2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 12
  1. On this album, the Millennium Choir contributes backing vocals to several tracks, including "Everybody's Fool" and "Whisper." The piano is a major part of this album, especially on the tracks "Hello" and "My Immortal," contrasting with the nu-metalish and gothish other parts of this album. For ten points, name this 2003 release by Evanescence that includes the hit "Bring Me to Life."
    Answer: Fallen
  2. George Raft turned the down lead in this 1944 film and Dick Powell couldn't take it because he was under contract with another film studio. This movie tells the story of Walter Neff, an insurance salesman, who meets Phyllis Dietrichson when he calls to renew her husband's auto insurance policy. An affair begins, and they decide to kill Mr. Dietrichson for the life insurance money. All does not go to plan. For ten points, this describes what 1944 Billy Wilder-directed film noir classic, starring Fred MacMurray as Walter and Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis?
    Answer: Double Indemnity
  3. Its alumni currently in the NFL include Chiefs kicker Lawrence Tynes, Buccaneers offensive lineman Kerry Jenkins and Jets receiver Jonathan Carter. Current Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey led the school to a Division Two national title in 1984. It officially moved to Division One-Double A in 1993, reaching the semifinals that year. In its fifth game as a One-A team in 2001, it upset Mississippi State. For ten points, name this Sun Belt school that plays its games at Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium, where it upset Missouri earlier this season.
    Answer: Troy State
  4. It is still used medically as the first choice of anesthetic when a patient's medical history is unknown, but it is generally not favored because it caused out-of-body experiences when first used on U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War. This disassociative effect is why it has become popular in recreational drug use, often in combination with Ecstasy. For ten points, name this veterinary drug also known as "Vitamin K."
    Answer: ketamine (prompt on "K," "ket," "special K," or "Vitamin K")
  5. His first name is Cordell, and he first appeared on April 21, 1993 as a mid-season replacement for Angel Street. His regular partner was Jimmy Trivette, a former Dallas Cowboys player who was not as old fashioned as him. In May 2000, he married Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill, who gave birth to his daughter, Angela, on the 2001 series finale. A favorite of Conan O’Brien, for ten points, name this deadpan unemotional title character played by a deadpan unemotional Chuck Norris on a CBS action series.
    Answer: Walker, Texas Ranger
  6. He had his first commercially-published story, "The Hades Business," when he was 15. He was working as a journalist for the Bucks Free Press when he had his first book published, 1971's The Carpet People. He continued in newspapers while writing The Dark Side of the Sun and Strata, and was a PR man for three nuclear power plants when The Color of Magic first hit the shelves. Devoting himself to writing full time, he continued his most popular series, plus other books that include recurring characters Johnny Maxwell and Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men. Name, for ten points, this fantasy author whose latest book, Going Postal, is yet another entry in his Discworld series.
    Answer: Terry Pratchett
  7. Go to Westerville if you want to see the world's largest crystal ball and the Ross Purdy Museum of Ceramics. Maria Stein is home to the Shrine of the Holy Relics, while Circle Hill has a re-created Andy Griffith Show filling station. North Canton is home to a vacuum cleaner museum, while Lima (lime-a) has both a collection of things swallowed by mental patients, as well as the world's largest collection of albino animals. For ten points, all of these unusual roadside attractions can be found in what state, where you can also find the first Wendy's in Columbus and the world's largest rubber stamp in Cleveland?
    Answer: Ohio
  8. He gained his famous nickname while working on a Boston radio show with Bradley Kinkaid and later joined with Merle Travis and the Delmore Brothers as the Brown's Ferry Four. With Cincinnati's King label, he had his first hit with a version of "Mountain Dew" after switching to banjo. Joining the Grand Ole Opry in 1946, he became associated with folk music. For ten points, name this country musician who was only in his 50s when he joined Hee-Haw despite his nickname.
    Answer: Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones
  9. This 21-year-old actress came out of the closet this summer, telling the New York Daily News she was "crazy madly in love" with a woman. Among her early TV roles include D.J.'s girlfriend on Roseanne and the daughter on the short-lived Now and Again. She played Katie in Sorority Boys and one of Mandy Moore's followers in Saved!. For ten points, name this actress who hit it big as the lead in 1996's Welcome to the Dollhouse and played Lilly in The Princess Diaries films.
    Answer: Heather Matarazzo
  10. Tai-Tai is the wife of the Foolish Magistrate and mother to their three daughters. The Reader of the Rules also teaches the daughters, and he's good friends with the Cook. The title character has both grandparents -- Nai-Nai and Yeh-Yeh -- and parents Mama and Baba Miao. She also has a protective older brother, and a na�ve but curious younger sister. Her best friend is Fu-Fu the bat. Name, for ten points, this feline middle child, the namesake Chinese Siamese cat of a PBS Kids show, based on a book by Amy Tan.
    Answer: Sagwa
  11. Their 2004 greatest hits album includes a remixed version of "Homebrew" and the new tracks "How Do You Feel?" and "First Straw," as well as their biggest success of the year, performed at the request of fan Adam Sandler. In addition to their 50 First Dates soundtrack contribution, a cover of the Cure's "Love Song," the greatest hits album includes "Amber," "Transistor," and "Come Original." For ten points, name this reggae-tinged Omaha band best known for the songs "All Mixed Up" and "Down."
