2005 TRASHionals
Round 08

1. When he awakens, he runs away from the crowd to a 200-foot tall red pine, where he is joined by a creature from Tau Ceti named Monat. He quickly forms a group that includes the American Peter Frigate, a little girl named Gwenafra, and Alice Liddell, who was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll. As described in To Your Scattered Bodies Go, he was prematurely awakened between his death and his ressurection on Riverworld. For ten points, name this character whose historical basis translated the Thousand and One Nights and discovered Lake Tanganyika.

Answer: Sir Richard Francis Burton

2. MVP of the 2003 Adidas ABCD Camp and the 2004 Nike Hoop Summit, he earned two all-state honors at Georgia�s McEachern High School and set the single-season points record in his senior year at Oak Hill Academy. He turned aside a commitment to Indiana to enter the NBA Draft where Jay Bilas predicted he�d be the biggest bust. Instead, he�s turned heads with shot-blocking and dunking abilities. For ten points, name this Atlanta Hawks rookie who won the 2005 NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Answer: Josh Smith

3. This band collaborated on the song "Little Know It All" from the 2003 Iggy Pop album Skull Ring. Currently scheduled to open for Motley Crue's Carnival of Sin tour, they may have a collaboration in their future as they contemplate a possible mash-up album after a successful live performance, playing back-up on a version of "Get Back" for Ludacris on Saturday Night Live. For ten points, name this Canadian band whose songs include "In Too Deep" and "Fat Lip".

Answer: Sum 41

4. The name's the same. The 2001 movie featured Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Garry Shandling as people reflecting on relationships. The publication, started in 1846, is called "America's premiere lifestyle magazine for the affluent." In cars, this Chrysler offering earned a Popular Science "Best of What's New" award for its "Stow 'n Go" seating. For ten points, give the shared name of this movie, magazine, and minivan, which suggests they'd all fit in both populated and more rural surroundings.

Answer: Town & Country

5. This town is home to the National Farm Toy Museum, which features over 30,000 toys and exhibits, and will play host to the Summer Farm Toy Show in June. It is also home to the St. Francis Xavier Basilica, which features two Latin Masses every Sunday. Several companies that manufacture die-cast replicas of farm equipment - including Ertl, Scale Models and SpecCast - have offices in this Iowa town, which is probably best known for a field built on the big screen by Ray Kinsella. For ten points, name this real-life Iowa town home to the baseball park built into a cornfield in Field of Dreams.

Answer: Dyersville

6. Among its working titles were Five and It's Been a Hard 15 Minutes. American Idol's Simon Fuller exec-produced this film, and his sister Kim wrote the screenplay. Alan Cumming plays Piers Cuthberton-Smyth, a documentarian following the lead quintet, Richard E. Grant plays their stuffy manager, and Roger Moore plays the Chief, in sort of a Charlie/007 role. A Hard Day's Night without the talent or personality, for ten points, name this 1997 film starring Emma, Geri, Mel, Mel, and Victoria.

Answer: Spice World

7. Chicago DJ Kevin Matthews claimed to have started the tradition of screaming �Freebird� during one of this woman's concerts. She first gained acclaim in 1952 playing Laurey in Oklahoma and she also had the lead in The King and I and The Sound of Music. Her TV work has included producing and hosting Country Kitchen on the Nashville Network and playing Dave�s mom on Dave�s World. The first female guest host of The Tonight Show, for ten points, name this actress and cooking oil spokeswoman who once dated her TV son.

Answer: Florence Henderson

8. He has claimed that his abilities are due to a UFO named IS, or "Intelligence in the Sky" and a planet called Hoova. A former fashion model, he claims that he has been asked by the USSR and NASA for help with satellites and that mining companies pay him millions to dowse for gold and oil. Still, he was once ordered to give a refund by an Israeli court because his claims are not genuine. For ten points, name this psychic who also had a libel case dismissed against James Randi, a disputer of his spoon-bending powers.

Answer: Uri Geller

9. His novel, The Day After Yesterday, runs over 750 pages, which may help explain why it was rejected by Conundrum Press. His mother, Phyllis, lives in Oxnard, near his sister Wendy. An 8th grade English teacher, he still lives in San Diego, where he went to college and roomed with Jack Lopate, a future soap actor. Divorced from his wife Victoria after an affair with a woman named Brenda, he may find love again with waitress-turned-vintner Maya. Such is the life of, for 10 points, what man played by Paul Giamatti in Sideways?

Answer: Miles Raymond (accept first or last name)

10. It was opened on April 6 by King George, and was attended by 245 competitors, all men. First-day winners included James Connolly in the triple jump and Robert Garrett in the discus. Day two saw the first home country gold medalist, Leonidas Pyrgos, win in amateur foil. Australia�s Teddy Flack won the 800 and 1500 meters, then took an early lead in the marathon before dropping out, allowing water Spiros Louis to take home the gold and please his countrymen. For ten points, name this 10-day event in Athens that re-launched a sporting tradition not seen since ancient Greece.

