2005 TRASHionals
Round 05

1. He majored in psychology at the University of Texas, speaks fluent Spanish, and started taking Mandarin Chinese lessons when he got bored with the storylines in professional wrestling. He can tell what size shoe a person wears just by looking at her, probably because he worked at the Dallas Footlocker franchise. Big and Rich are featured on "I Play Chicken with the Train," the first single by, for ten points, what rising star billed as "the only 6-foot-5 black rapping cowboy in country music"?

Answer: Cowboy Troy Coleman

2. This company was founded in 1950 by Dr. Robert Hutson, and its first product included the number 60 for the number of tufts it included. In 1969, its products went to the moon with the Apollo 11 astronauts. They were bought by Gillette in 1984, the same year they introduced branded models featuring Star Wars characters. Over the years they've developed power models with Braun, but may be best known for fading bristles. Name, for ten points, this dental hygiene company behind the Indicator model that tells you when you need to buy a new brush.

Answer: Oral-B

3. Born in 1952 in Dearborn, Michigan, he was a Junior Wing teammate of Marty and Mark Howe, and he captained the hockey team at Harvard, where he graduated in 1974. A 1979 graduate of the University of Detroit Law School, he worked in tech relations for Unisys and was a practicing attorney in Detroit. He took his current position in 1992, replacing Alan Eagelson. For ten points, name this executive director of the NHL Players Association, who, along with Gary Bettman, likely takes equal blame for the death of major league professional hockey.

Answer: Robert "Bob" Goodenow

4. The comedic Way of the Rat, the samurai tale The Path, and the magical Mystic were some of its output. Though separated in time and location, the characters were sometimes linked by the god-like First and by mysterious marks known as sigils which granted powers. Founded by Mark Alessi in an attempt to create books by and for people besides white males, this is, for ten points, what now-bankrupt comic book publisher whose titles included Crux, Route 666, and Ruse?

Answer: CrossGen or Cross Generation Entertainment

5. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a classic sitcom theme song, name the TV show the song originally comes from for ten points. [Clip 18]

Answer: Sanford and Son

6. After answering a newspaper ad asking for a director, he was hired to helm his first film, Turn on Love. He first gained note for Peter Boyle's breakthrough performance and Susan Sarandon's first film, Joe. Razzie nominated for directing George C. Scott and Marlon Brando in The Formula, he is best known for sports-related flicks such as the rodeo movie 8 Seconds and the Karate Kid trilogy. For ten points, name this Oscar-winning director of Rocky.

Answer: John G. Avildsen

7. In 1987, 4,160 students at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst set a world record by playing this game at the same time. Created by Chuck Foley and Neil Rabers originally as a promotion for a Wisconsin shoe polish company, the game received scant attention until 1966, when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on The Tonight Show. The board is separated into four colors � green, yellow, blue and red, in, for ten points, what Milton Bradley game of tying yourself in knots?

Answer: Twister

8. The nemesis for the band Cameo in the video for �Word Up,� he has directed the feature Blizzard, the Noggin miniseries Miracle�s Boys, and the TV movie The Tiger Woods Story. He has directed 27 episodes of Star Trek spinoffs, most by an actor from any of those shows. He leapt into the national TV spotlight in 1977, became a PBS star in 1983 and is now a Star Trek legend. For ten points, name this actor who played Kunta Kinte, hosted Reading Rainbow, and played Geordi LaForge.

Answer: LeVar Burton

9. A 13th-round pick of the Braves in the 1982 draft, he played two seasons as a shortstop before going to the University of Cincinnati to play football. He entered coaching after graduation, serving as an assistant at Ohio State and then stopping at Illinois State, Colorado State and Notre Dame before becoming Bowling Green�s head coach in 2001. After just two years, he went west, going 22-2 in two seasons before moving on to yet another job. For ten points, name this offensive wizard who left Utah to become Florida�s head coach.

Answer: Urban Meyer

10. Jacob Christner has recently claimed that he was the body double in this film, and that he broke his confidentiality agreement because he still hadn't been paid. The writer/director/star denies this. A motorcycle racer competes in New Hampshire, then drives to Los Angeles, haunted by memories of his former girlfriend, Daisy. A legendary bomb at Cannes in 2003, the film sparked a feud between the director and Roger Ebert, which was smoothed over after a new cut was issued in 2004. For ten points, name this film, which culminates in Chloe Sevigny fellating Vincent Gallo.

Answer: The Brown Bunny

11. Performed by Golden Smog on the Clerks soundtrack, it's a simple story of a meteoric rise to the top of celebrity that ends unhappily. It's the story of Johnny, who first learned how to play "Love Me Do" on his guitar and within just a couple of years had a No. 1 record before he died of an overdose of sleeping tablets and whiskey. For ten points, name this tale of rock 'n' roll excess by Bad Company.

