Marion S. Barry Jr. Fraud Bowl


Tossups by Tournament Directorate


1) The protagonist carelessly misplaces the title object after getting drunk at a party. It later "pops" up near St. Mark's Place in Kiev, lying on a blanket next to a broken toaster oven. After haggling with a street vendor he purchases it for $17 dollars, washes it off, and puts it back on. Even though it's a pain in the ass, FTP identify this object which the guy from King Missile does not wish to permanently attach.

Answer: "Detachable Penis"


2) A dropout of Western Michigan University, he co-produced "Crime Wave" with the Coen Brothers and appeared in films such as "Sundown", "Moontrap" and "Maniac Cop". Recently he has appeared in "Men in Black", a remake of "the Love Bug", "Congo" and "Escape From L.A.". On Television he held recurring roles on "Homicide", "American Gothic", "Lois and Clark", and on both "Hercules" and "Xena" as the King of Thieves. FTP, identify this star of B-Movies, TV's "The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr.", "The Evil Dead " and "Army of Darkness".

Answer: Bruce _Campbell_


3) His granted powers centered on the manipulation of forms and wills. Rather than assist Aule, he became a servant of Darkness, often took the shapes of a Werewolf and Vampire, and slew Finrod Felagund with fell sorcery. He became a God among men and corrupted the king Ar-Pharazoan, bringing about the Downfall of the island paradise, Numenor. FTP, identify this chief servant of Morgoth, who under the name Annatar, deceived Celebrimbor of Hollin in the Creation of the Rings of Power- the true Lord of the Rings.

Answer: _Sauron_


4) This All-American scored 2,067 points in three seasons at St. Bonaventure. The NBA Stay in School National Chairman, he coached the East squad in last year's Rookie All-Star Game and formerly coached the Golden State Warriors. Over a 14 year Hall of Fame career with the Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks, this center known for his battles with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dave Cowens, and Wes Unseld averaged 20.1 ppg, 10.1 rpg, and 3.1 apg. FTP, name this man with the size 22 shoes, left off the NBA's 50 Greatest List.

Answer: Bob _Lanier_


5) An awkward young man is pulled aside by three mysterious strangers, and three equally mysterious leggy women. They teach him of clean shirts, black ties, diamond rings and slick pins. Thus armed with their fantastic fashion knowledge, he triumphantly enters a high class gathering and has his pick of the ladies. FTP, this is a brief synopsis of which ZZ Top video, a hit single from the album, "Eliminator".

Answer: _Sharp Dressed Man_


6) The nephew of Dennis Lawson, who played Wedge in the "Star Wars" series, he started his acting career in British public television, good preparation for the role of Frank Churchill in "Emma". His first movie role was as journalist Alex Law in the Glasgow Film Board production "Shallow Grave". FTP, name this actor, best known as Mark Renton, the protagonist of the Board's second film, "Trainspotting".

Answer: Ewen _McGregor_


7) Headquartered in New York, this free monthly publication has a circulation of 1,550,000. Each year it features Nike's "Capture the Spirit" photography contest. Subjects covered usually include managing money, how to be edgy and cool and handling relationships as well as movie and album reviews. Regular features include "Quickies", a poll, the Wrap, and a guest expert. FTP, name this "National College" paper, the most widely read lifestyle and entertainment publication among college educated persons ages 18 to 34.

Answer: _U. Magazine_


8) Apparently, Marion Barry doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Aides to the Mayor reported that he was "deeply offended" by this film, which insults all recovering substance abusers. A bust of Barry is given a lei and a bong, and then later a hooded sweatshirt and an AK-47. However, the remainder of the film has little to do with the District and more to do with standard Zucker-Abrams-Zucker zanyness. FTP, identify this film starring Tia Carrera and John Lovitz as inner city teachers.

