2005 TRASHionals
Round 15

1. The title track of its artist's first studio album in seven years, it was originally co-written by Richie McDonald for Lonestar's album Let's Be Us Again. Claiming "I live for those kisses, your prayers an' your wishes," it begins by reminiscing "I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand." For ten points, name this recent country hit by Billy Dean celebrating the wonders of children.

Answer: "Let Them Be Little"

2. A 1971 Bradley graduate, he was Keith Olbermann�s boss at the 1980 Olympics when they both worked for UPI Radio. He�s called games for the New Jersey Generals, New York Jets and New York Yankees, and just replaced Ross Porter in the Dodgers� booth, marking his return to L.A. after a failed stint as a pool boy on Melrose Place. Also known for hiding from Evander Holyfield and calling Carl Lewis "Francis Scott Off-Key," for ten points, name this hirsute former anchor on ESPN�s SportsCenter.

Answer: Charley Steiner

3. It actually went by the designation Type B4, and rights to it were sold to the US War Department in 1936 for $1600. Andrew Toti�s original model used duck feathers, but its bulk forced a re-design. The new model used rubber bladders full of air covered by cotton cloth. Its look when in use gave it its more common name. The first President Bush credited his with saving his life when he was shot down during World War II. For ten points, name this life vest that shares its name with a buxom movie star of the 1930s.

Answer: Mae West

4. The alchemist Paracelsus allegedly keep his in the hilt of his sword. British royalists claimed that Oliver Cromwell had one named Grimoald, while the 16h century German mystic Agrippa supposedly had a black dog named Monsieur. In film, examples include Pyewackett, a Siamese belonging to Kim Novak in Bell Book and Candle. For ten points, name this animal that assists a wizard or witch.

Answer: familiar

5. She fell off her chair while auditioning for her 2001 breakthrough role, and was hired on the spot. Making her debut in the 1999 TV series Get Real, her first feature film, The Other Side of Heaven, was delayed to capitalize on her breakthrough, in which she played the klutzy Mia Thermopolis. If the full-frontal scenes in her upcoming Havoc remain intact, she can probably kiss Disney goodbye. For ten points, name this actress best known for The Princess Diaries and its sequel.

Answer: Anne Hathaway

6. While performing in an ancient Greek amphitheater, this dancer learns that she won't become prima ballerina because of her homeliness and calls on Ares for help. He grants her beauty, super-strength and the ability to cause devastation with her birdlike cry. While using her power to cause wars among men, she can become her alter ego for an hour at a time. If she kills a certain Amazonian princess, she will retain her powers forever. For ten points, name this pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Wonder Woman nemesis also known as Helen Alexandros.

Answer: The Silver Swan

7. His name is the first result in a Google search of "whipped" and "basketball." Drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in the first round of the 1992 NBA Draft, he played his college ball at Pepperdine. Traded by the Sonics with Benoit Benjamin to the L.A. Lakers for Sam Perkins in 1993, he's also played defense for the Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings. He led the NBA in total steals for the 2000-2001 season, but he's probably better known for his offcourt relationships, which led to the firing of a Kings employee who angered his wife by speaking to him. For ten points, name this Orlando Magic guard with a really controlling wife.

Answer: Doug Christie

8. Characters on this show include mad scientist Quinn, brassy and athletic Dana, and jokester Michael. Chase is the requisite best guy friend with an unrequited crush on the title character; Logan is the hunk she actually likes. Nicole is the fast-talking best girl friend. All of these characters attend the formerly all-boys Pacific Coast Academy. For ten points, name this Nickelodeon show starring Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn as the popular girl in the middle of it all.

Answer: Zoey 101

9. It's the name of the record distribution arm for the Chicago band 3 Beads of Sweat. It's also the name of two bands -- one an Australian band headed by Dean Toohey, the other a duo of Scott Kilby and Gary Brown. The name originally appeared in the 1972 home edition of Jeopardy! and reappeared 20 years later when the sick Donald was playing Trivial Pursuit. For ten points, name this group that George Constanza insists invaded Spain in the eighth century.

Answer: The Moops

10. The second track off the 1978 No. 1 album City to City, it reached #2 on the pop charts, but was held back by Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing." It also appeared on a couple of Australian and Japanese releases of Foo Fighters' The Colour and the Shape and "My Hero." Raphael Ravenscroft is responsible for its signature saxophone hook, while the lyrics were about feeling lonely and insignificant in London, especially walking on the title thoroughfare. For ten points, name this biggest hit from Gerry Rafferty.

