2005 TRASHionals
Round 03

1. Name these sports personalities featured in The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, for the stated number of points.

  1. (5) This Globetrotter great played the Reverend Grady Jackson.
    Answer: Meadowlark Lemon
  2. (5, 5) These broadcasters, longtime voices of the Knicks and Lakers, play themselves.
    Answer: Chick Hearn, Marv Albert
  3. (15) This longtime NCAA coach played the Los Angeles coach.
    Answer: Jerry Tarkanian

2. For ten points each, answer these questions about Arizona-related songs:

  1. Written by Jimmy Webb, what 1967 tune about a man leaving a note saying he's gone was a hit for Glen Campbell?
    Answer: "By The Time I Get To Phoenix"
  2. What Eagles song features Glenn Frey singing about "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona?"
    Answer: "Take It Easy"
  3. What lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders had his only Top 10 solo hit with 1970's "Arizona"?
    Answer: Mark Lindsay [Paul Revere played keyboards.]

3. Carl Hiaasen has loads of imitators. Identify the authors of Florida caper novels, for ten points each.

  1. Better known for hawking collections of his newspaper columns, this Miami-based writer has also penned the novels Big Trouble and Tricky Business.
    Answer: Dave Barry
  2. This former editor for the Tampa Tribune writes about spree killer and Florida history buff Serge A. Storms. Novels include Florida Road Kill, Cadillac Beach and the recent bestseller The Stingray Shuffle.
    Answer: Tim Dorsey
  3. Author of Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades, this novelist's works feature Doc Ford, an ex-CIA spook turned marine biologist.
    Answer: Randy Wayne White

4. (AUDIO) Given a clip, identify the video game from which it comes, for ten points each.

  1. Clip 11
    Answer: Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
  2. Clip 12
    Answer: Sonic The Hedgehog
  3. Clip 13
    Answer: Halo

5. Battlestar Galactica is back, and geeks of the world now have an alternative to going outside once Enterprise goes off the air. Answer the following about Galactica: Version 2005, for ten points each.

  1. He�s no Lorne Greene, but this Latino actor holds his own as Commander Adama on the new Galactica.
    Answer: Edward James Olmos
  2. This actor, who played Commander Apollo in the original Galactica, had made two appearances in the new Galactica as Tom Zarek.
    Answer: Richard Hatch
  3. Now a female, this character, played by Katee Sackhoff on the new Galactica, was played by Dirk Benedict on the original Galactica.
    Answer: Starbuck

6. Identify these athletes with something in common, for ten points each.

  1. This nine-year veteran linebacker suffered a stroke just days after helping to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl title.
    Answer: Tedy Bruschi
  2. He racked up 300-strikeout seasons for the Astros in 1978 and 1979 before a stroke ended his career in 1980 at the age of 30.
    Answer: J(ames) R(odney) Richard
  3. He scored 260 career goals in 11 seasons before suffering a mild stroke in 1993 while with the Islanders. He made an unsuccessful comeback two years later.
    Answer: Brian Mullen

7. VISUAL BONUS. If you got hooked on poker thanks to it being on TV 24/7, this should be a snap. Given these five photos, name the professional poker player for five points each with a bonus five for all correct.

Answer: Phil Hellmuth, Jr. (Photo 1), Phil Ivey (Photo 2), Annie Duke (Photo 3), T. J. Cloutier (Photo 4), Daniel Negraneau (Photo 5)

8. For ten points each, name these places Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Berkeley probably frequented as "research" for a role:

  1. This strip club is run by Tony and friends on The Sopranos.
    Answer: Bada Bing
  2. The mob, pro athletes and strip clubs converged in a high-profile 2001 trial of Steve Kaplan, owner of this infamous Atlanta gentlemen's establishment.
    Answer: Gold Club
  3. In five hours in 2004, Bangledeshi Tauhidul Chaudhury racked up a $129,626 bill at this New York city club. When he sued, the publicity led to his wife being recalled as a junior diplomat to the U.N.
    Answer: Scores

9. Identify these films that featured cameos from the University of Southern California marching band, for ten points each.