    Answer: 311 [three-eleven]
  12. He wrote and produced My Big Fat Independent Movie, and directed one feature, Red, starring Lawrence Tierney. He hosted one season of The New Movie Show on FX in 2000. While in college in Detroit, he began a movie fanzine which he sold to Larry Flynt, then bought back the rights before going online-only in 1997. The host of Ultimate Film Fanatic, for ten points, name this indie film figure, the creator of FilmThreat.com.
    Answer: Chris Gore
  13. In England’s quarterfinal loss at Euro 2004 to Portugal, this player was taken off the field at the 27th minute with an ankle injury. A four-goal scorer at Euro 2004, he was the youngest player to ever score for the English national team, scoring against Macedonia in a 2003 friendly. He made his professional debut in 2002 against Tottenham, scoring his first Premiership goal just five days before his 16th birthday. For ten points, name this Croxteth-born striker, former Everton star and England’s latest soccer phenom, who now plays for Manchester United.
    Answer: Wayne Rooney
  14. Born on July 30, he has a toad named Trevor, a gift from his great uncle Algie upon entry into his current school. Raised by his grandmother, his parents, former Aurors Alice and Frank, now reside in a closed ward of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries due to being driven mad by Death-Eaters. He's forgetful, once using a Remembrall charm but forgetting what it was supposed to remind him. Pure-blooded, he is described as a near-squib due to his below average performance in all classes but Herbology, where he excels. Even as an underachiever, his willingness to stand up to friends earned the last points needed to win Gryffendor House the House Cup in his first year. Name, for ten points, this dorm-mate of Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.
    Answer: Neville Longbottom (accept either)
  15. It was the creation of Jim McLamore and David Edgerton, who opened the first one with this name on March 1, 1954, in Miami. Originally incorporated as South Florida Restaurants, it was run by Pillsbury between 1967 and 1988. It unveiled a salad bar in its eateries in 1983, two years before introducing self-serve drink service. Breakfast debuted on the menu in 1985 with the Croissanwich, about 11 years after its introduction of the popular Have It Your Way ad campaign. For ten points, name this fast-food chain which has long been the Home of the Whopper.
    Answer: Burger King
  16. Its first and only original airing was on January 19, 1991, and featured the host whining about being dropped by Columbia because of Mitch Miller and urging one of his panelists that he had a Falana quality about him. During a heated exchange with another panelist, the host exclaims, “I’ve got chunks of guys like you in my stool.” For ten points, name this SNL panel show spoof featuring Luther Campbell, Sinead O’Connor, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, and Sting as Billy Idol, starring Ol’ Blue Eyes.
    Answer: The Sinatra Group
  17. This film's soundtrack includes the lead actress's rendition of "The Clapping Song," and the movie marks the screen debut of Ray Liotta, who violates the heroine with a garden hose 30 minutes in. Nominated for a then-record 11 Razzies, it follows Jerilee Randall and her rise in the screenwriting world. For ten points, name this turgid 1983 Harold Robbins adaptation, starring Pia Zadora.
    Answer: The Lonely Lady
  18. This baseball player was also a hit on the game show circuit, winning 17 games on the original Concentration in the 1960s. Born in 1925 in Mount Vernon, New York, this former NYU basketball player debuted with Brooklyn as an 18-year-old relief pitcher in 1944. He won 21 games for the Dodgers in 1947, and had 88 career wins between 1944 and 1956. But he’s best known for being Bobby Valentine’s father-in-law, as well as for an infamous pitch. For ten points, name this hurler who gave up Bobby Thomson’s game-winning homer in the 1951 playoff game against the New York Giants.
    Answer: Ralph Branca
  19. Born in 1975 in South Orange, New Jersey, he made his film debut as Nick Lipton in 1993's Manhattan Murder Mystery. A 1997 graduate of Northwestern, where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, he directed the music video "Superman" for Lazlo Bane. Work in indy films followed, before getting his big break as Dr. John Dorian on an NBC sitcom. For ten points, name this Scrubs actor, who starred in and directed the 2004 indy smash Garden State.
    Answer: Zach Braff
  20. The 12" remix of this song samples the Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," fitting since the song pays homage to a "psychedelic" 1970 Temptations song. The band's biggest hit, this 1989 party song mentions two signs, one that tell you "stay away fools,' the other giving the distance to the title destination, a "little old place where we can get together." For ten points, name this song by the B-52s.
    Answer: "Love Shack"
  21. He first appeared on TV in 1962 in between segments of The Tonight Show, and tickled Jack Paar's fancy enough to get Paar to remark "let's run that again ... the second time for free." In his early spots, he was played against a dim tourist named Oaf or Opie, who was dressed in a flowered shirt and hat. He would ask Oaf the same question in each ad, and Oaf, not learning, would answer in the affirmative -- and get slugged in the face for his trouble. Clad in a red straw hat and vertically-striped shirt, he is, for ten points, what animated drink spokesperson named for the second and last word in his drink's name?
    Answer: Punchy or Hawaiian Punch Guy