2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 03
  1. A remake of this song is the 10th track on the 2001 Geri Halliwell album Scream If You Want to Go Faster, while the title was also used to name episodes of Providence and Degrassi The Next Generation. Co-written by Paul Jabara and Paul Schaffer, the song salutes Mother Nature for being a woman that taught every angel to rearrange the sky, so that each and every woman could find her perfect sky. Homer Simpson’s song on Moe’s jukebox, this is, for ten points, what disco hit and gay anthem from the Weather Girls?
    Answer: It’s Raining Men
  2. Like many 20-year-olds, the title character of this book works two jobs to make ends meet: days at a nail and tanning salon, and nights at a restaurant. A marketing exec for Zax beer discovers her at a football game, leading to an appearance in Mann magazine. She subsequently lands an audition and spot on the sitcom Hammer Time. Ultimately, she winds up with a starring role on the TV show Lifeguards, Inc. Sounds suspiciously like the life of Pam Anderson, doesn't it? For ten points, name this 2004 fictionalization of Anderson's life, written by Anderson.
    Answer: Star: A Novel
  3. Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped the pressures of life in a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Now he must return home after the murder of his mother. On his return to the neighborhood, several corrupt cops frame him for homicide. As a result, Carl is forced on a journey across the entire state to save his family and take control of the streets. For ten points, name this 2004 video game, the latest in the popular Grand Theft Auto series of games.
    Answer: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  4. In May 2004, he released an album, Songs From the Crystal Cave, which is available exclusively in France. Born in 1951 in Lansing, Michigan, 2004 straight-to-video efforts from this man include Clementine, Out of Reach and Belly of the Beast. The first foreigner to own and operate an Aikido dojo in Japan, he was discovered by power broker Michael Ovitz, and made his film debut in the actioners Above the Law, Hard to Kill and Under Siege. For ten points, name this reincarnated Buddhist lama, who also starred in On Deadly Ground, Fire Down Below and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.
    Answer: Steven Seagal
  5. Texas Christian and Santa Clara won four of the first five editions of this bowl game, while Fordham won the 1942 game by a 2-0 decision over Missouri. The 1988 version saw Syracuse and Auburn play to a 16-16 tie. From 1987 to 1995, this game was sponsored by U-S-F-and-G Financial Services. Three times over the last 10 years, the game has decided a national champion -- Florida in 1997, Florida State in 2000 and Louisiana State in 2004. For ten points, name this college football game, played annually at the Superdome in New Orleans.
    Answer: Sugar Bowl
  6. The captain of the volleyball team at Mercy College, she lives in Connecticut with her husband George and children Cassidy and Connor. She got her first big break nine years ago when, working for a small management firm, got a bankrupt golf club in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., in the black and attracted a buyer. That buyer hired her to run the club and then a second club in New Jersey. For ten points, name this executive vice president of the Trump Organization and top advisor to The Donald on The Apprentice.
    Answer: Carolyn Kepcher
  7. The University of Albany in 1998, Indiana University in 2002, and the University of Colorado all topped the list issued by one annual publication. Cal State-Chico won the nod from a more prestigious publication in 1987, which gave the crown to Arizona State in 2002 on the basis of number of arrests, hotness of co-eds, alcohol use, and student submissions. For ten points, give the list-topping rank that has been assigned by both the Princeton Review and Playboy.
    Answer: Top Party School (accept equivalents)
  8. This band went through a progression of bassists, replacing original Charlie Dennis with Pete Newbury of Ten Foot Pole and Marko 72 before settling on Justin Fisher for their second album, 2000's How to Meet Girls. That album included the song "Courtney," released with the permission of Courtney Love, although they first broke through with the song "Van Halen." For ten points, name this act best known for the theme song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for taking their name form a throw-away line in The Empire Strikes Back.
    Answer: Nerf Herder
  9. Born June 16th, 1970 in San Diego, between 1980 and 1988 he won 46 San Diego county, regional and national junior tournaments. In college, he led Arizona State to NCAA titles in 1989, 1990 and 1992, and won the PGA Tour’s Northern Telecom Open as an amateur in 1991. In 2002, he won the Bob Hope Classic, his 20th Tour win, earning him a lifetime exemption on the tour. He won the Bob Hope again in 2004, making it 22 tour wins without a major. But that changed a few months later. For ten points, name this lefty who shook his reputation as the best to never win a major by taking home The Masters in 2004.
    Answer: Phil Mickelson
  10. FIRST AND LAST NAMES REQUIRED. An accomplished jazz flutist, he thinks "San Diego" was settled by Germans, and it means "the whale's vagina." Although threatened by rival Veronica Corningstone, he holds court at KVWN alongside Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana, and Champ Kind. For ten points, name this character whose legend is told in Anchorman.
    Answer: Ron Burgundy
  11. It was created by Niklas Zennstrom, who also developed the FastTrack technology it and similar programs run. First released in April 2000, it topped 9 million downloads within 18 months. A lite version was created when its makers learned that connecting to its network also connected you to Altnet, a private network. Bought in 2002 by Sharman Networks, it recently slipped behind eDonkey/Overnet as most popular download site. Name, for ten points, this popular post-Napster peer-to-peer file sharing program.
