2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 06
  1. For fifteen points each, given a perhaps classier alternative name, give the more common name for a sexual position. You get five for an easier clue.
    1. [15] In Latin, it is known as coitus more ferarum.
      [5] The Latin translates as "sex in the manner of a beast."
      Answer: doggy style
    2. [15] In the Kama Sutra, it is known as the "Congress of the Crow."
      [5] In French, it is also known as "soixante-neuf."
      Answer: 69 or (accept soixante-neuf after the 15-point clue)
  2. Some films make use of fictional countries, while others aren't afraid to offend real ones. For ten points each, name these real foreign lands that play a role in movies:
    1. In Die Another Day, James Bond seeks revenge for 14 months of torture after being captured by this country.
      Answer: North Korea
    2. Zoolander involves an assassination plot against the prime minister of this country.
      Answer: Malaysia
    3. At the beginning of Air Force One, American commandos capture the Russian General Radek in this nation.
      Answer: Kazakhstan
  3. For ten points each, given lyrics, name the song that clocks in at exactly four minutes and twenty seconds. If you need the artist, you get five points.
    1. [10] "Maybe someday those words will be heard/ By future generations riding on the highways that we built/ Maybe they'll have a better understanding"
      [5] John Cougar Mellencamp
      Answer: Check It Out
    2. [10] "Which one of us is right/ If we always fight/ Why can't we just let love decide?"
      [5] Prince
      Answer: Diamonds And Pearls
    3. [10] "You gotta let yourself go/ The band's gonna take control/ We're gettin' down today/ We'll pick you up and take you away"
      [5] Boston
      Answer: Smokin'
  4. Given a character, identify which CSI on which he or she appears for five points each and a five-point bonus for all correct.
    1. Stella Bonasera
      Answer: New York
    2. Catherine Willows
      Answer: CSI
    3. Mac Taylor
      Answer: New York
    4. Horatio Caine
      Answer: Miami
    5. Alexx Woods
      Answer: Miami
  5. In 2004, Sammy Sosa became only the third player in Major League history to strike out at least two-thousand times. For ten points each:
    1. This Hall of Famer was no Mister October in the strikeout department, whiffing a record 2,597 times in his 21-year career.
      Answer: Reggie Jackson
    2. This first baseman of the '80s, '90s and oughts, who survived a cancer scare in 1999, struck out 2,003 times between 1985 and 2004 with seven major league teams.
      Answer: Andres Galarraga
    3. This Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Famer, nicknamed "Pops," is fifth on the all-time list with 1,936 whiffs.
      Answer: Willie Stargell
  6. While the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet touts diversty, there's a fair amount of repetitive dining. For ten points each:
    1. You better like these, as you'll have them for breakfast every day in some form, be it in their quiche cups or in a frittata.
      Answer: eggs
    2. A common side dish are "surprise" mashed potatoes, the surprise being that they aren't made from potatoes but from this vegetable.
      Answer: cauliflower
    3. Your post-dinner dessert will generally be a flavored variety of this cheese, most often found in cannoli.
      Answer: ricotta
  7. For ten points each, name these partners of Fred Astaire who are not Ginger Rogers:
    1. In You Were Never Lovelier, Astaire's leading lady was this actress better known for her five pairings with Glenn Ford, including The Lady in Question and Gilda
      Answer: Rita Hayworth (or Margarita Cansino)
    2. In Easter Parade, Astaire played a dancer whose new partner was this actress almost ten years removed from her role in The Wizard of Oz.
      Answer: Judy Garland or Frances Gumm
    3. In the musical remake of Ninotchka entitled Silk Stalkings, the Ninotchka role was played by this actress who played Fiona in Brigadoon and danced with Gene Kelly in the "Broadway Ballet" segment of Singing in the Rain.
      Answer: Cyd Charisse or Tula Ellice Finklea
  8. Given a cover model and cover stories from a November 2004 monthly magazine, name the mag, for ten points each.
    1. Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the cover, which offers stories like "Men Talk Booty," "The Sexiest Makeup," and "55 Things You Can Learn About Him in 10 Minutes."
