2005 TRASHionals
Round 10

1. In the video for this song, the singer is doused with water twice and gets hit by flying watermelons and silly string. His drummer does a little skateboarding, while his guitarist plays some basketball. A light fixture explodes, a book is on fire, and a giant picture of a tree behind the singer collapses throughout the video. All of this happens in a sort of reverse order. For ten points, name this track off In Between Dreams, the latest single by Jack Johnson.

Answer: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

2. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. One was originally released in 1979, while the other was unveiled in 1981. One was the first video game released with all graphics displayed in true RGB color, while the other was one of the first games to feature a bonus stage. In one game, you must shoot wave after wave of aliens that look like dragonflies, while the other game require you to shoot wave after wave of aliens, some of which have tractor beams that capture ships. For ten points, name this classic sci-fi game and its classic sequel, released by Namco.

Answer: Galaxian and Galaga

3. Alex Fernandez of Miami-Dade is the only junior college player to win this prestigious award, doing so in 1990. Arizona State�s Bob Horner was the first winner, taking home the award in 1978. Early winners included such future major leaguers as Will Clark, Dave Magadan and Terry Francona. Winners in recent years include such current major leaguers as Mark Prior, Khalil Greene and Jason Varitek. This is, for ten points, what amateur baseball award for player of the year, sponsored by the Major League Baseball Players Association?

Answer: Golden Spikes Award [Do not accept Dick Howser Trophy, which is awarded by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association]

4. He founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment in 1931, making him the biggest kook associated with Virginia Beach, Virginia, as the ARE promotes spiritual healing and reincarnation. Supposedly a reincarnation of an Egyptian priest, a Trojan warrior, and a disciple of Christ, he predicted that Atlantis would arise again in 1968 or '69. Claiming as a child to hear voices and see visions, he claimed to use clairvoyance to diagnose illnesses by mail, making use of a trance that was remarkably similar to sleep. For ten points, name this man known as "the Sleeping Prophet."

Answer: Edgar Cayce

5. Number 2 in the organization was Emilio Largo, but he was killed by his former lover Domino. Number 3 was Rosa Klebb, a defector from the Russian organization SMERSH. Irma Bunt's position is unclear, but she killed Tracy DiVicenzo Bond at the behest of her boss. For ten points, name this international criminal organization led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the nemesis of James Bond.

Answer: SPECTRE (or Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)

6. The neighborhood of this name in the Shibuya ward is home to the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. Nurtured by the hokoten, or "pedestrian heaven" that shut down streets in the mid-to-late '90s, styles here range from rockabilly to punk-meets-Catholic schoolgirl looks to costume players dressed like their favorite manga characters. Today, it's gotten its greatest mainstream US exposure from Gwen Stefani, who sings about girls emulating this style on a song named for them and in "Rich Girl." Name, for ten points, this Tokyo district noted for its influence on youth fashion.

Answer: Harajuku

7. One member of this family circulated a proposal "Population Is Destiny" seeking potential investors for a dating service for "heterosexual whites of Christian cultural heritage." One august ancestor signed the incorporation papers for the America First Committee which opposed entering World War II against the Nazis, while another started a publishing company. For ten points, name this family whose eponymous company puts out books by Michelle Malkin, G. Gordon Liddy, Ann Coulter and other conservatives.

Answer: Regnery

8. He's the champion of steak, a lunchtime game in which the winner is the first to finish a steak. He wanted to wear sweats to his wedding, but his fianc�e nixed that plan. He has expert knowledge of the Brady Bunch, and his best friend calls him "Brown Bear." For ten points, name this aspiring surgeon played by Donald Faison on Scrubs.

Answer: Christopher Turk

9. This film was remade in 2001, and another version comes out this summer. The newest has James Cromwell in the Eddie Albert role and Chris Rock as "Caretaker." The 2001 British version changed the title, switched the focus to soccer, and cast Vinnie Jones as the jailed star player. For ten points, name this film about a guards vs. convicts football game, originally starring Burt Reynolds and now starring Adam Sandler.

Answer: The Longest Yard

10. They hooked up with alto sax player Maceo Parker, recording under the name Maceo and the Macks. Formed in 1970 after everyone but the organist walked out, they recorded instrumental hits such as "Pass the Peas" and "The Grunt" under the leadership of trombonist Fred Wesley. The original line-up included two former members of the Pacemakers, brothers "Catfish" and "Bootsy" Collins, who had been recruited by organist Bobby Byrd. For ten points, name this backup band for James Brown.

Answer: the J.B.'s

11. Vin Diesel, Batman and Robin, and Michael Knight star in �3 Fast 3 Furious.� Walt Disney feeds on Cuban children. �Unsolved Case Files� investigates George Jetson�s death at the hands of Rosie. The later life of Dr. Teeth is revealed in �Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem.� Voltron and Robeast battle it out in a dance contest in �You Got Robo-Served.� Rachel Leigh Cook goes nuts after her famous drug ad. Action figures are the primary medium in, for ten points, this Seth Green-produced Adult Swim show.

