2005 TRASHionals
Round 07

1. The 77th Academy Awards in March 2005 featured several first-time winners. Answer these questions about them for ten points each.

  1. Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, who had previously been nominated for co-writing Election, won the best adapted screenplay award for this film.
    Answer: Sideways
  2. Previously nominated for Hamlet, Gangs of New York, and Kundun among others, Francesca Lo Schiavo and Dante Ferretti finally won an Oscar in this category for their work on The Aviator.
    Answer: Best Achievement in Art Direction
  3. John Dykstra and three others won Best Visual Effects for Spiderman 2. For the other three it was their first Oscar, but Dykstra shared the Best Visual Effects Oscar 27 years earlier for this 1977 film.
    Answer: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (accept either)

2. Given a list of hoops stars through the years, identify the Jesuit college they attended on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

  1. Bo Ellis, Jim McIlvaine, Doc Rivers, Dwyane Wade
    Answer: Marquette University
  2. Benoit Benjamin, Paul Silas, Rodney Buford, Kyle Korver
    Answer: Creighton University
  3. Richie Frahm, Blake Stepp, Dan Dickau, John Stockton
    Answer: Gonzaga University
  4. Brian Grant, Tyrone Hill, David West, Romain Sato
    Answer: Xavier University

3. (VISUAL) Given a still of an accidental moment of porn from a video game, name the video game for ten points each.

  1. http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/sexual-games/pics/ringking3.gif
    Answer: Ring King
  2. http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/sexual-games/pics/mk3-wolf2.gif
    Answer: Mortal Kombat 3
  3. http://modernjackass.com/images/moonwalker.gif
    Answer: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

4. While Herman from Herman's Head is pretty much in TV limbo, some of his cohorts were a little luckier. Answer the following:

  1. For five points each, name the two co-stars who still have regular jobs as voices on The Simpsons.
    Answer: Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith
  2. Jane Sibbett, who played the bitchy blonde Heddy, had a similar personality playing this lesbian ex-wife of Ross on Friends.
    Answer: Carol
  3. You might have heard Ken Hudson Campbell, aka Lust or the fat guy in Herman's head, as the voice of this commercial spokesman and one-time star of an inexplicable CBS sitcom.
    Answer: Baby Bob

5. For ten points each, answer these questions about bling-bling:

  1. The term was popularized by a track on the Chopper City in the Ghetto album by what rapper?
    Answer: The B.G. or The Baby Gangsta or Christopher Dorsey
  2. B.G. was the first artist signed to what New Orleans-based label founded by the brothers Williams?
    Answer: Cash Money Records
  3. "Bling Bling" was produced by what Cash Money in-house producer?
    Answer: Mannie Fresh

6. For ten points each, name these meat in casing edible treats.

  1. This mild pork sausage, whose U.S. capital may be Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the home of Johnsonville Sausage, takes it name from the German for "fry sausage."
    Answer: bratwurst
  2. Originating in Spain, it was originally a chopped pork sausage seasoned with chili powder and paprika. Versions in the Western hemisphere use a finer grind, and some use other meats, such as beef in the Argentine version.
    Answer: chorizo
  3. This Portuguese pork sausage is flavored with garlic, onions, and pepper. It is a popular breakfast item in Hawaii, where it is sliced and grilled.
    Answer: linguica

7. Transsexuals aren't just for the Discovery Health Channel anymore. For ten points each, name these authors who've chosen gender-bending pseudonyms:

  1. The first woman to be given the Nebula Grand Master Award, she is perhaps most famous for her Witch World Series.
    Answer: Andre Norton (or Alice Mary Norton)
  2. The winner of Hugo Awards for the short story "Cassandra" and the novels Downbelow Station and Cyteen, she disguised her gender by using her initials.
    Answer: C.J. Cherryh (or Carolyn Janice Cherry)
  3. In 1975, Robert Silverberg wrote of a "prevailing masculinity" in the foreword to this author's short story collection Warm Worlds and Otherwise. Her other works include the novel The Screwfly Solution.
    Answer: James Tiptree, Jr. (or Alice Sheldon)

8. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a broadcast, identify the year of the World Series from which it came, for ten points each.