      Answer: Cosmopolitan
    2. A mock up of a supersonic private jet is on the cover, which offers a story on same. Other stories include Jay Leno finding his dream car, a question as to whether hackers could tilt the election, and 37 pages of how-to tips.
      Answer: Popular Mechanics
    3. Angelina Jolie is on the cover, named by readers as the Sexiest Woman Alive. The cover promises more Women You Love, a story on Dick Cheney and the 21 best new restaurants in the US.
      Answer: Esquire
  9. Name these Monopoly properties listed on Ugo.com's Top 11 Monopoly Properties, for ten points each.
    1. Number 10 on this list is this lavender property, worth $140 and subject of its own Chance card.
      Answer: Saint Charles Place
    2. Number eight is this yellow space, which costs players $1200 if you land on it and it has a hotel. Doesn't help that it's also next to Go to Jail.
      Answer: Marvin Gardens
    3. Number seven is this orange square, which costs $200 to buy and is next to Free Parking.
      Answer: New York Avenue
  10. For ten points each, name these recipients of 2004 CMA Award nominations:
    1. His seven nominations include single of the year for "Remember When."
      Answer: Alan Jackson
    2. This artist received a best album nomination for Mud on the Tires.
      Answer: Brad Paisley
    3. One unusual name on the list of nominees is this woman up for Musical Event of the Year for collaborating with Dolly Parton on "Creepin' In."
      Answer: Norah Jones
  11. Identify these female TV personalities who obviously have network sugar daddies, for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This ex-wife of a former major leaguer provides the weather forecasts for Fox NFL Sunday and co-hosted Good Day Live before her May 2004 canning. She also hosted the now-canceled Extreme Dating.
      Answer: Jillian Barberie
    2. (10) A CBS newswoman and co-host of the CBS Early Show, this host of Big Brother happens to be dating CBS program chief Les Moonves.
      Answer: Julie Chen
    3. (15) This Irish-born woman apparently has a sugar daddy at Fox, as she’s hosted both Paradise Hotel and The Swan for the network.
      Answer: Amanda Byram
  12. Female Russian tennis players. I’ve said enough. Identify these female Russian tennis players, for ten points each.
    1. This 17-year-old won the women’s singles title at Wimbledon in 2004.
      Answer: Maria Sharapova
    2. In 2004, this woman became the first Russian to win a Grand Slam women’s singles title, doing so at the French Open.
      Answer: Anastasia Myskina
    3. This 23-year-old, who has three WTA singles and five doubles titles to her credit, reached a career-high world ranking of sixth in April 2004, and lost in the finals of both the 2004 US and French Opens.
      Answer: Elena Dementieva
  13. Given the character, name the voice talent in The Incredibles on a 10-5 basis.
    1. [10] Syndrome
      [5] Last seen in Jersey Girl, he's best known as Banky Edwards in Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
      Answer: Jason Lee
    2. [10] Edna
      [5] He's the director of The Incredibles, as well as The Iron Giant.
      Answer: Brad Bird
    3. [10] Violet Parr
      [5] A frequent NPR commentator, her collections of essays include The Partly-Cloudy Patriot and Take the Cannoli.
      Answer: Sarah Vowell
  14. For fifteen points each, name these recent sex books:
    1. Subtitled "A Cautionary Tale," this Jenna Jameson autobiography is humorously dedicated to Onan.
      Answer: How to Make Love Like a Porn Star A Cautionary Tale
    2. Author Jim Hastleberry claims that only high school seniors who are over 18 should heed this book on how to seduce your teacher.
      Answer: Nailing Miss Crabtree How to Become a REAL Teacher's Pet
  15. Name these minority hockey players who are not Willie O’Ree, for ten points each.
    1. A 2003 inductee into hockey’s hall of fame, this goaltender helped lead the Edmonton Oilers to five Stanley Cups between 1984 and 1990.
      Answer: Grant Fuhr
    2. A native of Edmonton, this mixed-race forward has scored 250 goals in eight seasons with Calgary.
      Answer: Jarome Iginla
    3. The NHL’s all-time leading goal-scorer among blacks and mixed-race players, this forward scored 320 goals between 1978-1991 for seven teams.