Answer: Robot Chicken

12. He played two years at Midland Junior College, where he helped the hoops team win the 1982 Juco national title. He would later play 2 years at NC State, but not get drafted until he spent time in the USBL. Detroit took him with a 4th round pick, but he never played for them. Rather, he spent roughly half of his 12 year career with the Atlanta Hawks. Averaging 10 points and 5 assists per game, he was never an all-star but made his mark at the festivities surrounding the 1986 game. Name, for ten points, this five-foot seven guard who made his name that year by winning the slam dunk contest.

Answer: Anthony "Spud" Webb

13. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a fight song, identify the Big Ten university, for ten points. [Clip 38]

Answer: The Ohio State University

14. Her screen debut came in 1991, in Mamagaru. The 1994 Miss World, she refuses to work with Salman Khan after alleging he abused her during their relationship. In an interview with 60 Minutes this year, she mused on how impending Western success might force her to break Indian taboos against onscreen kissing. For ten points, name this Bollywood superstar, called the world's most beautiful woman, seen most recently in Bride and Prejudice.

Answer: Aishwarya Rai

15. The name�s the same. One is a Minnesota-based actor who appeared in a number of MGM films in the �30s and �40s but gained fame as the star of the 1950s syndicated series Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. The other was charged for slapping a cage fighter in the Phoenix airport last year. He was 268 pounds when he graduated high school but developed a weight-loss system that has inexplicably made him a celebrity. For ten points, name this Emmy Award winner who�s often seen �Sweating to the Oldies.�

Answer: Richard Simmons

16. Max Elliot Slade made it through the first three films as Rocky, while Michael Treanor appeared in the first and third as Colt. "Tum Tum" was played by a different actor in all four films. Victor Wong was in each film as Grandpa, who trains the Douglas brothers. Their skills come in handy, particularly in foiling a hostage situation at the Mega Mountain amusement park. For ten points, name this '90s franchise about a family of adolescent martial artists.

Answer: 3 Ninjas

17. Some current models of this used something called the Multi-Displacement System to shut off a bank of cylinders under light load to improve fuel economy. The FirePower one was the first to find widespread use in 1951, and a 426 cubic inch version that finished first, second, and third at the 1964 Daytona 500 saw its use in various Plymouth and sister models into the 1970s. Its design allows for inline placement of valves for better air flow, and a center-located spark plug for better ignition. Named for the shape of the engine's cylinder heads, name, for ten points, this type of engine now most commonly found in the Dodge Ram and Dodge Durango.

Answer: Hemi

18. It uses a text field of either 80 by 25 or 80 by 50 characters, and uses either Lucida Console or a font similar to FixedSys. The use of a Radix Protector can get you back to work in less than 30 seconds after one, while typing "about:mozilla" in some versions of the company's web browser displays a gag one. A utility now exists to let you change a setting in the system.ini file to use any of the 16 CGA colors, though it's still known by its default color. Used by some IT folks as a verb synonymous with crashing, name, for ten points, this Windows-based error screen most famously seen during the 1998 spring Comdex session where Bill Gates was previewing Windows 98.

Answer: Blue Screen of Death

19. Barely a month after forming in 1992, this band was opening for the Keanu Reeves band Dogstar in Hollywood. Signed by DGC, they hooked up with producer Ric Ocasek of the Cars, although their first recording sessions were troublesome as guitarist Jason Cropper was fired and replaced by Brian Bell. Their debut album, which then-bassist Matt Sharp later sued over seeking song-writing credits, benefited heavily from music videos directed by Spike Jonze. For ten points, what act's so-called "Blue Album" featured "Undone (The Sweater Song)" and "Buddy Holly"?

Answer: Weezer

20. The winner of this event receives the Field Scovell Trophy. First played in 1937, the inaugural game was the only one played at Fair Park Stadium. Saint Mary�s won the 1939 game, while 0-0 ties were the final score in both 1947 and 1959. From 1941 to 1991, the game pitted an at-large team against the winner of the Southwest Conference. The 2005 showdown pitted the second-place Big 12 school against an SEC team. For ten points, name this post-season college football bowl game, played at the namesake field in Dallas.

Answer: Cotton Bowl

21. A martyr last seen nine years earlier may be back as an itinerant preacher speaking out against the failings of the empire. Alia, sister of the departed emperor, acts as regent until the rightful heirs come of age. Lady Jessica returns to help her grandchildren and Alia, who seems possessed by the spirit of Baron Harkonnen. For ten points, this describes the plot of what novel, the third entry in Frank Herbert's Dune series?

Answer: Children of Dune