Answer: "Shooting Star"

12. Her dreams of becoming an English professor were dashed 20 years ago when her fianc� was murdered two months before the wedding. Instead, she got law degrees at Mercer University and NYU, and became a special prosecutor for the Atlanta Fulton County D.A.�s office, where she had a perfect record of nearly 100 felony convictions. That brought her to TV where she is a regular legal talking head and hosts Court TV�s Closing Arguments. For ten points, name this host of an eponymous show on Headline News.

Answer: Nancy Grace

13. Revolving around the Darrett family, a CBS Sunday morning cartoon based on this video game lasted only 13 episodes in 1984. The game was released to arcades in 1982, while the 1983 sequel offered Test, Suzuka, or Seaside courses, in addition to the original Fuji track. Developed by Namco and released by Atari, for ten points, name this Indy Car racing game that began the rear-view racer format and takes its name from qualifying first.

Answer: Pole Position

14. His henchmen included Marco, munitions expert Heinrich, computer hacker Theo, and taciturn thug Karl. He killed CEO Joseph Takagi in front of Takagi's employees, but later met his own demise, falling out of an LA office building. Years after his death, his brother Simon went to New York to exact revenge on ex-cop John McClane. For ten points, name this leader of the 1988 Christmas heist of the Nakatomi Building, played by Alan Rickman in Die Hard.

Answer: Hans Gruber (accept either name)

15. Guest stars have included Joe Flaherty as Aliquippa, Robert Forster as Eddie�s father and Michael Murphy as a businessman. Regular characters include Clark Macellin, who was disowned by his Ivy League professor dad; revenge-fueled Lee Nickel; and Angelina Jolie clone Miami. Often focusing on the feud between Eddie Towne and Don �The Matador� Everest, this is, for ten points, what show set at the Colorado Casino, ESPN�s series about Texas Hold �Em poker?

Answer: Tilt

16. A 25-year veteran of the advertising industry, this author served as chairman of J. Walter Thompson, North America from 1990 to 1996. His debut novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, was turned down by two dozen publishers before being released by Little, Brown in 1976. It proceeded to win the Edgar Award for best first mystery novel. 2004 saw the release of his first children�s picture book, SantaKid, while his popular Women's Murder Club series consists of First to Die, Second Chance and Third Degree. For ten points, name this best-selling mystery author responsible for the Alex Cross series of novels, including Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.

Answer: James Patterson

17. She spent a year working for the design firm Colefax & Fowler, but mostly lived off of the fortune amassed by forebear Thomas Cubbit. A relative of Judith Keppel, the first top prize winner on the original Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, her current husband calls her �Gladys,� while her predecessor called her �the Rottweiler.� She was formerly married to a godson of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, ironic given that she�s lived in the Queen Mum�s old house and has her engagement ring. Name, for ten points, this current Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles.

Answer: Camilla Mountbatten-Windsor or Camilla Parker Bowles or HRH the Duchess of Rothesay or HRH the Duchess of Cornwall (before given in question)

18. After Nirvana's Bleach, they had the second gold album in Sub Pop history more than a decade later. Formed after a guest appearance on the Life Is Full of Possibilities album by electronica artist Dntel [din-tell], their songs include "Clark Gable" and "We Will Become Silhouettes", the latter featuring a music video by Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess. "Such Great Heights" was the most successful single off of Give Up, the debut album of, for ten points, what Ben Gibbard project which is not Death Cab for Cutie?

Answer: The Postal Service

19. Over the years, his missives have included a gold-colored necklace with a medallion; a photocopy of the cover of the novel Rules of Prey; a purple Memorex computer disk; letters claiming that he was born in 1939, that he grew up near railroads, and that his father died in World War II; and the driver's license of Nancy Fox, one of his ten known victims. For ten points, name this Wichita, Kansas serial killer now believed to be Dennis Lynn Rader.

Answer: BTK Killer (prompt on Dennis Lynn Rader)

20. His lone loss by TKO was a 1997 bout against Hector Camacho. This came six years after he lost a unanimous decision to Terry Norris. He first gained notice as a boxer by winning gold in Montreal, and would win five titles overall, from his 1979 WBC welterweight title won from Wilfredo Benitez to two titles earned by stopping Donny Lalonde in 1988. For ten points, name this fighter whose most memorable fights include outpointing Marvin Hagler in 1987 and a trio of fights, including the no mas fight against Roberto Duran.

Answer: Ray Charles "Sugar Ray" Leonard

21. Originally named Hull 301, it was built by Great Lakes Engineering and was first used on June 7, 1958. Named for the then-board chairman of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance of Milwaukee, its last captain was Ernest McSorley of Toledo, Ohio. On November 10, 1975, it was carrying more than 26,000 tons of taconite pellets when it sank in Lake Superior, killing McSorley and 28 other hands on board. For ten points, name this bulk freighter whose wreck was made famous in a song by Gordon Lightfoot.

Answer: Edmund Fitzgerald