Answer: _High School High_


9) If you own this, Arista Records owes you $3. The video of the same name was featured as one of the first MTV "Buzz Clips" and its success earned a grammy for the musical group which "performed it". Unfortunately for Fabian Morvan and Rob Pilotus, they didn't actually sing, the grammy was rescinded, and their record label pulled this album from circulation. FTP identify this 1989 Milli Vanilli release which featured the songs "Don't Forget My Number", "Blame it on the Rain", and the title hit.

Answer: _Girl You Know It's True_


10) What' more could be more corrupt than Necrotizing Fasceitis, the bizarre flesh eating bacteria. In 1993, he learned all about that, when his left leg was amputated. However his proponents don't seem to think that his metaphorical corruption extend to his dogmatic, nationalist poitions. FTP, identify this Provincial Governor of Quebec and leader of the movement to separate from English-Speaking Canada.

Answer: Lucien _Bouchard_





These teams have been here since early in the morning, and they've gone through, well not wars, but buzzer races, and games, and lunch and other stuff together. Hopefully, they have bonded and know each other truly well.


Let's Find out.


I'm Dave Goodman, and I'm the host of the Newlyteamed Game.


Thee are the rules. The Aistant TD at Arms will sequester both Captains. I will ask a series of questions to each team. The captains will be brought back in and will answer the same questions. We will compare answers. The teams will receive 10 points for each answer which reasonably approximates the answer given by the captain.




1) What is the your captain' favorite anwer to a tosup in this tournament.


2) What one word would your captain most closely asociate with Marion Barry.


3) What is your captain' favorite Pasta Dish?


4) What was the last illegal act committed by your captain?





Marion S. Barry Jr. Fraud Bowl


Questions by Tournament Directorate


11) This sitcom centers around the Malloy family, and stars Geoff Pierson and Stephanie Hodge as a married couple who reunited after a first-season divorce. Tiffany and Ryan attend Priddy High School, and Ross in the typical precocious youngster who gave his father a talking stuffed rabbit named Mr. Floppy so he wouldn't be lonely. FTP, this is a brief description of what WB sitcom that looks suspiciously like Married With Children and features the voice of Bobcat Goldthwait as Mr. Floppy?

Answer: _Unhappily Ever After_


12) The main body focuses on the years 1952 and 1953. The Jewish author travels from New York to Boton to St. Louis where he first encounters racial discrimination. The book is devoted to the legacy left by "Carl and Jimmy", "the Preacher", "Skoonj", "Joe Black", and the "Duke of Falbrook". Bill Bavasi, co-authored the second segment on Jackie Robinson and the move to Los Angeles. FTP, identify this Roger Kahn work, a biography of the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950's.

Answer: The _Boys of Summer_


13) If you rub his nose, he'll tickle your toes. He's stoopid, shoots an arrow like cupid, and uses made up words like looptid. He's funky, spunky, and likes his oatmeal lumpy. His philoshophy can be summed up as "Just grab 'em in the biscuits". FTP, identify this alter-ego of rapper Shock G known for his large living, large nose, and unique dance; the most memorable member of the Digital Underground.

Answer: _Humpty-Hump_


14) Its merits have been debated. Supporters argue that it will speed up games and reward superior skill. Detractors claim that potential risk far outweighs reward and that it is just gimmick. FTP identify this innovation pioneered by NAQT and debated by such minds as Shawn Borisoff and John Edwards.

Answer: the _Power Tossup_


15) She appeared on _Melrose Place_ as a lesbian who makes a pass at Jo. One of her earlier roles was in _Spies Like Us_, where she played a Russian snow-bunny. FTP name this actress who portrays Lisa on USA Network's "Weird Science" show, who recently appeared as Woody Harrelson's love interest in the movie _Kingpin_.

Answer: Vanessa _Angel_


16) What the hell is it? Actually, carp. It does resemble what the Norwegian call Lutevisks. Still, it's hard to imagine one actually swimming in a tank. FTP identify this traditional part of Jewish cuisine, packed in a briny goo and resembling a moist sponge in consistency.

Answer: _Gefilte_ Fish


17) Roughly three hours' drive North of London, this largest city in southern Yorkshire is an industrial town known for its fine Cutlery. In 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters were crushed in its Hillsborough Stadium. FTP name this city, called home by Pulp, Joe Cocker, Def Leppard and the Human League.

