The Wrestling Theme Round

Written by Andy Goss, Brad Harris, and Steve Schroeder

Edited by Steve Schroeder


1. Two answers required. The Brian Pillman Memorial Show 99 is set to feature both of these men, who exchanged the Mid-Atlantic Television Title in 1977 and the NWA US Championship from 1977 to 1979, and who were in the main event of 1994s Spring Stampede. In 1989, they fought some of the greatest matches ever, at Clash of the Champions, Chi-Town Rumble, and Wrestle War. FTP, name these famous opponents, The Dragon and The Nature Boy.

Answer: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

2. Yokozuna failed in his attempt to get five minutes with Jim Cornette, and Savio Vega got knocked out by the Ted DiBiase-managed Steve Austin. Marc Mero and Sable debuted, and the police chased a white Ford Bronco driven by Roddy Piper, who was chasing Goldust. For ten points, this describes what pay-per-view featuring a 63 minute main event between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart?
ANS: Wrestlemania XII

3. In one of his earlier gimmicks, he said "The ladies say I'm sweet, like a vintage champagne. They wanna lick me all over like a big candy cane. Word." Scotty the Body, as he was known then, went on to gimmicks like Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo. His current gimmick lets him say things like "When I was eight years old, my mother told me . . . you are just a cinder in the furnace of the damned." FTP, name this leader of both ECWs Nest and WCWs Flock.
ANSWER: Raven (accept Scott Levy; prompt on earlier gimmicks before theyre read)

4. The right arm goes beneath the chin and around the neck. The left arm is placed behind the neck, with the wrist lined up with the base of the skull. Both arms are then pushed inward to the neck, cutting off any air circulation. For ten points, this is a technical description of what move, known in Japan as the katahajime, and used as a finisher by the ECW World Champion?
ANS: Tazmission (Accept "katahajime" before it is mentioned)

5. His name apparently came from Master Sardus dwarf assistant in the Troma movie Blood Sucking Freaks. Actually a member of the WCW road crew, he first appeared with a partner on the September 10th, 1998 edition of Thunder and was first named on the November 5th Thunder. By that time, he had lost his partner, the Jerichoholic Ninja. FTP, name this fat, toothless man originally known as "Jericho Personal Security."

Answer: Ralphus

6. He seems to go after WCW stars, as he made an audacious challenge to Goldberg in January, the same month he took the IWGP Heavyweight Title from Scott Norton. In addition to 3 IWGP Heavyweight Titles and 5 IWGP Tag Titles, he has held the NWA Television and World Titles, and is known for his moonsault and handspring elbow. FTP, name this "Pearl of the Orient," also known in the US for his facepaint and for spraying mist from his mouth.

Answer: The Great Muta or Keiji Mutoh

7. David was found dead in his hotel room in Japan, Mike died of a drug overdose, and both Chris and Kerry shot themselves, leaving only Kevin to carry on the legacy of their father, whose real name was Jack Adkisson but who was known as "The Master of the Iron Claw." FTP, name this tragic Texas wrestling family whose patriarch Fritz died in 1997.
ANSWER: the Von Erichs (prompt on "Adkisson" on early buzz)

8. The opponent Jim Fury pinned on April 11th to become champion of the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation was picked as PWIs Sexiest Superstar in 1990. Shes had relationships with Eddie Gilbert, Scott Steiner, and Jason Hervey of "The Wonder Years," and was known for her run-ins with Stan Hansen in WCW. FTP, name this woman who acted as a manager and commentator in WCW but who left in 1994 over a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Answer: Missy Hyatt

9. His father played the aging leader of the Dungeon of Doom. He himself was a Rookie of the Year in 1996 and captured the WCW TV Title from Steven Regal in 1997. However, he never really connected with the fans, lost the title to Ultimo Dragon, and is now a cruiserweight jobber. For ten points, name this skirted, bare-footed Hawaiian.
ANS: Prince Iaukea (EYE uh KAY uh)

10. This object was used against Kurrgan by Droz earlier this year, and in a match at Spring Stampede 98 with Roddy Piper and the Giant against Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan. Its been part of numerous hardcore matches, wrapped in barbed wire and sometimes set on fire, and was used by Ken Shamrock to clear the ring this past Monday. FTP, name this object often pointed by Sting.

