2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 08
  1. Name these ancient video game consoles, for ten points each.
    1. A major Atari rival, this early 80's Mattel console system featured celebrity spokesman George Plimpton and a joystick that looked like an ancient cell phone with a disc on the bottom.
      Answer: Intellivision
    2. Bonk's Adventure was the best known game from this 80's NEC console which looked 16-bit, sounded 16-bit but, in reality, was 8-bit to the core.
      Answer: Turbo Grafx 16
    3. This was Magnavox's entry into the console wars of the 70's and 80's, and was more popular in Brazil and Europe than the United States.
      Answer: Odyssey (also accept Odyssey 2)
  2. The 32 quarterbacks that took the first snap of the 2004 NFL season finished their college career at 31 different schools. Identify some of them, for ten points each.
    1. This was the only school to be represented by two different quarterbacks, one from the AFC East and one from the AFC North.
      Answer: Marshall University (Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich)
    2. The smallest school represented by a starting NFL quarterback was this Mississippi school, the alma mater of Tennessee Titans Quarterback Steve McNair.
      Answer: Alcorn State University
    3. Miami Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt replaced Jay Fiedler with A.J. Feeley in the middle of game one. Had Feeley started, this PAC-10 university would have had 2 starting quarterbacks like Marshall.
      Answer: University of Oregon (Joey Harrington is the other)
  3. Tony Randall’s passing reminds TRASH of the most famous Odd Couple episode of all -- when Felix and Oscar played Password. Answer these questions about said episode, for ten points each.
    1. Oscar was one of the two celebrity contestants on Password. This real-life wife of Password host Allen Ludden was the opposing celebrity.
      Answer: Betty White
    2. For the password “bird,” Felix gives the name of this Greek playwright as a clue.
      Answer: Aristophanes
    3. After belittling Felix for the Aristophanes clue, Oscar gives Aristophanes as a clue for this password. Felix gets it right for 10 points.
      Answer: Ridiculous
  4. For ten points each, name these 2-hit wonders, that is acts that had two top 10 hits and nothing else in the Top 40 in their careers:
    1. Perhaps the most infamous 2-hit wonder ws this rapper who hit #4 with his version of "Play that Funky Music" as well as well as a song that sampled Queen's "Under Pressure".
      Answer: Vanilla Ice
    2. While she technically doesn't count as "Love will Find a Way" made it to #40, this singer/songwriter born Sharon Myers had only two other hits "What the Worlds Need Now is Love" and "Put a Little Love in Your Heart."
      Answer: Jackie DeShannon
    3. In 1961, this Pittsburgh group had two hits, the #7 song "Heartaches" and the classic #1 version of "Blue Moon."
      Answer: The Marcels
  5. For ten points each, answer these questions on celebrity cookbooks.
    1. Her Hallelujah! The Welcome Table combines personal stories with 73 recipies. Sadly, none of them are I Know Why the Fried Bird Sings.
      Answer: Maya Angelou
    2. Alicia Silverstone, Paul McCartney, Bob Barker, and Jackie Chan are among those who provided recipies for the vegan cookbook put out by this organization.
      Answer: PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    3. Bono, Don Henley, Barbara Streisand, and Quincy Jones are among those providing recipies for a cookbook for this president's foundation. His wife's chocolate cookie recipie is included, though she may want to save it for the cookbook honoring her presidency.
      Answer: Bill Clinton
  6. When Marlon Brando died, do you think he went to a hell where directors tortured the you know what out of him? Name these directors Brando gave hell to before he went toes up, for ten points each.
    1. Brando almost got this director fired from The Godfather just for being cast, as producer Robert Evans had a lengthy feud with Brando.
      Answer: Francis Ford Coppola
    2. While filming 2001's The Score, Brando refused to come on the set if this director was there. Brando also called this former Muppets director "Miss Piggy" behind his back.
      Answer: Frank Oz
    3. Brando famously did not get along with this silent film great, who directed Brando in 1967's A Countess from Hong Kong.
      Answer: Charlie Chaplin
  7. After the 2004 World Series of Poker, a World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions was held in Las Vegas. Answer these questions about the two million dollar, winner-take-all tournament, for ten points each.
    1. Nicknamed the "Duchess of Poker," this mother of four won the two million dollar tournament.
      Answer: Annie Duke
    2. Among the nine players Duke beat in the Tournament of Champions was this man, nicknamed "The Professor of Poker" and Duke’s older brother.
