2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 02
  1. In discussing it, the website Awful Plastic Surgery asks if it hangs to its owner's knees in the shower. Its owner says that it's "[not] my greatest strength in the world, but it's not terrible." In 2002, David Letterman dedicated a Top Ten list to describing it, calling it "Strangely hypnotic," and "Unbe-weave-able," with the #1 way to describe it being the "Taj Ma-helmet." For ten points, name this entity, widely thought be a really unfortunate combover, which is firmly attached to the star of The Apprentice.
    Answer: Donald Trump's hair (accept equivalents)
  2. Hotel, Squad, Bistro, Summer, Island, Drive-In, Bandits, and Car-Wash Company are preceded by this word in film titles. The fiendish Dr. Goldfoot built an army of robots wearing them in 1965, and Frankie and Annette taught us how to stuff a wild one in 1965. For ten points, name this article of clothing first allowed in the Miss America Pageant in 1997.
    Answer: Bikini
  3. A 1970 graduate of the University of Michigan, he was the second overall selection of the 1970 NBA Draft by the San Diego Rockets. The third leading scorer in franchise history with more than 13,000 points, his playing career was best known for having been punched in the face by Kermit Washington. Becoming a head coach in 1992, he led his squad to NBA titles in 1994 and 1995, as well as coached the U.S. men’s national team at the 1998 World Basketball Championships. For ten points name this long-time Houston Rockets coach who, in 2004, became the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.
    Answer: Rudy Tomjanovich
  4. It was created by a 13-producer staff at By the Numbers Productions. Their original vision was Titanic meets Frasier, but a similar project with Annie Potts and Jeremy Piven forced them to create a show called Badge Patrol. But that eventually morphed into this show that featured Lance Kaufman and a man who was originally a suave millionaire, but soon became a bumbling fool with a catch phrase of "uh oh, Spaghettios." for ten points, name this fictitious show about crimefighters Murdock and Homer Simpson, which caused that other Homer to briefly change his name to Max Power?
    Answer: Police Cops
  5. Player tokens in this game include a box of popcorn and a clapper. Categories include Take Three, Songs and Slogans, and Pop Culture. To win, players must win a final All Play challenge near the end, or answer a series of questions in the Final Cut ring. With editions such as TV, Junior, Disney, Turner Classic Movies, and James Bond, for ten points, name this DVD-based trivia game franchise from Screenlife and Mattel.
    Answer: Scene It?
  6. Originally included on the album Out of the Blue, it didn't hit above #35 on the US charts, though it went to #6 in the UK. Largely forgotten as a single, it's gained popularity in recent years, first due to its use in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible commercial and then in the movie trailer for Adaption. Most recently heard in commercials for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and as the theme song for NBC's new show LAX, this is, for ten points, what 1977 song by Electric Light Orchestra "that had to hide away for so long"?
    Answer: Mr. Blue Sky
  7. A 16-year-old boy is placed on a freighter en route from India to Canada. After a harrowing shipwreck, the main character is trapped on a lifeboat with a wounded zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. For the next 227 days, the boy drifts across the Pacific Ocean while fighting hunger, the elements and an overactive imagination. This is the plot, for ten points, of what 2002 Man Booker Prize winner and best-seller, the second novel from Yann Martel?
    Answer: The Life of Pi
  8. He was dumped from Project Greenlight in favor of Bill Sadler, so he couldn't add to his long resume that includes sequels Grease 2, Spy Kids 2, Wild Orchid 2 and Best of the Best 3. He played a father in Leave It To Beaver and SLC Punk, a weatherman in The Perfect Storm, Mel Allen in 61, and Jack Barry in Quiz Show. One of his breakout roles was as Darryl in Thelma and Louise. For ten points, name this actor best known for playing Happy Gilmore's nemesis Shooter McGavin.
    Answer: Christopher McDonald
  9. He is the all-time major league leader in wild pitches thrown with 277. Chosen in the 12th round of the 1956 amateur draft, he made his major league debut one year later at age 19. Traded to California in 1971 for Jim Fregosi, he would win 62 games and pitch 72 complete games his first three seasons with the Angels. In eight seasons with California, he led the American League in strikeouts seven times, and pitched four of his seven career no-hitters. For ten points, name this Hall of Fame pitcher and the all-time major league leader in strikeouts thrown.
    Answer: (Lynn) Nolan Ryan
  10. Born in 1940, he was named president-for-life in 1999 by his country’s supreme legislative council, the Mejlis. A 12-meter revolving image of him sits atop a 23-meter high tower in the capital. He created a new system of ages, dividing age into seven categories. He renamed January after himself, and April after his mother. In February 2004, he banned men from having long hair and beards. He has asked TV hosts to stop wearing makeup, and his book of wisdom, the Ruhnama, is required reading in his country’s schools. For ten points give the name or nickname given to that wacky president of Turkmenistan.
    Answer: Saparmurat Niyazov or Turkmenbashi
  11. Born into a dirt-poor dysfunctional family in Oklahoma, he was recruited by a prestigious law firm while still in college. A singer of near-professional quality, he often wowed the crowd at Caritas with his original compositions. After a series of life changing events at the firm, including the death of Holland Manners, he leaves Los Angeles with a "Cops Suck" bumper sticker on his truck courtesy of Angel. For ten points, name this recipient of an evil hand transplant, ultimately killed by Lorne in the Angel series finale.
