2005 TRASHionals
Round 14

1. For ten points each, name these groups associated with the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit," none of whom are that whiny, dead Cobain guy:

  1. Some think that Cobain borrowed heavily from "Mr. Chips," a song by this band most famous for its collaborations with a member of Buffalo Springfield.
    Answer: Crazy Horse
  2. Months before his death, Cobain told Rolling Stone that he was "trying to rip off" this influential band which in 1991 was in the process of breaking up after songwriting issues around the album Bossanova.
    Answer: Pixies
  3. The song's title comes from when "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" was spray painted on the wall by Kathleen Hanna of this "riot grrl" act. Some say the song is about Cobain's break-up with another member, Tobi Vail.
    Answer: Bikini Kill

2. Christina, Justin, and Britney weren't the only famous members on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club. Identify these other members, for ten points each.

  1. This former Club member has had starring roles in Murder By Numbers, The Notebook, and the title role in The United States of Leland.
    Answer: Ryan Gosling
  2. This actress was a member before starring in a 1998-2002 WB television series and the movies Dead Man's Curve and Eight Days a Week.
    Answer: Keri Russell
  3. Tiffini Hale, Albert Fields, Chase Hampton, Damon Pampolina and Deedee Magno recorded the 1992 Top 40 hit "In My Dreams" under this name.
    Answer: The Party

3. The NHL is, right now, in limbo, so what do you remember about the 2003-04 NHL regular season? Given a category and the team he played for, name the league leader for the 2003-04 NHL season for ten points each.

  1. Points, Tampa Bay Lightning
    Answer: Martin St. Louis
  2. Goals Against Average, Calgary Flames
    Answer: Miikka Kiprusoff
  3. Power Play Goals, Columbus Blue Jackets
    Answer: Rick Nash

4. For ten points each, name these actresses who played Anna Karenina:

  1. A 1927 silent film titled Love which included an alternate happy ending and a 1935 talkie produced by David O. Selznick and directed by Clarence Brown both starred this actress.
    Answer: Greta Garbo or Greta Lovisa Gustafsson
  2. Playwright Jean Anouilh helped adapt the 1948 British movie directed by Julien Duvivier which starred this actress who won her second Oscar for playing Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire.
    Answer: Vivien Leigh or Vivian Mary Hartley
  3. The 1997 Bernard Rose film starred Sean Bean as Vronsky and this French actress as Anna.
    Answer: Sophie Marceau or Sophie Maupu

5. (AUDIO) Damn these crazy kids. Given a clip of a song with children singing, identify the title and artist, for five points each.

  1. Clip 55
    Answer: "Another Brick In The Wall" by Pink Floyd
  2. Clip 56
    Answer: "I Can" by Nas
  3. Clip 57
    Answer: "I Wish" by R. Kelly

6. Identify these games you can buy on the new PlayStation Portable, for ten points each.

  1. This latest entry into the Metal Gear series from Konami is this PSP real-time strategy, which features a playable female character, Teliko.
    Answer: Metal Gear Acid
  2. Billed as puzzle fusion, this Ubisoft game requires players to match colors of falling blocks in sets of four to make them magically disappear.
    Answer: Lumines
  3. This KOEI game takes players back to ancient Chinese battlefields, where you must use powerful age-old weapons and tactical strategies to eliminate your enemies.
    Answer: Dynasty Warriors

7. For ten points each, name these real-life heavyweight boxers who appeared on The Simpsons.

  1. This former champ presented the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence to Homer.
    Answer: Joe Frazier
  2. This �80s heavyweight contender and Great White Hope served as a greeter for Monty Burns� casino. He got knocked out by Otto.
    Answer: Gerry Cooney
  3. This former champ allowed Bart to punch him in the stomach while having their portrait painted in a luxury suite during a hockey game.
    Answer: Larry Holmes

8. Oh, those rascally rodents! Identify these lovable small mammals from kiddy lit, for ten points each.

  1. This lovable mouse and star of the series created by Beverly Cleary is perhaps best known for his motorcycle.
    Answer: Ralph S. Mouse
  2. In the series by Deborah Howe, this lagamorph is the main suspect when all the vegetables turn white in the Monroe household.
    Answer: Bunnicula
  3. This creature with an advanced vocabulary, created by Lynne Reid Banks, is so excited to get outside and explore that he repeatedly tries to escape -- often chewing through wires, causing floods, ruining carpets or otherwise causing damage.
    Answer: Houdini

9. Most of the time, you don't get an Oscar nomination for your first film role. For ten points each, name these movies featuring actors who did.