Answer: baseball bat

11. He entered the profession controversially, causing a 1988 WWF Title switch in a match he wasnt supposed to be involved in. Though he was supposedly paid by Ted DiBiase to get plastic surgery, he was actually the twin brother of the man he replaced. For ten points, name the referee who again got into controversy on November 9, 1997, when Vince McMahon told him to claim Bret Hart had quit.
ANS: Earl Hebner

12. It's a strong fifth among American promotions, and it's making a run at the NWA's fourth place position as it proves to be a pipeline for young and exciting talent with high workrate. The WWF has snatched up Erin O'Grady, Vic Grimes, and Christopher Daniels, and WCW recently signed both Robert Thompson and Blitzcreig. Name this California promotion whose current top star Michael Modest appeared on the NBC special exposing pro wrestling's "secrets."
ANSWER: All Pro Wrestling (APW)

13. Developed by Asmik, its features include arena setups for multiple pay-per-views as well as Monday Nitro, the likeness of referee Mark Curtis, Costume Edit mode, and a 40-man, 4-player rotational battle royal. Released by THQ in 1998, it is Rumble Pak compatible and features four WCW wrestlers on the cover. FTP, name this acclaimed wrestling video game for Nintendo 64.

Answe: WCW/nWo Revenge

14. Hes taken a lot from his father, including his arm camel clutch finisher, called "La de a Caballo," and he has the same nickname, "El Enmascarado de Plata." This luchador has also carried on a feud for over a decade with Negro Casas, taking his hair twice. FTP, name this man, often regarded as the greatest of the luchadors, who got his name for being the son of another lucha legend..

Answer: El Hijo del Santo (prompt on "Son of the Saint" or "Santo Jr.")

15. Gene Okerlund suspected it might be a rabbit, balloons, or the Playmate of the Month. It was apparently Hector Guerrero in the costume, and he, er . . . it danced in the ring with Okerlund in what many call the worst WWF moment ever. FTP, name this turkey that emerged from a large egg at the 1990 Survivor Series.
ANS: The Gobbledygooker (prompt on "Gooker")

16. This not-quite-so-famous wrestling family originally came from St. Johns Lake, Ontario and consists of a legendary wrestler father, who founded and ran International Championship Wrestling, and his two sons, one known for holding five World Titles in the Big Two and the other for his poetry scroll. FTP, give the last name shared by father Angelo, the son who uses the name Randy Savage, and the son known as The Genius or Leaping Lanny.

17. A popular WCW-oriented web site run by Bill Milano is named for this move, and wrestlers who have used it as a finisher include Shinya Hashimoto, who has used several varieties, and Barry Horowitz, for whom it was "The Winning Move." One of its best known practitioners said that it stood for "The End." FTP, name this move that has been used as a finisher by Arn Anderson, Raven, and Jake Roberts, and that shares its initials with a pesticide.

Answer: DDT

18. The recent 99 edition of this annual event featured the distribution of awards by a fan-run newsletter, a shoot question and answer session with officials and workers, and an April 3rd show main-evented by a Gangstas Paradise Steel Cage Match at Philadelphias ECW Arena. FTP, what is this event named for allowing Internet fans to interact with the stars of ECW?

ANSWER: CyberSlam

19. Bart Gunn, after his win in the Brawl for All, participated in All Japans annual tag tourney, partnered with this gaijin, who employs the Cobra Clutch Suplex and often teams with Kenta Kobashi. This brother of the LODs Animal used to skateboard to the ring with Shane Douglas when they were the Dynamic Dudes. FTP, name this man who created the move also known as the Stone Cold Stunner, though when he uses it, its called the BLANK Crusher.

ANSWER: Johnny Ace

20. Tommy Rich in his WCW days and Jeff Jarrett in his WCW days are among the wrestlers who used this mans move, which might be described as a vertical front body block. He also created the STF and passed it to his most famous international trainee, Masa Hiro Chono. FTP, name this legendary 7-time NWA World champion who held the title for 18 years combined, who worked a match at the age of 70, and whose move is a "press."