Answer: _Sheffield_


18) In 1987, he was arrested for indecent exposure, when a neighbor complained about his habit of checking his mail in the nude. In 1990, he was charged, along with three of his teammates, with raping a 17-year old girl in the back of a limosine, not long after capturing the Patrick Division regular season title. In 1993, he was traded to Detroit for Kevin Miller. FTP, name this scrappy former Minnesota North Star and Washington Capital, twice a fifty goal scorer..

Answer: Dino _Ciccerelli_


19) The instruction manual explaining the use of this device is several hundered pages long, highly complex, and strangely, printed on sheet metal. It consists of a large, black oven like base, a tremendous dial, with and an inverted pyramid affixed to the base, suitable for a viewing screen. Its powers are never fully explained, though both Exeter and Dr.Forrester are competent in its use. FTP, identify this strange mechanical device, a central fixture in Mystery Science Theater 3000's "This Island Earth".

Answer: _Interoceter_


20) Situated on Coogan's Bluff, it closed down in 1964, but not after acquiring great history. Mickey Mantle tripped on a drainpipe in right field acquiring permanent knee damage, Lou Brock smashed a 475+ foot homerun to center, the Mets yielded there first run here on a Roger Craig balk, and left fielder Andy Pafko turned around. FTP, identify this stadium, former home of the the New York Giants.

Answer: _Polo Grounds_


21) Though he appears to be a creature from the "Lord of the Flies" he need not be feared. Evil doers should fear, for this not dog comes straight out of the jungles of South America to Speak! at the U.N. . FTP name this Capybara, pet of the Tick so named because of his sole super power, the ability to talk.

Answer: _Speak!_



Bonuses by Tournament Directorate


1) Some believe that blunders by Manager Bobby Cox, cost the Atlanta Braves the 1996 World Series. Given a description, identify the following boneheads from the Baseball playoffs past for 10 points each.

A) In game 7 of the 1991 World Series, he lost track of a double hit by Deion Sanders and had to be held at third base. His baserunning blunder proved costly, as the Braves lost 1-0 in the 10th inning coting them a championship and this veteran outfielder his third ring.

Answer: _Lonnie Smith_

B) In 1951, he brought Ralph Branca in to face Giants slugger Bobby Thompson, even though Thompson had already homered off Branca in game one of the playoff series, and had hit him well during the season.

Answer: Chuck _Dressen_

C) He incorrectly called Hal McCrae safe at first with 2 outs in the 9th inning of Game 6, a blunder which would cost the St. Louis Cardinals the 1985 World Series Championship.

Answer: Don _Denkinger_


2) Hungry? The unofficial fast food/pit stop of the MAQT is of course, Taco Bell. Given a description, identify the following about Taco Bell for 8 points each.

A) Hakeem and Shaq rough up Spike Lee for loose change, and Rick Pitino bribes a recruit by giving him this item designed to prevent the crunchy taco from crumbling.

Answer: the _Double Decker_ Taco

B) A tie-in with the movie "Congo" led to this item, featuring nacho cheese, beans, rice, beef, and mozzarella and which often exploded like its namesake.

Answer: the _Volcano_ Burrito

C) Vanilla Ice Cream, Toffee, chocolate syrup, and a cone that isn't a cone at all comprise this desert treat.

Answer: the _Choco Taco_

D) In this film about a possible future, all restaurants are Taco Bells.

Answer: _Demolition Man_


3) Flashback to 1991: Big Hair, Tight Pants, cheesy metal. Given the lyrics, identify the 1991 hit song, for 8pts, or for 4pts given the recording artist or group.