  1. Jason Miller, who won a Pulitzer for his play That Championship Season, convinced director William Friedkin that his former studies for the priesthood made him a perfect fit.
    Answer: The Exorcist
  2. Cathy Moriarty was acclaimed for her portrayal of Vickie, the main character's wife in this film.
    Answer: Raging Bull
  3. After Wil Wheaton turned down the role, Edward Norton was cast as altar boy Aaron Stampler.
    Answer: Primal Fear

10. VISUAL BONUS. On this sheet are five miraculous time and labor-saving device for the kitchen. Ten points each can be yours if you act now and name any three of them. But wait, there�s more! Well, no, there�s not.

Answer: a. Eggstractor b. Rotato c. Magic Bullet d. Showtime Rotisserie e. Rocket Chef

11. Anna Kournikova may have never won a singles tournament, but she did win 16 doubles titles. For ten points each, identify these players who teamed with Anna to win a title.

  1. Kournikova won 11 doubles titles, including two Grand Slams, with this former No. 1-ranked player whose career also ended in her early 20s but made a brief comeback earlier this year.
    Answer: Martina Hingis
  2. Kournikova�s first doubles title came in 1998 with this other former No. 1-ranked player who has won nine Grand Slam singles titles, but none since the 1996 Australian Open.
    Answer: Monica Seles
  3. Kournikova won the 2001 Sydney doubles title with this recently-retired Austrian, who was a darling of the British tabloids that same year when Kournikova missed Wimbledon with an injury.
    Answer: Barbara Schett

12. For ten points each, name these things from April Fools' Day pranks:

  1. This year, the comic strips FoxTrot, Pearls Before Swine, and Get Fuzzy all used the same gag involving this object that one reads with a planchette.
    Answer: Ouija board
  2. Sports Illustrated printed George Plimpton's article about this Mets prospect with a 176 mile-per-hour fastball.
    Answer: Sidd Finch
  3. In 2003, Canada's Comedy Network announced plans to remake this '70s Canadian sitcom starring Diane Nyland in the title role. It is known for its single takes that included bloopers and its reuse of decades-old radio scripts.
    Answer: The Trouble with Tracy

13. In 2002, Q Magazine listed the "50 Bands to See Before You Die." For ten points each, name these solo acts on that list:

  1. Blame Osama bin Laden for the fame of this man, who became mainstream when MTV played the video for "New York, New York", a track off of his Gold album, after September 11.
    Answer: Ryan Adams
  2. In 2000, he released his long awaited sophomore album, Voodoo, featuring the track "Untitled (How Does It Feel)."
    Answer: Michael D'Angelo Archer
  3. This former lead singer of the Stone Roses, whose solo albums include Unfinished Monkey Business and Solarized, made a cameo in the third Harry Potter movie as a wizard reading A Brief History of Time in the Leaky Cauldron.
    Answer: Ian Brown

14. Identifies these celebrities who have too much time on their hands, so they're penning children's books, for ten points each.

  1. This sitcom star, who'll be out of job this fall, may be looking to kiddie lit to make extra money, releasing Raymie, Dickie and the Bean: Why I Love and Hate My Brothers, in 2005.
    Answer: Ray Romano
  2. Not recording much fresh material since 1993 has given this musician plenty of time to drink and write children's books. He released Goodnight My Angel: A Lullabye in 2004.
    Answer: Billy Joel
  3. Following the release of their first CD for kids, No!, this duo turned to kiddie lit, releasing Bed, Bed, Bed: A Bedtime Book, in 2003.
    Answer: They Might Be Giants

15. Ron Silver has complained that as a conservative in liberal Hollywood, no one will give him work. Perhaps no one will give him work because he�s Ron Silver. Answer the following, for ten points each.

