2005 TRASHionals
Round 06

1. The wrong guy was hired when the director asked for Spaniard Francisco Rabal from Belle de jour, while Jimmy Breslin was cast as the lead but had to quit because he had never learned to drive. Instead, they accidentally flew in Fernando Rey from Europe and replaced Breslin with an actor then best-known as Warren Beatty's brother in Bonnie and Clyde to partner with Roy Scheider in this Oscar-winning William Friedkin film. For ten points, name this movie starring Gene Hackman as "Popeye" Doyle.

Answer: The French Connection

2. Pro hoops teams in this country include the Alaska Aces and Purefoods TJ Hotdogs, but it hasn�t had an Olympics men�s basketball team since 1972. It has won nine total Olympic medals, the last coming in boxing in 1996, although it wasn�t by national star Manny Pacquiao. It�s earning respect in golf circles as Dorothy Delasin and Jennifer Rosales led it to a second-place finish at the Women�s World Cup. For ten points, name this Asian country whose Little League World Series title was revoked in 1992 for illegal players.

Answer: Philippines

3. It was supposedly founded in a grove on Sancrist Isle where an Ergothian commander went after turning against a tyrannical emperor. There, the commander encounter three gods -- Habbakuk, Kiri-Jolith, and their father Paladine--who introduced him to the Oath and Measure and established the Orders of the Crown, Sword, and Rose. For ten points, this military force on Ansalon whose members have included Huma and Sturm Brightblade and who play a major role in the Dragonlance saga.

Answer: Knights of Solamnia

4. The terms of her divorce settlement include, of all things, a recliner in addition to $7,000 in cash, a share of the NASA retirement benefits of her husband Russell, and the right to be buried near her five children. Her capital murder conviction was recently overturned by an appeals court which held that false testimony from an expert witness influenced the jury. For ten points, name this Texas woman who drowned her kids in a bathtub in 2001.

Answer: Andrea Yates

5. Autodata reports that this car model sold just over 7,000 units in February, less than half of the model it replaced the same time last year. A midsize sedan with a panoramic sunroof as one of its options, its maker offered 36-hundred dollars in incentives on it in February. So much for Oprah's magic touch. For ten points, name this Pontiac model, which replaced the Grand Am, and which Oprah Winfrey gave away en masse to her studio audience on her 2004-2005 season premiere.

Answer: Pontiac G-Six

6. Titanic, The Karate Kid, and The Goonies are among the films whose themes were covered by this band on the 2000 EP From the Screen to Your Stereo. Founded in Coral Springs, Florida, their first full-length album Nothing Gold Can Stay was followed by an eponymous 2000 album which hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with the help of the song "Hit or Miss." Most recently releasing 2004's Catalyst, for ten points, what band had their biggest success with the album Sticks and Stones, featuring "Head On Collision" and "My Friend's Over You"?

Answer: New Found Glory

7. This University of Georgia graduate worked as a private investigator while in New York before appearing in the play Gemini. He lent his voice to Emperor Zurg in Buzz Lightyear of Space Command and Al in Toy Story 2. Before his biggest TV role, he was a regular on Fox�s The Edge, and appeared in Dirty Dancing, Jurassic Park, Basic Instinct and JFK, which he spoofed in recounting an incident with Keith Hernandez. For ten points, name this actor who�s lost a lot of weight since playing the mailman Newman.

Answer: Wayne Knight

8. It is awarded annually at the New York Athletic Club, and is named for the man who directed the 1904 Olympics and opened the first playground and gymnasium in New York. The first recipient was Bobby Jones, who received the honor in 1930. 1999 was the only year to see two winners, as twins Coco and Kelly Miller shared this award. In 2003, Michael Phelps was the first swimmer to win this award in 25 years. For ten points, name this award, presented annually by the Amateur Athletic Association to honor America�s top amateur athlete.

Answer: James E. Sullivan Memorial Award

9. Belief in this figure may have derived from the French tale "La Bonne Petite Souris." Terry Pratchett wrote in his book Hogfather that this figure keeps everything taken and has a job heavy on filing and accounting. The money has kept pace with inflation, as a mid-'90s survey put the average figure given at $2, up from a dime 25 years earlier. Such is some of the backstory of, for ten points, what spritely figure who leaves you cash for dental appendages?

Answer: Tooth Fairy

10. The first film to screen there was The Bitter Tea of General Yen, on January 11, 1933. Designed by Donald Deskey, the venue opened on December 27, 1932, as a joint project between S.L. Rothafel, John D. Rockefeller, and the fledgling RCA company. Located at 1260 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, for ten points, name this movie and entertainment venue, famed for its annual Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes.

Answer: Radio City Music Hall

11. This show's predecessor, Jim Peck�s Second Chance, aired on ABC for 13 weeks in 1977. Premiering September 19, 1983 as a replacement for Child's Play, it was played in two rounds. Each round began with contestants answering four questions. A player won three spins for a buzzed-in right answer, and one for a non-buzzed-in right answer. Each round concluded with a trip to the Big Board, where contestants could win cash, trips and Flokati rugs, while avoiding a creature, who would take a contestant's prize haul at a moment's notice. For ten points, name this wacky Peter Tomarken show, whose sequel, Whammy!, aired on GSN in the 21st century.

