2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 06
  1. According to the Psychadelic Furs, she likes to be one of the girls and also looks pretty in pink. According to Jefferson Starship, she is a dark-eyed girl whose love keeps the singer rollin’. According to Outkast, she’s the reason for the word “bitch” in the song “Roses.” But she’s most famously known for touching hands with the singer and making good times seem so good. For ten points, name this “sweet” woman honored in song by Neil Diamond.
    Answer: Caroline
  2. Its employees have included Dudley Soames, Mike Gunn and Cat Grant, the last of whom was a mole within the organization. Blindspot, Turmoil, Chiller, Shockwave and Noose are some of the costumed members, while the Toyman designed the Happyland amusement park it uses for money laundering. Led at different times by Ugly Mannheim, Boss Moxie and Lex Luthor, it was founded by Morgan Edge to take advantage of crime opportunities created by Luthor's obsession with Superman. For ten points, name this DC Comics international crime syndicate.
    Answer: Intergang
  3. It was first awarded in 1933, and its inaugural winner was Carl Voss.Lesser-known winners include Sweeney Schriner, Larry Regan, and Bobby Rousseau. Mike Karakas was the first goalie to win the award, doing so in 1936, while other goalies to win this award include Terry Sawchuk, Ed Belfour, and Martin Brodeur. After Sergei Makarov won this award in 1990, the NHL changed eligibility rules, only permitting candidates who are less than 26 years old to win. For ten points, name this NHL post-season award, given annually to the league’s best rookie?
    Answer: Frank Calder Memorial Trophy
  4. Her feature film debut was supposed to be as Lulu in Sleepless in Seattle, but her scenes were cut shortly before its release. Tess Shelby on As the World Turns from 1991 to 1992, she was a roommate of Sherry Stringfield at SUNY-Purchase. Her first major big-screen success came in 1995, when she played the title character, Mary, in Party Girl. This led to Time magazine naming her the Queen of the Indies, having appeared in 30 such films since 1994 alone. For ten points, name this actress, whose more mainstream work includes playing Meg Swan in Best in Show and Sissy Knox in A Mighty Wind.
    Answer: Parker Posey
  5. The Onion reported in August 2004 that they had been exonerated of all charges. Tim Dunigan starred in the pilot, but was replaced when producers thought he was too young to play a veteran. The final season saw them working under Hunt Stockwell, played by Robert Vaughn. Before that, they worked as freelance soldiers of fortune, all the while avoiding arrest on charges they knocked over the Bank of Hanoi shortly after the Vietnam War ended. For ten points, name this NBC series, starring George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz and Mr. T as the title group.
    Answer: The A-Team
  6. Ensei Tankado drops dead in Seville, Spain, of an apparent heart attack. Georgetown professor David Becker is sent to Seville to find Tankado’s a passkey to a powerful piece of encryption software. Meanwhile, Becker’s girlfriend, cryptologist Susan Fletcher, uncovers layers of intrigue at the NSA. For ten points, name this 1998 novel, the first by DaVinci Code author Dan Brown.
    Answer: Digital Fortress
  7. When the Apocalypso crashes on Earth, the AI program that runs its communications is damaged and needs to fix itself. That program, known as Melissa or The Operator, takes over a website and in trying to find surviving crew members creates "axons," which are times and GPS coordinates for pay phones. If whoever picks up the phone correctly answers the question that Melissa asks, they get more of the story about the Apocalypso's mission. Created as part of the marketing drive for Halo 2, this is, for ten points, the very basic idea behind what alternate reality game named for the apiary-themed website Melissa takes over?
    Answer: I Love Bees or ilovebees.com
  8. The Michael Gondry-directed music video for this song begins with two people trying to move a piano up the stairs and follows the singer onto a subway train and into a restaurant and a movie theater. Kicking off with the spoken line "I'll be practicing in my mind," this song incorporates both reggae and jazz into rap and repeats the refrain "Whatever bubbles up, bubbles up." For ten points, name this 1994 song by the one-hit wonder who is unsurprisingly named Lucas.
    Answer: Lucas with the Lid Off
  9. His favorite soccer club is F.C. Basel, and he was born in 1981 in Basel. At age 16, he took home the junior singles and doubles titles at Wimbledon while, at 17, he fell to David Nalbandian in the junior final at the U.S. Open. In 2001, he won his first men’s singles title in Milan. Two years later, he won seven singles crowns, including his first Grand Slam crown at Wimbledon. For ten points name this Swiss tennis pro, who won three Grand Slam titles in 2004, including Australia, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
    Answer: Roger Federer
  10. He played Pippen in Homeboys from Outer Space, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August 2004. Born in 1920 in Vancouver, he served in the Royal Canadian Artillery during World War II, and lost the middle finger of his right hand during the Normandy invasion. The director’s edition DVD of Star Trek: the Motion Picture credits him with creating an unrefined version of Klingon that was later expanded and refined by others. For ten points, name this actor, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2004, who played Scotty on the original Star Trek.