    Answer: Kazaa
  12. Thanks to a mixup with George, this character gained a nice side gig in giving seminars on risk management. That’s better than his regular gig, although George likes this character because he doesn’t force you to think. That might explain his bit on Ovaltine. While his workout regimen led to him outgrowing an Armani suit, he only ordered soup at a dinner at Mendy’s, thus drawing Jerry’s ire. For ten points, name this hack of a comic and Seinfeld rival best known for the line, “It’s gold, Jerry, gold!”
    Answer: Kenny Bania (accept either)
  13. It was hidden under a jacket, but Buck Showalter wore this number managing the Yankees. Among the players who have had this number retired include Bob Davies by the Kings, Elvin Hayes by the Wizards and Gilbert Perrault by the Sabres. Recent NFL rules changes have allowed receivers such as Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Williams to take this number as well. For ten points, identify this number worn by Drew Bledsoe and retired for such stars as Phil Simms and Isiah Thomas.
    Answer: 11
  14. While the title track to this album was first released on Madden NFL 2005, it’s far more than just a commercial effort. Three characters are central to this work: Whatsername, introduced in “Extraordinary Girl” and “She’s a Rebel”; St. Jimmy, who is a major figure in “Give Me Novocaine”; and Jesus of Suburbia, whose story unfolds in the nine-minute suite of the same name. Also featuring such songs as “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” this is, for ten points, what 2004 rock opera by Green Day?
    Answer: American Idiot
  15. On one of his travels in time, he took the identity of Dr. Olson, a scientist working under Adolf Hitler, who he once considered killing for crimes against the Gypsies. He led Morgan Le Fey's army against King Arthur on another trip with Tony Stark. A future version was pulled to participate in the Secret War, but ended up stealing the Beyonder's power, while in the 2099 line he mysteriously turns up in the future, conquering the U.S. and retaking Latveria. For ten points, name this metal-masked foe of the Fantastic Four.
    Answer: Dr. Victor von Doom
  16. Its signature program is Total Access, which is hosted on Saturday nights by Derrin Horton. In Their Own Words features coaches and players talking about their careers. Coachspeak features highlights of head coach press conferences from around the country. Replay is a two-hour version of memorable network TV games. ITC: Jaguars Summer took at look at this year’s Jacksonville Jaguars camp. These shows could be found on, for ten points, what cable channel devoted exclusively to one sports league?
    Answer: NFL Network
  17. Phil Collins claims to have made a cameo in this 1968 film, but says his scene was cut due to a large cyst on his head. Its star was banned from making Disney films for years after quipping that the film would out-Disney Disney. The film tells the story of Caractacus Potts, an inventor who takes his family to Vulgaria in his latest contraption. Baron Bomburst kidnaps the invention, and its up to Potts to save not only the invention, but Vulgaria's children. This describes, for ten points, what 1968 musical about a flying car?
    Answer: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  18. It was built in 1923 as a publicity ploy to sell homes in a subdivision along Beechwood Canyon. Originally studded with 4,000 low wattage light bulbs, it was expected to last a year and a half. Rebuilt in 1949, its last four letters, which spelled "land," were removed. The other letters were replaced with all-steel models in 1978, five years after being declared a Los Angeles historical monument. Located across the side of Mount Lee and weighing 450-thousand pounds, this is, for ten points, what famous Southern California sign?
    Answer: The Hollywood Sign
  19. In April 2004, they were a problem for at least three athletes. Chicago Bulls guard Kendall Gill was put on the injured list because of them. Detroit Tigers reliever Danny Patterson started wearing a mouthguard to prevent the teeth-clenching habit that may have been causing this ailment that put Kansas City shortstop Angel Berroa on the disabled list. For ten points, what problem also caused Scottie Pippen to miss Game Six of the 1989 Eastern Conference finals?
    Answer: migraine headaches
  20. The creation of Martha Rountree and Lawrence Spivak, it premiered in 1945 as a radio promotion for Spivak’s American Mercury magazine. Moving to TV in 1947, Spivak remained on the show as a host or panelist until 1975. Bill Monroe, Marvin Kalb, Chris Wallace, and Garrick Utley took turns as moderator until late 1991, when the current host took over the duties. An hour-long program since September 1992, this is, for ten points, what long-running NBC public affairs series, currently hosted by Tim Russert?
    Answer: Meet the Press
  21. Advertising executive Bob Bernstein came up with the idea after watching this then-nine-year-old son stare intently at a cereal box. Debuting in eight markets in 1977, it went national two years later. Originally featuring cookies, it comes with apricot pies in Romania and fish nuggets in France. In America, parents can now opt for milk or apple juice instead of a soft drink, as well as apple slices over fries. For ten points, name this pioneering McDonald’s concept.
    Answer: Happy Meal