2005 TRASHionals
Round 16

1. Their first regular-season game was a 76-60 loss to Sacramento on May 31, 2000. Lin Dunn was the team's first head coach, and early stars on the team included Robin Threatt, Katrina Hibbert and Edna Campbell. The team won only six games its first season and 10 its second, but made the playoffs in its third, falling to Los Angeles in the Western Conference final. 2004 saw this squad, now coached by Anne Donovan, upend Connecticut two games to one for the league championship. For ten points, name this WNBA team, which features such stars as Sue Bird, Betty Lennox and Lauren Jackson, and who play their home games at KeyArena.

Answer: Seattle Storm

2. This toy made a brief comeback during the 1998 holiday shopping season, courtesy of Yes! Entertainment. According to the toy's 1987-88 animated series, it was an Illiop from the land of Grundo whose friends included Grubby the octopede and eccentric inventor Newton Gimmick. 600-thousand of this toy were pre-sold before its June 1985 debut, along with the 40 or so tapes and cartridges to make it talk about its adventures. For ten points, name this talking bear that was the one of the biggest fads of the 80s.

Answer: Teddy Ruxpin

3. His big-screen directorial debut was It Takes Two, starring the Olsen Twins. He directed the TV-movie The Amy Fisher Story -- the one with Drew Barrymore -- and the two collaborated again with Ever After, cementing his role as a romantic comedy specialist. For ten points, name this director of Fools Rush In, Sweet Home Alabama, and 2005's Hitch.

Answer: Andy Tennant

4. Headquartered at 399 Market Street in Philadelphia, they are not licenced to do business in the state of New York. Their LifeChoice product is offered primarily to people aged 45 to 75, but they are best known for their Guaranteed Acceptance product, offered since 1968 for people between 50 and 80 years old. Name, for ten points, this leading company in the field of life insurance that doesn�t require a medical exam, best known for TV ads starring Ed McMahon and Alex Trebek.

Answer: Colonial Penn Life Insurance

5. Its heart was a basement room fitted with microphones and speakers that acted as a reverb chamber where echo from the room's hard surfaces gave songs a rich and distinctive quality when played on AM radio. Also included in the mix were four or five guitars, two basses, strings, six or seven horns, and lots of formula percussion instruments. The Beatles' last studio album Let It Be made use of this combination of orchestral instruments and echo that gave songs like "Be My Baby" and "River Deep, Mountain High" their distinctive flavor. For ten points, name this technique most associated with Phil Spector.

Answer: Wall of Sound

6. He starts his journey at the behest of the Frog King, who gets him to the small intestine and the Sparrow Prince. Donning a magic torch helmet, he gets to the stomach and the Catatafish, who poses a riddle. Answering it correctly, he is put into a gyroscope to be shot up the esophagus and out the mouth. Upon escaping, the Frog King crowns him and tells him this is just the start of his adventures. Such is the ballad of, for ten points, what brave gerbil who escaped Mr. Slave's ass on South Park?

Answer: Lemmiwinks

7. While serving in the Army during the Korean war, he drew cartoons for Stars and Stripes. After the war, he did work for Playboy and had a musical career that included hits for the likes of Johnny Cash. In 1980, he recorded his own country album, The Great Conch Train Robbery. A playwright and longtime resident of Key West, he may be better known for collections of verse that included the poems "Wild Boar," "Sick" and "Me Soup." For ten points, name this author of Falling Up, The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Answer: Shel Silverstein

8. Born January 4, 1967 in Monroe, Louisiana, he was a teammate of fellow pros Greg Lesher, Emlyn Aubrey, Perry Moss, and Bob Friend at LSU. Making his PGA Tour debut in 1992, he won his first tourney five years later at the Quad City Classic. 2001 was one of his best years on tour, finishing third on the money list with nearly $3.8 million in earnings, and winning three titles -- including the 2001 PGA Championship. The two-time defending champion of the FedEx Saint Jude Classic, this is, for ten points, what pro golfer who, in 2005, defeated Chris DiMarco to win the World Match Play Championship?

Answer: David Toms

9. Jamie McMurray, Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt Jr. play themselves, and racing scenes were shot during pace laps of the 2004 Pop Secret 500 and Target House 300. Maggie Peyton comes from a racing family, and tries to break into NASCAR using a car she found in a junkyard, containing a mysterious note in the glove box. For ten points, name this forthcoming Disney film, starring Lindsay Lohan and a magical VW Beetle.

Answer: Herbie: Fully Loaded

10. A short-lived revival of this show in 2003 reunited the main characters in San Diego. When the original run ended in 1991, the title character was dating fellow cop Chris, just after new partner Joanne was killed off. Garrett Morris had a key role in the series as street hustler Sporty James. But this show was mostly about "the brass cupcake" detective Dee Dee McCall and the titular gun-toting partner known for his catchphrase "works for me." For ten points, name this long-running NBC police drama starring Fred Dryer.

