2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 09
  1. While occasionally showing up in TV movies like The Wedding Dress, he’s been making a name for himself on Broadway, starring in Cabaret, Rent and Assassins. Lately, he’s made some curious acting decisions, appearing in Undercover Brother and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, and playing a serial killer on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Many may know him as Col. Carl Jenkins in Starship Troopers, but, for ten points, name this actor still best known as Doogie Howser, M.D.
    Answer: Neil Patrick Harris
  2. Top U.S. athletes in this sport include Chad Senior and Vahktang Iagorachvili, while the world’s top ranked performer is Hungary’s Gabor Balogh. George Patton finished fifth in the first Olympics for this sport in 1912. Competitors are first required to fire 20 shots at a target with an air pistol. After fencing all of their opponents, a 200 meter freestyle swim takes place, followed by about 400 meters of equestrian show jumping. Finally, a 3000-meter cross country run takes place. This describes, for ten points, what out-of-date Olympic sport, created by the founder of the current Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin?
    Answer: Modern Pentathlon (more on Pentathlon)
  3. As a preventative measure the editor of the Elkhart Truth newspaper in Indiana made his staff take a particular concoction to ward off colds. When Andrew Beardsley, president of Miles Labs, found out that no staffer went out sick during flu epidemics in 1918 or 1927, he ordered his chief chemist to create a tablet form of the home remedy. It hit shelves in 1931, and after Prohibition became a favorite hangover cure. A combination of aspirin and bicarbonate of soda, this is the start of, for ten points, what over the counter cure best known for its "plop plop, fizz fizz" ads?
    Answer: Alka-Seltzer
  4. In 1994, he made his directorial debut with Hated, a documentary on punk rocker G-G Allin. Four years later, his college documentary Frat House was pulled from an H-B-O broadcast due to legal threats and allegations some of the film was staged. In 2000, this N-Y-U Film School grad released a Phish documentary, Bittersweet Motel, shortly after the release of his first big-screen directorial work of fiction, Road Trip. For ten points name this director of such off-beat comedies as 2003's Old School and 2004's Starsky and Hutch.
    Answer: Todd Philipps
  5. Eddie works at the Ruby Pier amusement park, where he's a maintenance worker on the rides. Working on his 83rd birthday, a cable snaps on Freddie's Free Fall, causing the cars to plummet to the ride platform, where a small girl had fallen. Eddie saves the girl, but dies in the process. He awakes in Ruby Pier, but the park appears as it did when Eddie was a child. He finds his way to the freak show and meets the Blue Man, who starts a process whereby Eddie learns the meaning of his life. This is the beginning of, for ten points, what best-seller by Mitch Albom?
    Answer: The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  6. This rock song has at least two quasi-classical appearances, showing up on the 2002 album Shine by babe string quartet Bond and serving as the title track for a 1997 London Philharmonic outing that was the idea of two Killing Joke members. A "traveler through time and space" is trying to find "that place of yellow desert steam," his "Shangri-La beneath the summer moon" in this classic. For ten points, name this "definitive' Led Zeppelin song from Physical Graffiti which was sampled by Puff Daddy for "Come with Me."
    Answer: Kashmir
  7. The main character is an 18th century cobbler who looks toward a wise man to help cure his very ill son. Although the wise man's prayers aren't enough to help the son, the title character's sincerity drives the wise man to round up such scoundrels as Stinky Pasha and Ivan the Arsonist. When the son recovers, the wise man explains what happened, giving the jubilant main character plenty to ponder. This describes, for ten points, what 2004 children's book, the latest effort at kiddie lit by Madonna?
    Answer: Yakov and the Seven Thieves
  8. She's not Monica Lewinsky, but this Minnesota native did attend Oregon's Lewis and Clark College for three years in hopes of being involved in world politics before leaving in 1992 for New York's School for the Visual Arts and a design job at MTV. She eventually landed at Duffy Design, which caught the eye of some TV producers, who have seen her make waves with a moss-wall design. For ten points, name this Swiffer spokeswoman who is often seen going barefoot during design projects for TLC's Trading Spaces.
    Answer: Genevieve Gorder (accept either)
  9. He was able to practice every day because his father owned the White Sands Country Club in Virginia. A three-time All-American at Wake Forest, where his teammates include Jay Haas and Scott Hoch, he was ABC's golf analyst until resigning in 2004. The first golfer to win $1 million in a single year, for ten points, name this man whose 17 PGA victories include back to back U.S. Open titles in 1988 and 1989.
    Answer: Curtis Strange
  10. Fleshbot.com released this film on DVD in November, with both softcore and hardcore cuts. In order to spice up their humdrum sex life, Danny and Shirley visit Madame Heles and her coven of witches. The coven’s techniques include lots of chanting and sex in a coffin. Shot over a few days with a budget of around $7,000, it was considered lost until a print was discovered in an L-A warehouse in 2001. For ten points, name this 1971 film, the final feature directed by Ed Wood.
    Answer: Necromania
  11. Created by Henry Heide, Inc. in 1920, they get their name not from an edible plum-like tropical fruit, but from a gum that's one of its basic ingredients. Only one of its five flavors - raspberry - matches one of its seven shapes. This is a good thing, given that the other shapes include asparagus, pea pod, and tomato. Name, for ten points, this chewy candy whose propensity for getting stuck to the teeth is treasured by aficionados.
