2005 TRASHionals
Round 15

1. For ten points each, identify these films that have more in common with Million Dollar Baby than you might think.

  1. Mel Gibson, Jimmy Smits and Milla Jovovich star in this 2000 film about the titular place that hosts many mentally ill people. Wim Wenders directed the film based on a story by Bono.
    Answer: Million Dollar Hotel
  2. Glad trash bags had a tie-in for this 1987 ripoff of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World that featured Tom Bosley, Rich Hall and Kevin Pollak.
    Answer: Million Dollar Mystery
  3. W.C. Fields stars in this 1932 comedy about the country of Klosptokia entering its athletes in the Los Angeles Olympics.
    Answer: Million Dollar Legs

2. Answer these questions about a 2004 NFL moment, for the stated number of points.

  1. (5) This quarterback became the first rookie in NFL history to win his first seven starts, doing so in 2004.
    Answer: Ben Roethlisberger
  2. (10) In 1979, this rookie quarterback won his first four starts for the New York Giants.
    Answer: Phil Simms
  3. (15) Roethlisberger broke the NFL record set by this man who, subbing for an injured Terry Bradshaw, won his first six starts for the 1976 Steelers, never once throwing a touchdown pass.
    Answer: Mike Kruczek

3. For ten points each, name these brands of the Moet Hennesey Louis Vuitton conglomorate, none of which are in its name.

  1. Founded in 1969, this leading European beauty retailer now has over 95 North American stores, the first opening in New York in 1998.
    Answer: Sephora
  2. This Swiss watchmaker, named for its founder, is known for its accurate timepieces, such as the Microtimer. This quality makes it a well-known name in sports circles, as their products are used to time Formula 1 racing, sailing, and skiing.
    Answer: TAG Heuer
  3. This collaborator with Robert Duffy has won three CFDA awards as womenswear designer of the year. Ads for his first store in 1997 featured Sonic Youth�s Kim Gordon. He recently released a third fragrance, Blush, and developed a Yoga Bag with Christy Turlington. His secondary line uses just his first name.
    Answer: Marc Jacobs

4. For ten points each, answer the following questions about the small-screen musical career of Andrew Gold.

  1. Gold�s second and final Top 40 hit, 1978's "Thank You For Being A Friend," was later remade as the theme to this sitcom.
    Answer: The Golden Girls
  2. Gold provided his singing voice to the theme of this Paul Reiser sitcom.
    Answer: Mad About You
  3. Gold�s musical pedigree starts with this woman, his mother, who provided Deborah Kerr�s singing voice in 1956's The King And I and Audrey Hepburn�s singing voice in My Fair Lady.
    Answer: Marni Nixon

5. For ten points each, give the gay slang term for these types of people:

  1. Not just a food, it is also a slender, youthful male with little or no body hair who is the extreme opposite of a bear.
    Answer: twinkie
  2. This is a person who seeks unprotected sex with HIV-positive partners, hoping to be infected. A 2003 Rolling Stone story claimed that they make up 25% of newly infected gay men.
    Answer: bug chasers
  3. A term for an older man who prefers younger partners, it is also used by liberals to describe pro-war Republicans who nevertheless ducked out on military service in Vietnam.
    Answer: chicken hawk

6. For ten points each, name these acts who would have performed on the Lollapalooza 2004 tour had anyone given a damn.

  1. This singer would have been touring in support of his album You Are the Quarry, which featured the song "Irish Blood, English Heart."
    Answer: Steven Patrick Morrissey
  2. Announcing that she would no longer perform live at the end of 2004, this musician had reunited with her eponymous band in 2000 to record Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.
    Answer: P(olly) J(ean) Harvey
  3. In 2002, this bluegrass-tinged jam band began selling CDs of all their shows, but have since moved to only selling digital downloads through their indie record label, SCI Fidelity.
    Answer: String Cheese Incident

