2005 TRASHionals
Round 01

1. This special stuff is stored in a room accessed via a hidden staircase in the game arcade of an exclusive mansion. Frank Cascio, an aide to its purveyor, is said to have allowed his brother and sister to partake of it. Though sometimes drunk in glasses or straight from the bottle, most often it was served in Diet Coke or Sprite cans. For ten points, name this drink, actually white wine, allegedly served to children by Michael Jackson.

Answer: Jesus Juice (prompt on "wine")

2. It was held to raise $2 million so its namesake could hire Johnnie Cochran to fight a courtroom loss to Capitalist Records over the credits to the Alanis Morrisette song "Stinky Britches". Its lone original performer was a third-grader doing the German Dance, though it would expand to include Ween, Elton John, Rick James, and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. For ten points, name this music extravaganza put on by Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman to help their favorite cafeteria worker on South Park.

Answer: Chef Aid

3. The singer/songwriter said he was inspired to write it after hearing the Edwin Hawkins Singers perform "Oh Happy Day." Released in September 1970 as part of a double-A side with "Isn't It a Pity," it was the first U.S. #1 single of 1971. In 1976, a U.S. federal judge ruled that while the singer did not deliberately plagiarize, it nevertheless violated copyright. For ten points, what first solo #1 for George Harrison sounded a bit too much like the Chiffons' "He's So Fine"?

Answer: "My Sweet Lord"

4. This 1979 film was the second and last feature directed by Gilbert Moses, and was co-written by Car Wash co-producer Gary Stromberg. The local hoops team is in ruins after the head coach and nearly all its players walk out. Taking an idea from ball boy Tyrone Millman, the team's owner signs nine new players, all of whom share the same astrological sign as superstar Moses Guthrie. Joining forces with team astrologer Mona Mondieu, the new squad runs rampant through the league. This describes, for ten points, what basketball comedy starring Julius Erving, Stockard Channing and Jonathan Winters, about a hoops squad from the Steel City?

Answer: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

5. First published in 1965 by Laufer Media Inc., in Todd Solondz' Happiness, Dylan Baker's character pleasures himself to this magazine in the backseat of his car. Originally published as the West Coast competition to 16, it has recently become a quarterly publication, produced by Primedia. Conan O'Brien once appeared shirtless in a photoshoot for the magazine, as well as soaking wet and cuddling a kitten. For ten points, name this youth periodical best known for celebrating teen idols like David Cassidy and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Answer: Tiger Beat

6. A two-week World Hockey Association tournament, which begins in May, is named for this man, who also serves as commissioner of the fledgling league. Born in 1939 in Pointe Anne, Ontario, he reached the NHL in the 1957-58 season with Chicago. Between 1960 and 1969, he led the league in goals seven times, with a high of 58 in the 1968-69 season. Moving to the original WHA in 1972, he scored 303 goals in the league's seven seasons, adding on to the 610 goals scored in 16 NHL seasons, all with the Blackhawks. For ten points name this hockey Hall of Famer, Golden Jet, toupee wearer and father of NHL star Brett.

Answer: Bobby Hull (more on "Hull")

7. (AUDIO) Given a clip of a 2000s rock song, name the title and artist, for ten points. [Clip 2]

Answer: "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness

8. Roger Ebert claims that he got more e-mails about this movie than any other, outnumbering Fahrenheit 9/11 and Passion of the Christ combined, after giving it a one-star review in which he claimed that he can't think of a film that "more dramatically shoots itself in the foot." Although Ebert liked the set-up in which Helen is dumped by her rich lawyer husband, whose verbal abuse has caused her miscarriages, he objected to the title character, Madea. For ten points, what film features African-American playwright Tyler Perry in drag?

Answer: Diary of a Mad Black Woman

9. Attractions previously open at this site include Goldrush Junction, which featured a log flume ride used at the New York World's Fair and was owned by Art Modell. Jack and Pete Herschend bought out Modell and changed the name to Silver Dollar City, based on an attraction of the same name in Branson. It would change its name again in 1986 to reflect a new partnership with an entertainer from the area. Now celebrating its 20th year, name, for ten points, this Pigeon Forge, Tennessee amusement park.

Answer: Dollywood

10. The "Truth or Dare" version features 18 truth pieces, 18 dare pieces and 18 blank write-your-own pieces, while the "Extreme" version features pieces with different shapes and angles. Invented in the early '70s by British college student Leslie Scott, it was imported to the United States by entrepreneur Robert Grebler, who holds the game world record of 40 2/3 levels. Derived from a Swahili word meaning "to build," this is, for ten points, what popular Milton Bradley game of stacking wooden blocks?

Answer: Jenga

11. They take their name from a routine on Steve Martin's Wild and Crazy Guy comedy album. Formed in Wichita Falls, Texas, they moved to Denton where they used a local record label to release their first EP, Tell Me When to WHOA!, and full-length album, Rock On Honorable Ones. Signing with Jive Records, their first major-label effort was 2000's Let�s Do It for Johnny, featuring a re-make of "Summer of '69" and "The Bitch Song". For ten points, name this quartet responsible for the nostalgic tune "1985."

