2005 TRASHionals
Round 13

1. Answer these questions about three-and-a-half foot tall British actor Warwick Davis, for ten points each.

  1. Although voiced by Alan Rickman, Davis will play this character in The Hitchhiker�s Guide to the Galaxy.
    Answer: Marvin the paranoid android
  2. This is the name of the professor that Davis has played in the first three, as well as the upcoming fourth Harry Potter movies.
    Answer: Professor Flitwick
  3. In this 1988 Ron Howard film, co-written by George Lucas, Davis played the title character, a dwarf who must protect a special baby from an evil queen.
    Answer: Willow

2. Not all reality shows are a good idea. For ten points each, given clues, identify the failed shows that prove that you really can sink too low for American TV.

  1. Hosted by faded soap diva Finola Hughes, it brought adoptees together with birth parents with a cash prize at stake. The dating show style setup didn't help.
    Answer: Who's Your Daddy
  2. Benefactor Bill's wife Penny, son Billy Jr. and stepson Ashley were among the friends and family vying for an inheritance on a show CBS canceled after one episode.
    Answer: The Will
  3. A sweet girl named Jackie spends time on a Nevada ranch surrounded by good-looking men. Some are gay. If she chooses a straight Mr. Right, they split a cash prize. If she chooses a gay guy, he pockets the cash in this cancelled Fox series now available in its entirety as a web-only special.
    Answer: Playing it Straight

3. Answer these questions about a record set in Super Bowl 39:

  1. For ten points, this New England wide receiver tied a Super Bowl record with 11 receptions in Super Bowl 39.
    Answer: Deion Branch
  2. Branch tied the single-game record set by two other players. Five points for one, twenty for both, name those players -- one a San Francisco wideout in Super Bowl 23, the other a Cincinnati tight end in Super Bowl 16.
    Answer: Jerry Rice, Dan Ross

4. (AUDIO) Time for more mashups. Given a clip of a mashup, identify the two songs mixed together, for five points each.

  1. Clip 51
    Answer: "Country Grammar" (by Nelly) and "Sweet Home Alabama" (by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  2. Clip 52
    Answer: "Bizarre Love Triangle" (by New Order) and "Ray of Light" (by Madonna)
  3. Clip 53
    Answer: "Closer" (by Nine Inch Nails) and "Come Together" (by The Beatles)

5. Identify these sets and product lines from the Lego world, for ten points each:

  1. Begun in 1969, these legos for children between ages one and five feature bigger holes and less choking hazard.
    Answer: Duplo
  2. This Lego set, which began production in 1977, lets you build actual toy machinery using gears, pneumatics, and motors.
    Answer: Lego Technic
  3. Launched in 1998, this set takes Technic one step further. It includes a programmable RCX microprocessor, letting children create robots.
    Answer: Lego Mindstorms

6. For ten points each, answer these questions about fake quarterbacks.

  1. Keanu Reeves proved he couldn�t act or run the offense by playing QBs in Point Break and The Replacements. Name either character.
    Answer: Johnny Utah or Shane Falco
  2. George Plimpton went under center for a NFL preseason game in 1963, which he wrote about in this book.
    Answer: Paper Lion
  3. His 18.8 was the lowest rating of all QBs for the 2004 regular NFL season. It doesn�t help that he�s the third string signal caller for the 49ers.
    Answer: Cody Pickett

7. Answer these questions about the cinematic output of Hunter Thompson, for ten points each.

  1. In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this eventual Oscar-winner played Oscar Z. Acosta, aka Dr. Gonzo.
    Answer: Benicio Del Toro
  2. Thompson wrote a TV pilot with Don Johnson that eventually became this CBS television series.
    Answer: Nash Bridges
  3. The first attempt at bringing Thompson's work to the big screen was this 1980 film starring Bill Murray.
    Answer: Where the Buffalo Roam

8. For the stated number of points, answer these related questions.

  1. (15) Founded in 1958, this British car company�s Formula One team would take six driver�s titles in the 1960s and �70s with drivers like Jim Clark, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Mario Andretti.
    Answer: Lotus
  2. (10) A Lotus Super Seven is seen in the opening sequence of this TV show, where the title character drives it to and from his resignation, after which he is gassed and taken to an undisclosed location.
    Answer: The Prisoner
  3. (5) A pressed lotus flower is sent to this character on The Simpsons as a sign that it is time for his arranged marriage to take place.
    Answer: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (accept first or last name)

9. What's small, squeaky and fluent in French? David Sedaris. For ten points each, given the titles of Sedaris essays, name the collection they all appear in.

