outpolled Rocket Ismail among others to win the Sullivan Award. FTP, name this Freestyle wrestler who shares his name with a character Michael Landon played on TV.

A: John Smith

14) In late June of 1990, a $3 million, pyramid shaped planetarium was dedicated in Concord, New Hampshire. For a quick 10 points, it was named for what schoolteacher, who died in the Challenger explosion in January 1986?

A: Christa McAuliffe


15) Treasure, Iceberg, Dragon, Cyclops, Sahara, and Inca Gold are all by FTP what author whose books feature the daring exploits of Dirk Pitt?

A: Clive Cussler


16) In the past year, this author has published two books that continue series which he had set aside for a few years: Children of the Mind, which finished the cycle of books featuring Andrew Wiggin, and Alvin Journeyman, chronicling the further adventures of Alvin Maker. FTP, name this sci-fi/fantasy author, who won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for his work Ender's Game.

A: Orson Scott Card


17) Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines it as "a highly seasoned fish stew made of at least two kinds of fish." For a quick 10 points, spell "bouillabaisse" (pronounced: boo-yuh-base).

A: b-o-u-i-l-l-a-b-a-i-s-s-e


18) Portrayed on the big screen by Dolf Lundgren, his name is Frank Castle. He is a gun-toting, kevlar-wearing vigilante with a penchant for black clothing, who features a skull logo on his bullet-proof vest. FTP, name this Marvel Comics action hero.

A: The Punisher


19) A member of the family which includes goldfish and minnows, in Robert Heinlein's novel Methuselah's Children, the doctor studying longevity on the starship wishes he had a pair of them, because they never seem to die of old age. This fish is the mascot of the team for which Sachio Kinugasa, the former world record holder for most consecutive games played. FTP, name this fish, the mascot of the Hiroshima baseball team.

A: carp


20) Originally named Go Mifune, in honor of Japanese film star Toshiro Mifune, his name was changed when he first appeared in America. His girlfriend is Trixie, his two brothers are Spridal and the mysterious Racer X, and his pet monkey is Chim Chim. FTP, name this comic book character and animated series hero, the driver of the "powerful Mach 5."

A: Speed Racer


21) They did a cover of the original "Spider-Man" theme song on the "Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits" album, and they first appeared on the big screen in the classic cult film "Rock and Roll High School." Joey sings, Johnny plays guitar, Marky plays the drums, and C.J. plays the base. FTP, name this band whose singles include "I Wanna Be Sedated."

A: The Ramones


22) She first burst on the scene in 1984, when at the age of 15 she made it to the fourth round of Wimbledon. In 1994, she was the last player to ever beat Martina Navratilova in a singles match, defeating her in the first round of the Virginia Slims. FTP, name this "phat" Argentinian tennis player, who retired last week at the ripe old age of 26.

A: Gabriela Sabatini


23) He appeared in The Hudsucker Proxy as a reporter who worked alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh's character, and in the dreadful movie Congo as a scientist killed on the first expedition, but he is probably best known for two roles: his portrayal of Ash in the Evil Dead series of films, and his title role in the Fox TV series, "The Adventures of Briso County." FTP, name this actor.

A: Bruce Campbell





Bonuses by Geezer�s Inc.


1 ( 30) In Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," 7 women are mentioned, either by name, as part of a couple, or by job title. For 4 points each, and a two point conversion for all correct, name those women mentioned in "We Didn�t Start the Fire."

A: Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Ethel Rosenberg, Elizabeth II, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Sally Ride


2 (30) How well do you know your porno stars? Don't be too ashamed to admit to porn fan-dom by identifying the following porno stars from their descriptions. You will get 7 points for each porn queen you correctly identify, and a 2 point conversion for outstanding porno achievement if you name them all correctly.

A) She was the original Ivory Snow Girl, before exposing her "pure" reputation in the classic Behind the Green Door and the Insatiable series of films. She was also the lead in the 1983 flop Rabid.

A: Marilyn Chambers

B) The star of the Emmanuelle series, she also made some mainstream films, most notably the 1981 version of Lady Chatterly's Lover and Private Lessons.

A: Sylvia Kristel

C) She starred in a number of 1980s porno films, most notably the Ginger series of films, before doing lingerie videos and such films as Vice Squad and the CD-Rom game "Wing Commander III."