    Answer: Jujyfruit
  12. The pilot for this series was loosely based on a 1947 New Yorker article by journalist Berton Roueche, "Eleven Blue Men." Stephen Connor is the leader of a mobile NIH team whose take-charge attitude has saved the lives of millions, but has cost him his family. Working under Connor include pathology expert Natalie Durant, quiet but intense inspector Frank Powell and wunderkind Mike McCabe. Also along for the ride is NIH publicity liaison Eva Rossi. This describes, for ten points, what NBC ripoff of CSI starring Neil McDonough and Kelli Williams?
    Answer: Medical Investigation
  13. In 1969, this pitcher released an album, subtitled Live from Las Vegas, which featured the organ instrumental "Cute." In 1984, he was sent to prison on racketeering and cocaine trafficking charges, while in 1997 he was re-jailed for the embezzlement of funds from a meat packing plant. A two-time American League Cy Young Award winner, he also won Most Valuable Player honors in 1968, thanks to a feat that had not been done in 34 years. For ten points, name this former Detroit Tigers pitcher, who won 31 games during the 1968 season.
    Answer: Denny McLain
  14. Evanescence's Ben Moody co-wrote "Nobody's Home" on this album, much of which was written with the help of Canadian Chantal Kreviazuk. Reviews tend to cite "He Wasn't" as one of the better tracks on this 2004 follow-up to Let's Go. "Don't Tell Me" and "My Happy Ending" are the first two hits off of, for ten points, what most recent effort by Avril Lavigne?
    Answer: Under My Skin
  15. The action is driven by the murder of Congressman Hammersly, played by Jason Robards, and the ensuing cover-up. A Washington lawyer is unaware that he possesses evidence that the congressman did not commit suicide and finds himself beset by Reynolds, played by Jon Voight. Robert Dean finds an ally in the former spy Brill, who tells Dean how he is being tracked. For ten points, name this thriller starring Gene Hackman and Will Smith.
    Answer: Enemy of the State
  16. It was the name given to a magazine spin-off of The Industry Standard which was devoted to one special topic per week, but folded after five issues. Dr. Mahmoud explained the translation of this term, noting that while it can mean both "love" and "hate," its literal translation is "to drink," a fact verified by Valentine Michael Smith. For ten points, give this word used by geeks since the publication of Stranger in a Strange Land.
    Answer: grok
  17. He attended Muskingum College because he didn't feel he'd be given a chance to play at Notre Dame where his father was a coach. After one year, he transfered to Dayton. He was an offensive assistant with the 49ers and, after a stint at the University of Pittsburgh, was brought along when Mike Holmgren went to coach the Packers before another ex-49er, Ray Rhodes, made him offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. For ten points, what coach seemed well worth the draft picks to the Raiders when the Buccaneers won Super Bowl 37.
    Answer: Jon Gruden (prompt on "Gruden")
  18. One example involved the death of a boy named William of Norwich in 1144, while Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln was allegedly crucified. The murder of Father Tomas in the Damascus affair of 1840 was another instance which was used in the 2001 Egyptian film Horseman without a Horse and the 1983 book by Syrian defense minister Mustafa Tlass The Matzah of Zion. For ten points, name this oft-repeated allegation that Jews kill Christians or Muslims and use their bodily fluids to make matzoh.
    Answer: blood libel
  19. Born in 1970, he was scheduled to be part of the original 1993 cast, but producers thought he was too wild and undisciplined. After four years overseas, he finally joined the show in 1997, but did not rise with his compatriots and was only called by special request. Only after he opened Tokyo’s Ristorante Massa in 2000 was he allowed to rise with his compatriots, which he did on the Millennium special. Wearing a red, white and green outfit and accompanied by a group of violinists, this is, for ten points, what only Iron Chef Italian?
    Answer: Masahiko Kobe (more specific on "Iron Chief Italian" on an early buzz)
  20. Recent albums by this British group include 2004's U.N., 2002's Readymades and 2000's What You See Is What You Get. Formed in 1984 in a Leeds squat, the group quickly became a thorn in the side of British conservatives by staging several anti-Thatcher concerts. 1993 saw their biggest indie hit to date, the anti-fascist rant "Enough is Enough." Four years later, their major label debut became a monster success, thanks to a song that featured the lead singer enjoying a whiskey drink, a lager drink and a cider drink. For ten points, name this British anarchistic group responsible for 1997's "Tubthumping."
    Answer: Chumbawumba
  21. A 10-sided die is included to play an alternate version of a popular game, and the four pawns are a cup of coffee, a PDA, a guitarist and a dot-com stock. The promotional tour for this product included a traveling time capsule, accompanied by such celebrities as Carnie Wilson, Janet Reno, Josie Bissett and Kato Kaelin. This time around the categories are Oops, Hangin', Wired, Viewing, Important and Trends. For ten points, name this latest in Hasbro's board-game franchise where you're guaranteed to hear a Macarena question.
    Answer: Trivial Pursuit: '90s Edition