  1. "Go Carolina," "Picka Pocketoni," "Jesus Shaves"
    Answer: Me Talk Pretty One Day
  2. "A Plague of Tics," "Dinah the Christmas Whore," "Drama Bug"
    Answer: Naked
  3. "Six to Eight Black Men," "Hejira," "Rooster at the Hitching Post"
    Answer: Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim

10. VISUAL BONUS. On the sheet in front of you are five logos from teams in the original World Hockey Association, the North American Soccer League, the United States Football League, and the original American Basketball Association. Your choice is to name the league associated with each for five points each, or the team of any three for ten points each.

  1. A
    Answer: (5) WHA or (10) Michigan Stags
  2. B
    Answer: (5)ABA or (10) Memphis Sounds
  3. C
    Answer: (5) NASL or (10)Los Angeles Aztecs
  4. D
    Answer: (5) ABA or (10) Pittsburgh Pipers
  5. E
    Answer: (5) NASL or (10) Portland Timbers

11. For ten points each, name these INXS songs.

  1. The first U.S. Top Ten hit for the band, this track off of Listen Like Thieves begins "Hey, here is the story / Forget about the trouble in life / Don't you know, it's not easy / When you gotta walk upon that line."
    Answer: "What You Need"
  2. The title track of the last album with Michael Hutchence, it begins: "Baby look at all that shines. / Baby's down on the world and she knows it."
    Answer: "Elegantly Wasted"
  3. This song describes someone who "stripped to the beat / But her clothes stay on. / White light everywhere / But you can't see a thing."
    Answer: "Suicide Blonde"

12. Name the director, 40-30-20-10-1

  1. (40) And your answer is?
  2. (30) His first directorial effort was the unfinished 1922 film Number 13, while his first completed film was 1925's The Pleasure Garden.
  3. (20) His 1929 film Blackmail is generally considered the first British talkie. Other films from this period include The Lodger, Murder!, and Juno and the Paycock.
  4. (10) Nominated for six directorial Oscars, he never won, though 1941's Rebecca won Best Picture.
  5. (1) He only directed 17 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
Answer: Alfred Hitchcock

13. Nicknamed "the race to the sun," this week-long cycling race takes place annually in March. For the stated number of points:

  1. (5, 5) The race is named, for five points each, for these two French cities where the race begins and ends.
    Answer: Paris, Nice
  2. (10) This American, who finished third in last year's Paris-Nice and took bronze in the Olympic time trial in Athens, became the first US rider to win the race, riding for CSC.
    Answer: Bobby Julich
  3. (10) The withdrawal of Lance Armstrong meant that this team's best rider was Jose Luis "Chechu" Rubiera, who finished 14th.
    Answer: Team Discovery Channel (do not accept US Postal or variants thereof)

14. On the plus side, he was played in a movie by Warren Beatty. On the minus side, his death by shotgun in 1947 saw his right eye wind up five yards from the rest of him. For ten points each:

  1. Name this partner of Meyer Lansky, who came to such an ignominious end in the Beverly Hills home of girlfriend Virginia Hill.
    Answer: Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel
  2. Siegel and Lansky went west from New York and landed in Las Vegas, where Siegel used $3 million in mob money to help build this hotel and casino.
    Answer: Flamingo
  3. Siegel got established in California thanks to his childhood friendship with this actor, who played Spats Colombo in Some Like it Hot and casino owner Jack Strager in the original Ocean's 11.
    Answer: George Raft

15. Identify these probably unnecessary spinoffs about people in some form of law enforcement, for ten points each.

  1. After chasing B.J. and the Bear, Claude Akins got this show first set in rural Georgia, and later moved to Atlanta, named after this law enforcement official � a favorite of Homer Simpson.
    Answer: The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
  2. Even less necessary than Lobo was this CBS series that moved Sonny Shroyer�s sheriff character away from Hazzard County to Los Angeles.
    Answer: Enos
  3. Avery Brooks was still able to kick butt and take names even without Robert Urich in this short-lived 1989 series in which his character moved from Boston to Washington, D.C.
    Answer: A Man Called Hawk

16. Magical lands, ladies in pointy hats, yadda, yadda, yadda. Given the fantasy realm, name the author who dreamed it up on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

  1. Prydain
    Answer: Lloyd Alexander
  2. Shannara
    Answer: Terry Brooks
  3. Midkemia
    Answer: Raymond Feist
  4. Deverry
    Answer: Katherine Kerr

17. Americans have had their say! Films directed by Adam Shankman are great! This proves most Americans are idiots. Name these Shankman-directed films, for ten points each.

  1. Shankman's first box office success was this 2001 Jennifer Lopez-Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy.
    Answer: The Wedding Planner
  2. In 2002, Shankman directed the big-screen version of this Nicholas Sparks novel, starring Mandy Moore and Shane West.
    Answer: A Walk to Remember
  3. Shankman helmed this 2003 box-office smash that brought together the talents of Steve Martin and Queen Latifah.
    Answer: Bringing Down the House [Shankman also directed The Pacifier.]

18. 2004 saw the release of Kenny G�s At Last...The Duets Album. If we ask why this album was released, it will take 12 hours to answer. Instead, name these artists or groups who joined forces with the G Man, for ten points each.

  1. This current host of USA�s Nashville Star teamed with Kenny for a remake of Bryan Adams� "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You."
    Answer: LeAnn Rimes
  2. "The Way You Move" has Kenny hooking up with this legendary soul group responsible for "Shining Star" and "Boogie Wonderland."
    Answer: Earth, Wind and Fire
  3. "Beautiful" features Kenny and this woman who had a Top 10 hit with 1984's "I Feel For You."
    Answer: Chaka Khan

19. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, given a line of digital camera, name its maker.

  1. Coolpix
    Answer: Nikon
  2. PhotoSmart
    Answer: Hewlett-Packard or HP
  3. Cyber-shot
    Answer: Sony
  4. EasyShare
    Answer: Kodak

20. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, which Desperate Housewife...

  1. Is involved in accidentally shooting off the toe of a guy she's sort of dating.
    Answer: Bree Van de Camp
  2. Winds up covered with the remains of a murdered neighbor, thanks to the anger of another Desperate Housewife.
    Answer: Susan Mayer
  3. Was the target of blackmail from the friend of a liaison, because he thought sleeping with her would prove that he's not gay.
    Answer: Gabrielle Soliz
  4. Has a son that apparently is the boyfriend of the guy in the previous question, as he's caught making out with him by one of the Housewives.
    Answer: Bree Van de Camp

21. Only one current NBA franchise has won one, and only one, NBA title, and did so by sweeping their finals opponent. For ten points each:

  1. What team won the NBA championship in 1970-71?
    Answer: Milwaukee Bucks
  2. The Bucks swept this Gene Shue-coached team to win the title.
    Answer: Baltimore Bullets (do NOT accept "Washington")
  3. This man, who helmed the Bucks from 1969-1977, coached the Bucks' to the title.
    Answer: Larry Costello

22. Given a group of airlines, name the theoretically synergistic partnership they all belong to for ten points each.

  1. US Airwarys, United, Air Canada, Lufthansa.
    Answer: Star Alliance
  2. Delta, Continental, Air France, Northwest.
    Answer: SkyTeam
  3. American, British Airways, Aer Lingus, QANTAS.
    Answer: OneWorld