      Answer: Howard Lederer
    3. Finishing second at the T-of-C was this bad boy of poker, the 1989 World Series of Poker main event winner and the author of Play Poker Like the Pros and Bad Beats and Lucky Draws.
      Answer: Phil Hellmuth Jr.
  8. Now time to play America’s favorite travel game -- Travels With Larry Brown! The NBA coach has sure traveled this fine country over the years. Given years of a coaching tenure, name the NBA squad Brown coached for ten points each. If you need an easier clue, you’ll get five points.
    1. (10) 1996-2002
      (5) Brown coached this team to an NBA finals appearance in 2001.
      Answer: Philadelphia 76ers
    2. (10) 1991-1993
      (5) Brown led these perennial Western Conference doormats to a pair of playoff appearances during his two seasons there.
      Answer: Los Angeles Clippers (more on Los Angeles)
    3. (10) 1976-1979
      (5) Brown coached this Dan Issel-led squad to the NBA playoffs twice during his tenure.
      Answer: Denver Nuggets
  9. Answer these questions about celebrities who have had misadventures with the camcorder who aren't Paris Hilton, for ten points each.
    1. Greg Fahlman, the estranged husband of this Baywatch actress, was shopping around a video of their explicit amorous exploits.
      Answer: Gena Lee Nolin
    2. This two-time Survivor contestant had the misguided idea of recording certain parts of her honeymoon, especially when the tapes found their way online.
      Answer: Jenna Lewis (prompt on "Jenna")
    3. His career didn't suffer too badly after tapes of his hotel room exploits at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta were released.
      Answer: Rob Lowe
  10. Sci-fi fans soiled their underwear in anticipation of the return of John Crichton and friends. For the stated number of points:
    1. (5) Farscape returned in 2004 with what two-part miniseries?
      Answer: Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
    2. (10) Scorpius finally finds out the potency of weapons based on these objects, one of which was responsible for Crichton ending up far from Earth.
      Answer: wormholes
    3. (15) The water world where Crichton and Aeryn were originally crystallized in the series-ending cliff hanger turned out to be home to a group of this empathic race previously encountered on Arnessk.
      Answer: Eidolons
  11. Although some see the heydey of grunge as ending when Kurt Cobain shot his whiny self in 1994 or with Soundgarden breaking up in 1997, some bands persevere. For ten points each:
    1. They released 72 live albums, one for every concert except a fatal Denmark outing from the tour following the release of the album Binaural.
      Answer: Pearl Jam
    2. An influence on Cobain and other Seattle grunge acts, this proto-grunge act has a couple of 2004 collaborative albums, joniing with ambient muscian Lustmord on Pigs of the Roman Empire and Jello Biafra on Never Breathe What You Can't See.
      Answer: The Melvins
    3. After the tour in support of 2003's Slow Motion Daydream, most of the principal members of this act left to pursue other projects, leaving Art Alexakis to soldier on with a completely new line-up.
      Answer: Everclear
  12. So with all the talk of The DaVinci Code, it's interesting to note that a lot of what Dan Brown claims is fact is, at best, speculative. For ten points each, answer these questions on the crap Brown spews in this book.
    1. While this number exists, assertions that it equals your height divided by the length of your body from your belly button to the floor don't hold. It's also unclear if it was used as some mystical property in ancient architecture.
      Answer: phi or golden mean or golden ratio
    2. While Brown portrays this body as deciding Jesus' divinity, it actually debated whether he was created or eternal. It also didn't let Constantine decide what writings made up the Gospels.
      Answer: Council of Nicea
    3. This book by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, which claims Jesus survived the Crucifixion and was smuggled to France, is presented as a semi-respectable work of scholarship, even though neither author has a background in history or religion.
      Answer: Holy Blood Holy Grail
  13. Name these American remakes of better British films, for ten points each.
    1. This 2003 summer blockbuster, based on a 1969 Michael Caine film of the said name, concerned a bunch of thieves who create the largest traffic jam in L-A history as part of a plan to steal gold bullion.
      Answer: The Italian Job
    2. This 2000 bomb, based on a 1971 Michael Caine film of the same name, featured Sylvester Stallone as a violent mob enforcer with a heart.
      Answer: Get Carter
    3. This 2000 comedy, starring Brendan Fraser as a geek and Elizabeth Hurley as the devil, was based on a 1967 film with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.