Answer: Press Your Luck

12. He was the first man in the third millennium to host a live episode of Saturday Night Live, doing so on January 13, 2001. Born in 1965 in New York, he made his debut at age nine, playing "Kid at Wedding" in The Execution of Private Slovik, starring his father. He launched his career in earnest with parts in Red Dawn and Lucas,, as well as a cameo as "Boy in Police Station" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Later roles for this actor included Private Chris Taylor, Rick Vaughn and Topper Harley. For ten points, name this second generation actor who can currently be seen on CBS as one of the Two and a Half Men.

Answer: Charlie Sheen

13. (AUDIO) Given a clip of classic rock staple, name the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 22]

Answer: Come Sail Away by Styx

14. The name's the same. The 1953 original was presented in 3-D, concerns Professor Jarrod's attempts to rebuild after a fire destroys his life's work, and featured Charles Bronson in an early role as Igor. The 2005 remake concerns roadtripping college kids who take a wrong turn, and stars Chad Michael Murray, Elisha Cuthbert and, most frighteningly, Paris Hilton. For ten points, give the shared name of these horror films, the original starring Vincent Price as Professor Jarrod; a Madame Tussaud type gone horribly wrong.

Answer: House of Wax

15. It first originated as the Big Ballot in 1986, and it was firsttelevised in 1988 with Head of the Class stars Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider as hosts. Whitney Houston is the first two-time host, doing so in 1995 and 1996. Whoopi Goldberg won Best Movie Actress in 1988, 89, 92 and 93. Other previous winners include Cameron Diaz for Best Burp. For ten points, name this award show, voted on by youngsters, which features orange blimps as trophies and the ritual sliming of such stars as Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler.

Answer: Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

16. While with the Peace Corps, she lived in a grass hut in the Philippines, and she founded an international relations group at the University of British Columbia. To pay for her schooling, she signed with the Ford Modeling Agency, which propelled her to TV, starting with an appearance on Kingdom Hospital. She�s back on ABC, although many probably confuse her with Kate Beckinsale. For ten points, name this �Cuff Minx� who plays Kate on Lost.

Answer: Evangeline Lilly

17. The first restaurant with this name was opened in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder in Baldwin Park, California. The Snyder family, which still owns the chain, currently runs 140 restaurants with this name in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Ordering a "grilled cheese" will get you a vegetarian-style sandwich, while "protein style" is served wrapped in hand-leaf lettuce instead of a bun. The popular "animal style" is a mustard-cooked beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onions and extra spread. All of this can be found at, for ten points, what West Coast hamburger chain with the nationwide cult following?

Answer: In-n-Out Burger

18. Born on July 14, 1975 in Columbus, Georgia, this man played his college ball at Auburn, where he was named SEC Player of the Year in 1997. Taken in the sixth round of the 1997 amateur draft, he made his major league debut in June 1999, and went 11-2 with 132 strikeouts his rookie year. He led the American League in wins in 2000, and finished second in AL Cy Young voting that year. Three years later, he was fourth for the AL Cy Young. For ten points, name this star pitcher, who was traded to the Atlanta Braves before the 2005 season after six years with Oakland.

Answer: Tim Hudson

19. He grew up in Rockford, Iowa, where his father operated a produce business. He received his doctorate from Indiana University and taught management, economics, and applied mathematics courses at the University of Northern Iowa. An all-conference basketball player in college, he also worked for over 20 years as a musician, playing nightclubs and concerts. These days, he lives quietly on a ranch with his girlfriend Linda and their pets, only occasionally disturbing the rest of humanity with crappy novels, the latest of which was A Thousand Country Roads. Name, for ten points, this writer of the best-selling fiction hardcover of all time, The Bridges of Madison County.

Answer: Robert James Waller

20. Reduced to a duo following the departure of Kay Gee, this group released their fifth and final album, Icons in 2002. Formed as New Style in 1991 in East Orange, New Jersey, the group was made up of Kay Gee, Vinnie and Anthony Criss. Their third album, 1995's Poverty�s Paradise, won a Grammy for Best Rap Album. For ten points, name this Treach-led rap group, responsible for "Hip Hop Hooray" and "O.P.P."

Answer: Naughty by Nature

21. In 1985, the USFL named him its last Man of the Year. Born in 1961 in Chattanooga, he set school records for career, season and single-game sacks at the University of Tennessee. Following two seasons with the Memphis Showboats, he moved to the NFL, where he delivered 124 sacks in eight seasons with an NFC East squad. Moving to the NFC Central in 1993, he notched another 68.5 sacks, denounced homosexuality before Wisconsin lawmakers and led Green Bay to two Super Bowl crowns. For ten points, name this NFL Minister of Defense who went toes up in 2004.

Answer: Reggie White