7. According to The Boondocks, maybe it was supposed to air only in Japan. For ten points each:

  1. Identify this Burger King sandwich marketed via a bizarre Wizard of Oz-themed ad featuring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Brooke Burke, and Darius "Rhinestone Hootie" Rucker as a singing cowboy.
    Answer: Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch
  2. The commercial is directed by this photographer and artist, who also directed the videos for No Doubt's "It's My Life" and Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty."
    Answer: David LaChapelle
  3. The tune ol' Hootie is singing is actually a reworked version of this American standard.
    Answer: Big Rock Candy Mountain

8. Given the graphic novel or manga, name the author, for ten points each.

  1. Ghost World
    Answer: Daniel Clowes
  2. Nausica� of the Valley of Wind
    Answer: Hayao Miyazaki
  3. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
    Answer: Marjane Satrapi

9. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a Ben Affleck monologue, name the film for ten points each.

  1. Clip 59
    Answer: Good Will Hunting
  2. Clip 60
    Answer: Boiler Room
  3. Clip 61
    Answer: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

10. For ten points each, what school won the most NCAA titles in the decade of the '90s in these sports...women's that is.

  1. Basketball
    Answer: University of Tennesee
  2. Lacrosse
    Answer: University of Maryland
  3. Swimming
    Answer: Stanford University

11. Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx and Tom Hanks all proved you can do iffy TV and still win an Oscar. Identify these other supporting actor Oscar nominees from their TV roles, for ten points each.

  1. Few would�ve ever believed the dimwitted handyman Lowell from Wings would ever get an Oscar nod, but that�s what happened in 2004 when this actor was tabbed for Sideways.
    Answer: Thomas Haden Church
  2. Before gaining a nod for Being John Malkovich, this favorite of the indy circuit appeared as Jerry Seinfeld's jealous artist girlfriend who painted the infamous portrait of Kramer.
    Answer: Catherine Keener
  3. This veteran actor earned a nomination for Mr. Saturday Night in 1992, but he showed great range in 2003 as mob boss Jonah Molloy on ABC�s Line of Fire.
    Answer: David Paymer

12. For ten points each, name these colleagues of the good Dr. Dre, who appeared with him on on his seminal debut The Chronic.

  1. His career was jump-started by The Chronic as he appeared on several tracks, including "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang."
    Answer: Snoop Doggy Dogg or Calvin Cordozar Broadus
  2. Now the CEO of DPG Records, this rapper and producer Delmar Arnaud appeared on tracks such as "Deeez Nuuuts" and "Bitches Ain't Shit."
    Answer: That Nigga Daz or Daz Dillinger
  3. Appearing only on the track "Stranded on Death Row" with Dre, Kurupt, and RBX, this Jamaican-born rapper is a member of the Geto Boys.
    Answer: Bushwick Bill or Richard Shaw

13. Name these Humphrey Bogart films, 5-10-20-30.

  1. Bogie played Duke Mantee in this 1936 film, considered his breakthrough role.
    Answer: The Petrified Forest
  2. Lauren Bacall made her screen debut alongside Bogart in this 1944 Howard Hawks film, based on a Hemingway novel.
    Answer: To Have and Have Not
  3. Bogart won his only Oscar for this 1951 film, alongside Katharine Hepburn.
    Answer: The African Queen
  4. This 1956 film was was Bogart's last. He plays Eddie Willis, a washed-up reporter hired by a sleazy promoter, played by Rod Steiger, to publicize fixed fights.
    Answer: The Harder They Fall

14. Sports books with long subtitles, for ten points each. Note: we won't ask you for the subtitles.

  1. Subtitled Wild Times, Rampant Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big, this 2005 book has Jose Canseco naming names and then some.
    Answer: Juiced
  2. Featuring a 37-word subtitle that begins with A Season of Brawling, this is Jeff Pearlman's 2004 take on the 1986 New York Mets.
    Answer: The Bad Guys Won!
  3. Phil Jackson's 2004 take on coaching the 2003-2004 L.A. Lakers is subtitled A Team in Search of Its Soul.
    Answer: The Last Season