  1. The USC band marched over the corpse of villain Ricardo Montalban in this 1988 comedy.
    Answer: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
  2. The USC band played the University of Alabama marching band in this 1994 film.
    Answer: Forrest Gump
  3. The band also made an uncredited cameo in this 1982 sequel starring Maxwell Caufield and Michelle Pfeiffer.
    Answer: Grease 2

10. Neil Diamond. Not just a man, a legend. Identify these songs recorded by the Jewish Elvis for ten points each.

  1. This 1967 Top 10 hit for the NYU dropout was remade by Urge Overkill in 1994 for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
    Answer: Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
  2. Diamond's last Top 5 pop hit and "inspired" by the movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, this 1982 single is considered by many to be one of Diamond's worst, given that it's a love song to an alien.
    Answer: Heartlight
  3. Diamond's last pop #1 was this 1978 duet with Barbra Streisand.
    Answer: You Don't Bring Me Flowers

11. For ten points each, name these overshadowed brands.

  1. Established in 1951, this adhesive bandage brand developed the first pad dressing that didn�t stick to wounds, thus offering an �ouchless� removal experience. Sold in green and white containers, their newest product has silver in the pad as a natural antibacterial.
    Answer: Curad
  2. First sold in 1908, these cookies from Sunshine Biscuits were eventually surpassed by Oreos. They are now sold by Keebler under a slightly different name.
    Answer: Hydrox or Droxies
  3. Now a Jel Sert brand, this gelatin and pudding line first appeared in 1925, and sponsored radio shows like Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. The current line-up also includes a no-bake cheesecake and flan.
    Answer: Royal Gelatin

12. L. Frank Baum wrote one obscure novel about the life of Santa Claus. And a bunch of novels about the land of Oz. Ten of the Oz books have a titular character. Name any six of the ten title characters for five points each, thirty total. Note: identify the character only as it is done in the title.

Answer: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy , The Patchwork Girl of Oz, Tik-Tok of Oz, The Scarecrow of Oz, Rinkitink, The Lost Princess of Oz, The Tin Woodman of Oz, and Glinda

13. Answer these questions about the career of TV character actor Max Casella, for ten points each.

  1. Much like Neil Patrick Harris, Casella�s career may still be defined by the same early �90s TV show. In this case, Casella was this wisecracking Italian best friend of Doogie Howser, M.D.
    Answer: Vinnie Delpino
  2. Probably not too surprising, that thick Italian accent got him a role on The Sopranos as this associate of Tony Soprano.
    Answer: Benny Fazio
  3. Casella has also appeared on film, including playing a friend of Johnny Depp in this 1994 comedy-biography about an infamous director.
    Answer: Ed Wood

14. Identify these feature films that have straight-to-video sequels, for ten points each.

  1. The first sequel to this 1999 Sarah Michelle Gellar film was actually an extended version of the failed Fox pilot Manchester Prep. A second straight-to-video sequel, starring Dawson's Creek's Kerr Smith, was released in 2004.
    Answer: Cruel Intentions
  2. This 1997 action film, which starred Lauren Holly as a stewardess who had to outwit serial killer Ray Liotta and land a hijacked plane, has had two straight-to-video sequels, subtitled Fear of Flying and Heavy Metal.
    Answer: Turbulence
  3. There have been 10 straight-to-video sequels to this 1988 Don Bluth animated feature about dinosaurs, including 2004's Invasion of the Tinysauruses.
    Answer: The Land Before Time

15. Formula One world champions not named Schumacher for ten points each:

  1. The last driver not named Michael Schumacher to win the Formula One drivers title was this now-retired Finnish, who won his second of two straight titles in 1999.
    Answer: Mika Hakkinen
  2. This Canadian and 1995 Indy 500 champion took home the Formula One drivers title in 1997.
    Answer: Jacques Villeneuve
  3. Schumacher has won six Formula One drivers titles. The only other driver to win at least five was this Argentine national, who won five crowns between 1951 and 1957.
    Answer: Juan Manuel Fangio

16. For ten points each, answer these questions about entries in Yahoo! Finance's top ten dumbest moments in business.

  1. At number 1, besting even the Vioxx recall, was the discovery that most of this company's products - hyped with the slogan "Tough World, Tough Locks" - can be opened with a Bic pen.
    Answer: Kryptonite
  2. Rob Glaser, CEO of this company, took spots 7, 8, and 9 with his attempts to open Apple's iPod to songs from his company's music store. These included an email to Steve Jobs, an online petition that became a pro-Apple forum, and a software hack that crashed most users' computers.
    Answer: RealNetworks
  3. A Fashion Bug clerk made the list for accepting a bill of this denomination that bore the likeness of George W. Bush and giving $100.58 in change for their purchase.
    Answer: $200