    Answer: Lindsey McDonald
  12. Originally, the name was a pseudonym for P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, the writing/producing team behind "Secret Agent Man" and "Eve of Destruction," who then recruited the L.A. band The 13th Floor to take the name. Rob Grill and Warren Entner remained with the band for their entire run from 1966 to 1975. Only three of their songs made the Top 10, the last being 1971's "Sooner or Later". For ten points, named this San Francisco band whose other Top 10 hits, "Let's Live for Today" and "Midnight Confessions" came off their 1969 album Golden Grass.
    Answer: The Grass Roots
  13. The two-word term is the same. This gaming company created the DiceMat series of gaming accessories, while the software company with this name creates the long-running Football Office Pool series. On Big Brother 5, it was made up of Drew, Michael, Jase, and Scott. In pro wrestling, its most famous lineup was Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, and Ric Flair. For ten points, give the shared two-word phrase that names all of these, as well as a ledgendary Notre Dame backfield with Elmer Layden, James Crowley, Harry Stuhldreher, and Don Miller.
    Answer: Four Horsemen
  14. Founded in 1973 as Ambassadair, its first two planes, both Boeing 720s, were named "Miss Indy" and "The Spirit of Indianapolis." It took its current name in 1981, and by 1985 it was the largest charter carrier in the US. Scheduled service to Florida started the following year, and in the early 1990s Chicago-Midway became a second hub. By 2002 it was the largest carrier for both Midway and Indianapolis. Now the 10th largest airline in the US, name, for ten points, this carrier which filed for bankruptcy protection late last month?
    Answer: ATA Airlines (begrudgingly accept American Trans Air, its name up to last year)
  15. It was the first film from Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope studio, and was based on a short film the director made as a student at the University of Southern California. The title character attempts to escape from a futuristic society by no longer taking drugs, getting a woman pregnant and escaping from an underground prison. This is, for ten points, what 1971 film, the first big-screen effort from George Lucas and starring Robert Duvall as the title character?
    Answer: THX-1138
  16. Their spokesman appears to be Andy Belmont, who made headlines in February defending he and his brood on his Internet site. Stanton Barrett is a former movie stuntman who turned to racing. Andy Hillenburg is a racing school owner who was called out by Jeff Gordon for causing an accident. Kirk Shelmerdine is a former crew chief for Dale Earnhardt Senior. Joe Ruttman once ran a race in Rockingham without a pit crew. All five race without major sponsors and typically drive 10-15 miles an hour slower than the rest of the pack. For ten points, what two-word term is given to these NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers?
    Answer: Field Fillers
  17. In 1999, Indonesian defense minister Wiranto sang this song at a state dinner to explain why Indonesia could not give up East Timor. In 1988, a court awarded Louis Gaste most of the song's royalties due to similarities with his 1957 tune "Pour Toi." Covered by the Offspring in 1998, this song mentions the title at least once every two lines except for the words "I wish I'd never met you girl/ You'll never come again." For ten points, name this 1975 sapfest, a hit for Brazilian crooner Morris Albert.
    Answer: Feelings
  18. Filming of a 1977 episode of this series was stopped after a technician found the mummified body of Wild West outlaw Elmer McCurdy. Premiering January 18, 1974, it was based on a novel by former Air Force pilot Martin Caidin. The main character was a U.S. astronaut who was critically injured when a test moon-landing craft crashed in the desert. With the help of Dr. Rudy Wells, the astronaut received new legs, a right arm and left eye, all of which were atomic-powered and capable of superhuman performance. For ten points, name this 1974-1978 ABC series starring Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin.
    Answer: The Six Million Dollar Man
  19. The T Rex song "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" gave this band the name of their 2002 EP Dirty Sweat, while Bob Dylan's "Subterreanean Homesick Blues" was the source of the title for their full-length debut. The band itself took its name from a song on Paul McCartney's 1974 Band on the Run album. Formed by brothers Nic and Chris Cester and fronted by Cameron Muncey, their 2003 debut was Get Born. For ten points, name this Aussie garage rock band which gave us the songs "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"
    Answer: Jet
  20. This movie's 300-plus million dollars is the largest worldwide box office for a sports movie, beating out Jerry Maguire. The cold line "If he dies, he dies" is delivered after the villain delivers the fatal blow to the hero's friend, who makes his entrance in an Uncle Sam outfit accompanied by a James Brown performance. For ten points, name this 1985 flick in which the hero is motivated by the fatal exhibition between Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.
    Answer: Rocky IV
  21. Born in 1956 in Miami to an appellate attorney and secretary, she worked for more than six years as a computer analyst in the chief medical examiner's office in Virginia. During that time, she also volunteered with the Richmond Police Department. Her first book, 1983's A Time for Remembering, was a biography of Reverend Billy Graham's wife. Seven years later, her first novel featuring her most famous character, Postmortem was released, winning the Edgar, Creasey, Anthony and Macavity awards in the same year. For ten points, name this author of the Kay Scarpetta series of books.
    Answer: Patricia Cornwell