    Answer: James Doohan
  11. When he's not acting, this man serves as the lead singer for the Los Angeles-based rock band Left of Zed. Born in 1972 in Seoul, he is an English literature graduate from Berkeley. John in the American Pie trilogy, he played Chau Presley in the W-B sitcom Off Centre, which aired from 2001-2003. Steve in Better Luck Tomorrow, he made his big-screen lead debut in a 2004 film about stoner roommates. For ten points, name this Korean-American actor and the "Harold" of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.
    Answer: John Cho
  12. On The Simpsons, Lisa explains to Bart that it is here that people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people. Its origins date back to 1864, when this company's namesakes opened a shop to print tickets and timetables for Chicago's trains. In 1917, it published the children's classic The Real Mother Goose for the first time, seven years before releasing the first edition of its road atlas. For ten points, name this Skokie, Illinois-based company, America's top-selling mapmaker.
    Answer: Rand McNally and Company
  13. She currently divides her time between a remote solar-powered cabin in Sonoma County and a San Francisco Mission District townhouse collective known as the Black Cats. A dedicated political activist, she co-founded RANT, the Root Activists' Network of Trainers, and is the author of the pro-environment sci-fi novel The Fifth Sacred Thing and The Spiral Dance, a major text of Neo-Paganism. For ten points, name this founder of the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft.
    Answer: Starhawk or Miriam Samos
  14. It shares its name with a 1976 effort by Golden Earring and a 1996 greatest hits album by Men at Work. Opening with the track "Sucker Town Blues," it also includes "Set Me Free" which first appeared on The Hulk soundtrack. Debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts in June 2004, this album brought together a '90s frontman with three guys who played together in the '80s. For ten points, name this album featuring the hits "Fall to Pieces" and "Slither" by Velvet Revolver.
    Answer: Contraband
  15. In June 2004, he released the book Gasping for Airtime: Two Years in the Trenches of Saturday Night Live, which details his 1993-1995 tenure on the show. The original narrator for Fox Sports’ Beyond the Glory, he also hosted MTV’s Lip Service, as well as a short-lived ESPN sports-talk hybrid which aired in 2002. Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire and Peter Dragon on TV’s Action, this is, for ten points, what actor-comic, who also serves as the host of NBC’s highly corrupt Last Comic Standing?
    Answer: Jay Mohr
  16. This 1980 film is a repackaged combination of "Lightning Swords of Death" and "Baby Cart at the River Styx." Part of the popular Lone Wolf and Cub series, the samurai hero is betrayed by his shogun. For ten points, name this film, which The Bride's daughter watches as a bedtime movie in Kill Bill, Vol. 2.
    Answer: Shogun Assassin
  17. They were founded in 1967, and the first player they ever signed was Roger Brown, who they found working in a factory. In their third year of existence, they won the league title, thanks to the play of Brown and Mel Daniels. George McGinnis helped them to two more crowns in 1972 and 1973. Moving to a new league, they did not have a winning season until 1981. The 1990's saw better times, thanks to the work of such players as Vern Fleming, Chuck Person, Detlef Schrempf and Rik Smits. For ten points, name this NBA Central Division team, which remains a tough team thanks to such youngsters as Jamaal Tinsley and vets like Reggie Miller.
    Answer: Indiana Pacers
  18. Its use as a term of endearment goes back at least to James Paulding's 1832 work Westward Ho!, though more recent uses include Doc Holliday's dialogue in Tombstone and the Andy Williams song "Moon River." Noted Andy Williams fan Nelson Muntz is also a fan of them, as he likes to pick them and discuss taste relative to size. Its use as a first name includes the host of Hanna-Barbera's second animated TV show and Toby Ziegler's son. Related to the blueberry, name, for ten points, this berry also the first name of Mark Twain's Finn.
    Answer: huckleberry
  19. This band's name stems from one member's work experience at Starbuck's. After releasing the EP Hersher and the album Curb, they decided to manage themselves, handling all the distribution for their 2000 independent release The State, which featured the song "Leader of Men." With a track of their next album, Silver Side Up, they became the first act to top both the U.S. and Canadian charts with "How You Remind Me." For ten points, name this Canuck rock act headed by brothers Mike and Chad Kroeger.
    Answer: Nickelback [One member often gave a nickel back in change.]
  20. This film was the longer version of the 1978 short Within the Woods, which has not been released on D-V-D due to a music royalty dispute. Five friends spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods, where they find a copy of the Necronomicon and a taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the teens slowly turn into deadly zombies. It is up to one of them to survive the night and destroy the villanous force. This describes, for ten points, what 1981 Sam Raimi movie that marked Bruce Campbell's debut as Ash?
    Answer: The Evil Dead
  21. The first notable conflict here, a 1987 brawl led by a man nicknamed Mr. Rambo, was intended to draw attention to this body's makeup and selection. Actions included throwing paper, pouring water, and destroying microphones. With an estimated fight a week, the early '90s saw notable confrontations, including a 1991 attack on its speaker and a 1996 attack on a female member. Most recently, a committee fight in March turned literal during a discussion of electoral recounts, while last month a food fight punctuated a debate on defense spending. But it was business as usual in, for ten points, what legislative body made up of the National Assembly and the Legislative Yuan?
    Answer: Taiwan Parliament (accept equivalents)