2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 14
  1. Some fans claim that at the end of remastered versions of this album, you can hear a faint orchestral version of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" after the last track, "Eclipse." Perhaps coincidentally, it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with sound engineer Alan Parsons. Kicking off with "Breathe," which Roger Waters originally wrote for the movie The Body, its notable tracks include "Time," "The Great Gig in the Sky," and "Money." For ten points, name this 1973 Pink Floyd album that spent over 700 weeks on the Billboard album charts.
    Answer: Dark Side of the Moon
  2. In 1982, it was held hostage for 10 hours by Norman Meyer, who claimed he would blow it up with a van full of explosives. Meyer was shot and killed, and his van had no explosives in it. In 1854, Know-Nothings stole a block of marble donated for its construction by Pope Pius IX, and Congress rescinded funding for it when that party took control of the committee building it. Originally planned to be flat-topped, its pyrimidal cap was sheathed in aluminum, a metal so rare in 1884 that it had roughly the same price as silver. This is some of the history of, for ten points, what 555-foot-high obelisk in the nation's capital?
    Answer: Washington Monument
  3. It was founded in 1963 on the insistence of Mexican President Don Adolfo Lopez Mateos in an attempt to unify the world’s commissions. Headquartered in Mexico City, its long-time president is Mexico’s Jose Sulaiman, and its subsidiaries include FESUBOX and the North American Boxing Federation. Current champions include Winky Wright, Cory Spinks and Vitali Klitschko, but not Graciano Rocchigiani, who won a 31 million dollar lawsuit over being stripped of his light heavyweight title. For ten points, name this boxing sanctioning body which entered liquidation proceedings in June 2004 to avoid paying Rocchigiani?
    Answer: World Boxing Council or W-B-C
  4. The name’s the same. Two TV movies with this title have premiered this decade: A British 2001 flick about a family reunion starring Michael Gambon and a 2004 CBS movie with Rob Lowe and Anna Friel switching lifestyles. A 2003 film features Sam Neill kidnapping Rachael Blake. A 1984 album by Deep Purple whose title track was used by Shane Douglas as his theme music in ECW. But the best known work of this name aired from 1986-1993 on ABC. For ten points, name this show about hapless Larry and his foreign cousin Balki.
    Answer: Perfect Strangers
  5. Founded in 1964, this growing chain has 58 super-centers across the country. The company is very concerned with community and environmental issues, donating to the Open Spaces Coalition, Sunny Day House, and Friends of the Trees. Corporate employees include Brad Stand and spokesmodel Dawn Campbell. For ten points, name this fictional department store figuring in a 2004 David O. Russell film.
    Answer: Huckabees
  6. Along with Will Eisner, Tom Hart, Ted Rall and many others, she contributed work to a graphic novel for 9-11 Emergency Relief. A longtime campaigner for social justice, she co-authored the comic book Real War Stories with illustrator Tom Yeates. Her comic Brought to Light is an account of the CIA's attempted assassination of Nicaraguan contra leader Eden Pastora. For ten points, name this comic writer most famous for her contributions to Our Cancer Year and for her central role in the movie American Splendor.
    Answer: Joyce Brabner (Do not accept "Pekar")
  7. Born in Lafayette, Indiana, he was a cousin of Axl Rose. He appeared in the music video for "Don't Cry" and contributed backing vocals to Use Your Illusion before his band released an eponymous album in 1992. He was in drug rehab around the time that his band released their sophomore album Soup, which included the minor hit "Galaxie," and he was found dead on the tour bus in 1995. For ten points, name this late lead singer of Blind Melon.
    Answer: Shannon Hoon
  8. Players in this game include the Celts, Egyptians, Babylonians, Norse, and Greeks. The main board features Europe, Northern Africa, Central Asia, and Atlantis, while a smaller second board represents the afterlife. Each player can summon four deities to assist battles on the main board, and forces killed go on to compete in the afterlife. For ten points, name this new version of Risk from Avalon Hill.
    Answer: Risk: Godstorm
  9. Stuart Taylor and Manuel Almunia are this team's top two reserve goalies, while its midfielders include Brazilian national team stalwart Edu. Playing at Highbury since 1913, the team won the first Littlewoods Cup and has won three Domestic Doubles, the first in 1970-71. Now led by star Patrick Viera, for ten points, name this team also known as the "Gunners," current defending champions of England's Premier League.
    Answer: Arsenal (prompt on "Gunners" before it appears in the question)
  10. He was nearly expelled from the London School of Economics for writing a controversial paper. A Nobel laureate in economics, his two terms as governor were marred by his pardon of Wallace Turner. Since taking his current job in January 1999, he’s vetoed every bill he’s ever received that features school vouchers, and has had the nicknames of Eagle and Liberty. For three days in 2003, he handed his powers to House Speaker Glenallen Walker. For ten points, name this president played by Martin Sheen on The West Wing.