A-8) "I never thought you'd hurt me/I guess you live and learn/that when you're playin' with fire/you're bound to get burned"

A-4) Firehouse

Answer: "Don't Treat Me Bad"

B-8) "Me I'm just a rocker/I ain't got much to say/I never did things by the rules/always did things by my way"

B-4) Trixter

Answer: "Give it to me Good"

C-8) "Long-legged Rosie from Baltimore/took me farther than I've been before/ Oh she loved me for the diamonds and pearls/took me for a ride-took me round the world"

C-4) Kix

Answer: "Girl Money"

D-8) "Angel Eyes, you have angel eyes/such a smile lights up my life/you're a dream come true/now I'm holding you"

D-4) Steelheart

Answer: "I'll Never Let You Go"


4) As always, I, Lord High Tournament Director David Goodman, am wearing a baseball cap. Answer the following questions about my cap collection, and Baseball Caps in General.

A-4 each) Identify the city, team nickname, and situation when the team will wear it.

Answer: _Arizona_ Diamondbacks_ _Road_

B-5each) Name the brand and model number of the Cap I am wearing now, the official cap of major League Baseball.

Answer: _New Era_, the _5950_

C-8) Name the line of caps including the 1912 and 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, the 1944 St. Louis Browns, and 1975-78 Boston Red Sox., marketed by Roman, Inc. of Massachussetts.

Answer: _Cooperstown Classics_


5) Did you enjoy learning about physics as a child, particularly acceleration, angular momentum, and G-Forces. If so, you should, for 5 points each, and a 5 pt. Bonus, name the following amusement parks given attractions.

A) The Loch Ness Monster, Drachen Fire

Answer: _Busch Gardens_

B) Meanstreak, Magnum XL-500

Answer: _Cedar Point_

C) Viper, The Great American Scream Machine

Answer: _Six Flags: Great Adventure_

D) Kumba, Python

Answer: _Cypress Gardens_

E) The Steel Phantom, Thunderbolt

Answer: _Kennywood_


6) This bonus tests your knowledge of vocabularity and probability. Identify the following terms relating to Academic Competition, and found in the MAQT Lexicon, for 8 points each.

A) Taxonomy, Geological Time Periods, the Coriolis Effect: Questions with no basis in numbers

Answer: _Colvin Science_

B) The Quiz Wizard II Buzzer System, which features an inextricable mess of intertwined wires.

Answer: The Gordian _Knot_

C) Immortalized in an ACF Nationals Bonus, it's the bizarre muse appealed to by Corey Edwards of Georgia Tech in an attempt to answer a stream of conciousness question

Answer: the _Joyceman_

D) To answer a ridiculously easy question. I.E. Name this long, curved, yellow fruit

Answer: _Find Your Ass_ (accept also Ass Finding)


7) It had to happen sooner or later. Given clues, identify the following women involved in the life of Hizzoner, the Mayor-for-Life of Washington D.C., Marrion S. Barry, Jr. for 12 pts. Each.

A) Known as Lady MacBarry, she met Hizzoner, during his prison term and wedded him in 1993.

Answer: _Cora Masters_ Barry

B) Hizzoner had an affair with this "Got-damn bitch" and accused her of setting him up, after he was videotaped smoking crack with her in a Hotel Room in 1990.

Answer: Rasheeda _Moore_

C) Romantically linked to Barry between 1982 and 1984, she was arrested for Cocaine Distribution in 1986 and allegedly gained police plans from Barry which were than leaked to District Drug Dealers.

Answer: Karen _Johnson_

D) This was the first name of Barry's light skinned first-wife, who divorced him in 1991.

Answer: _Effie_


8) This is an audio bonus. Display your ability by performing the first verse of the following songs. The directorate will deliberate and award points based upon these categories: Accuracy, Style, and Showmanship. Scores will run higher if the vocalist's teammates can find some way to contribute.

A) "Chantilly Lace"

B) "Yellow Submarine"

C) "Hotel California"


9) The average half life of a new FOX sitcom is a little higher than that of a 7-11 hot dog. Identify these awful shows, but be careful, because while a miss doesn't stop you, it'll make you look real stupid.

A-6) Picture this: Howie Mandel is running the Sincerity Mortuary where all kinds of shenanigans and bad stiff jokes take place. The title is also what most people thought upon first watching it; it's a shame poor Tom Poston was involved.