A: Ginger Lynn (or Ginger Allen)

D) She was the centerfold in the infamous Vanessa Williams Penthouse issue before going on to star in over 100 porno films, before it was revealed that she was under 18. Since ceasing to be jailbait, she has since done one porno film, "Traci, I Love You," as well as mainstream movies such as John Water's Crybaby.

A: Traci Lords


3 (30) If you watch the "Action Pack" series "Xena, Warrior Princess," and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" on TV, this question will be a piece of cake. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about those two shows.

A) For 5 points, name the star of "Hercules."

A: Kevin Sorbo

B) For 5 more points, name the star of "Xena."

A: Lucy Lawless

C) For 10 points, name Hercules' sidekick.

A: Iolaus

D) For a final 10 points, name Xena's staff-wielding sidekick.

A: Gabrielle


4 (30) Although I have problems waking up on Saturday mornings, I still like to watch Saturday morning cartoons, and this year's new fall season is no exception. Although Bugs is still my favorite, I am also partial to the "Kids WB" shows on the Warner Brothers network. For 5 points each, name the shows in the Fall 1996 "Kids WB" lineup from brief descriptions.

A) The main characters of the show are "good, good dogs." Among them are Colleen, a Cockney collie; Blitz, a cowardly Doberman with a German accent; and Exile, a Siberian Husky.

A: "Road Rovers"

B) This show is not a Warner Brothers show, but is produced by Universal Studios. It features such characters as the Giant Fur-Bearing Trout, Psy-Crow, and Professor Monkey-for-a-Head.

A: "Earthworm Jim"

C) This show features, among others, the Goodfeathers, Buttons and Mindy, Rita and Runt, and Slappy and Skippy Squirrel.

A: "Animaniacs"

D) A spin-off of "Animaniacs," this show features two mice from Acme Labs.

A: "Pinky and the Brain"

E) Along with "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain," this show is also presented by Steven Spielberg. It features computer nerd Dexter, who turns into a blue "super-teen extraordinaire" who "runs around in underwear."

A: "Freakazoid"

F) Finally, on this show, a cat, a bird, a dog, and an old woman, all characters from earlier Warner Brothers cartoons, run around solving mysteries.

A: "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries"


5 (30) It's time for a bonus on massive, though somewhat lame, science fiction/fantasy/adventure series. For 10 points each, name the authors of the following collections of works.

A) The author of the series featuring Casca, the eternal mercenary, he also wrote and sang a number one song in the 1960s, "The Ballad of the Green Beret."

A: Barry Sadler

B) He wrote the series featuring Tarl Cabot, an Earthman whose adventures on the planet Gor are chronicled in his Counter-Earth Saga.

A: John Norman

C) He has written well over 100 books featuring Mack Bolan.

A: Don Pendleton


6 (30) This bonus is for the dogs. The American Kennel Club has six classifications of dogs--for 5 points each, name those six canine classifications.

A: Working Dogs, Sporting Dogs, Nonsporting Dogs, Hounds, Terriers, and Toys


7 (30). This past year saw the release of two Beatles anthologies, with the third anthology just released, so it�s appropriate to give you a Beatles question. For 5 points each, given a lyric from a Beatles song, give the title.

A)" I�d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man."

A: "Run For Your Life"

B) "Falling, yes I am falling, and she keeps calling me back again."

A: "I�ve Just Seen a Face"

C) "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."

A: "Strawberry Fields Forever"

D) "My love don�t give me presents; I know that she�s no peasant."

A: "She�s a Woman"

E) "When I hold you in my arms, and I feel my finger on your trigger, I know that nobody can do me no harm, because. . ."

A: "Happiness is a Warm Gun"

F) "Closer, let me whisper in your ear, say the words you long to hear, �I�m in love with you.�"

A: "Do You Want to Know a Secret"


8(30). A number of milestones have been or probably will be achieved in the 1996 season in a number of sports. For 5 points per correct name, answer the following questions about 1996 sports milestones.

A) On September 6, 1996, Eddie Murray became only the third man to hit 500 home runs and get 3,000 hits in his career. Name the other two players who also reached those career numbers.

A: Hank Aaron and Willie Mays

B) Barring unforeseen injury, this player will break Walter Payton�s mark of career rushing touchdowns sometime this year. Name this Kansas City Chief running back.