      Answer: Tony McKegney
  16. For ten points each, given songs covered, name the act that appeared on MTV Unplugged:
    1. "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam" by the Vaselines and "Lake of Fire" by the Meat Puppets.
      Answer: Nirvana
    2. "Rollin' and Tumblin"" by Muddy Waters and "Hey Hey" by Big Bill Broonzy.
      Answer: Eric Clapton
    3. "King of Pain" by the Police.
      Answer: Alanis Morrissette
  17. Answer these questions about skits on the short-lived, but ahead of its time The Ben Stiller Show, for ten points each.
    1. Spoofs of this long-running FOX show had it set in ancient Egypt and Salem, Massachusetts.
      Answer: Cops
    2. Mr. Morrison’s Wild Ride, Talk Radio Town, Born on the Fourth of July bumper chairs, Little Wall Street, the show Platunes and the Hall of Conspiracies are among the attractions found at this amusement park.
      Answer: Oliver Stoneland
    3. Long before Crank Yankers was this Married, with Children clone that featured an angry puppet as the title character.
      Answer: Skank
  18. With Oldsmobile gone, Buick is now clearly the favored car of septugenarians everywhere. For ten points each, name these Buick models which are trying to attract drivers under the age of 50.
    1. This new sporty sedan is positioned to compete with cars like the Honda Accord and Ford 500. It shares its name with a Wisconsin town.
      Answer: LaCrosse
    2. This model aimed at the minivan market includes a DVD system standard and come with an overhead rail storage system. Its name makes it sound like Italian flooring or something on the menu at Starbucks.
      Answer: Terraza
    3. If you can't swing the Lexus SUV, go for this instead. You may have seen Tiger Woods driving this in a couple of Buick commercials.
      Answer: Rendezvous
  19. For five points each, name these teammates drafted back-to-back in the NBA draft:
    1. While Trajan Langdon went at 11, these Duke Blue Devils went 13th and 14th overall in 1999.
      Answer: Corey Maggette, William Avery
    2. In 2000, the Chicago Bulls took these UConn players back-to-back in the second round.
      Answer: Jake Voskuhl, Khalid El-Amin
    3. With teammate Todd Day taken 8th overall in the 1992 draft, this Arkansas duo went 22 to the Suns and 23rd to the Bucks, respectively.
      Answer: Oliver Miller, Lee Mayberry
  20. You may not have heard of Nestle Waters North America, but you've likely drank one of their products. For ten points each, name the brand of water that falls under that company's aegis.
    1. This brand from out West comes from springs in the San Bernadino mountains. It's familiar to folks all over North America as their name graces the building where the Anaheim Mighty Ducks play - er, used to play.
      Answer: Arrowhead
    2. If you've been to any Universal theme park in Florida, you may have paid $4 for two bottles of this water, which claims its purity and taste comes from that state's limestone bedrock filtering the water.
      Answer: Zephyrhills
    3. This water isn't from North America at all - it's Italian, sourced from the town that gives it its name, located in the mountains above Milan. According to its advertising, it has "lingered at tables for over a century."
      Answer: San Pellegrino
  21. Fox Sports Net -- they’re like ESPN, only lamer. Name these Fox Sports Net shows, for ten points each.
    1. FSN’s highest-profile show, this talk-comedy hybrid features Tom Arnold and John Salley as panelists.
      Answer: The Best Damn Sports Show Period
    2. When Mr. Kellerman left ESPN’s Around the Horn, we thought he’d do something different. Instead, he now hosts this Fox Sports show, which is nothing but Horn with a boxing gimmick.
      Answer: I, Max
    3. This is NWA-TNA’s effort to crack into the cable wrestling business. Filmed in Orlando and features a six-sided ring.
      Answer: TNA Impact
  22. Given characters, identify the Disney Channel cartoon, for ten points each.
    1. Fang, Oswidge, Faffy
      Answer: Dave the Barbarian
    2. Steve Barkin, Bonnie Rockwaller, Signor Signor Senior
      Answer: Kim Possible
    3. Spot, Dexter, Billy Bevel
      Answer: Rolie Polie Olie