  1. Clip 27
    Answer: 1986
  2. Clip 28
    Answer: 1956
  3. Clip 29
    Answer: 1993

9. Food in the movies, for ten points each.

  1. In 1960's The Apartment, Jack Lemmon prepares spaghetti by using what to drain the pasta?
    Answer: Tennis racket
  2. Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily?, a comic redub of a Japanese spy flick, saw Japanese super agent Phil Moskowitz track down a recipe for what?
    Answer: Egg salad
  3. In 1931's Public Enemy, James Cagney smashed this foodstuff into the face of Mae Clarke.
    Answer: Grapefruit

10. For ten points each, answer these questions about female trailblazers in professional ice hockey.

  1. In 1992, she became the first woman to play for an NHL team when she tended goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning, albeit in a preseason game.
    Answer: Manon Rheaume
  2. This Canadian standout became the first woman to score a goal in a men's professional game, finding twine in a Finnish League game in 2003.
    Answer: Hayley Wickenhauser
  3. Angela Ruggiero, Harvard's all-time leader in penalty minutes, proved she could hold her own when she became the first woman to play regular shifts in a men's game when she played defense for this CHL team in January.
    Answer: Tulsa Oilers

11. It’s time to play, “Hey, it’s that’s girl!” Your actress this time around is Brenda Strong. Answer these questions about this TV ice queen’s career, for ten points each.

  1. She plays this character on Desperate Housewives, the one who killed herself at the start of the series, but narrates the action on Wisteria Lane.
    Answer: Mary Alice Young
  2. On Seinfeld, she played the braless wonder Sue-Ellen Mishkie, who happens to be the heir to this candy bar’s fortune.
    Answer: Oh! Henry
  3. She also appeared on this show as Kathleen Isley, a TV journalist who went after Charlie but then turned out to be vindictive and crazy.
    Answer: Party of Five

12. Magazines: they’re what we read on the toilet. For ten points each, given the names of regular contributors, name the periodicals.

  1. Michael Ausielo, Frank DiCaro, Matt Roush.
    Answer: TV Guide
  2. Leah Rozin, Brenda Rodiguez, Johnathan Cainer.
    Answer: People
  3. Nicki Gostin, Fareed Zakaria, David Ansen, Anna Quindlin.
    Answer: Newsweek

13. Name these directors of ESPN made-for-television movies, for fifteen points each.

  1. This Oscar-winning director of The Last Picture Show, who also helmed the films Paper Moon and Mask, was behind the camera for the Pete Rose film Hustle.
    Answer: Peter Bogdanovich
  2. The Dale Earnhardt docudrama Three was directed by this Australian national, who also directed the first two Highlander films.
    Answer: Russell Mulcahy

14. For ten points each, name these songs whose titles are not what some people think.

  1. A 1969 #1 hit for the Fifth Dimension, this song about matrimony is often mistakenly referred to as the "Won’t You Marry Me, Bill" song.
    Answer: "Wedding Bell Blues"
  2. A 1963 #1 song for Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, this ballad, originally performed in Japanese, became English-language Top 10 hits in 1981 for A Taste of Honey and in 1994 for Four P.M.
    Answer: "Sukiyaki"
  3. This 1969 song with a seven-word title was the only #1, let alone only Top 10 hit, for Steam.
    Answer: "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

15. Given a horse from the Strawberry Shortcake world, identify which Strawberry Shortcake character is friends with her, for ten points each.

  1. Cookie Dough
    Answer: Ginger Snap
  2. Honey Pie Pony
    Answer: Strawberry Shortcake
  3. Blueberry Muffin
    Answer: Blueberry Sundae

16. For ten points each, name these artists who have won more Grammys than Public Enemy, George Strait, and the Temptations combined.

  1. This quartet won two Grammys in 1976, for Best New Artist and Best Arrangement for Voices for their only hit single, "Afternoon Delight."
    Answer: Starland Vocal Band
  2. In 2004, he shared a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for Peter and the Wolf. In 2005, he won a Best Spoken Word Grammy for the audio version of his 2004 memoirs.
    Answer: Bill Clinton
  3. Not only did this comic and sitcom legend win the Album of the Year Grammy in 1960 for Button Down Mind of <BLANK>, he was also named Best New Artist of 1960.
    Answer: Bob Newhart [Public Enemy, George Strait and the Temptations have won a combined zero Grammys.]

