2005 TRASHionals
Round 17

1. Formed in 2001 in New York, members of this group include Paddy Boom on drums and Derek G and Del Marquis on guitar. Their breakthrough song, originally a B-side to the single "Electrobix," earned single of the month honors by both Jockey Slut and Dazed and Confused magazines. This group, whose name comes from a lesbian sex act, released its self-titled debut album, which features the hit single "Comfortably Numb," in 2004. For ten points, name this genre- and gender-defying quintet, who are extremely popular in Britain but enjoy merely a cult following in the U.S.

Answer: Scissor Sisters

2. Launched in Australia in 2002, it soon reached the US West Coast, and is now available in 12 US markets, most recently in Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona. A sponsor of the only pro surfing tour stop on the US mainland and co-sponsor with And 1 of the Mix Tape Streetball Tour, its youth and hip-hop orientation is clear in its ads, which include an old woman talking in current slang and one with artists like Kanye West. A subsidiary of Nextel, it is also the only pay-as-you-go service with a long-distance walkie talkie function. Name, for ten points, this wireless provider whose slogan is �Where You At?�

Answer: Boost Mobile

3. The first time we meet him, in the episode "Stranger in Town," he is played by Walter Baldwin. He has two sons, baseball-playing Norman and saxophone-playing Randall, wife Melba and nephew Warren, who briefly served as sheriff's deputy. He charged 25 cents for a shoeshine, 35 cents for a shave, 75 cents for a shampoo and a dollar for a haircut, although he had this problem cutting sideburns evenly. For ten points, name this resident barber of Mayberry, played by Howard McNear on The Andy Griffith Show.

Answer: Floyd Lawson

4. The first three events were held in the 1930s, and were held in honor of Ace Bailey, Howie Morenz and Babe Seibert. The 1951 and 1952 games pitted the "First Team" against the "Second Team." No game was held in 1979 due to the Challenge Cup, while the 1987 contest was called off for Rendez-Vous 87. The format from 1998 to 2002 was North America versus the World, while East versus West was the format from 1969 to 1974, as well as 2003 until today. For ten points, name this annual competition called off in 2005 due to a lockout.

Answer: National Hockey League All-Star Game or NHL All-Star Game

5. She set aside a career in medical research to find her lost fianc� Dr. Roger Korby, who had been missing for five years. When Korby was found on Exo III in 2266 and discovered to be an android, she elected to continue her military career. When infected with the Psi 2000 virus, she acknowledged an unrequited love for Spock. For ten points, name this original Enterprise crew member who would serve as director of Starfleet Emergency Operations and speak on Kirk's behalf before the Federation Council in regard to the Genesis device.

Answer: Christine Chapel

6. Founded in 1982 when Trip Hawkins left Apple Computer, among their first games, published in May of 1983 for the Atari 800, were Hard Hat Mack, Archon, and Worms. In 1997 they acquired Maxis, giving them the rights to the Sim City line and in 2000 released the Sims. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, for ten points, name this video game company responsible for the Medal of Honor and Goldeneye series, and, since 1989, Madden NFL football.

Answer: Electronic Arts or EA (Do not accept EA Sports, as several of those games are not in the EA sports line)

7. New members of this group include Theo Peoples, who replaced the late Lawrence Payton, and Ronnie McNair, who joined when one of its original members was diagnosed with cancer. Formed in 1954, they signed with Chess Records in 1956, but moved to a Detroit-based label eight years later. Under the wing of the Holland-Dozier-Holland writing team, they made 30 appearances on the pop chart for the next eight years, including "Same Old Song," "Standing in the Shadows of Love" and "Baby I Need Your Loving." For ten points, name this Motown quartet, whose other hits include "Reach Out I�ll Be There" and "I Can�t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)."

Answer: The Four Tops

8. Written in eight months to mark its author's 50th year as a professional, it sold over 1 million copies in the year 2000, 18 years after it was first published. The story of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler and his fight against his oppressors, it gets decent reviews from critics, despite the improbability of many plot elements, including the idea that five nuclear bombs placed next to each other will go off in sequence. For ten points, name this saga of the year 3000, a monumentally bad movie starring John Travolta, based on the book by L. Ron Hubbard.

Answer: Battlefield Earth

9. He reportedly has amassed the largest collection of Daffy Duck cartoons in the world, and his favorite actors are Sean Connery and Liz Taylor. In his free time, he penned six operas over a two-year period and once shot a 38-under-par with five holes-in-one in one round of golf. In 1994, Hennessy admitted that this man was its best customer for its cognac, and he is said to have purchased 200 Mercedes S class cars for 20 million dollars in 1998. For ten points, name this alleged "renaissance man," who has also managed to starve, imprison and execute millions of his citizens as North Korea�s dictator.

Answer: Kim Jong-il

10. In the second sequel to this film, the scheming teens are Marie and Elena. In the first sequel, the teens are named Maya and Brittney. In the original, the girls were Kelly and Suzie. The formula is the same in all three films: a Miami rich girl schemes with a swamp-area girl to double-cross an unwitting guy for lots of money. In the midst of the numerous plot twists, there are murders and a required threesome scene. For ten points, name this now-franchise film that originally starred Neve Campbell and Denise Richards as the teens.