Answer: _Good Grief!_

B-7) A spin-off of Duet, the series starred Alison LaPlaca as a real estate agent with her eccentric coworkers, who included Mary Page Keller, who was the star of Duet, and Ellen Degeneres.

Answer: _Open House_

C-8) Only FOX could revolve a sitcom around a global disaster. Kids playing with a toy accidently set off a nuclear missle. Six people with conveniently different personalities survive and live in a farmhouse. It is only notable as being the show that replaced Get a Life, which could explain its name.

Answer: _Woops!_

D-12) In this quasi-spinoff from Top of the Heap, Matt Leblanc stars as Vinnie Verducci, who attends Dick Butkus Community College while not hanging out with his friend, played by Robert Torti. Mona, a 16-year old neighbor with a crush on Vinnie, also appeared in Top of the Heap.

Answer: _Vinnie and Bobby_


10) Remember the good old Reagan days, when no one could remember anything? FTP each, answer the following questions about the Iran-Contra scandals.

A) At the direction of CIA director William Casey, Oliver North hired this Iranian-American Arms dealer to use private funds stashed in a Swiss Bank Account to purchase weapons for to supply to the Contras.

Answer: Albert _Hakim_

B) Documents? What documents? This NSC secretary held a "shredding party" with North, destroying 5,000 pages of documents. When the machine jammed, she smuggled papers out in her underwear.

Answer: Fawn _Hall_

C) This gay fund raiser nicknamed "Spitz", hired by North, cultivated donations by having a cadre of young men "romance blue-haired ladies" and classify them as tax deductible.

Answer: Carl _Channel_


11) MAD Magazine has often featured several gems over its long run. Perhaps one of the best was the, "Fly in My Soup" segment which featured several different comedians telling the same joke in their own styles. Given a description identfy the comedian from part of the joke for 8 pts. each.

A) He ate some soup, but gets caught in a debate with his sidekick Paul over whether to risk a lawsuit by saying where he went, what he got, or what happened while he was there.

Answer: David _Letterman_

B) He's rather pleased to have a fly in his soup at all. In his native land, he'd be lucky to have broth.

Answer: Yakoff _Smirinoff_

C) He really doesn't mind it, that there's a LIVING MEMBER OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM IN HIS SOUP. Isn't it cute the way he does the backstroke.

Answer: Sam _Kinnison_

D) Hmm. There's a fly in my soup. I didn't order one. How depressing.

Answer: Steven _Wright_


12) College athletics has had difficulty shaking the taint of corruption, particularly in basketball, where athletes are seen a meat rather than men. Given a description of a violation, identify the athlete FTP each.

A) After turning pro in 1996, he admitted to accepting over $2,000 worth of Jewelry from prospective agents during his three year college career.

Answer: Marcus _Camby_

B) In 1988, a Federal Express package containing $1,000 in cash exploded while amid delivery to his Los Angeles home. The cash was traced to Kentucky, which got probation. Arizona got the star.

Answer: Chris _Mills_

C) After he spurned Iowa for Illinois in 1989, it was revealed that this Chicago Prep star and his family received a Jeep and over $80,000 by encouraging a bidding war between the two Universities.

Answer: Deion _Thomas_


13) Bow wow wow, yippee-yo yippee yay. The truth about Cats and dog is that dogs are a whole lot cooler. Given a fictional dog, identify the breed for 6 points each.

A) Snoopy

Answer: _Beagle_

B) Droopy

Answer: _Basset Hound_

C) Ren Hoek

Answer: _Chihuahua_

D) Buttons

Answer: _Collie_

E) Santa's Little Helper

Answer: _Greyhound_


14) Do you think that today's music ain't got the same soul? Do you think that modern artists lack the charisma and talent of their forebears? Prove it by identifying the following artists of Old School Rap for 5 points each and a five point bonus for all correct, given songs.

