2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 05
  1. For ten points each, name these albums by people going alone:
    1. This 1989 effort, including "Running Down a Dream" and "Free Fallin" was Tom Petty's first album without the Heartbreakers.
      Answer: Full Moon River
    2. After forsaking the E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen released this album on the same day in 1992 as Human Touch.
      Answer: Lucky Town
    3. Dave Matthews won a Grammy for "Gravedigger" from this 2003 solo effort.
      Answer: Some Devil
  2. Name these films based on Philip K. Dick stories, for ten points each:
    1. Based on the short story "Second Variety," Peter Weller and other humans on a mining colony must contend with robotic killing machines in this 1995 film.
      Answer: Screamers
    2. In John Woo's latest, a man's memory is erased after completing his three-year top-secret work contract. He then finds out he's waived his salary in exchange for a collection of seemingly-worthless trinkets.
      Answer: Paycheck
    3. Richard Linklater's forthcoming project is based on the Dick novel of the same name, and will be animated in the same manner as his Waking Life. Keanu Reeves will play an undercover cop who develops a split personality-that of a drug dealer.
      Answer: A Scanner Darkly
  3. For ten points each, name these people involved in recent sex-related lawsuits:
    1. This FOX News producer settled her 2004 sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly.
      Answer: Andrea Mackris
    2. This woman had to reveal her real name in order to file a 2004 civil lawsuit against Kobe Bryant.
      Answer: Katelyn Faber
    3. This Miss Arkansas of 1958 has sued a Philadelphia Quaker group for sexual harassment after they found out she had had an affair with Bill Clinton in 1983.
      Answer: Sally Perdue or Myra Belle "Sally" Miller
  4. Identify these former college quarterbacks who bit the bullet and switched positions once they got to the NFL, for ten points each.
    1. This current NFL head coach was a star quarterback at Minnesota but became a receiver when signed by the Steelers out of college. He then became a defensive back and later a defensive coordinator.
      Answer: Tony Dungy
    2. This current Tennessee Titan was Cade McNown’s backup at UCLA but eventually morphed into a receiver and a top target for Steve McNair.
      Answer: Drew Bennett
    3. A two-sport legend in high school in Virginia and later a star at North Carolina, this former Tar Heels quarterback has emerged as the Raiders’ top receiver in 2004.
      Answer: Ronald Curry
  5. Answer these questions about Nickelodeon's Fairly Oddparents, for ten points each.
    1. The Fairly Oddparents focuses on this 10-year-old boy who has two fairy godparents.
      Answer: Timmy Turner (more on Turner)
    2. This is the name of Timmy's hometown, where he and his fairy godparents have most of their adventures.
      Answer: Dimmsdale
    3. Jay Leno provides the voice for this red-suited superhero, Timmy's favorite.
      Answer: The Crimson Chin
  6. Identify these Leslie Nielsen films, for 10 points each.
    1. One of Nielsen's first roles was as Commander John Adams in this 1956 sci fi classic, also featuring Robby the Robot as himself.
      Answer: Forbidden Planet
    2. The 1966 version of this film about the French foreign legion featured Guy Stockwell in the title role and Leslie Nielsen as Lieutenant De Ruse. Gary Cooper and Robert Preston starred in the 1939 version.
      Answer: Beau Geste
    3. Nielsen drowns Ted Danson by burying him up to his neck on a beach in the “Something to Tide You Over” segment of this 1982 Stephen King anthology.
      Answer: Creepshow
  7. For ten points each, name the title characters of these Anne Rice novels:
    1. Queen of the Damned.
      Answer: Akasha
    2. The Mummy.
      Answer: Ramses the Great or Ramses the Damned
    3. Interview with the Vampire.
      Answer: Louis de Pointe du Lac
  8. Identify these more curious choices for announcers by NBC for the 2004 Athens Olympics, for ten points each.
    1. He had worked with NBC as an NBA analyst, but this former 76ers owner was the color commentator for taekwondo, in which he has a black belt.
      Answer: Pat Croce
    2. The gymnastics announcers wanted nothing to do with trampoline, so the honor of joining Al Trautwig for that event was this American freestyle skiing world champion.
      Answer: Trace Worthington
    3. Teddy Atlas got the boxing gig, so this former Cardinals and Eagles return specialist, best known for boxing the goalposts after scoring a touchdown, was used as a general news reporter.
      Answer: Vai Sikahema
  9. 2004, several acts released their first album of new material in several years. For ten points each, who released:
    1. Palookaville, his first album of new material since 2000's Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars which featured the songs "Sunset (Bird of Prey)" and "Weapon of Choice."
      Answer: Fatboy Slim or Norman Cook or Quentin Cook
    2. Astronaut, featuring the single "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise," the first album since 2000's Pop Trash.
      Answer: Duran Duran
    3. New Roman Times, their first album since 1989's Key Lime Pie, although in 2002 they did do a track-for-track cover of the Fleetwood Mac double-album Tusk.
      Answer: Camper Van Beethoven
  10. There have been a handful of perfect games thrown in major league baseball history. But a few disputed ones remain off the books. Identify these pitchers who threw disputed perfect games, for ten points each.
    1. In 1995, this Montreal pitcher tossed nine innings of perfect game baseball before giving up a hit in the 10th. He still won the game, 1-0.
      Answer: Pedro Martinez
    2. This Pittsburgh Pirate pitched 12 innings of perfect game baseball in a 1959 game against the Milwaukee Braves, losing said feat in the 13th inning and losing, 1-0.
      Answer: Harvey Haddix
    3. This Boston Red Sox pitcher entered a 1917 game against Washington after starter Babe Ruth walked the leadoff batter and was ejected. The runner was caught stealing and this pitcher retired the next 26 batters.
      Answer: Ernie Shore
  11. Answer these questions about everyone’s favorite Simpsons secret club, the Stonecutters, for ten points each.
    1. According to the Stonecutters anthem, the group made this quintessential '80s actor a star.
      Answer: Steve Guttenberg
    2. According to Lenny, there are two ways for someone to become a Stonecutter. For ten points each, name those two ways.
      Answer: Be a Son of a Stonecutter, Save the Life of a Stonecutter (accept equivalent)
  12. For ten points each, name these record-label firsts:
    1. His 1998 album You and You Alone was the first country release by DreamWorks.
      Answer: Randy Travis or Randy Traywick
    2. The first person signed to Eminem's Shady Records who was not first a friend of Eminem, he first gained notice for his appearance on the 8 Mile soundtrack and for dissing Ja Rule with the song "Wanksta."
      Answer: 50 Cent (pronounced "Fiddy Cent") or Curtis Jackson
    3. The first group signed to Led Zeppelin's Swan Song Records, their 1974 eponymous debut album included the Top 20 hits "Can't Get It Up" and "Movin' On."
      Answer: Bad Company
  13. No one is talking about the WNBA. Let's see if that's true. Name these current WNBA franchises, for ten points each.
    1. This squad plays its home games inside the complex of a Native American casino.
      Answer: Connecticut Sun
    2. This WNBA team managed to remain in its home city despite the departure of the NBA's Hornets to the greener pastures of New Orleans.
      Answer: Charlotte Sting (more on Charlotte)
    3. Give the nickname of San Antonio's WNBA franchise.
      Answer: San Antonio Silver Stars
  14. In 2004, the American Film Institute named its top 100 songs from U.S. films. Before the AFI disgraces itself further, answer these questions about the list, for ten points each.
    1. The top song on the list was this ballad from The Wizard of Oz.
      Answer: Over the Rainbow
    2. The most recent movie featured on the AFI list was this 2002 movie, which was represented by the number-98 song, "All That Jazz."
      Answer: Chicago
    3. Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," which finished fifth on the AFI list, was first featured in this 1942 Crosby film.
      Answer: Holiday Inn
  15. For ten points each, give the name sakes of these laws and rules:
    1. In a 1958 issue of Venture Science Fiction, this science fiction author gave the observation often paraphrased as "90% of everything is crap."
      Answer: Theodore Sturgeon
    2. This humorist's rule of medicine holds "Never go to a doctor whose house plants have died."
      Answer: Erma Bombeck
    3. This Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer is the namesake of the law holding that: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."
      Answer: Mike Godwin
  16. Identify these recurring characters on Gilmore Girls who are not girls, nor named Gilmore, for ten points each.
    1. Before finally dating Luke, Lorelai tried to cover up a relationship with this former childhood friend, played by Chris Eigeman, who happened to be a business associate of Lorelai’s father.
      Answer: Jason Stiles (accept "Digger")
    2. Played by Michael Winters, this owner of Stars Hollow's grocery store and ice cream shop has also served for years as town selectman and all-around thorn in the side.
      Answer: Taylor Doose
    3. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach plays this character, a sandwich-shop owner who is recruited by Rory’s friend Lane to be the guitarist for her band Hep Alien.
      Answer: Gil
  17. Oh to be young, rich, and in love. OK, how about just young and rich? for ten points each, answer these questions on celebrities with romantic issues.
    1. Given that she celebrated her 21st birthday at the Hard Rock hotel and casino in Las Vegas, it's fitting that her marriage to Todd Meister folded faster than Johnny Chan with 2-7 off suit.
      Answer: Nikki Hilton (more on Hilton)
    2. On top of the stress of her freshman year in college and a possible eating disorder relapse, her on-again, off-again relationship with David Katzenberg can't be helping.
      Answer: Mary-Kate Olsen (More on Olsen)
    3. This actress has at least focused on one type of guy: major league pitchers. It didn't work out with Carl Pavano, but she may find more luck with Barry Zito.
      Answer: Alyssa Milano
  18. For ten points each, name these bands who may be as related as the pope is Catholic.
    1. This husband and wife group of John Day and Valerie Smith hit it big in the ‘80s with “I Can’t Wait” and “Point of No Return.”
      Answer: Nu Shooz
    2. This British trip-hop trio had a minor hit in 1996 with “Six Underground” off the album Becoming X.
      Answer: Sneaker Pimps
    3. The Dixie Chicks got their name from this blues-rock group’s 1973 album Dixie Chicken.
      Answer: Little Feat
  19. Answer these questions about Lance Henriksen, for ten points each.
    1. Henriksen was originally cast in the title role of this 1984 James Cameron film, but was moved to the role of Vukovich when the future California governor took the title role.
      Answer: The Terminator
    2. Henriksen played retired FBI agent Frank Black in this 1996-1999 Fox series, created by Chris Carter, about a shadowy organization of former law enforcement officials.
      Answer: Millennium
    3. Henriksen played astronaut Wally Schirra in this 1983 movie about the original Mercury 7 astronauts.
      Answer: The Right Stuff
  20. When TV evangelists speak, it's not at a small house of worship. Answer these questions about televangelists and their big churches.
    1. For five points, this long-time leader of the Moral Majority and president of Liberty University is pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, which fits 75-hundred people.
      Answer: Jerry Falwell
    2. For ten points, this Dallas-based preacher performs his services at the Dallas-based Potter's House, a megachurch with more than 28-thousand members.
      Answer: Bishop T(homas) D(exter) Jakes
    3. For fifteen points, run by Pastor Joel Osteen, this Houston church is the largest of the megachurches with an average attendance of 25-thousand per weekend. Later this year, it will move its building of worship to the former Compaq Center.
      Answer: Lakewood Church
  21. For ten points each, name these beers and breweries by Miller.
    1. This is the non-alcoholic brew produced by Miller.
      Answer: Sharp's
    2. Icehouse, Red Dog and Southpaw Light are, according to Miller, produced by this two-word brewery.
      Answer: Plank Road
    3. Miller also brews this so-called "ultra premium," flavored malt beverage.
      Answer: Skyy Blue
  22. Forbes magazine recently released its list of the top 10 grossing fictional characters for 2003. For ten points each:
    1. This classic animated character topped the list with $5.8 billion in sales, just in time for his 75th birthday. Some of the billion dollar growth from 2002 came from vintage adult apparel.
      Answer: Mickey Mouse
    2. Ranking third at just over $2 billion was this character most noted for recent live action films. Forbes noted his "creativity and noble spirit," and not his hairy feet and short stature, in putting him third on their list.
      Answer: Frodo Baggins
    3. Created the same year as Pokemon, this top Japanese grosser with $1.6 billion went from a comic book to a card game where spells help the main character win duels. Videos and movies followed, of course.
      Answer: Yu-Gi-Oh!