Answer: Wild Things

11. Last year's running opened with the Buckle Up Bash featuring Vince Gill and Rascal Flats performing the national anthem. It ended with Jeff Gordon taking the checkered flag for the third time, having won previously in 2001 and in the inaugural event in 1994. The previous year saw Kevin Harvick become the first pole-winner to also win the race. Held on the first full weekend in August, name, for ten points, this NASCAR race held at the same venue as Formula One's US Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500.

Answer: Brickyard 400

12. This 1985 hit received renewed fame in Britain in 2005, courtesy of a dance remix by Sunset Strippers. The songwriting/recording duo responsible for this song, George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam, got married months before its October 1985 release. The singer wails how difficult it is to catch the woman's heart, comparing it to catching the title object, as so many people love her, and he can't love her this much, while loving her this far. For ten points, name this Top 5 love song for Boy Meets Girl.

Answer: "Waiting for a Star to Fall"

13. A native of Holly Springs, Mississippi, and an Ole Miss graduate, he was a witness to Timothy McVeigh�s execution in 2001, a few months after being arrested for running over a woman with his car in Florida while covering the 2000 presidential election. He�s also notable for a slip up about a block party that Jennifer Lopez might�ve received. For ten points, name this original Fox News Channel personality, host of The Fox Report and Studio B.

Answer: Shepard Smith

14. (AUDIO) Given a clip of dialogue, name the 1990s from which it comes for ten points. [Clip 66]

Answer: The Truman Show

15. Tim Flavin is the narrator for this show that has featured celebrities such as Sisqo, Randy Travis, Bobby Collins, and the Prince of Ghana. Regular cast members include Nicholas in Baltimore, Kevin in Liverpool, Colleen in Chicago, and Mike and Yolanda in Los Angeles. Along the way, there are stories of people going off to war, line cutters, and plenty of irate passengers wondering why they�ve been bumped. For ten points, name this A&E reality show about the inner workings at easyJet and Southwest.

Answer: Airline

16. A woman uses disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery, much to the chagrin of her husband, rather than break in the items they own from this company. Another woman wills herself to stay asleep in a land of unicorns and rainbows that includes a dream room in her house stocked with their products. Yet another ad has a pair of ghostbusters arrive at a house whose matriarch is willing to brave the supernatural thanks to her bathroom. Such is the power of, for ten points, the kitchen and bathroom fixtures available from what company?

Answer: Kohler

17. Celebrity alumni from this school include character actor Edward Herrmann, Pro Football Hall of Famer George Young, CBS head honcho Les Moonves and author Philip Roth. Originally called the University of Lewisburg, it was renamed in honor of a member of its board of trustees, who donated 50-thousand dollars to keep the school alive. Its football team won the first Orange Bowl, beating Miami in 1935, while its men�s basketball squad defeated Holy Cross in the finals of its 2005 conference tournament. For ten points, name this Pennsylvania school, whose men�s basketball squad stunned Kansas in the upset of the 2005 NCAA tournament.

Answer: Bucknell University

18. This album was made in a week and features performances by Val Young, Tyrone Wrice, Young Noble, and Outlawz. It features tracks like "Hold Ya Head," "White Man's World," and "To Live & Die in L.A.," while "Hail Mary" was written and recorded in thirty minutes. Darker in tone than its predecessor All Eyez On Me, this is, for ten points, what album released under the pseudonym Makaveli, the final album recorded by Tupac Shakur?

Answer: The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory

19. Recent spinoffs of this series include 3-2-1 Penguins, and Larryboy. Created by computer animator Phil Vischer in 1993, among the videos in the series are "Dave and the Giant Pickle", "Are You My Neighbor?", and "Josh and the Big Wall." Beginning with "Where's God When I'm s-scared", for ten points, name this Christian cartoon video series responsible for a 2002 film telling the story of Jonah, which feature Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

Answer: VeggieTales

20. Her career going nowhere, this government agent consorts with a motley assortment of shady characters: Ivy, a living vampire; Jenks, a pixie with a lot of children; Trent, a businessman who may or may not be human and is believed to be dealing in Brimstone, a nasty drug. This witch and bounty hunter spends her nights (and the odd day here and there) in The Hollows, a part of Cincinnati that has become a Las Vegas for paranormal types. For ten points, name this main character in Kim Harrison's novels Dead Witch Walking, The Good, the Bad and the Undead, and the soon-to-be-released Every Which Way but Dead.

Answer: Rachel Morgan

21. Footage from the 1977 film Tiger and Crane Fist, also known as The Savage Killers, was used for this movie, which was released on January 25, 2002. The main character, known as the "Chosen One," sets off to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of Master Betty Pain, which occurred when he was just a karate-chopping infant. Written, directed and starring Steve Oedekerk, this is, for ten points, what 2002 big-screen martial-arts spoof?

Answer: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist