2005 TRASHionals
Round 12

1. (AUDIO) For ten points each, name the American Idol contestant from a clip of work that's not just a glorified karaoke remake.

  1. Clip 47
    Answer: Kelly Clarkson
  2. Clip 48
    Answer: Kimberly Locke
  3. Clip 49
    Answer: Diana DeGarmo

2. Once limited to nuclear explosions, the electromagnetic pulse has gone mainstream. For ten points each, answer these questions about EMPs in pop culture.

  1. On 24 this season, this company used an EMP device to wipe out its computers - and all the working electronics in a huge chunk of LA - in an attempt to cover up ways a terrorist stole a nuclear power plant override device it designed.
    Answer: McClennon-Forrester
  2. In the remake of Ocean's 11 this character, played by Don Cheadle, comes up with the idea to use an EMP machine he calls a "pinch" to help cut electricity during the heist.
    Answer: Basher Tarr
  3. In this Neal Stephenson book, a portable EMP device is used by a group of vigilante hackers in an attempt to keep federal agents from getting information off of an ISP's servers.
    Answer: Cryptonomicon

3. For ten points each, expand these acronyms used by porn aficionados to describe the content of masturbation fodder:

  1. GB.
    Answer: gang bang
  2. DP.
    Answer: double penetration
  3. ATM.
    Answer: ass to mouth or anal to mouth

4. Saturday Night Live for young and old. For ten points each:

  1. This African-American became the first person born after SNL�s 1975 premiere to be a cast member or featured player on the show when he became a featured player in 2003.
    Answer: Kenan Thompson
  2. The youngest cast member in SNL history, this member of the Brat Pack joined the cast in 1985 when he was only 17. He lasted all of one season.
    Answer: Anthony Michael Hall
  3. This character actor, best known as David Saint Hubbins in This Is Spinal Tap, was the oldest actor to join an SNL cast, debuting as a cast member at age 47 in 1994.
    Answer: Michael McKean

5. For ten points each, name these senior officials of the NHL Players Association:

  1. This alternate captain for the Vancouver Canucks serves as president of the NHLPA and is given high marks by the media and fans for trying to end the lockout.
    Answer: Trevor Linden
  2. A Massachusetts native and fifth overall pick of the 1989 Entry Draft, this forward had a career-best 41 goals for Boston in 2001-2002, and tallied 34 goals for Dallas last season.
    Answer: Bill Guerin
  3. This Latvian goaltender helped carry the Carolina Hurricanes to the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, but played only 10 games for Carolina last season.
    Answer: Arturs Irbe

6. Identify these current or former NFL players who recently penned books, for ten points each.

  1. This active wide receiver released his autobiography, Catch This: Going Deep With the NFL's Sharpest Weapon, in 2004.
    Answer: Terrell Owens
  2. This Tampa Bay defensive end's autobiography, also released in 2004, is called Rush to Judgment: The <BLANK> Story.
    Answer: Simeon Rice
  3. This cerebral running back, who played for Minnesota from 1994-2000, released The Rest of the Iceberg: An Insider's View on the World of Sport and Celebrity, in 2004.
    Answer: Robert Smith

7. The "12 Days of Christmas" makes perfect fodder for novelty songs. For ten points each:

  1. In Allan Sherman�s 1963 song "The 12 Gifts of Christmas," this is the first gift the true love gave to the singer.
    Answer: A Japanese transistor radio
  2. In the McKenzie Brothers� "12 Days of Christmas," Bob and Doug offer this appropriate gift on the first day.
    Answer: A beer (in a tree)
  3. This is the first activity that is such a pain to the narrator in the Bob Rivers novelty hit "The 12 Pains of Christmas."
    Answer: Finding a Christmas tree

8. For ten points each, name these movies in which one death and the attempts to deal with it lead to a wacky stack of more deaths:

  1. The death of a stripper played by porn star Kob� Tai at a bachelor party in this black comedy featuring Cameron Diaz and Jon Favreau.
    Answer: Very Bad Things
  2. Joaquin Phoenix plays a guy whose best friend commits suicide, framing Phoenix, who had an affair with his wife. Janeane Garafalo plays an FBI agent who thinks the resulting series of deaths are the work of a serial killer.
    Answer: Clay Pigeons
  3. Alex, Juliet, and David take in a new flatmate, Hugo. He ODs and dies the first night, leaving behind a case full of cash. The roommates decide to keep it, but then people come 'round looking for Hugo. A breakthrough part for Ewan McGregor, it was Danny Boyle's screen directorial debut.
    Answer: Shallow Grave

9. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about a game that have little, if anything, to do with the actual game.

  1. (5) "One Night in Bangkok" is the best-known song from this musical.
    Answer: Chess
  2. (10) Richard Boone played this man on the CBS western Have Gun Will Travel, known only by a single name that is synonymous with a chess knight, which was pictured on his card.
    Answer: Paladin
  3. (15) Yale law professor Stephen Carter used a chess motif, including pawns as signals and a chess problem called the Double Excelsior, in this 2002 mystery novel about the son of a federal judge uncovering his dad's past.
    Answer: The Emperor of Ocean Park

10. Don't pee on my leg and tell me they're judges! Identify these TV "judges," for ten points each. You will receive five points if you need the name of their judge show.

  1. (10) This notoriously conservative TV judge was once quoted as saying, "Truth to a liberal is like Kryptonite to Superman." Unhappy with just his judge show, he recently began his own talk show.
    (5) Moral Court
    Answer: Larry Elder
  2. (10) She was a lawyer who presented to the Supreme Court, but never officially a judge. In addition to being a TV judge, she runs an old age home and was on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.
    (5) Divorce Court
    Answer: Judge Mablean Ephriam
  3. (10) She spent time at Harvard Law, training lawyers for the Guatemala Project, and has worked for Janet Reno. She is best known for giving catchy phrases in Spanish to people in her courtroom.
    (5) People's Court
    Answer: Marilyn Milian

11. VISUAL BONUS: Name these fashion casualties featured on the website Go Fug Yourself, for ten points each:

Answer: A. Brittany Murphy, B. Kelly Osbourne, C. Bai Ling

12. Answer these questions about stadiums with corporate names, for ten points each.

  1. After a brief experiment where its name was decided daily by the winner of an online auction, the Boston arena formerly known as FleetCenter is now named for this Maine-based bank.
    Answer: TD Banknorth (the name is "TD Banknorth Garden")
  2. Formerly known as Candlestick Park and 3Com Park, the current home of the San Francisco 49ers now goes by this name.
    Answer: Monster Park
  3. Formerly known as the Ballpark at Arlington, this is the bad corporate name of the Texas Rangers� home stadium
    Answer: Ameriquest Field in Arlington

13. In mid-2004, Milton Bradley re-released Operation, this time with a patient other than Cavity Sam. For ten points each:

  1. What cartoon character was that new patient?
    Answer: Shrek
  2. Milton Bradley also changed the things you have to remove. One of the new things is this digit -- Shrek has two, most gardeners have one.
    Answer: Green Thumb
  3. Another one of the new removable items is "pain in the butt", which is shaped like this.
    Answer: a donkey

14. For ten points each, name these acts with albums on the 2004 Mercury Prize shortlist:

  1. The eventual winner was the eponymous album of this Scottish act known for "Take Me Out."
    Answer: Franz Ferdinand
  2. Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe comprise this house music duo nominated for the album Kish Kash.
    Answer: Basement Jaxx
  3. This guitarless Brit rock band had the second-biggest selling album in the UK in 2004 with Hopes and Fears.
    Answer: Keane

15. Not all TLC shows feature Hildy Santo Tomas gluing feathers to people's walls. For ten points each, given clues, identify the TLC series, none of which are Trading Spaces.

  1. This show brings former Trading Spaces decorator Genevieve Gorder and her team to small communities to renovate residences, businesses and government offices.
    Answer: Town Haul
  2. Hosted by Tava Smiley, this show helps packrats unpack, dump their junk at a yard sale or auction, and redecorate their newly cleaned rooms.
    Answer: Clean Sweep
  3. This renovation show rewards one homeowner with a trip to a spa while the other is forced to spend a weekend correcting a do-it-yourself disaster of his or her own creation. Homeowners receive the services of a carpenter, decorator, electrician and crew, as well as a t-shirt reading "it's all my fault."
    Answer: In a Fix