ANSWER: Lou Thesz (accept "Thesz press" during first sentence)

21. He made a surprise appearance at Slamboree 93 and wrestled in the AWA under his real name, Kevin Kelly. He was supposedly made into a Cape Fear-style madman by the rough treatment he received at Cobb County Prison from Ray Traylor. Upon his release, he began a slobber-filled pursuit of his former tormentor. For ten points, name this Big Bossman nemesis who wrestled in a bright orange prison outfit.
ANS: Nailz

22. Its underlings are 25-year olds who tagged together using such team names as High Impact and The Suicide Blondes, and their real names are Jason Reso and Adam Copeland. The leader is a 1993 rookie of the year named David Heath who is married to Luna and has wrestled as Vampire Warrior. FTP, name this group that has apparently left the Ministry of Darkness, and whose members are Christian, Edge, and Gangrel.

Answer: The Brood

23. "If a guy sticks his hand out to you, shake it..and then kick him real hard when he's not looking." "I smell a title change...Or is that you?" "You know Dusty Rhodes used to love to go duck hunting, but he quit because he didn't do too well. He couldn't throw the dog high enough." "Tito Santana is like a cue-ball: The more you strike him, the more English you get out of him." FTP, all of these lines came from what man, currently the color commentator for Nitro?

Answer: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan


1. FTP each, given a description of a wrestlers previous sports exploits, name him (or his current character).
A. He was a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team.
ANSWER: Mark Henry
B. His real name is Charles Wright, and he was a six foot six McDonalds All American high school basketball player.
ANSWER: The Godfather
C. He was a four time All American football player at the University of Oaklahoma.
ANSWER: "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

2. FTP each, given clues, name the following men who have booked, often badly, for the NWA and/or WCW.

A. He has booked off and on since the mid-80s and has given his name to an overbooked screwjob ending to a match.

Answer: Dusty Rhodes

B. The main booking legacy of this former Horseman was the dreadful Black Scorpion angle.

Answer: Ole Anderson

C. Among his ideas were banning moves off the top rope and pushing his son Erik before he got forced out by Eric Bischoff.

Answer: Bill Watts

3. Given a town, name the only person currently in one of the big three leagues that is announced as being from that town for ten points each.
A. San Bernardino, CA
ANS: Ken Shamrock
B. Allentown, PA
ANS: Billy Kidman
C. Nutley, NJ
ANS: Balls Mahoney

4. Youll be given the name a wrestler uses in one country and asked to give the name he used in another country FTP each.
A. Art Barr wrestled in Mexico as one half of Los Gringos Locos using this name.
ANSWER: The Love Machine
B. FMW's Gladiator used this name in ECW, annihilating J.T. Smith and working an excellent program with Masato Tanaka.
ANSWER: Mike Awesome
C. Jinsei Shinzaki stars in Japan, but he used this name, Japanese for "White Angel," in the WWF. Name the man who brought the praying powerbomb to the States.
ANSWER: Hakushi

5. 30-20-10, name the tag team.
30: Both team members got submission wins in Wrestlemania opening matches as singles wrestlers.
20: They split up during their match against the Brainbusters at Wrestlemania V after having their one title reign end at Wrestlemania IV.

10: The team consisted of Rick Martel and Tito Santana.
ANS: Strike Force

6. Bret Hart has used a certain set of moves so regularly in his matches that theyve become jokingly known on the Internet as his Five Moves of Doom.

A. First, for 5 points each, name the Five Moves of Doom.

Answer: vertical suplex, Russian legsweep, backbreaker, elbowdrop from the second rope (accept equivalents, such as "turnbuckle" instead of "rope"), and Sharpshooter

B. Another Hart signature is a variation of a well known move, and he used it in his famous I Quit match with Steve Austin. For 5 points, what is this move that also "injured" Hulk Hogan at Spring Stampede?