A: Marcus Allen

C) He became the career NLCS strikeout leader this year, having struck out over 50 batters in the National League Championship Series. Name this Atlanta Braves pitcher.

A: John Smoltz

D) Although he failed to become the first horse to win two Breeder�s Cup Classics, this horse did finish his racing career with earnings of almost $10 million, and earlier this year won his 16th consecutive race. Name this thoroughbred.

A: Cigar

E) If he has a normal season, he should become the first player to record 1,000 receptions during his career. Name this man, who already holds the career touchdown and reception marks. A: Jerry Rice


9 (30) Decisions, Decisions. Oh, Why didn�t I buy insurance? Its the game of Life. Let�s see how much you remember that game of old. Answers these questions for the stated number of points.

A) Everyone in Life wants to be a Doctor or Lawyer and bring down the big bucks, but for 5 points each what three other Professions are represented in the game?

A: Teacher, Journalist, Physicist

B) For 5 points, when you land on Pay Day, you not only collect your salary but also what type of card, either a collect, pay or exemption card.

A: Share the Wealth Card

D) For 10 points, at the Day of Reckoning, a player is forced to decide whether to continue on to the end or to stop and spin the wheel in order to avoid backruptcy and become what kind of winner?

A: Millionaire Tycoon


10 . Now, that I�ve refreshed your memory about Schoolhouse Rock which has now returned to the ABC Saturday morning lineup, lets see how much you really know about it. Given a brief description of a short, name it for 10 points each.

A) Three friends with complicated names and rather exotic color-coordinated pets illustrate the value of pronouns.

A: Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla

B) The main character(zipping around on roller skates) gets the idea of calling the "TV Mobile Unit" to do a story his family�s store. Soon people are travelling from miles around to buy adverbs and transform their adjectives.

A: Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.

C) The Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Diestiny land runs, and westward expansion set to music with lots of chickenlike dancing. Lewis and Clark take along a care package.

A: Elbow Room


11. With the upcoming election, I thought it only appropriate to ask some questions that would make even our Presidental candidates look respectable by comparison Given a prank party and a brief description name the College or University associated with it.

A) The Gumby Party, running under the slogan "Reason as a last Resort", passed a resolution granting Harvard College colonial status.

A: M.I.T.

B) The Monarchist Party, under the leadership of "King James", promised to build a beer-filled moat around campus and sucessfully got the school motto changed from something in Latin to "I�d Rather be Studying"

A: University of Maryland at College Park

C) The most famous of Prank parties, the Pail and Shovel Party, built a giant replica of the Statue of Liberty jutting out a ice on a frozen lake(twice), held a 10,000 person toga party, and had promised to build a 50 ft Mickey Mouse Pez dispenser.

A: University of Wisconsin at Madison


12) For 6 points each, given the secret identity, name the superhero from comics and television.

A) Kitty Pryde

A: Shadowcat

B) Oliver Queen

A: Green Arrow

C) Wally West

A: The Flash

D) Guy Gardner

A: Green Lantern

E) Dick Grayson, in the Teen Titans

A: Nightwing


13) Given a definition of a common French term used in the preparation of food, name it for the stated number of points.

A) For 5 points, To pan fry in small amounts of fat.

A: Saute

B) For 10 points, Individual fancy cakes, iced all over

A: Petits-Fours

C) For 15 points, To skim off excess fat - from stock, soups, stews.

A: Degraisser


14). No trash packet is complete without a bonus about the greatest of all "sports," professional wrestling. For 5 points each, as of October 27, 1996, answer the following questions about the lamest pro wrestling league, the World Wrestling Federation.

A) Who holds the WWF Intercontinental Championship, after he defeated the former champion, Wild Man Mark Mero, with the help of the turncoat Mr. Perfect?

A: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

B) At In Your House--Buried Alive, he defeated the Man Called Vader to earn a shot at WWF heavyweight champion Sean Michaels.

A: Psycho Sid

C) The feature match of In Your House--Buried Alive was a match in which the loser would be buried alive at the in-arena gravesite. For 5 points each, name the two participants in this matchup.

A: The Undertaker and Mankind

D) He is the current president of the WWF, and his name sounds like a cross between a primate and a weather pattern.

