2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 11
  1. A Google search for his name yields his Canadian Broadcasting Company bio first and a site about how much he sucks second. Born in Queens, New York, his Jews in Sports bio lists him as a graduate of Cornell University. In 1977, he completed a law degree at NYU and joined a New York law firm where he became friends with David Stern. For ten points, name this former NBA official, currently ruining Canada's national passtime as the commissioner of the NHL.
    Answer: Gary Bettman
  2. The crucified Barbie doll and bloody Bible on the cover of their first album, the self-released Tormented, led Fred Durst to accuse them of devil worship, but Durst was later impressed enough to help them land a record deal. Durst co-produced their next album, Dysfunction, which included the singles "Home" and "Mudshovel." Durst also participated in their breakthrough acoustical rendition of "Outside." For ten points, what band hit it big in 2001 with the album Break the Cycle and the song "It's Been Awhile"?
    Answer: Staind
  3. The name's the same. On TV, it was a falcon, played by a hawk named Ace, that ate Everett the frog and was murdered by Bryce on Spike TV's Joe Schmo 2. In live entertainment, it's the name of a seven-year-old white tiger who may have been distracted by a woman's hairdo or trying to drag one of its masters to safety when it caused a critical injury during a show on October 3, 2003. Give, for ten points, the shared name of these animals that both escaped actual harm, the latter at Roy Horn's request.
    Answer: Montecore
  4. The game begins with the main character and his girlfriend, Sylvia, at the movies watching their favorite superhero, Captain Blue. Somehow, Sylvia is warped into the movie, and it’s up to the main character to enter the film and rescue her. When he enters the film, he gains new powers to perform special visual techniques, as well as solve various inventive puzzles. For ten points, name this comic-book looking Capcom game set in the action movie universe.
    Answer: Viewtiful Joe
  5. Its first chapter, "The End," is prefaced by quotes from Les Murray and Lady MacBeth, before beginning with: "A nubile blond squats on her boyfriend's bare chest and he's too stoned to do much about it. Nipple clamps? No sir, not this time." Originating with an article intended for Harper's, it begins with the exchange between Sandra Murphy and Ted Binion, whose murder is central to the book. Subtitled "Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion's World Series of Poker," for ten points, name this book by James McManus.
    Answer: Positively Fifth Street
  6. His non-movie work includes writing the 1997 novel Pink, playing in a band called Kill All Blondes and releasing a book of his photos called 108 Portraits. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he worked as an assistant to Roger Corman before releasing his first feature, 1985's Mala Noche. Four years later, he achieved his first taste of mainstream success directing Drugstore Cowboy. Other films include Elephant, Finding Forrester and the 1998 remake of Psycho. For ten points, name this director, who was also responsible for 1997's Good Will Hunting.
    Answer: Gus Van Sant
  7. The game starts with “Riddles,” where contestants solve a riddle. A contestant is eliminated, and the remaining players must answer questions on past events. Round Three has the surviving contestants answer questions on recent events, while the fourth round features questions on current events. The fifth round is a memory test, while the final round has the two remaining contestants in a time battle to answer the same number of questions. This describes, for ten points, what short-lived WB game show, which aired in summer 2004?
    Answer: Studio 7
  8. Named after a Greek colony in Italy noted for its luxurious reputation, it was invented in 1985 and originally called the "Master Better." Manufactured by ABCO Research Associates, it has a male analogue called the Venus 2000. For ten points, name this sex toy in which attachments can be rotated and vibrated when attached to a saddle.
    Answer: Sybian
  9. It was the creation of Danny Biasone, who first proposed it at a league meeting on April 22nd, 1954. Biasone came up with its origin by dividing the number of average points in a typical game into the length of the game. Before its creation, teams averaged just under 80 points a game. The first season after its creation, the average rose to 93 points a game, with the Boston Celtics cracking the 100-point mark. For ten points, name this object, which is used in the NBA to time possessions by the offensive team.
    Answer: 24-Second Shot Clock or Shot Clock (accept equivalent)
  10. After designing the Cizeta sports car with Claudio Zampolli in the mid-80s, he currently spends his days doing computer-generated art. He’s written official songs for the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics and the 1990 World Cup. His first #1 hit as a writer came for Blondie’s “Call Me”, while subsequent #1's “Flashdance (What a Feeling)” and “Take My Breath Away” also won Oscars to go along with a trophy for writing the score to Midnight Express. For ten points, name this disco pioneer who produced four chart-toppers for Donna Summer.
    Answer: Giorgio Moroder
  11. The first one opened June 6, 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. Its first program was a series of shorts, but the first feature played was Wives Beware. The Ford Wyoming in Dearborn, Michigan, is largest in the U-S in terms of capacity, but the Thunderbird complex in Fort Lauderdale has the most screens, with 13. For ten points, name this dying type of cinema venue, characterized by tinny window speakers and backseat makeout sessions.
