2005 TRASHionals
Round 14

1. Born in Nepean, Ontario, she's been a mainstay in Canadian indie films, appearing in Double Happiness, The Red Violin, and Last Night. She won a Cable ACE award as Rita on Arli$$, and in 2003 married a director who cast her in her biggest success to date. Now apppearing on TV's Grey's Anatomy, for ten points, name this actress, Mrs. Alexander Payne, recently seen as Stephanie in Sideways.

Answer: Sandra Oh

2. Mike Springer won its first tournament ever, a 1990 event in Bakersfield, California. Zach Johnson holds the single-season earnings record with just under a half million dollars in 2003. John Daly was its first alum to win a major -- the 1991 PGA Championship -- while Notah Begay was the first to shoot a round under 60 in it, notching a 59 in a 1998 tournament in Richmond, Virginia. With past sponsors such as Nike and Buy.com, this is, for ten points, what second-tier golf tour now sponsored by an insurance and financial services company?

Answer: Nationwide Tour (Accept Ben Hogan Tour until end of first sentence.)

3. His sister Katherine was called 'Beaver' as a child due to her overbite. A Philadelphia native, he was inspired to take his current role by Marty "Boom Boom" Gallagher, whose stories led him to perform a tracheotomy with a Tom Mix pocket knife. In the last episode he stays to work with deaf people, the result of his own deafness from a mortar explosion. Played once by George Morgan, for ten points, name this camp chaplain of the 4077 mostly portrayed by William Christopher.

Answer: Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy

4. This town likes its underwater attractions, such as the Christ of the Deep - a 9 foot statue of Jesus sunk in 25 feet of water - and Jules' Undersea Lodge, whose rooms are 30 feet under water. In music, its name graces both a composition by jazz sax great Benny Carter and a cheesy 1982 top 10 song by Bertie Higgins. The Higgins song makes wide reference to the 1948 movie of the same name, directed by John Huston, where Frank McCloud must free a hotel from the evil influence of gangster Johnny Rocco. For ten points, name this Florida town perhaps best known for that Bogie and Bacall flick.

Answer: Key Largo

5. A symbol of justice, it is known for its exquisite appearance, the distinctive ringing sound it makes when drawn and the intense magical energy that it possesses. Turning the blade white is accomplished through forgiveness, something Samuel, a past owner, could never accomplish. Richard, Lord Rahl, ruler of D'Hara is its seeker and bearer until he trades it to the witch Shota for information about his vanished wife. For ten points, name this weapon, the centerpiece of a series of novels by Terry Goodkind.

Answer: The Sword of Truth

6. Alisan Porter, this film's lead actress, later played Belinda in Season 4 of MTV's Undressed. The first part of a double feature playing in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, it's the director's last film to date. The title character and her dad are drifters pulling cons for food money. When they try to scam a wealthy lawyer, she takes a liking to the little girl. For ten points, name this 1991 John Hughes film, also starring John Belushi and Kelly Lynch.

Answer: Curly Sue

7. In 1996, this album was banned from Wal-Mart because it contained the lyrics "Watch our children while they kill each other / with a gun they bought at Wal-Mart Discount Stores" in the track "Love Is a Good Thing." Earning Grammys for Best Rock Album and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, it includes "A Change Would Do You Good," "Everyday is a Winding Road," and "If It Makes You Happy." For ten points, name this eponymous follow-up to Tuesday Night Music Club.

Answer: Sheryl Crow

8. He served as the first studio host for ESPN's coverage of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament in 1980. A former player at LaSalle in the 1960s, between 1970 and 1982, he won 154 games as Seton Hall's head coach. A regular analyst for the New Jersey Nets, he has also worked for ESPN and CBS, where he teamed up with Verne Lundquist at this years NCAA men's basketball tournament. For ten points, name the man who introduced such phrases as "the KISS," "man-to-man" and "lingerie on the deck" to the sports vocabulary, a poor man's Dick Vitale.

Answer: Bill Raftery

9. Turnover among its owners is legendary. Two were horribly killed, one as part of the theft of a tacky ceramic unicorn. Things you might buy there include a fully functional disembodied hand, a wide variety of herbs, a Khul's Amulet and a Sobekian Blood Stone. Located at 5124 Maple Court, its yellow pages ad bills it as "Your one-stop spot to shop for all your occult needs." Name, for ten points, this shop, Sunnydale's premiere purveyor of supernatural supplies, including the orb of Thesulah used to re-ensoul Angel.

Answer: The Magic Box

10. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a 2000s dance hit and Dance Dance Revolution song, name the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 54]

Answer: Love at First Sight by Kylie Minogue

11. Neil Diamond's version is his only Top 40 hit that he didn't write. Lyricist Bob Russell's final pop song and his only collaboration with jazz pianist Bobby Scott, it is taken from the motto and logo for the Boys Town orphanage. It was taken to #7 by the Hollies in 1970 with Elton John playing piano. For ten points, in what song does the protagonist note that his fraternal "load doesn't weigh me down at all", though "the road is long with many a winding turn"?