16. For ten points each, name these Kiss hits:

  1. The foursome�s first Top 40 hit was this 1975 tune, which encouraged listeners to do the title action, followed by partying every day.
    Answer: "Rock and Roll All Nite"
  2. The highest-charting hit in Kiss history was this 1976 ballad, sung by drummer Peter Criss.
    Answer: "Beth"
  3. The only other Top 10 hit for Kiss was this 1990 single off the group�s Hot in the Shade album. The tune, which made it to No. 8 on the pop chart, showed off the songwriting "skills" of the Bizarro Lennon and McCartney -- Paul Stanley and Michael Bolton.
    Answer: "Forever"

17. Identify these wanna-be wrestling stars on the W-B's and Cartoon Network's Mucha Lucha, for ten points each.

  1. This student's finisher is the Pulverizing Pinball, and he loves custard-filled donuts. He wears a red-and-blue mask with red sparkle tights.
    Answer: Rikochet
  2. This girl likes maple logs, wears a white and purple mask with a purple ponytail sticking out and has a finisher called the <BLANK> Bulldozer of Truth.
    Answer: Buena Girl
  3. This student hates taking showers, and his favorite hobby is dumpster diving. This student's real name is also NOT Michael Balzary.
    Answer: Flea

18. Gotham isn't the only city in the D.C. universe. For ten points each, name the comics locales.

  1. Chief of Police Redhorn has his hand in a wide array of criminal activities in this city south of Gotham that is the most recent home of Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing).
    Answer: Bludhaven
  2. Located near the Kansas/Missouri border, this "blue collar capital of the United States" has attracted Mirror Master, Professor Zoom, Captain Boomerang and other members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery.
    Answer: Keystone City
  3. Home to Jack Knight, aka Starman, this city claims to have more French-style caf�s than any other city in America. The Alleys is its version of Greenwich Village. Drawbacks to living here include a super-villain migration.
    Answer: Opal City

19. Not only is Michael Crichton a best-selling author, he's also tried his hand at directing films. Name these Crichton-directed movies, for ten points each.

  1. Crichton did uncredited reshoots for this 1999 John McTiernan dud, which starred Antonio Banderas as an Arab courtier enlisted to combat a terror that slaughters his Viking friends. Based on Crichton's Eaters of the Dead.
    Answer: The 13th Warrior
  2. Crichton wrote and directed this 1973 sci-fi thriller about a futuristic amusement park whose robotic gunslingers go haywire.
    Answer: Westworld
  3. In this 1978 film, doctors discovered that patients are being killed at a major hospital so that their organs can be harvested for transplants.
    Answer: Coma

20. Long before Law and Order and CSI, NBC introduced a number of mystery series during the 1970s through the NBC Mystery Movie. Identify them from clues, for ten points each.

  1. Easily the most popular of the Mystery Movie shows was this series starring Peter Falk as a trench-coat wearing detective.
    Answer: Columbo
  2. Airing from 1971-1976, this detective series starred Rock Hudson as a San Francisco police commissioner, who would frequently call upon his spouse, played by Susan Saint James, to solve mysteries.
    Answer: McMillan and Wife
  3. Dennis Weaver played a New Mexico deputy marshal assigned to a Manhattan precinct in this 1970-1977 detective series.
    Answer: McCloud

21. For the stated number of points, given casinos name the state they can be found in. Note that none of them are in Nevada or New Jersey.

  1. (5) Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.
    Answer: Connecticut
  2. (10) Beau Rivage and Treasure Bay.
    Answer: Mississippi
  3. (15) Chinook Winds and Seven Feathers.
    Answer: Oregon

22. For those golfers that have won the Masters, it takes an average of 6 attempts before their first victory. For ten points each.

  1. The only golfer since 1936 to win the Masters on his first attempt, this Hoosier won in 1979 in a sudden death playoff, but may be better remembered for comments he made about the 1997 champion.
    Answer: Frank Urban (Fuzzy) Zoeller
  2. What 1998 winner won the Masters in his 15th try, the most for any winner. His first major, he captured the British Open later that year.
    Answer: Mark O'Meara
  3. Within one either way, what number attempt was Phil Mickelson on when he won the Masters championship in 2004?
    Answer: 12 (accept 11-13)