    Answer: Josiah "Jed" Bartlett
  11. The phrase is the same. As a saying, its Norse and Dutch origins evoke a newly carved chip of wood or a ship with brand new planking and nails. The OED lists the first printed appearance in Samuel Pepys' diary. As a cleaning product, it first appeared in the 1930s, was bought by Proctor and Gamble in 1945, and sold off to company that bears its name in 2001. For ten points, give the shared phrase, which despite the spelling of its first word is not anti-Latino at all.
    Answer: Spic and Span
  12. The first chairman of its Board of Trustees was Gregory Peck, while George Stevens served as its first director for 12 years. It operates the National Film Theater in Washington, the Silver Theater in Maryland and the Showcase in Orlando. Since 1973, it has presented its annual Life Achievement Award for excellence in movies and television while, in 1998, it launched its 100 Years series honoring movie history. For ten points, name this national organization dedicated to advancing and preserving movies, television and other forms of the moving image.
    Answer: American Film Institute or AFI
  13. She advocated the practice of “hotsaucing,” or disciplining children by dabbing Tabasco on their tongues, in her book Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline. She defends this form of child abuse by saying “we can learn a lot through pain.” Though not a dominatrix, she’s previously dished out the pain on her gospel album, All Because of You, and on a sitcom set in Peekskill, New York. For ten points, name this actress-turned homeschooling advocate, best known as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life.
    Answer: Lisa Whelchel
  14. Though he never played for the American Hockey League, the AHL's trophy for the year's best defenseman is named in his honor. He played minor hockey with the Regina Caps and in the NHL with the Boston Bruins. He won the Stanley Cup twice and the Hart Trophy an unprecedented four times. For ten points, name this player, nicknamed the "Edmonton Express," and associated with both "old time hockey" and urine in the movie Slapshot.
    Answer: Eddie Shore
  15. She has several links to N'Sync: she went to the same high school as Joey Fatone; was a back-up singer for Justin Timberlake's ex-honey, Britney Spears; and replaced JC Chasez when the singer refused to be demoted to NFL Pro Bowl national anthem singer. Signed by Timbaland's Beat Club Records, she released the debut album Simple Girl. For ten points, name this Arkansas-born singer of the Timbaland-written "Make Me a Song."
    Answer: Kiley Dean
  16. He made his big-screen debut at age eight, playing "Video Game Boy Number One" in Back to the Future Part Two. Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he was nominated for six Young Artist Awards, winning in 1992 for playing Mike in Radio Flyer. That same year, he starred opposite Mel Gibson in Forever Young, and the next year was Macaulay Culkin's foil in The Good Son. The title character in the hated, hated, hated North, this is, for ten points, what young actor, who played Patrick in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a hobbit named Frodo in some film trilogy about a ring?
    Answer: Elijah Wood
  17. It was designed by Toros Kejejian and is named for the company he and his family founded in Los Angeles in 1987. It debuted at the March 2000 American Gem Society Conclave in Philadelphia. It has nine crown facets, part of a design which is claimed to reflect up to 50 percent more light than other fancy cuts. The design also uses a diamond shaped table, leading it to be called the only diamond with a diamond on top. Name, for ten points, this new and popular cut of diamond whose name suggests it is bought by the likes of the Monopoly man and Donald Trump.
    Answer: tycoon
  18. Introduced in 1954, we don't know his real name, but what he's known as most of the time. He responded to a question about changing his most notable attribute by saying that he didn't want to disturb history. His history of unusual hygiene led to a 1993 ad campaign for Regina vacuum cleaners. Perpetually surrounded by a cloud of dust, name, for ten points, this Peanuts character who could use a bath.
    Answer: Pig Pen
  19. J.C. Mackenzie was a regular on this series, playing a Harvard graduate and bicycle dispatcher named Reagan Ronald, better known as Normal. When the series started, the main character’s best friends included Original Cindy, Herbal Thought and con artist Sketchy. Created by the mysterious Project Manticore, the main character spent her days escaping government recapture. For ten points, name this cult Fox sci-fi series starring Jessica Alba as the main character, a genetically enhanced woman named Max.
    Answer: Dark Angel
  20. It points to several areas of pride: looking good in black, having a plain-looking wife, being a million times as humble, and never punching a tourist even if he deserved it. It mentions several time frames: the 300 years in which they haven't paid the phone bill; the 4:30 AM activity of Jacob, Jebediah, and the singer; and partying like it's 1699. The first track of the album Bad Hair Day, this is, for ten points, what song recorded by Weird Al without the permission of Coolio?
    Answer: Amish Paradise
  21. Dario Argento directed a 1998 version of this classic work, with Julian Sands in the title role. A 1943 musical adaptation saw Claude Rains as the lead, while a 1962 Hammer Films version starred Herbert Lom. A 1989 version starring Robert Englund was the first not to feature a falling chandelier, while Lon Chaney played the most famous version in a 1925 silent epic. Gerard Butler plays the title character in a 2004 musical version, based on the Broadway hit originally starring Michael Crawford. For ten points, name this Gaston Leroux work, which was turned into an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.
    Answer: The Phantom of the Opera