Answer: Bowling for Soup [The routine actually mentions "Bowling for Shit."]

12. This football player�s great-great grandfather was General George Custer�s bandmaster, and one of his distant cousins is Evel Knievel. A fitness and wellness major at South Dakota State, he made his pro debut in 1996 for the World League�s Amsterdam Admirals. He made his NFL debut later that year, and finished his rookie season with 27 field goals. In nine NFL seasons, he has kicked 243 career field goals, which does not include his amazing post-season accuracy. For ten points, name this placekicker who booted the game-winning, last-second field goals in both Super Bowls 36 and 38.

Answer: Adam Vinatieri

13. A Carmel, Indiana, native, this Purdue and NYU grad was lead singer for The Positive Reinforcements. Soon to be married to journalism professor Barry Rice, he first made a splash covering Chicago-area politics before jumping to Chicago magazine where he�d review restaurants. Author of the �Things a Man Should Know� column for Esquire, his moonlighting TV gig has made him a star among foodies. For ten points, name this journalist and �Food and Wine Connoisseur� on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Answer: Ted Allen (accept either)

14. She was Fred Astaire's first on-screen dancing partner, in 1933's Dancing Lady. Born in 1904 in San Antonio, she got her screen name from a write-in contest in a movie magazine. She was nominated for three Oscars, but won only for her first nomination, for 1945's Mildred Pierce. For ten points, name this movie diva, star of Johnny Guitar, Queen Bee, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Answer: Joan Crawford or Lucille Fay LeSueur

15. Will Eisner used it to describe his 1978 work A Contract with God, leading many to incorrectly credit him with creating the term. It was actually used more than a decade earlier by Richard Kyle in CAPA-ALPHA #2, a newsletter published by the Comic Amateur Press Alliance. Three titles published in 1976--Bloodstar by Richard Corben, George Metzger's Beyond Time and Again and Chandler: Red Tide by Jim Steranko used the term on their covers. For ten points, give this two-word term used to describe comics that are bound and sold as hardcover or paperback books, a term most associated with artists like Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore.

Answer: Graphic Novel

16. As a writer, he penned Deborah Cox's "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" and Sisqo's hit "Incomplete". As a performer, he was the first R&B artist signed to Def Jam, a label he left in 2003, releasing the album Life After Def. His Top 40 hits include "I Like," "Get It On Tonite" and "Let's Ride", but it was his rap over Slick Rick's "Children's Story" that's still his calling card. For ten points, what R&B singer hit #1 ten years ago this week with the party anthem "This Is How We Do It"?

Answer: Montell Jordan

17. This website will make history on May 15, 2005, when several thousand of its listings are beamed into deep space using bandwidth won in an online auction by its CEO, Jim Buckmaster. Founded in 1995, it started out as a list server to tell people about events happening in and around San Francisco. Today, it serves 99 cities in 19 countries as a general posting board for jobs, apartments, personals, and other classifieds. Name, for ten points, this site which reflects the first name of its founder.

Answer: Craigslist.org

18. The Onion�s Our Dumb Century noted that Nelson Rockefeller declared a National Day of Bumming when this friend and confidant of Gerald Ford died. Created by California ad exec Gary Dahl in April 1975, it was introduced later that year at a San Francisco gift show. Sold for $3.95 each, it came with a training manual: an actual step-by-step guide to having a relationship with your geological friend. For ten points, name this 70's fad which was nothing more than a Rosarito Beach Stone in a box.

Answer: Pet Rock

19. Among the enemies for this group are Johnny Rancid; Mad Mod, who declares the American Revolution a hoax; Red X; Cinderblock; The Amazing Mumbo; and Slade. There is now an East branch of the group that includes the twins Mas Y Menos, Bumblebee, Speedy, and Aqualad. For ten points, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Robin comprise what Cartoon Network troupe of adolescent crime fighters?

Answer: Teen Titans

20. Among the famous homers hit here were Dale Long�s homer in his record eighth straight game and Babe Ruth�s 712th-714th career blasts. To increase home run production, there was a small area called Greenberg Gardens, later renamed Kiner�s Korner. Originally opened in 1909, its greatest home run moment came in the 1960 World Series when Bill Mazeroski hit the walkoff, Series-winning blast. For ten points, name this classic ballpark, home to the Pirates until 1970.

Answer: Forbes Field

21. It�s where we first meet Ploobis, Scred and the Mighty Favog. Valri Bromfield did a stand-up act. You learned about the drugs Triopenin and Jamitol, and how to be a stand-by operator. You�d also see Albert Brooks� film �The Impossible Truth�, two songs each from Billy Preston and Janis Ian, Andy Kaufman lip-synching the Mighty Mouse theme, three routines from George Carlin, �Bee Hospital,� and the discussion of feeding fingertips to wolverines. For ten points, name this October 11, 1975 landmark in late-night TV history.

Answer: First episode of Saturday Night Live (accept equivalents)