2005 TRASHionals
Round 02

1. He will probably be executed on June 30, 2005. A book about his life will be published later this year and will include memoirs and at least one essay about why animal rights activists are crazy. He committed no crime, other than potential deliciousness. Recipes for him include Lapin Braise and Hassenpfeffer. For ten points, name this cute and helpless bunny, found wounded under the porch, whose rescuer now plans to kill and eat him unless he receives fifty thousand dollars via PayPal and merchandise sales.

Answer: Toby

2. It was the last song Elvis Presley performed publicly at his final concert in Indianapolis in June 1977. Written in the same Los Angeles home where George Harrison was inspired to write "Blue Jay Way," it was declared by BMI the 19th most performed song of the 20th century. Half of the duo who performed this song admits that the third verse, suggested by the other half, doesn't fit well with the other two verses, with "I will ease your mind" replacing "I will lay me down" in the final chorus. For ten points, what title track off Simon and Garfunkel's final studio album begins: "When you�re weary, feeling small, / When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all"?

Answer: "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

3. First and last name�s the same. The first was the 14th overall pick of the 1996 amateur draft. The second was the 19th overall pick of the 1990 NBA draft. The third is a junior in college. The first spent parts of 1998-2004 as a Kansas City Royals outfielder, and was signed as a non-roster invitee by Tampa Bay in 2005. The second played for Boston, Toronto and Orlando from 1990-2002, and was the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk champion. The third is a preseason Wooden Award All-America candidate and guard who finished second behind Luther Head in scoring for a Big 10 team this season. For ten points, give the common name for a baseball first-round flop, ex-NBA guard-turned Celebrity Dream Job winner and University of Illinois star.

Answer: Dee Brown

4. Terry Willesee is the only one to host both the Australian and U.S. versions of this show, while Krista Bradford was a regular fill-in host. Steve Dunleavy was a major contributor and its biggest scoop is arguably the Rob Lowe sex tape from the 1988 Democratic convention. It returned to its less sensational roots last month with Tim Green in the anchor chair, picking up where Maureen O�Boyle left off in 1996. For ten points, name this Fox newsmagazine with a triangle logo, originally hosted by Maury Povich.

Answer: A Current Affair

5. Born in Cleveland, he was the youngest Eagle Scout in the city, and by 25 had accumulated six college degrees, including a Ph.D. from TCU and a Masters from SMU. A high-school teacher, among the books he hoped to write were Rust: The Real Red Menace and Fun With Ferns. His inventions included a pedal-powered sewing machine, bamboo lie detector and bamboo telescope, but he was clueless when it came to fixing a hole in a boat. For ten points, name this academic played by Russell Johnson on Gilligan's Island.

Answer: The Professor or Roy Hinkley

6. The festival celebrating it will run from August 31 to September 5 this year, and will include musical performances from Big and Rich, Terri Clark, and Styx. First built in the 1890s, it is currently on its third building, which is actually made of reinforced concrete and only faced with its namesake. This year's mural theme, "Life on the Farm," is fitting given the variety of plant products used to create the murals. Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, name, for ten points, this building best known for being faced with its namesake locally-grown grain.

Answer: Corn Palace

7. Inspired by the artist's childhood in East L.A., sounds on the album include Spanglish voices over Latin guitars. "E-Pro" features killer rock guitar, "Farewell Ride" is a country blues tune, "Missing" tackles Latin dance beats, while "Earthquake Weather" recalls 70s R&B. With production by the Dust Brothers, the album harkens back to the artist's easygoing style. Song lyrics reference Yanni and the era of cassette tapes, and the title itself is a joke -- it's a slang term for "white guy." For ten points, name the eighth studio album by the very Caucasian Beck.

Answer: Guero

8. First played in 1891 as a national tournament, international competitors were not permitted to enter until 1925. From 1925 to 1927, it was played on two different courts, before being moved to a stadium named in honor of a World War One hero. The first of the majors to allow professionals to play, doing so in 1968, Bjorn Borg has won a record six men's singles titles here, while Chris Evert has won a record seven women's singles title. For ten points, name this Grand Slam event played at Roland Garros.

Answer: French Open

9. Not surprisingly, his first TV starring role was a cop alongside Wesley Snipes on the short-lived H.E.L.P. Before that, he had guest roles on CHiPs, T.J. Hooker, and Crime Story, and played Tommy Mann on Hill Street Blues. After leaving his first big role, he returned to TV as prosecutor Michael Hayes in 1997 in the series of the same name, but took another four years to latch on to a hit. For ten points, name this redhead who played John Kelly on NYPD Blue and Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami.

