2005 TRASHionals
Round 13

1. She lived with agoraphobia for 20 years. After her divorce, with two young sons and no income, she launched a home-based lunch delivery service called The Bag Lady in 1989. She came to fame in 1997 with a self-published cookbook initially sold out of her Savannah restaurant. Appearances on Good Morning America and Gordon Elliott's Doorknock Dinners led to a stint on Ready, Set Cook and her own show on the Food Network. For ten points, name this Southern chef and star of Home Cooking.

Answer: Paula Deen (accept either)

2. While John Cornwall suggests that this man really did die of poor health in A Thief in the Night, David Yallop claimed that he was poisoned, possibly by Jean Vallot, in his book In God's Name. The quick embalming and lack of autopsy are fodder for conspiracy theorists who blame freemasons and people trying to hide a banking scandal. The Godfather III suggests that the Mafia had a role in the death of, for ten points, what man born Albino Luciani who lasted 33 days and who was succeeded by Karol Wojtyla [voy-TIH-wah]?

Answer: Pope John Paul I (accept early Albino Luciani)

3. WARNING: Two answers required. These teammates share the birthday of March 24 but one was born in 1970, the other in 1976. However, both earned All-Rookie Team honors in 1998. The older one was an undrafted free agent, the younger a first-round pick. They were Pro Bowl teammates for the first time in 2004, one year after the younger used a Pro Bowl interview to call the other an "idiot" for the elder's remarks on a Canadian talk show. For ten points, name the kicker and quarterback for the Colts.

Answer: Mike Vanderjagt and Peyton Manning

4. The band Local H provided an MP3 version of this song on their Web site as a Christmas gift to fans in 2004, and Armand Van Helden will retool it for an album of remixed hits in May. Sporting a bit of a Bollywood flavor to the tune, it surprisingly appeared on a number of critics' top-10 lists for 2004. Winner the 2004 Grammy for Best Dance Recording, it's simply a song about a guy who can be infectious if he ends up on the singer's list. For ten points, name this key track off In the Zone, a dangerous hit for Britney Spears.

Answer: Toxic

5. It's the name of the advertising agency that produced the latest spots for CNN.com as well as ESPN's famous "This Is Sportscenter" campaign. The most well-known product with this name was first introduced to the market in 1973 with Mean Joe Greene as a spokesman. It currently has 22 items under its moniker, including Hearty Hero, Steakhouse, Sports Grill, XXL and the infamous All-Day Breakfast. For ten points, name this spinoff of Swanson's TV dinners designed for masculine appetites.

Answer: Hungry-Man

6. His first published work was in Gold Key's Twilight Zone issue 84 in 1978, for which he did the inside art. He first worked for Marvel in 1978, on the comic John Carter: Warlord of Mars #18. His first work at DC was on Weird War Tales #64. His contributions to Daredevil established him as a comics star, and he gained literary credibility for himself and the genre for his reworking of an iconic figure in 1986. For ten points, name the writer and illustrator of The Dark Knight Returns.

Answer: Frank Miller

7. Betty Teng won the second annual screenwriting award sponsored by this studio for Maestro, Maestro. Its mission to find creative, fast, and cheaper ways to make movies led to innovations such as the Silverfish, a mobile sound and video editing suite that allowed for work during, before, and post-production. Now housed in the Sentinel Building in the North Beach section of San Francisco, it was inspired by the approach of Lanterna Films and named for a gift made by Lanterna's founder to this studio's founder. For ten points, name this movie studio whose credits include Lost in Translation and Apocalypse Now, founded by Francis Ford Coppola.

Answer: American Zoetrope

8. This album resulted in the only Grammy won by legendary producer Bill Szymczyk [SIM-chik]. The first album made by the band without Bernie Leadon, its tracks include "The Last Resort" and "Try and Love Again," the last written and sang by Randy Meissner who left after the tour in support of this album. Featuring the singles "New Kid in Town" and "Life in the Fast Lane," this is, for ten points, what Eagles album whose title track tells of a place where you can checkout but never leave?

Answer: Hotel California

9. The original 1987 arcade version of this game only offered two teams, the Bulldogs and the Wildcats. The 1988 version featured teams from 12-nicknameless cities, which matched the 1987 playoff teams. It was easiest to win with Los Angeles as Bo Jackson was nearly unstoppable. Featuring a choice of four plays on every down, for ten points, name this ubiquitous 8-bit Nintendo football game.

Answer: Tecmo Bowl (Do Not Accept Tecmo Super Bowl as this is a separate game)

10. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a 1990s theme song, name the show, for ten points. [Clip 50]

Answer: Ally McBeal

11. This feature was expanded from writer/director Angela Robinson's 11-minute short of the same name, which in 2003 won several awards at gay & lesbian film festivals. Questions in the SAT reveal potential as government agents, so Janet, Amy, Max and Dominique are recruited as elite government agents. Along the way, Amy develops a relationship with archvillain Lucy Diamond. For ten points, name this movie starring Devon Aoki and Jordana Brewster about crimefighters dressed as private schoolgirls.

Answer: D.E.B.S.