    Answer: Drive-In movie theatres
  12. His nickname is Magic Man, and he was born November 21, 1968 in Orlando, Florida. USA Boxing’s Boxer of the Year in 1996, he won the light heavyweight bronze at the Atlanta Games, falling to Vassily Jirov in the semifinals. He started his pro career in 1997, winning his first 22 fights before falling to Eric Harding in a 2000 IBF eliminator. He came back two years later to beat Harding, then upended Montell Griffin to take the WBC and IBF light heavyweight belts in 2003. For ten points, name this fighter, who came back from a November 2003 loss to Roy Jones Junior and garnered a second-round knockout of Jones in their May 2004 rematch.
    Answer: Antonio Tarver
  13. The remix version includes two guests, one boasting that "Who else could take five years off / Cold turkey come back and fly lears off," the other claiming that the song includes "the best from each coast / the midwest to the dirty dirty." Mase and Eminem appear on the remix of this song, whose original version claims that "Even Lil' Bow Wow throwin' it up" in the rockaway dance. For ten points, name this 2004 hit by the Terror Squad.
    Answer: "Lean Back"
  14. The voice of Irving Lambert in the video game Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Stuff Wade on TV’s Code Red. Coach Duane Johnson on TV’s Just the Ten of Us. Detective Larry McBain in The 13th Floor. Zeke McCall in Love and Basketball. Chief Billy Graham in Navy SEALS. Max ‘Hammer’ Dubois in Mr. Baseball. Pedro Cerrano in the Major League trilogy. For ten points, name this African-American actor and Allstate pitchman, who plays President David Palmer on 24.
    Answer: Dennis Haysbert
  15. It has a handle of rosewood. One one side is an angel with wings folded, while on the other side is an angel with wings upraised. It was once kept by Giacomo Paradisi before it was stolen by Tullio, the older brother of Angelica and Paolo, in Citag�zze. It marks its bearers by taking the pinky and ring fingers, as it does with Will Parry, who uses it to cut windows into other worlds. For ten points, name this title object of the second novel of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.
    Answer: The Subtle Knife or �sah�ttr or teleutaia makhaira
  16. The film opens with our sibling heroes debuting their new movie, Mutants of 2041 AD. The screening is a fiasco, and the duo loses their dad's beer money to an irate patron. A plot to scam free beer gets them embroiled in family drama and a mind-control plot at the Elsinore beer company. Max Von Sydow and a bunch of hosers star in, for ten points, what first-and-only Bob and Doug MacKenzie film?
    Answer: Strange Brew
  17. In 1952, Patsy Sherman was asked by her employer to develop a rubber product that wouldn't decay during exposure to jet aircraft fuel. The next year, Sherman's lab assistant spilled some of an experimental compound on her tennis shoes. She was frustrated that she couldn't clean it off, but Sherman realized greater potential for the compound. Working with Sam Smith, Sherman went on to develop this product, first sold in 1956. Today, this brand covers cleaning and protection products for fabrics, paint, and even roofing. Name, for ten points, this 3M brand touted as "protection for life's possibilities."
    Answer: Scotchgard
  18. In the National Football League, it has been retired twice – by the Cardinals to honor Marshall Goldberg and by the Eagles to honor Jerome Brown. The only Pro Football Hall of Famer to wear this number in the NFL is Dan Hampton. The number seems to represent the eccentricities of the player who wears it, such as NFL sack king Mark Gastineau and major league relievers Turk Wendell and Mitch Williams. For ten points, give this two-digit number, currently worn by Saint Louis Cardinal outfielder So Taguchi, which the NHL retired league-wide to honor Wayne Gretzky.
    Answer: 99
  19. Its project to get people to vote in the 2004 election was called Electile Dysfunction. One of its hosts, Steven S., was a makeover target on the first season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Launched in May 2003 by Rainbow Media and Cablevision, its shows include 4 Play, Uranium, Sessions at AOL and Daily Download. For ten points, name this network formed from the remnants of Much Music USA that shows way more music videos than MTV.
    Answer: Fuse
  20. It was the creation of piano tuner William Gruber, who introduced it in 1939 in Oregon. A year later, it appeared at the New York World's Fair and was available at more than 1000 stores nationwide. Originally an adult souvenir that specialized in national park-themed reels, its use of a Disney license in 1951 made it popular with children. In 2004, new owner Fisher Price released an eight-reel boxed set to mark its 65th anniversary. For ten points, name this toy and 3-D image machine.
    Answer: View-Master
  21. Just after Space Ghost is dumped by Miss Nesbit, insult is added to injury when he has to interview this guest. He appeared as himself in the Scrubs episode “My Balancing Act,” and despite having no involvement with the film, Roger Avary recruited him to do a commentary track for the Rules of Attraction DVD. Born Scott Thompson, for ten points, name this alleged comedian and 1-800-call-ATT pitchman.
    Answer: Carrot Top (acc. Scott Thompson before it’s mentioned)