A: Gorilla Monsoon

E) Possibly the wierdest member of the WWF is this effete, but talented, wrestler, who dresses up in a golden body suit and uses golden makeup on his face.

A: Golddust


15) If you grew up in the 1960s or 1970s, or if you watch reruns of old kids television shows on cable, this question will be a snap. For 5 points each, given the description, name the kids TV show from the 1960s or 1970s.

A)The first live-action/life-size puppet Saturday morning show done by Sid and Marty Krofft, it ran from 1969 to 1971, then appeared in repeats from 1972-73. It centered around a shipwrecked boy named Jimmy, who takes a ride on a mysterious boat to Living Island. The villainess, evil Witchiepoo, is obsessed with obtaining Freddie, little Jimmy's magic flute.

A: H. R. Pufnstuf

B) It ran from 1974 to 1976, repeating again in 1978 and 1980-81. It starred a bumbling dog janitor, Penrod ("Penry") Pooch, who was secretly the title superhero, "number one super guy."

A: Hong Kong Phooey

C) Another Sid and Marty Krofft show, it ran from 1973 to 1975. It concerned two boys, Johnny and Scott, who while surfing discover a friendly young monster who has been thrown out of his sea cave by his mean uncles for refusing to scare people.

A: Sigmund and the Seamonsters

D) Based on a comic book which debuted in 1941, it revolved around a group of pals from Riverdale High, including Reggie Mantle, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Sabrina the teenage witch. The rock band these friends formed had a number one single in 1969, "Sugar Sugar."

A: The Archie Show

E) This group began life as an all-female counterpart to the Archies in 1970 and were relaunched in Outer Space in 1972 and ran until 1976. On screen, the group consisted of the lead singer, along with Melody the air-headed blonde; Valerie, the smart black girl (incidentally, the first cartoon minority heroine); and Alexandra, the smart-mouthed, headstrong sister of the band's manager, Alexander.

A: Josie and the Pussycats

F) Running from 1972 to 1984, this show was based on Bill Cosby's remembrances of his childhood gang.

A: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids


16) Answer the following questions about PC Gamer�s 1995 Game of the Year, Warcraft IFor 5 points each.

A) For 5 pts, Orcs have invaded which Land of the Humans?

A: Azeroth

B) For 5 pts, What is the subtitle of Warcraft II?

A: Tides of Darkness.

C) For 10 pts, The Expansion Set to Warcraft II has what subtitle?

A: Beyond the Dark Portal

D) For an additional 10 pts, Warcraft is made by what company?

A: Blizzard Entertainment


17) Collect 30 points total if you can answer all of the following question about the game of Monopoly.

A) For 5 points, how many houses should there be in the game?

A: 32

B) For 5 points, which Property name is mispelled in the game?

A: Marvin Gardens(Marven Gardens)

C) For 10 points, how many each are there of Chance and Community Chest cards?

A: 16

D) For a final 10 pts, what is the rent of North Carolina Ave. with a Hotel?

A: $1275


18) Any show that has spawned at least two sequels is definetly worthy of a having a question written about it. Now let us pay Homage to that show which gave us The College Years and The New Class --- Saved by the Bell.

A) For 10 points each, what are the names of the actors which appear on both Saved by the Bell -- The Original and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

A: Dennis Haskins(Mr. Belding) Dustin Diamond(Samuel "Screech" Powers)

B) For a final 10 pts, what was the name Saved by the Bell went by during its first season?

A: Good Morning, Miss Bliss

19) For 5 points each, given the old nickname of a Baseball team, give its current one.

A) Gothams

A: San Francisco Giants

B) Orphans

A: Chicago Cubs

C) Bridegrooms

A: L.A. Dodgers

D) Beaneaters

A: Atlanta Braves

E) For a final 10 points, what team has had no change in either Nickname or City since its origin in 1901.

A: Detroit Tigers


20) Given a year, name the country that held the Winter Olympics for 5 points each.


A: Oslo, Norway

B) 1932

A: Lake Placid, U.S.

C) 1924

A: Chamonix, France

D) 1972

A: Sapporo, Japan

E) 1936

A: Germisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

F) 1956

A: Cortina d�Ampezzo, Italy


21) The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music. For 5 points each, name any six of the Von Trapp children from the Sound of Music.

A: Liesl, Louisa, Friedrech, Kurt, Bragitta, Marta, Gretl