15. Identify these board games that came with unorthodox accessories, for ten points each.

  1. This 1980s game included a credit card machine that determined whether or not you could get extra money to buy items on your shopping list.
    Answer: Bargain Hunter
  2. A "mimer-timer" that looks like a director's clapboard holds the cards in this game of instant charades where you have just a few seconds to guess each of the words listed on the drawn cards.
    Answer: Guesstures
  3. A VHS or Beta cassette of famous NFL Films clips is a major source of the action of this 1980s football game.
    Answer: The VCR Quarterback Game

16. For ten points each, name the baseball team that drafted these NFL quarterbacks:

  1. Drew Henson
    Answer: New York Yankees
  2. Michael Vick
    Answer: Colorado Rockies (accept either)
  3. Tom Brady
    Answer: Montreal Expos (accept either)

17. For ten points each, name these things that may or may not be in sunscreen.

  1. It is sometimes called Vitamin B-x, even though it is not an essential nutrient for humans, who cannot sythesize folate from it. Its use in sunscreen comes from its ability to absorb UV radiation.
    Answer: PABA or para-aminobenzoic acid
  2. The �china white� version of this compound is used as an artist�s pigment. It is the likely UV-blocker in the sunscreen typically used by lifeguards to protect their noses.
    Answer: zinc oxide
  3. On The White Album, Lewis Black notes that sunblock may contain the male reproductive fluid of this animal; we just don�t know.
    Answer: zebra

18. This year's winner used 125 steps to change a pair of batteries in a flashlight. For ten points each:

  1. Such was the contraption designed for the machine contest named for this man, known for his cartoons of similar machines.
    Answer: Rube Goldberg
  2. This was the third year in a row the competition was won by students from this Big Ten school, fitting given that it was also the host.
    Answer: Purdue University
  3. The University of Texas at Austin, the last winner before Purdue, took the prize in 2002 for their machine that secured, raised, and waved one of these.
    Answer: flag

19. For ten points each, identify these TV series recently released on DVD.

  1. Season One of this primetime soap was released this month, and includes such episodes as "Blake Goes to Jail," "Krystle�s Lie" and "Fallon�s Wedding."
    Answer: Dynasty
  2. This short-lived X-Files spinoff about a trio of computer-hacking conspiracy geeks was released on DVD in March.
    Answer: The Lone Gunmen
  3. Also released in March was the peculiarly titled "Season 4, Volume 4.5" edition of this syndicated sci-fi show, starring Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt.
    Answer: Gene Roddenberry�s Andromeda

20. For ten points each, name these groups whose members included Gram Parsons:

  1. The album Sweetheart of the Rodeo was influenced by Parsons' three-month stint with this act.
    Answer: Byrds
  2. After leaving the Byrds because of their plan to play in South Africa, Parsons joined with another ex-Byrd Chris Hillman to form this country-rock group which in 1969 produced the album The Gilded Palace of Sin.
    Answer: Flying Burrito Brothers
  3. Formed by Parsons in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1966, it released the album Safe at Home, which has been called the first country-rock album.
    Answer: International Submarine Band

21. G'day mate. Identify these Australian basketball stars, for ten points each.

  1. Arguably the first major Australian star to make an impact stateside was this three-point specialist, who played briefly for the Spurs and led Seton Hall to the 1989 NCAA title game.
    Answer: Andrew Gaze
  2. The most decorated Australian hoopster in the NBA was this center who won three rings, partly by getting out of Michael Jordan's way.
    Answer: Luc Longley
  3. Some scouts believe this center who led Utah to the NCAA tournament could be the top pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.
    Answer: Andrew Bogut

22. Name these films featuring serious turns by Dan Aykroyd, ten points each:

  1. Aykroyd earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination as Boolie Werthan in this 1989 film.
    Answer: Driving Miss Daisy
  2. Aykroyd played Keystone Kops director Mack Sennett in this 1992 Robert Downey Jr. vehicle.
    Answer: Chaplin
  3. Aykroyd played Lucy Wagner's father Pete in a 2002 tale of Lucy, Kit, and Mimi hitting the road to get to a recording audition.
    Answer: Crossroads