2005 TRASHionals
Round 09

1. This year's edition of this event will bestow a lifetime achievement award on Hayao Miyazaki, the first time it will so honor a director of animated films. Last year, its most honored films were Vera Drake and The Sea Inside, as both took jury prizes and both Imelda Staunton and Javier Bardem took acting awards. First held in 1932, it first used its traditional location, the Palazzo del Cinema, in 1937. For ten points, name this major film festival which, since 1949 has used its location on the Lido to award its best film the Golden Lion.

Answer: Venice Film Festival

2. The breakthrough for this product was the development of a fusing process that produces a graduated pad that has layers feathered or shaved off, giving the most thickness in the middle with almost no material at the edges. The result of two years of work by ten designers, its seamless nature will provide smoother lines under clothing. Offering full support without bulky padding, this is, for ten points, what newest advance in bra technology from Victoria's Secret?

Answer: IPEX

3. The first book in this series opens in Wych Cross, a real town in East Sussex, where we meet Dr. John Hathaway, senior curator of the Royal Museum. A summoning ritual, performed with items including a feather pulled from an angel's wing, a coin, a stick, a song, and a knife brings us closer to meeting the series' central character. For ten points, name this series featuring characters Ellie Marsten, Daniel Bustamonte, Stefan Wasserman, and Unity Kincaid, a dark tale in graphic novel form by Neil Gaiman.

Answer: Sandman

4. Created by newspaper cartoonist Johnny Gruelle, allegedly to entertain his sick daughter, he trademarked his creation in 1915. In 1918, Gruelle contracted with the P.F. Volland company to publish books to go with the matching doll. Serial newspaper stories followed. Followed by a brother in 1920, for ten points, name this rag doll, known for her triangle nose and red string hair.

Answer: Raggedy Ann

5. During the 1988 and the first two months of the 1989 seasons, this man was the oldest player in Major League Baseball. In a 26-year career, which began with the 1963 Cleveland Indians, he won 288 games, putting him second all-time among eligible players not enshrined in Cooperstown. In 2004, Birmingham orthopedist James Andrews performed 53 ulnar collateral ligament replacement operations, named for this man, on patients high school age or younger. For ten points, name this retired pitcher, whose baseball success has been overshadowed by having a famous surgery named for him.

Answer: Tommy John

6. This album's cover featured a glitter makeup lightning bolt dividing the artist's face. It features songs written while the artist was on tour in the U.S., including "Panic in Detroit" and "Drive-In Saturday," although Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote "Let's Spend the Night Together." "The Jean Genie" was the first single released off of, for ten points, what Ziggy Stardust follow-up by David Bowie whose title track is partly inspired by Bowie's brother's schizophrenia?

Answer: Aladdin Sane

7. To punish himself for saying hurtful things in a newsletter, he wore the Mantle of 1,000 Itches. His version of tag is called Boochie, Boochie, Boochie. He framed the one share of stock he owns in a cereal company. His famous sayings include: "Well, throw acid rain on my parade" and "I don�t care much for Mexican food, it gives me Monty Python�s revenge." For ten points, name this accomplished cartoonist, a former sheep herder who moved from Mypos to live with his cousin Larry.

Answer: Balki Bartokamus

8. A non-proprietary version of this game is called "The Captain's Mistress." First published by Milton Bradley in 1974, Victor Allis penned a master's thesis containing the solution to this game. The game is played on a board with seven columns and six rows, which is placed in a vertical position. Players take turns dropping discs in one of the non-full columns. The game ends in a draw if the board is filled completely without the title event taking place. For ten points, name this two-player game of putting one's discs in a line.

Answer: Connect Four (also accept Plot Four)

9. He canceled his celebrity golf outing because too many people died the previous year. He insists that he loves desk, carpet, and lamp, and he once ate a big red candle. People seem to like him because he is polite and is rarely late. Years later, a doctor will tell him that he has an IQ of 48, but that doesn't stop him from becoming an advisor to the Bush Administration. For ten points, name this weatherman on the Channel 4 News Team, played by Steven Carrell in Anchorman.

Answer: Brick Tamlin (acc. first or last name)

10. He has a bad track record in starring sitcoms as Black Tie Affair and The Secret Lives of Men both died quick deaths in the 1990s. He�s had better luck on dramas, playing the husband of a pregnant woman who had a seizure on ER, vulcanologist Daniel Trepkos on The X-Files and local TV reporter Norman Gardner on NYPD Blue. He finally hit it big on TV in 1999 thanks to Aaron Sorkin. For ten points, name this husband of Jane Kaczmarek, who plays Josh Lyman on The West Wing.