Answer: Baker Street

11. Following a two-year retirement, he returned to the ring in October 2004, knocking out Ricardo Mayorga. A five-time Puerto Rican national amateur champion, he turned pro in 1990 and won the IBF welterweight title from Maurice Blocker in 1993. After defending the IBF title 16 times, he stunned Oscar De La Hoya to take the WBC welterweight belt. Moving up in weight in 2000, he took the WBA and IBF super welterweight titles. He then took the WBA middleweight crown from William Joppy, before suffering his first defeat at the hands of Bernard Hopkins. For ten points, name this fighter, nicknamed "Tito."

Answer: Felix Trinidad

12. He's a fan of the opening bars of "Baba O'Reilly," but not of chairman Edward Vogler, who wants to eliminate his department at Princeton Plainsboro Medical Center. He has a close friend in oncologist James Wilson and an odd enemy in administrator Lisa Cuddy. He admits hiring assistant Dr. Allison Cameron because of her looks. Young doctors Robert and Eric also put up with his grouchy exterior to help solve medical mysteries on a weekly basis. For ten points, name this gruff doctor and FOX title character played by Hugh Laurie.

Answer: Dr. Gregory House

13. Finally released on DVD this year, features include a drunken filmmaker commentary, one by the cast, including several porn stars; and a wild commentary by people with no connection to the film. Its soundtrack includes "Sorry About Your Penis" by Smash Mouth, and "Now You're A Man," by DVDA. Joe Young, a Mormon missionary, is trying to save money for a Temple wedding. Director Maxxx Orbison casts him as a superhero in a series of hit films, but Joe refuses to do penetration scenes. For ten points, name this 1997 film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Answer: Orgazmo

14. One part of these comes from the shrub Sebastiana palmeri, while the other comes from the Carpocapsa saltitans. A common comedic element of cartoons from the 1930s to the 1950s, its main action comes from when the animal part pulls on threads attached to the vegetable part due to warming, such as from being held. Alamos in Sonora is known as the world capital for these, known in their home country as brincadores. For ten points, name these items whose name exaggerates their moving ability but is correct in their south of the border origin.

Answer: Mexican jumping bean

15. Ohio barber Merle Robbins created this game in 1971 and sold it out of his barbershop until selling the rights to an Illinois funeral parlor owner. It was first sold under the International Games logo until being bought by Mattel in 1992. At the beginning of play, each player is dealt seven cards from the 108-card deck. For ten points, name this variant of Crazy Eights whose cards include 0 through 9, reverse, skip, draw two, and draw four.

Answer: Uno

16. Formed by two members of the Scottish punk band Johnny and the Self-Abusers, this band takes their name from a line in David Bowie's "The Jean Genie." In 1989, they chose to release the highly political album Street Fighting Years, featuring their only UK #1 "Belfast Child." Though they charted with "See the Lights" and "Sanctify Yourself," they never regained the success of a song rejected by Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol for a 1985 film. For ten points, what act had their only U.S. #1 with "Don't You (Forget About Me)"?

Answer: Simple Minds

17. John Lennon reportedly wrote She Said She Said about him, after he claimed "I know what it's like to be dead" while tripping on acid. He was originally successful in a number of biker films in the mid-to-late sixties, and shared a screenwriting Oscar nomination for Easy Rider. He fell off the critical radar until the nineties, when he won a Golden Globe for The Passion of Ayn Rand, and was nominated for Best Actor for Ulee's Gold. For ten points, name this actor, frequently overshadowed by his thespian dad, sister, and daughter.

Answer: Peter Fonda

18. Allen Speare won the contest to name this franchise, defeating such proposals as Redwoods, Fog and Gold. Original members of this team included Kelly Kisio, Doug Wilson, Craig Coxe and coach George Kingston. Last season, Patrick Marleau led the team in goals with 28, while their top goalie is Kazakhstan-born Evgeni Nabokov. For ten points, name this NHL franchise which plays their home games at the HP Pavilion.

Answer: San Jose Sharks

19. Joel Backman is serving 20 years in prison for trying to sell classified satellite technology to nations hostile to the U.S. After receiving a pardon from a president described as "a moron" by the head of the C.I.A., Backman is given a new identity and sent off to Italy as a decoy to lure foreign spies. For ten points, this describes the convoluted plot of what novel, the fifteenth bestseller by John Grisham.

Answer: The Broker

20. (AUDIO) Given a clip of the title track of a 1980s pop album, identify the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 58]

Answer: Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson

21. He has a one-man band called Barney, and he's created a mockumentary about the artist Adis Pozal. He modeled for J. Crew and Sprite while attending an Atlanta art school, but when those jobs dried up, he designed sets for the film Leaving Las Vegas. He runs the company Furniture Unlimited when he's not on TV. Creator of a platform bed out of Brazilian cherry on Trading Spaces, he now can be seen with a megaphone on ABC. For ten points, name this carpenter and host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Answer: Ty Pennington (accept either)