Answer: Hunter

11. The group originated in 2002, when its lead singer left Blush Response and answered a classified ad placed by guitarist David Keuning. Soon after, bassist Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci joined on. London-based Lizard King released their first single, in limited edition form, in 2003, which earned them a slot at the CMJ Music Marathon and a deal with Island. Their debut album, released in 2004, made waves thanks to the MTV-fave "Somebody Told Me." For ten points, name this Brandon Flowers-led quartet, responsible for the album Hot Fuss and the single "Mr. Brightside."

Answer: The Killers

12. Born in 1933 in Milwaukee, he achieved early success on Broadway before making his film debut as Eugene Grizzard in 1967's Bonnie and Clyde. In 2003, he won an Emmy Award for his guest role as Mr. Stein on Will and Grace, a dozen years after his fourth and last film collaboration with Richard Pryor, Another You. In 2005, he released his autobiography, Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art. For ten points, name this comic actor, known on the big screen for portraying Leo Bloom, The Waco Kid, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (FRONK-en-steen) and Willy Wonka.

Answer: Gene Wilder

13. The first appearance of this fictional character came on Clara Turley�s Bible Challenge where he wins a Ken Jennings-like 48 straight games. We also discover he has a sister, played by Elle McPherson. By 2003, he�s become a Charles Kuralt-type commentator for Newsline who moves with his wife Molly, played by Penelope Ann Miller, to a small Wisconsin town to be closer to the common people. For ten points, name this Norm MacDonald character, first found on SNL and later in the title of a short-lived Fox sitcom.

Answer: Stan Hooper

14. Its director claimed this is the only film he made because he had time on his hands. One gag had Christopher Lee's character named for a prominent USC figure. Penny Marshall and James Caan thankfully are uncredited, but Judy Landers, Joe Flaherty, Robert Stack, and Slim Pickens weren't. Starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Ned Beatty, and co-written by Robert Zemeckis, for ten points, name this film about Californians preparing for a Japanese attack after Pearl Harbor, a huge flop directed by Steven Spielberg.

Answer: 1941

15. Publication began in 1879. Distributed along with Awake! magazine, sellers stopped charging for it in 1990, when the Supreme Court ruled that charging made it subject to taxation. With an average print run of 26.4 million, the semi-monthly appears in about 110 languages. Each issue contains two or three study articles and includes topics like Bible prophecy and Christian conduct. For ten points, name this publication you might receive as your free gift for opening the door on a Saturday morning to a Jehovah's Witness.

Answer: The Watchtower

16. The symbol is the same. The society that uses it was inspired by a thrift store purchased by Sue Ellen Cooper and the poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. The software company that uses it was formed in 1995 when Bob Young's ACC Corporation bought out Marc Ewing's company, creating what would become a leader in subscription-based open source computing solutions. For ten points, give this shared symbol, one the topper for purple-clad women who want to face middle age with "verve, humor, and elan," the other known for its line of Linux products.

Answer: Red Hat

17. Paul Hines in 1878 for Providence. Jimmy Cooney and Johnny Neun on consecutive days in 1927. Ron Hansen for the Washington Senators in 1968. Mickey Morandini and John Valentin were the only players to perform this feat in the 1990s, while Randy Velarde and Rafael Furcal achieved it in the past six seasons. Bill Wambganss performed this feat during the 1920 World Series for Cleveland. For ten points, name this rare baseball feat, which has been accomplished only 13 times since 1878.

Answer: Unassisted Triple Play

18. In his youth, he wrote a poem about a boy marrying a boy. He shared a bed with fellow general store clerk Billy Greene, his friend Joshua Speed, and his bodyguard Captain David Derickson. His early growth is linked to early puberty, which supposedly makes one more likely to have same-sex experiences. All this was fodder for C.A. Tripp, who wrote The Intimate World of, for ten points, what president whose alleged homosexuality would make him the first Log Cabin Republican?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

19. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a 1990s R&B hit, name the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 62]

Answer: Poison by Bell Biv Devoe

20. It was created in 1996, getting its name from a brand of German white wine sold by its creator in the 1970s. Its country of production was chosen for its available distillers, though it is also claimed to benefit from the use of local spring water filtered through regional limestone. In 1999, Wall Street Journal ads touted its brand leadership in taste as judged by the Beverage Testing Institute, but it really took off when the women on Sex and the City started asking for cosmos made with it. Retailing at roughly $30 a bottle, this is, for ten points, what smartly marketed French vodka?

Answer: Grey Goose

21. A high-school dropout from Kingston, Ontario, he played exactly one NHL game, doing so for the Boston Bruins in 1955. A 16-year minor league vet, he got his first taste of coaching with the AHL�s Rochester Americans in 1971. Moving to the NHL three years later, he spent five seasons coaching in Boston, winning Coach of the Year honors in 1976. In 1980, he moved to the broadcasting booth, winning CBC officials over with a segment within Hockey Night in Canada. For ten points, name this pimp-dressed commentator, whose Coach�s Corner has made him a cultural icon in the Great White North.

Answer: Don Cherry