17. For ten points each, given cast members, name the teen horror movie:

  1. Mekhi Phifer, Brandy, Freddie Prinze. Jr., and Jennifer Love Hewett.
    Answer: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (do not accept I Know What You Did Last Summer)
  2. Nick Stahl, James Marsden, and Katie Holmes.
    Answer: Disturbing Behavior
  3. Devin Sawa, Seann William Scott, and Ali Larter.
    Answer: Final Destination

18. The 2004-2005 Skiing World Cup ended with an American on top for the first time since 1983. For 10 points each:

  1. What 27 year-old New Hampshirite known for his reckless style won the overall World Cup?
    Answer: (Samuel) Bode Miller
  2. Miller took the cup from what Austrian skier who had won 4 of the previous 7 overall world cups as well as two gold medals in Nagano after an infamous crash.
    Answer: Hermann Maier
  3. The last American male to win the World Cup, this man beat his brother Steve to win slalom gold in the 1984 Olympics.
    Answer: Phil Mahre

19. Elvis Costello loves a good collaboration. For fifteen points, given tunes, name the musical luminary with whom Costello shares a songwriting credit, or for five points, name him or her from another clue.

  1. (15) "Toledo" and "God Give Me Strength".
    (5} This Oscar-winning composer appeared in all three Austin Powers films.
    Answer: Burt Bacharach
  2. (15) "The Fall of the World's Own Optimist" and "The Other End (of the Telescope)".
    (5) She was Oscar-nominated for "Save Me," one of eight songs she contributed to the Magnolia soundtrack.
    Answer: Aimee Mann

20. Identify these sportscasters who once appeared on CNN when it actually aired sports news, for ten points each.

  1. A long-time anchor of Sports Tonight, he joined ESPN's SportsCenter in 2004 and joked that his time at CNN was like a 20-year edition of Dream Job.
    Answer: Fred Hickman
  2. This Philadelphia columnist and current ESPN personality first cut his teeth as an NBA talking head on CNN in the late '90s.
    Answer: Stephen A. Smith (also accept Screaming A. Smith)
  3. Currently hosting the morning show for Fox Sports Radio out of Los Angeles, he intentionally mangled the name of his current hometown as a memorable voice on Headline Sports.
    Answer: Van Earl Wright

21. 40-30-20-10-1, name the city

  1. (40) This real or fictional location has a population.
  2. (30) The second Defiant class ship stationed at Deep Space Nine was originally named for this city, before it was renamed the Defiant.
  3. (20) Gisele Bundchen first met reps from Elite modeling here, and it's the hometown of model Ana Paula Arioso. Its also home to its country's best known auto racing track, Interlagos, and the world's largest privately-owned stadium, Morumbi.
  4. (10) Fittingly for the sports installations, it's the hometown of Emerson Fittipaldi and Aryton Senna. Its soccer team, known as the Tricolor, won the Libertadores and Intercontinental Cups in 1992 and 1993. Famous players for this side, located in Brazil's largest city, include Rai, Cafu, and Leonidas.
  5. (1) The pianist Suba honored the city in the title of his album Sao Paulo Confessions.
Answer: Sao Paulo

22. Answer these questions about NFL placekicking styles, for ten points each.

  1. All current NFL place kickers use this style of kicking for extra points and field goals. This style was brought to the mainstream by brothers Pete and Charlie Gogolak in the 1960s.
    Answer: Soccer-style (accept equivalent)
  2. The soccer-style kicker replaced the old-fashioned "straight-ahead" style of kicking. The last such straight-ahead kicker was this Washington Redskin placekicker, who was named the NFL�s Most Valuable Player in 1982.
    Answer: Mark Moseley
  3. Place kickers of the 80s who kicked this way included Mike Lansford, Paul McFadden and Tony Franklin. Jeff Wilkins tried kicking this way in 2002, with mediocre results, while Rob Hart continues the craft in NFL Europe.
    Answer: Barefoot