      Answer: Bedazzled
  14. For the stated number of points, name the Holiday Inn brand from a description.
    1. For five points, you may "Stay Smart" here, but unlike what the ads show, it's unlikely that a night's stay will allow you to perform surgery, balance the budget, or invent a dog translator:
      Answer: Holiday Inn Express
    2. The resorts in this line can be found from Aruba to Bar Harbor to Whistler, British Columbia. Like timeshares, they offer housekeeping amenities and activities for young and old.
      Answer: Holiday Inn SunSpree Resorts
    3. Focused for the business traveler, hotels in this brand include business-class accomodations, meeting facilities, and 24-hour business services.
      Answer: Holiday Inn Select
  15. Name the sport given annual events in its calendar, for ten points each:
    1. Scott Tournament of Hearts, Nokia Brier
      Answer: curling
    2. Kentucky Futurity, Hambletonian
      Answer: Harness racing (prompt on horse racing)
    3. Mariucci Classic, Auld Lang Syne Tournament
      Answer: college ice hockey
  16. He’s gone, but he still gets our respect. Identify these music videos that featured the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, for ten points each.
    1. Rodney was supposed to appear after Billy Joel in this video takeoff of The Ed Sullivan Show but would get bumped by a dancing bear.
      Answer: Tell Her About It
    2. Rodney later appeared as a maintenance man who sees the aftermath of the weird party that took place at Lionel Richie’s apartment in this classically bad video.
      Answer: Dancing on the Ceiling
    3. Rodney parodied a then-new genre with questionable results in this 1983 title track of his second comedy album.
      Answer: Rappin’ Rodney
  17. For ten points each, name these actors who played lead roles in Merchant-Ivory productions of Henry James novels:
    1. In 2000's The Golden Bowl, Maggie Verver, whose prince of a husband is the lover of her best friend, was played by this English actress who also played a character in a love triangle in Pearl Harbor.
      Answer: Kate Beckinsale
    2. In 1984's The Bostonians, repressed lesbian suffragette Olive Chancellor is played by this veteran actress in the fifth of her six Oscar-nominated roles, although she only won for Julia.
      Answer: Vanessa Redgrave
    3. In 1979's The Europeans, the titles characters are Felix, played by Tim Woodward, and Eugenia, played by this star of Anatomy of a Murder, who was Oscar-nominated for her turn in Days of Wine and Roses.
      Answer: Lee Remick
  18. Did you know that the TV game show Street Smarts has been on the air for five seasons? Answer these questions about the show, for ten points each.
    1. This Pittsburgh-born comic and Duquesne (doo-KANE) dropout is the host of Street Smarts.
      Answer: Frank Nicotero
    2. This is the name given to the first round of Street Smarts, where contestant must determine which of the street savants got a question right.
      Answer: Who Knew It
    3. This is the name given to the second round of Street Smarts, where contestants must determine which of the street savants got a question wrong.
      Answer: Who Blew It
  19. Name these board games given their international origins, for ten points each.
    1. This board game is sold as the "Classic Game of India."
      Answer: Parcheesi
    2. This popular dice game is slightly based on a Puerto Rican game called "Generica."
      Answer: Yahtzee
    3. The national game of Japan, this game played on a grid of horizontal and vertical lines is often described as the Asian version of chess.
      Answer: Go
  20. Answer these questions about a man who charges a 10-thousand dollar speaking fee, Bill Clement, for ten points each.
    1. Clement won two Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975 as a member of this team.
      Answer: Philadelphia Flyers
    2. Clement portrays the shirtless guy who sits in a mosquito-laden tent in commercials for this bug spray.
      Answer: Deep Woods Off
    3. Because of his experience in high school, Clement worked as a color commentator for this Summer Olympic sport in 2004.
      Answer: Badminton
  21. For ten points each, given a TV show, name the other TV show whose footage it reuses.
    1. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
      Answer: Takeshi's Castle
    2. Sealab 2021.
      Answer: Sealab 2020
    3. The '80s cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
      Answer: Hyakujuu-Ou Go-Lion (or Hundred-Beast King Go Lion) [Do not accept "Kikou Dantai Dairugger-XV," which was used in Voltron: Defender of the Near Universe, which was the less popular vehicle Voltron.]
  22. While the 2004 stats aren't in, the top five dog breeds by registration for the American Kennel Club were the same in 2003 as they were in 2002. For five points each, with a bonus 5 for all, name those dogs.
    Answer: Labrador retriever or Lab, Golden retriever, beagle, German shepherd, daschund