A) "I Get the Job Done"

Answer: _Big Daddy Kane_

B) "Wild, Wild, West"

Answer: _Kool Moe Dee_

C) "I'm Your Pusher"

Answer: _Ice T_

D) "Teenage Love"

Answer: _Slick Rick_

E) You Got's ta Chill"

Answer: _EPMD_


15) Given the character, identify the following films featuring John Cusak, FTP each.

A) Hoops McCann

Answer: _One Crazy Summer_

B) Lain Meyer

Answer: _Better Off Dead_

C) Lloyd Dobbler

Answer: _Say Anything_


16) Joseph Conrad was an Author, Conrad McCrae was a Syracuse basketball player, and William Conrad was a fat man. Given a description, identify these actors with Conrad in their names for the stated number of points.

A-5) He played St. Phil Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues, always ending roll call with "And hey, let's be careful out there." He died during midseason in 1984.

Answer: _Michael_ Conrad

B-10) He had small parts in Maude and Mr. President, but is best known as Mr. Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes.

Answer: Conrad _Bain_

C-15) This man was in an awful 1950's show called Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop, and was Mindy's blustering father on Mork and Mindy.

Answer: Conrad _Janis_


17) College Football will never top it's greatest moment of glory: the play. For the stated number of points answer the following about the 1982 Stanford vs. Cal-Berkeley game.

A-3) This Stanford Quarterback had just led a time-consuming drive which resulted in a field goal to give Stanford a 1 point lead.

Answer: John _Elway_

B-9) The California Berkely team lateraled how many times on the ensuing kickoff.

Answer: _5_

C-9) The Stanford band was already on the field when Berkeley scored. Name the mangled musical instrument, which after a collision with the Cal player, made its way to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Answer: _Trombone_

D-9) What was the Final score?

Answer: _25-20_


18) Geek power! Given a description of a character in a roleplaying game, identify the system being used, for ten points each.

A) "The Ratcatcher," on the ninth generation, is a fine fighter, with Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina all at 4, a 3 in the abilities "Melee" and "Dodge," and the discipline "Potence" at 2.

Answer: _Vampire_: The Masquerade (accept: _White Wolf_)

B) "Bandera" is also a capable fighter, with a DX of 14, the advantage "Combat Reflexes," and a "Shortword" skill of 16, which gives him a default "Broadsword" skill of 14.

Answer: _GURPS_ Fantasy

C) "Russell, the Rastafarian Rabbit" looks like Bugs Bunny with a rasta cap and scarf. His "Natual Enemies" include line dancer, his knacks include "jam on steel drum" at +3, and his Chutzpah stat of 6 makes him a formidable talker.

Answer: _TOON_


19) What makes this place so great are the great names. Given the wacky name of a kooky U.S. town, spell it for ten poin each.

A) Rancho Cucamonga

Answer: R-A-N-C-H-O C-U-C-A-M-O-N-G-A

B) Poughkeepsie

Anwer: P-O-U-G-H-K-E-E-P-S-I-E

C) Pasamaquoddy

Answer: P-A-S-S-A-M-A-Q-U-O-D-D-Y


20) Smooth sweet soul music. Ah! Motown. Answer the following about Motown Records FFPE.

A) This Detroit Native founded the label in 1959.

Answer: Berry _Gordy_ Jr.

B) This group recorded 12 #1 hits, more than any other American gorup.

Answer: Diana Ros and the _Supremes_

C) Motown Records was given thi nickname becuase of it success, the title of also two volume box set which covers the labels hits from 1959-1994.

Answer: _Hitsville, USA_

D-5each) This songwriting trio composed nearly all of Motown's early hits, including "Reach Out (I'll Be There", "Where did our Love Go" and "Heat Wave"

Anwer: Edward _Holland_, Lamont _Dozier_ and Brian _Holland_


21) Given the year, name the Orange Bowl Winner, For 7 pt. each.

A) 1986

Answer: _Oklahoma_

B) 1989

Anwer: _Miami_(FLA)

C) 1981

Answer: _Clemson_

D) 1984

Answer: _Washington_ University