12. Her 2005 began with plunging all the way down to 133rd in the world, although she moved up to 38th by winning the Pacific Life Open in March. The daughter of a soccer pro and a local gymnastics champion, she was named the most promising newcomer of the WTA Tour in 1999. 2003 was a banner year, as she won nine singles titles, including the Tour Championship, but lost two Grand Slam finals to countrywoman Justine Henin-Hardenne. For ten points, name this Belgian, former number-one women�s player in the world, and ex-girlfriend of Lleyton Hewitt.

Answer: Kim Clijsters

13. He made his early reputation with battles such as that against future Roc-a-Fella family member Freeway in Philadelphia before signing with the Full Surface label of producer Swiss Beatz. He released his debut album in 2003, but the second single, "Get No Better" featuring Mashonda, hasn't done as well as his breakthrough hit. "Tha Problem" and B. Reese are credited with the musically different segments of his debut album, Split Personality. For ten points, name this MC who hooked up with R. Kelly for the hit "Hotel."

Answer: Cassidy (accept early Barry Reese)

14. A researcher at Quebec�s Sherbrooke University says this character was knocked out 43 times by serious blows to the head in his 23 books, released between 1929 and 1976. As a result, the researcher hypothesized that the trauma caused a growth hormone deficiency and a pituitary gland disorder that likely stunted his growth. Created by George Remi, who wrote under the pseudonym "Herge," this character traveled all over the world with his dog Snowy. For ten points name this intrepid Belgian reporter and subject of a popular series of children�s books.

Answer: Tintin

15. Musical act the Hansons liken him to a doctor, a traffic cop and the Lord God himself. Drafted 31st overall in the 1974 NHL entry draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs, he often brought the fans out of their seats, when, after scoring a goal, he would ride his hockey stick down the length of the ice. Averaging 20 goals a season, he went to the all star game in 1981 while playing for the Vancouver Canucks. For ten points, name this hockey great most associated with the number 3,966, his NHL-record tally of penalty minutes.

Answer: Dave "Tiger" Williams

16. He was last seen on the big screen in 1989, and was portrayed by David Hedison, the only actor to have portrayed the character in more than one film. In the books, he is last seen working at Pinkerton's Detective Agency, having lost an arm and a leg in a shark attack. He first appears on the big screen in 1962, played by Jack Lord as a contemporary of Sean Connery. Goldfinger featured Cec Linder as an elderly version of him, while Never Say Never Again cast African-American Bernie Casey in the role. For ten points, name this CIA operative and contemporary of James Bond, featured more prominently in the Bond books than films.

Answer: Felix Leiter (first or last name acceptable)

17. In Paris, a physicist dies after performing an experiment for a beautiful visitor. In Malaysia, a mysterious buyer purchases deadly cavitation technology. In Vancouver, a research sub is leased for use in the waters off New Guinea. And in Tokyo, an intelligence agent tries to understand what it all means. A ragtag group of scientists and lawyers uncover a scheme by eco-terrorists who use violence to prove that global warning is a threat to humanity in, for ten points, what latest work of techno-garble by Michael Crichton?

Answer: State of Fear

18. According to Susan Loesser, this term originated in reference to poker players who lost regularly over a long playing session. In 1945, her father Frank used the phrase in a romantic context, noting that he wanted to get the object of his afffection on one so he could "keep you in my arms evermore/ Leave all your lovers/Weeping on the faraway shore," a sentiment predating Cathay Pacific airlines. Name, for ten points, this phrase about a time-consuming method of transport to an Asian country, now used to describe anything that takes a long time.

Answer: slow boat to China

19. While at the Fort Worth Star Telegram, he fielded a call from Lee Harvey Oswald�s mother needing a ride to Dallas. Now the namesake of the journalism school at Texas Christian University, he made the switch to TV in the 1960s for the money. Author of the books Acting President and This Just In, he was a weekend anchor from 1976-1996 and has hosted Face the Nation since 1991. For ten points, name this veteran broadcaster who succeeded Dan Rather as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Answer: Bob Schieffer

20. The first is a 1962 film, directed by Norman Taurog, about a fishing guide that wants to buy a boat that he and his father built. The second is the title track of a 1987 album, and reached No. 12 on the pop charts. The first featured the song "Return to Sender," as well as star Elvis Presley in between Stella Stevens and Laurel Goodwin. The second features singer Vince Neil laying tribute to his favorite strip clubs, including the Crazy Horse in Paris, the Dollhouse in Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta�s Tattletails. For ten points, give the shared title of a 1962 Elvis film and a 1987 Motley Crue song.

Answer: Girls Girls Girls

21. Fictional alums of this school include Harry�s ex Helen in When Harry Met Sally, Natalie Hurley on Sports Night and David Hogan on The Hogan Family. Real-life alums include Nicole Sullivan, Charlotte Rae and Marg Helgenberger. That might be why Joey Tribbiani pretended to be an alum in pursuit of a role. Other alums with Must-See TV connections include Megan Mullally, Zach Braff and David Schwimmer. For ten points, name this pipeline to Hollywood based in Evanston, Illinois.

Answer: Northwestern University