  1. During the 2001-2002 season of this series, Silver played campaign director Bruno Gianelli.
    Answer: The West Wing
  2. This 2003 Fox flop starred Silver as a porn entrepreneur whose daughter is dating the son of a Los Angeles D.A. obsessed with bringing him down. HIS FATHER IS THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY!!!
    Answer: Skin
  3. In this 1999 Ben Stiller-directed pilot for Fox, Silver played an ex-astronaut and part-time actor trying to destroy fellow ex-astronaut Jack Black and his talking motorcycle, voiced by Owen Wilson.
    Answer: Heat Vision and Jack

16. When is a station wagon not a station wagon? For ten points each, when...

  1. The words "station" and "wagon" are never used in the brochure for it, as is the case for this Dodge model, which only uses the model name to describe it.
    Answer: Magnum
  2. The word "Avant" is used to designate your wagon models, as is the case with this German auto maker's A4 and A6 wagons.
    Answer: Audi
  3. When it's given a goofy add-on name and called a "5 door extended sedan" as in the case of this Chevrolet model whose options also include the Multi-Flex sliding and reclining rear seat and a rear skylight.
    Answer: Malibu Maxx

17. They're girls who love boys who love boys, but it's not the next Jerry Springer. For ten points each, name these actresses who play characters who love gay men:

  1. In The Opposite of Sex, she played a woman in love with her dead brother's gay lover.
    Answer: Lisa Kudrow
  2. In The Object of My Affection, she plays a woman in love with her roommate played by Paul Rudd.
    Answer: Jennifer Aniston
  3. In In & Out, she played a woman whose intended husband turns out to be gay.
    Answer: Joan Cusack

18. Name these top home run hitters from certain U.S. states, for ten points each.

  1. The top Idaho-born home run hitter, he hit 573 career homers between 1954-1975.
    Answer: Harmon Killebrew
  2. The all-time home run leader among Minnesota-born players, this 2001 Hall of Famer had 465 homers in 22 seasons.
    Answer: Dave Winfield
  3. Vermont�s all-time home run hitter, this man, elected to Cooperstown in 2000, hit 376 homers in 24 seasons.
    Answer: Carlton Fisk

19. I guess if it had the name Law and Order: Los Angeles, it might�ve been a hit. Answer the following about Dick Wolf�s short-lived attempt to revive Dragnet for ten points each.

  1. The only regular over the two seasons was this actor taking on the role of Joe Friday. It was a long way from his most famous TV role as a shoe salesman.
    Answer: Ed O�Neill
  2. O�Neill�s partner the first season was played by this young actor best known for winning over Jennifer Love Hewitt at the end of Can�t Hardly Wait.
    Answer: Ethan Embry
  3. Embry�s character was phased out in season two and replaced by a team of cops, including two Latinas. One was a pre-Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria, the other was this actress who also appeared in Chasing Papi, Boat Trip and Rush Hour 2.
    Answer: Roselyn Sanchez

20. For ten points each, name these footwear stores.

  1. Founded in Topeka, Kansas in 1956, they are the Western Hemisphere's largest retailer of specialty family footwear. Star Jones used to be a spokesperson for them.
    Answer: Payless ShoeSource
  2. This offshoot of the Jones Apparel Group opened in 1978, and is named for part of the 57th Street address of it founding New York store. Styles include the Breathe slide and the Estella demi boot.
    Answer: Nine West
  3. It bills itself as the nation's top retailer of "name brand shoes for less." Neil Moldenhauer started the chain in Madison, Wisconsin in 1960, and there are now more than 900 outlets. It can also be branded as Supermarket of Shoes or Factory Brand Shoes.
    Answer: Famous Footwear

21. Identify these members of the Marvel universe, for ten points each.

  1. First appearing in Tales of Suspense 39 in 1963, this is the long-time superhero alias of billionaire genius Tony Stark.
    Answer: Iron Man
  2. He is the 29-foot-tall, 18-ton ravager of worlds. A 2003 Onion article claimed he was running in the California gubernatorial recall.
    Answer: Galactus
  3. This master marksman from the Colorado Rockies left the Avengers to reform the wayward Thunderbolts, forsaking his fairy-tale existence for life outside the law.
    Answer: Hawkeye or Clinton Barton

22. For ten points each name these transgendered musicians:

  1. This Moog synthesizer master had the first platinum classical album with 1968's Switched on Bach. The artist actually had a male-to-female sex change prior to the album's release, but put his male name on it.
    Answer: Walter (or Wendy) Carlos
  2. In 1995, this lead singer of the metal act King Kobra had a sex change and changed his name to Marcie.
    Answer: Mark (or Marcie) Free
  3. Now known as Dee, this keyboardist played on songs such as "Locomotive Breath," "Thick As a Brick," and "Aqualung" for Jethro Tull.
    Answer: David (or Dee) Palmer