Answer: Bradley Whitford

11. The second episode saw Jason Thacker and Christopher Sanford eliminated. Episode three saw Bobby Southworth knock Lodune Sincaid out of the competition, while episode four saw Diego Sanchez eliminate Alex Karalexis. Southworth was gone in episode seven after losing to Stephan Bonner. Episode eight had Nathan Quarry leaving the tournament with an ankle injury, and Sanchez eliminating Josh Rafferty. All of this took place on, for ten points, what Spike TV show, where the winner wins a multi-fight contract with UFC?

Answer: The Ultimate Fighter

12. Their fans are known as The Legion, and their stadium is nicknamed The Tub. It seats 50-thousand fans and has hosted ten UEFA Cup finals, including the one won by it in 2002. This year they were knocked out in the round of 32 by Sporting of Portugal. 1970 was their best season internationally, as they took the Intercontinental Cup over Estudiantes La Plata of Argentina, having bested AC Milan in the European Cup, which they won a year before rival Ajax took three straight. For ten points, what is this Dutch soccer team which shares its name with its Rotterdam neighborhood?

Answer: Feyenoord

13. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a 1990s modern rock hit, name the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 34]

Answer: "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals

14. He often is credited with a middle initial Q, including his appearances as JC in Murder Was the Case, Gusto in CB4, Eggy in Mo Better Blues and Jimmy in Harlem Nights. He�s also written the screenplays for Paper Soldiers and Vampire in Brooklyn. His first big TV splash was as Tyree in The Mad Real World and his encounters with Prince and Rick James have moved him out of his brother�s shadow. For ten points, name this brother of Eddie, one of the key ensemble parts of Chappelle�s Show.

Answer: Charlie Murphy (more on Murphy)

15. Before Chicago, this was the last musical to win a Best Picture Oscar. "I Shall Scream" and "That's Your Funeral" are songs from the 1960 London production not appearing in the film. Other songs by Lionel Bart include "Where is Love," "It's a Fine Life," "I'd Do Anything," and "Consider Yourself." For ten points, name this 1968 Carol Reed film starring Jack Wild, Mark Lester, and Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes.

Answer: Oliver!

16. They used a boom box in their drummer's bedroom to record their demo EP Flyswatter. After releasing their first full album in 1994, Cheshire Cat, they were sued by a similarly-named Irish techno band, requiring them to modify their name. Signed by RCA, the made their major label debut with the album Dude Ranch, featuring the singles "Josie" and "Dammit." For ten points, what band announced that they were going on a break in 2005, having produced hits such as "Adam's Song," "Always," and "What's My Age Again?"

Answer: Blink-182 [The band was originally named blink.]

17. President Zachary Herney is facing a tough re-election battle, but believes that a reported rare object buried deep in the Arctic ocean will lead him to victory in November. He calls on Rachel Sexton of the National Reconnaissance Office to find and verify the object. While in the Arctic, Rachel uncovers evidence of scientific trickery. But before she can inform the president, she must find out who is behind a masterful plot to killer her and her team. This is the general plot of, for ten points, what Dan Brown novel, published between Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code?

Answer: Deception Point

18. The first ticket for it was bought on August 31, 1996, with its first drawing on September 6th. Originally a joint venture between six states, a Tuesday drawing was added in 1998, and more numbers were added to the game in 1999, when New Jersey joined. In 2000 is set a North American record when its jackpot reached $363 million. Today with 12 states participating - Texas and California have joined in the last 14 months - for ten points, name this multi-state lottery known as the Big Game before May 2002.

Answer: Mega Millions (prompt on "Big Game")

19. His real name is Greg Entner. Though some criticize him because he never shuts up, others enjoy the humor in his running commentary. Almost always accompanied by the driver Ugly, he searches the streets of Miami while always carrying a video camera, hoping to find a woman who can be mistreated. For ten points, name this Bangbus cameraman who shares his name with a sexual manuever in which you stick a finger up your partner's anus and smear a fecal moustache on her upper lip which was mentioned on South Park.

Answer: Dirty Sanchez

20. Born December 23, 1979, he was the 27th overall pick of the 1998 NHL Entry Draft. After two seasons in the WHL, he debuted in the NHL in the fall of 1999, and took home the Calder Memorial Trophy in 2000. In 2004, he finished tied for first in the NHL in assists with 56, and finished with 70 points. For ten points, name this New Jersey Devils center and Anchorage native, who is now playing with the hometown Alaska Aces of the ECHL during the ongoing NHL lockout.

Answer: Scott Gomez

21. His first name is Tommy. He has been cared for by his uncle since age ten, after the death of his father. His uncle narrates the story of how the Gatlin boys roughed up his beloved Becky, causing him to ignore his father's advice to "walk away from trouble if you can." For ten points, identify this title character of a 1979 Kenny Rogers hit, who the townsfolk called yellow even though they read him wrong.

Answer: "Coward of the County"