2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 10
  1. It was originally released in 1989, and sold more than one million copies before being discontinued. Returning to stores in 2004, it is a game in two phases. The first phase is a Monopoly-style effort where players gobble up properties, cash and cards. These are then used in the second phase for wheeling and dealing. At the end of all this, the hidden cash is removed from the properties and the person with the most total cash wins. Taking a cue from The Apprentice, the second edition features the phase "You're Fired" on the box. For ten points, name this board game all about The Donald.
    Answer: Trump: The Game
  2. After breaking up in 1994, this band got back together to record "On the Inside" as a new track to a 2001 greatest hits album before appearing on the 2002 Hollywierd Tour with Cinderella and Poison. "Down Incognito" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" are latter minor hits by this act founded by a former bassist for Alice Cooper. For ten points, name this hair metal band whose songs "Seventeen" and "Headed for a Heartbreak" were probably memorized by Stuart from Beavis and Butthead.
    Answer: Winger
  3. In 1920, Dodgers catcher Ernie Krueger hit a ball that rolled under the temporary stands in center field at Ebbets Field, while Tommy Leach of the Pittsburgh Pirates hit a ball into the crowd of standing-room patrons in the outfield in the first game of the 1903 World Series. Both accomplished this feat which urban legend falsely claims is possible at Fenway Park. For ten points, name this quirky type of hit in which you get one more base than a ball that bounces over the outfield wall.
    Answer: ground rule triple
  4. Charlie Murphy plays Gusto, a criminal who believes the titular group set him up and stole his persona. MC Gusto, Dead Mike and Stab Master Arson rise to the top of the rap world with songs such as "I'm Black," "Straight Outta Locash," and "Sweat from My Balls." For ten points, name this 1993 rap mockumentary starring and co-written by Chris Rock.
    Answer: CB4
  5. Founded in 1927, it originally featured residential cottages, though large new dormitory buildings house many of its 1042 residents. Phone use is limited to five hours a month, visitors allowed from Friday through Monday, and for the first 90 days new residents work in the kitchen before being sent to work elsewhere, such as landscaping the 159 acre campus. Famous alumnae include Billie Holiday, Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose, and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. Located in West Virginia, this is, for ten points, what first federal prison specifically for women, currently home to Martha Stewart?
    Answer: Alderton Federal Prison Camp (also accept Camp Cupcake)
  6. Home to such animals as yelks and hoxneys, its population fears diseases such as “bone fever” and “fat death,” both of which are caused by a tick parasitized by the intelligent phagors. Its small year corresponds to 480 days and orbit around Batalix, while the “Great Year” around the supergiant Freyr created the spectacle watched on the Eductainment Channel on Earth. For ten points, name this planet, the setting for a trilogy by Brian W. Aldiss?
    Answer: Helliconia
  7. Her later works included Dorothy in 1999's Click Three Times and Gracie in 1996's Original Gangstas. A New York native, she worked as a keypunch operator and spent nights in off-Broadway plays for 30 years. Moving to L.A. in the 1960s, she earned fame playing Tillie the maid in 1967's Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, which led to her greatest role as a dry cleaner’s wife. For ten points, name this actress, who received six Emmy nominations for her work as Weezie on The Jeffersons, and who died in 2004.
    Answer: Isabel Sanford
  8. According to the Internet Movie Database, the 2004 flop National Lampoon's Gold Diggers was originally going to be released under this name. The original version, released in 1955, earned a Best Screenplay Oscar nomination for William Rose and featured Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom as members of a criminal gang. A 2004 remake moves the setting from London to the American South, but maintains the general plot of criminal masterminds and their frequent failures to eliminate an old woman. For ten points, give the common name for these films, remade in 2004 by the Coen brothers?
    Answer: The Ladykillers
  9. Limo driver Chris Seletti claims that he mailed the lyrics for this song to himself in 1990 as proof that he wrote it, but it is unclear why anyone would want the credit for writing sappy lines such as: "It's a long road / When you face the world alone / No one reaches out a hand / For you to hold." The song notes that you can cast your fears aside and know you can survive if you finally see the truth that within you lies a person who "comes along / with the strength to carry on." For ten points, name this 1993 #1 hit by Mariah Carey.
    Answer: Hero
  10. Bill Elliott played him in a series of 1940s Westerns. Josh Brolin played him on "The Young Riders" and Gary Cooper portrayed him in 1937's The Plainsman. Jeff Bridges played this titular role in a 1995 Walter Hill film, and Keith Carradine plays him on an HBO series. For ten points, name this US Marshal, shot while playing cards in Deadwood, South Dakota.
    Answer: James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok
  11. FIRST AND LAST NAME IS THE SAME. The first has the fifth-highest career winning percentage among active Division One college basketball coaches. The second had seven interceptions and four fumble recoveries in his first two pro seasons. The third holds the University of Texas record for career receptions. The first won 418 games at the University of Kansas. The second went to college at the University of Oklahoma, while the third is a wide receiver who wears #11 in the NFL. For ten points, give the common first and last name for a University of North Carolina coach, a Dallas free safety and a Detroit wide receiver.