Answer: 1896 Summer Olympics (Accept 1st Olympics, 1st Modern Olympics, 1st Summer Olympics, equivalent)

11. After breaking up in 1968, this band reunited for its 1993 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, although it is now gearing up for some reunion shows at Royal Albert Hall. Its fourth member is sometimes said to be producer Felix Pappalardi, who did studio arrangements for songs such as "Tales of Brave Ulysses," "Blue Condition," and "Sunshine of Your Love" on the band's second album, Disraeli Gears. For ten points, what blues-rock supergroup featured Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Eric Clapton?

Answer: Cream

12. The name�s the same. One premiered in 1997 on Lifetime and had features on makeup and shopping along with characters like �The Laundry Lieutenant.� The other debuted in 2003 and features a wide array of characters such as Mayor Clarence V. Royce, cop Bunny Colvin, street toughs Bodie, Poot, and Omar, and Detective Jimmy McNulty. For ten points, name this gritty HBO drama set on the mean streets of Baltimore.

Answer: The Wire

13. During the Seinfeld episode, "The Dinner Party," Kramer suggests George buy a copy because it will be "great dinner party conversation." General Media Publishing made this magazine feature into a stand alone publication. The editors of its original host mag have published 19 collections based on it, the most recent appearing in March 2004. You'll never believe most of what happened to the people writing to, for ten points, what sex advice column?

Answer: Penthouse Forum

14. (AUDIO) Given a clip of dialogue from a 1980s movie, name it. For ten points. [Clip 30]

Answer: Back to School

15. He got his pet gerbil by trading away the cat belonging to his wife Martha. Among his near disasters include almost having his lifeline cut in Albamarl Sound and being accused of robbing a bank in even though he was on Nomanisan Island at the time. He�s had at least two bosses � Captain Thad Green in L.A. and Captain Grecco in New York. He�s also had two partners � Kate Monday and Pat Tuesday. For ten points, name this character played by Joe Howard, the male cop in the Mathnet segments on Square One Television.

Answer: George Frankly (accept either)

16. A Disney version of this board game features teams captained by Tarzan, Ariel, Captain Hook and Winnie the Pooh, while a �Card Revenge� version includes an oversized electronic pawn. Introduced by Parker Brothers in 1934, a seven means you can split your turn between two pieces, while drawing an 11 allows you to switch places with an opponent�s piece. For ten points, name this Americanized version of Parcheesi with an apologetic name.

Answer: Sorry!

17. Formed in 1932 by Enrique Carreras and William Hinds, its first film was The Public Life of Henry the Ninth. In 1957 the studio released Curse of Frankenstein, beginning a 20-year tradition of horror films which included numerous reworkings of Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Mummy. For ten points, name this British studio which made international stars out of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

Answer: Hammer Films

18. Graefenroda, Germany, claims to be the birthplace of this item, also known as the nanus hortorum vulgaris, which was first made by local potters in the 1880s. It size and traditional implements - such as a lantern or wheelbarrow - suggest they were inspired by the local mining community, although modern versions - such as the "voyeur" model that's using binoculars and has its pants down - are also available. Their worldwide popularity can be seen by their appearanced in movies like Amalie and in a series of Travelocity ads. Name, for ten points, these tiny, red-hatted figures that usually grace one's garden.

Answer: garden gnomes

19. He is the last Hall of Famer to record at least 200 at bats and 10 innings pitched in the same season, doing so in 1945 with the Phillies. Discovered by "Home Run" Baker, he came up as a catcher, but was shifted to first due to the presence of Mickey Cochrane. A 1933 Triple Crown winner, he spent the bulk of his career with the A's and Red Sox. For ten points, name this slugging first baseman of the 1930s who finished with 534 career home runs.

Answer: James Emory "Jimmie" Foxx

20. The Rough Guide to Rock claims that Kurt Cobain sold this song to the '90s as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Nirvana was known to sometimes joke around by playing this song with a similar chord sequence before launching into their famous hit. Appearing on the eponymous 1976 album whose second single was "Peace of Mind," it was sang by Brad Delp and written by Tom Scholz. Describing a sensation felt when the singer hears the old song they used to play and which causes him to begin dreaming until he sees Marianne walking away, this is, for ten points, what hit by Boston?

Answer: "More Than a Feeling"

21. This franchise was formed in 1873 as part of a namesake rowing club using the double blue colors of Oxford and Cambridge. In 1914, it won its first overall championship, beating a city university, 14-2. 1991 saw the franchise win its 12th league title courtesy of rookie Rocket Ismail and free-spending owners Bruce McNall, Wayne Gretzky and John Candy. Doug Flutie led them to back-to-back league crowns in 1996 and 1997 before bolting to the NFL. Now helmed at quarterback by 42-year-old grandfather Damon Allen, this is, for ten points, what CFL squad, who plays its home games at SkyDome and won the 2004 Grey Cup?

Answer: Toronto Argonauts