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2021 sports!: The Bob Gibson Memorial Set

Target level: Trash

Season primarily used: 2020-2021

Target difficulty is "Medium-level" for sports enthusiasts. Will come across as much more difficult to casual sports fans. More info at hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php

2.5/2.5 Baseball
2.5/2.5 Gridiron Football
2.5/2.5 Basketball
2.5/2.5 Hockey
2.5/2.5 Olympic Sports
2.5/2.5 Association Football
1.5/1.5 College Sports
3.5/3.5 Other

A few minor edits have been made since the Open Mirror. This set includes those edits. This also includes edits made between the Waterloo Mirror (Aug/1/2021) and the Open Mirror (Jan/9/2022).

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