Answer: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

12. Along with David Mamet and Steven Schacter, this actor was a founding member of Chicago's Saint Nicholas Theatre. Born in 1950 in Miami, Florida, he made his debut in the 1978 TV movie The Awakening Land, playing Will Beagle. Sam Donovan on six episodes of Sports Night, his first taste of fame was as Dr. David Morgenstern on several episodes of ER. Name, for ten points, this actor and husband of Felicity Huffman, who was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo.

Answer: William H. Macy

13. Born Mary Frances Penick in Dry Ridge, Kentucky, she changed her name when forming an unrelated "sister" act with a girl she met in high school, producing the hit "I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know." After the death of her partner, she launched a solo career that included the hit "Set Him Free." Joining the Grand Ole Opry, she was suspended for complaining about "Jesus freaks" on-stage, but was reinstated and performed until 2004, the year she died of breast cancer. For ten points, name this singer of "The End of the World" whose nickname came from her being as active as a mosquito.

Answer: Norma Nicole "Skeeter" Davis

14. This structure was home to the 1998 heavyweight title fight between Evander Holyfield and Vaughn Bean, while a record 62,000 fans saw the hometown team take on the Chicago Bulls in a 1998 NBA game. Groundbreaking began in 1989, with this structure opening in time for the 1992 NFL season. Super Bowls 28 and 34 were held here, as were the 2003 NCAA Women�s Final Four and the annual Peach Bowl. For ten points, name this structure, the current home of the NFL�s Atlanta Falcons.

Answer: Georgia Dome

15. The house musicians for the original incarnation of this show included Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, the band playing when the Centennial Olympic Park bomb exploded, and Rupert Holmes. Ross Shafer and Suzanne Somers had stints as hosts, although Arsenio Hall and Joan Rivers were the most well-known. While Fox�s use of this name bombed from 1986-88, CBS picked up the title five years later and is still running today. For ten points, name this title that is still taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Answer: Late Show

16. The mission of her non-profit foundation is to help families with children suffering from serious illness. A native of Biggar, Saskatchewan, she made her first big splash with Carol Davis; but left to form her own rink with Jan Betker, Marcia Gudereit and Joan McCusker, that would win three world titles in the 1990s. She then became a national hero by winning gold at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, but died of cancer in 2000 before she could defend that title. For ten points, name this tragic Canadian curling legend.

Answer: Sandra Schmirler

17. During World War II, he ordered a test firing of his ship's guns at the uninhabited Coronado Islands near San Diego, leading to a letter of reprimand after complaints by the Mexican government. Official biographies claim that he was the first casualty to return from Asia, supposedly winning a Purple Heart after being blinded in action, although he actually had conjunctivitis caused by too much tropical sunlight. By 1947, he allegedly cured himself using the power of his mind and told others how to do the same by confronting "engrams." For ten points, who wrote of his method in Dianetics and later founded Scientology?

Answer: L. Ron Hubbard

18. Romanian journalist Ion Garnod was fired this past January for falsley reporting that Cornelia and Nonu Dragoman named their son this due to the nature of their three-month courtship. The Australian actor born Greg Pead made this his legal first name in 1980, and in 2001 sued the more well-known company that started using this name in 1995, a case that was dismissed. Its earliest use was as a name for a race of man-like brutes in Gulliver's Travels. For ten points, give the name common to all of these matters, now most associated with a web portal created by David Filo and Jerry Yang.

Answer: Yahoo

19. He compared Hoyt's actions to "sucking the ice cream off the top of the cone without using his teeth" in writing about a tongue that went "slither slither slither" and described a hand's reach as more than just the "otorhinolaryngological caverns." He claims that he was intentionally un-erotic and ironic in describing life at an Ivy League college. For ten points, who won the Literary Review's 2004 Bad Sex in Fiction award for I Am Charlotte Simmons?

Answer: Tom Wolfe

20. This 1992 film marked the big screen debut of Paul Giamatti, who played "Kissing Man." Cliff Poncier is a long-haired rocker whose girlfriend, Janet Livermore, is considering breast enlargement surgery. Meanwhile, Steve Dunne and Linda Powell are going through the awkward stages of a relationship. Set against the background of the Seattle grunge scene, and with a soundtrack featuring such groups as Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees and Mudhoney, this is, for ten points, what 1992 romantic comedy, directed by Cameron Crowe?

Answer: Singles

21. The Pittsburgh location, which opened in 2002, can be found at 230 West Station Square Drive. The first one with this name was opened by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in London on June 14, 1971. Now operated by the London-based Rank Group, it boasts 104 eateries in 36 countries. The chain takes pride in its more than 60,000 pieces of memorabilia, which rotates from restaurant to restaurant, and includes instruments, lyric sheets and the like. For ten points, name this theme restaurant chain devoted to the history of music.

Answer: Hard Rock Cafe