    Answer: Roy Williams
  12. Warning: onomatopoeia required. Mick Foley said that the words proceeding it reminded him a little too much of a pro-wrestling speech. Played over 700 times by the media, it inspired its own dance mix. ABC, CBS and CNN later apologized for taking it out of context, as the maker of this sound was using a noise cancelling mike at the time and couldn't actually be heard by the crowd he was addressing. For ten points, make the bizarrely compelling and horribly cheesy sound that effectively killed the aspirations of Howard Dean.
    Answer: Yee-awwwwwah!!!!!! (should be two syllables, and contain "Ye" and "Aw" --use your best discretion).
  13. He hails from Bill's house in Durham, North Carolina. He says he's been to Swaziland, Greenland, and Portland, and he prays to the goddess Silly Nellie that the joyride he's on never ends. We've seen him get bubbles up his whoopsy-daisy at a ski resort, find large hairy men wearing Speedos too much of a gamble, and be forced to watch his captors get amorous. Reminding us to not forget our hat, this is, for ten points, some of the travels of what spokesbeing for Travelocity?
    Answer: The Roaming Gnome (prompt on just gnome - need the roaming part)
  14. Among the women who rejected parts in this film were Myrna Loy as Cleopatra and Jean Harlow as Venus. Hans dumps his fianc´┐Że to pursue Cleopatra, an aerialist. But she's just after his money, conspiring to kill Hans with the help of her lover, Hercules the Strongman. Comeuppance ensues. For ten points, name this 1932 Tod Browning film which used actual circus sideshow performers in major roles.
    Answer: Freaks
  15. Among this book's targets is the news delivery style of Diane Sawyer and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. In it, the author wonders if Dale Evans ever yelled "Giddyup, Roy!" while being intimate with her husband. Observations are made on the propensity of newly-cut toenails to fly several feet and the use of the word "exploration" rather than "drilling" by oil companies in an effort to make the process sound better. In the end, though, it was a cover riffing on the Sistine Chapel ceiling that got it banned by Wal-Mart. Name, for ten points, this new book from George Carlin.
    Answer: When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
  16. After a night of partying, he found himself married to a woman named Saffron, who turned out to be a con artist. His war buddies include Monty; Tracy, who dies while smuggling organs within his own body; and Zoe, his second-in-command at the Battle of Serenity and on his current ship. Although he appeared on television in only 12 of 15 produced episodes, he and his crew will hit the big screen in a 2005 Joss Whedon film. For ten points, name this captain of the Firefly-class ship Serenity, played by Nathan Fillion.
    Answer: Malcolm Reynolds
  17. One alternate meaning of this term references the New Jersey town where the man most associated with it had a barber shop and where some people such as Eddie Hazel and Bernie Worrell grew up. The term can describe a genre of music or serve as the title of a song that begins by telling you not to adjust your radio because nothing is wrong, the first track on the album Mothership Connection. For ten points, what term is also an abbreviated amalgamation of two groups associated with George Clinton?
    Answer: P Funk [P Funk can refer to "Plainfield Funk" or "Pure Funk" in addition to the groups Parliament and Funkadelic.]
  18. Although this building was home to the 1988 Republican National convention, it is better known as a sports venue. A cemetery was demolished in order to make room for this location, erected between 1971 and 1975, which some blame for the bad luck of its primary tenant. Home to more Super Bowls than any other site, for ten points, name this stadium where the Saints kick off home games.
    Answer: Louisiana Superdome
  19. Among his more out-there ideas: men should remain virgins until they turn 30, you should sleep with the windows open regardless of weather, and ketchup and mustard cause insanity. Less unusual was his idea that people should eat less meat and white bread, ideas that led to near-violence by butchers and bakers before an 1837 lecture in Boston. Today, he is best known for a product originally made from unsifted, coarsely-ground flour. Name, for ten points, this eccentric food reformer who would likely frown on the use of his namesake cracker in smores.
    Answer: Sylvester Graham
  20. She landed her first TV role in 1995, playing Emily Bowen-Quartermain on General Hospital. She arrived in prime time in 2003, and is currently shooting The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Her dad was a teen actor in his own right, appearing in Father of the Bride and Father’s Little Dividend before costarring as Riff in West Side Story. For ten points, name this actress, the star of CBS’s Joan of Arcadia.
    Answer: Amber Tamblyn (more on "Tamblyn")
  21. Bright Eyes in Philadelphia. My Morning Jacket, Ben Harper and Jurassic 5 in State College. Keb’ Mo’ in Erie. Babyface in Wilkes-Barre. Death Cab for Cutie in Reading. These are among the lower-level acts who appeared with Dave Matthews Band, John Mellencamp, James Taylor, Pearl Jam, John Fogerty, R.E.M., Dixie Chicks and Bruce Springsteen in, for ten points, what concert tour of swing states dedicated to ousting George W. Bush from office?
    Answer: Vote for Change