Answer: David Caruso

10. In 1982, five Jackson, Mississippi, women used the name to enter themselves in the local St. Patrick's Day Parade, throwing their namesake item to people in the crowd. Known for their outlandish costumes, complete with oversized busts and butts, they also sport giant red-haired wigs. For ten points, name this group of southern belles celebrated in two books by founder Jill Conner Browne.

Answer: the Sweet Potato Queens

11. After studying at Parsons School of Design, he became a costume designer, working on films such as Woody Allen's Interiors and Sleeper and wrote the screenplay for the comedy Car Wash. His debut as a director was the TV film The Virginia Hill Story. Stepping into features, he helmed The Incredible Shrinking Woman and D.C. Cab, but broke through with the Brat Pack film St. Elmo's Fire. For ten points, name this director who, in 2004, gave us Phantom of the Opera.

Answer: Joel Schumacher

12. The tree that produces these does so in large woody pods, in which 8 to 24 of them are packed similarly to orange segments. The oil from them is often used as a clock lubricant or in art paint. The world's leading exporter of this excellent source of selenium, magnesium, and thiamine is, perhaps surprisingly, Bolivia. In their namesake location they are known as capucaya or castanhas-do-Para, not just "nuts." Name, for ten points, these triangular-shaped items named for a South American country.

Answer: Brazil nuts

13. One member, Joe Bonsall, is also an author, penning the Molly the Cat kids series. Formed in 1943, they went through 30 personnel changes before stabilizing on a lineup of tenor Bonsall, baritone William Lee Golden, bass singer Richard Sterben and lead Duane Allen. "Bobbie Sue," "Fancy Free," and "American Made" are among their dozen No. 1 country singles. For ten points, what legendary country quartet's biggest crossover hit was 1981's "Elvira"?

Answer: Oak Ridge Boys

14. Better Luck Tomorrow's Justin Lin is slated to remake this film for a 2006 release, although the original is just in U.S. theatres. Dae-Su Oh is kidnapped and imprisoned in a small room for 15 years. He's abruptly released with some money and a cellphone, and tries to get revenge. For ten points, name this Korean thriller based on Japanese manga, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes last year.

Answer: Oldboy

15. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a radio call, identify the two teams playing for ten points. [Clip 6]

Answer: Tennessee Titans (accept either) and Buffalo Bills (accept either)

16. The new leader of North Korea, General Choi Song, is controlling nuclear missiles in hopes of his country being the most dominant one. Trying to help the Allied Nations, as well as the Russian Mafia, destroy the general, ExOps, sends one of its specialists to take out General Song, 51 other North Koreans and their nukes. Play as Chris Jacobs, Jennifer Mui or Mattias Nilsson in, for ten points, what 2004 first-person shooter best-seller from LucasArts?

Answer: Mercenaries

17. Point 12 of its 'particular applications,' titled "Repellent Subjects," asked that things like legal hangings or electrocution, surgical operations, and branding of people and animals be "treated within the careful limits of good taste." Point 7 banned suggestive dances, while point 8 rejected the mockery of religion or the use of ministers as comedic or villanous characters. Adopted in 1930, it would be replaced by the current voluntary rating system in 1967. Name, for ten points, this early film approval system named for the first president of the MPAA.

Answer: Hays Code

18. Among the current top players in this sport are Ronnie O�Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Stephen Maguire and Paul Hunter. There are 21 object balls -- 15 red balls worth one point, and six colors: yellow for 2, green for 3, brown for 4, blue for 5, pink for 6 and black for 7. Players score by potting reds and colors alternately until all the reds are off the table, followed by the colors in ascending order of value. For ten points, name this billiards variation, much more popular in Europe than the United States and Canada.

Answer: Snooker

19. Its chapters include "The Myth of Compatibility," "Do Single People Have More Fun?", "Is Prostitution a Safe Option?", and "Married People and Masturbation." Fully endorsing the idea that sex is holy and should not take place outside of marriage, it is subtitled "A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy." For ten points, name this guide written by Hasidic rabbi Shmuley Boteach using Jewish thought and scripture to approach conjugal love.

Answer: Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy

20. The name's the same. The indie music group by this name released albums in the '80s like Double Nickels on the Dime and What Makes a Man Start Fires? before the car crash death of lead singer D. Boon. The project by this name, founded by retired accountant Jim Gilchrist, has several hundred volunteers patrolling the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona to report illegal immigrants. For ten points, give this shared name that is also the nickname for the athletic teams of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Answer: Minutemen

21. Owned by Pete LaFleur, regulars include Gordon, Dwight, Justin, and Steve. Facing bankruptcy, they seek the help of legendary coach Patches O'Houlihan to win a tournament and save the building from White Goodman's company. For ten points, name this run-down gym facing competition from GloboGym in Dodgeball.

Answer: Average Joe's