17. For ten points each, name these celebrities with New Year's Eve birthdays.

  1. Among the big-screen roles of this actor include Jim Morrison, Batman, Simon Templar and Tom "Iceman" Kazanski.
    Answer: Val Kilmer
  2. Born with the last name Rosenfeld, he is the founder and long-time guitarist of the thrash metal band Anthrax.
    Answer: Scott Ian
  3. This man is the author of such best-sellers as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle.
    Answer: Nicholas Sparks

18. For ten points each, name these actors who make you wonder if they do any work other than game shows.

  1. The current queen of the game-show panel circuit is this comedienne who appeared briefly in Pulp Fiction but whose most successful role was as Vicki on Suddenly Susan.
    Answer: Kathy Griffin
  2. He did have his own sitcom briefly in the 1970s, but his main role other than center square on the original Hollywood Squares was as Uncle Arthur on Bewitched.
    Answer: Paul Lynde
  3. Currently working as an acting coach and an occasional voiceover performer, he won a Tony in 1972, but will forever be immortalized as the top right fixture on Match Game.
    Answer: Charles Nelson Reilly

19. Name these athletes who turned to the world of mixed martial arts fighting in 2004, for ten points each.

  1. This American beat the unbeatable Alexander Karelin to win gold in Greco-Roman wrestling in 2000. A 2004 Olympic bronze medalist, this man moved to PRIDE, where he beat Hidehiko Yoshida in his MMA debut.
    Answer: Rulon Gardner
  2. This flamboyant Egyptian won gold in Greco-Roman in the 2004 Olympics, the first Egyptian to win gold in 56 years. He made his MMA debut in 2004 for K-1, falling to Kazuyuki Fujita in his first match.
    Answer: Karam Ibrahim
  3. Born Chad Rowan, this man was the first foreign-born grand champion in sumo wrestling. Moving to K-1 in 2004, he has lost seven of eight MMA fights, falling to the likes of Bob Sapp, Musashi and Royce Gracie.
    Answer: Akebono

20. Michael Jackson isn't the only singer to see in the insides of a courtroom recently. For ten points each, name these other musicians with legal issues.

  1. Wearing her acting and producing hat, she and the other producers of the movie Bringing Down the House, in which she starred, are being sued for allegedly ripping off another writer's script.
    Answer: Queen Latifah or Dana Owens
  2. Headline writers were falling all over themselves last month to note that this former pop singer was "caught in a hit and run" when a car traced back to her was involved in a December 2004 accident on California's Highway 101.
    Answer: Paula Abdul
  3. This rapper was found guilty of perjury and conspiracy last month, based on testimony given to a grand jury over a 2001 shooting incident involving her Junior M.A.F.I.A. entourage. She may get 20 years.
    Answer: Lil' Kim or Kimberly Jones

21. Know your conservative media groups, for ten points each.

  1. Brent Bozell is the founder and president of this Hollywood-based organization devoted to restoring responsibility to the entertainment industry. Its website issues the "Family Guide to Prime Time Television."
    Answer: Parents Television Council or PTC
  2. Led by James Dobson, this conservative group made headlines in 2005 after Dobson appeared to suggest that SpongeBob SquarePants was gay.
    Answer: Focus on the Family
  3. This conservative-leaning TV ownership group garnered controversy in 2004 by ordering its stations to broadcast a documentary critical of John Kerry's Vietnam War record.
    Answer: Sinclair Broadcast Group

22. Given the part of the rockumentary title coming after the colon, give me the group or artist name appearing in the title, for ten points each. For instance, if I said Some Kind of Monster, you'd say Metallica. Note: last name may not be what we're looking for.

  1. Resurrection
    Answer: Tupac Shakur
  2. End of the Century
    Answer: The Ramones
  3. That's The Way It Is
    Answer: Elvis Presley

23. 40-30-20-10-1 Identify the five-letter word.

  1. (40) It's five letters. Deal with it.
  2. (30) The Merriam-Webster website tells you to "see tugrik at money table" when you type this word in.
  3. (20) On Flash Gordon, Flash's mortal enemy, Ming the Merciless, hails from this planet.
  4. (10) In Blazing Saddles, it's the name of the character played by Alex Karras who famously punches out a horse.
  5. (1) Learn more about this five-letter word by checking out the Camp Mongo website, or the website for drummer Mongo Santamaria.
Answer: Mongo