Answer: figure-four leglock around the ringpost (accept equivalents)

7. Identify the luchador for ten points each.
A. Also known as Aguila, he appeared at WrestleMania XIV in a loss to Taka Michinoku.
ANS: Papi Chulo
B. He debuted in ECW at the same time as Yoshihiro Tajiri and had a popular series of matches with Tajiri.
ANS: Super Crazy (accept Super Loco)
C. This luchador lost his mask to Chris Jericho at SuperBrawl VIII.
ANS: Juventud Guerrera (prompt on Youth Warrior)

8. 30-20-10, name the wrestler.
30: In 1993 he was killed outside a supermarket in what was reportedly a hit related to cigarette smuggling.
20: This Montreal native claimed to be the worlds strongest man after an attempted bench press of 710 pounds at the 1988 Royal Rumble.
10: This member of Jimmy Hart's stable was often flanked by Earthquake and was known as the "Italian Strongman."
ANS: Dino Bravo

9. Given a line from Chris Jericho, identify the subject of the line for ascending point values.
A. 5: "Can I say you look beautiful in that dress?"
ANS: Perry Saturn
B. 10: "Why won't he fight me? Is he afraid of me because I'm 4-0 against him?"
ANS: Bill Goldberg (prompt on "Greenberg" :-)
C. 15: "Well, we were supposed to have a match at Bash at the Beach, but he *had* to lose his temper. What a shame."
ANS: Dean Malenko

10. FTP apiece, name the following people who have been on tag teams with Owen Hart.
A. Owen teamed with this man early in his career in Calgary Stampede Wrestling. This man is now teaming with a fellow member of the New Japan Three on WCWs best current tag team.
ANSWER: Chris Benoit
B. Owen and this "Loose Cannon" formed Wings.
ANSWER: Brian Pillman
C. This man and Owen formed the team High Energy, but he is better known as The Bird Man.
ANSWER: Koko B. Ware

11. Im sorry, but I just cant finish this round without asking you about the acting career of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Identify these highlights FTP each.

A. One of Pipers first movies, it featured him as one of the last fertile men on a post-apocalyptic Earth full of mutants.

Answer: Hell Comes to Frogtown

B. He played hit man Anthony Galen on an episode of this show, but just like all the other villains, he got killed by Adrian Pauls character.

Answer: Highlander: The Series

C. This movie featuring Piper as Nada contains the memorable line "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and Im all out of bubble gum."

Answer: They Live

12. FTP each, name the following wrestlers from the British Isles..

A. The Belfast Bruiser may be best known in the US for his stint as WCW TV Champion.

Answer: David "Fit" Finlay

B. He teamed with Davey Boy Smith on the British Bulldogs, but back ailments cut his career short.

Answer: The Dynamite Kid

C. "Black Magic" has wrestled a great deal in Mexico, but it took a controversial dance to get him over in the States.

Answer: Norman Smiley

13. Only a few wrestlers moved on from the demise of Smokey Mountain Wrestling to the WWF. For the stated number of points, given a WWF character name, give the name that wrestler used in SMW.
A. 5 points: Al Snow
B. 10 points: Freddy Joe Floyd
ANSWER: Tracy Smothers

C. 15 points: Kane
ANSWER: Unabom

14. Only five people have held the WWF Hardcore Title. It would be too easy to ask you to name them, so answer these questions about them for the stated point values.
A. For five points, who is the current champ?
ANS: "Hardcore" Bob Holly
B. For ten points, what current tag team has had both members hold the belt?
ANS: The New Age Outlaws
C. For fifteen, whom did Mick Foley beat to win the title?
ANS: Nobody (accept equivalents)

15. On a 10-5 basis, give the names the following big men are currently using in WCW given earlier gimmicks of theirs (which may or may not have been used in WCW).

A. 10 points: Master Blaster Steele

5 points: Diesel

Answer: Kevin Nash

B. 10 points: The Nightstalker

5 points: Adam Bomb

Answer: Wrath

C. 10 points: American Ninja

5 points: Crush

Answer: Bryan Adams

16. Given the television show, name the wrestler who has appeared on it FTP each.
A. The Simpsons
ANSWER: Bret Hart
B. Boy Meets World
C. Nash Bridges
ANSWER: Steve Austin

17. One of the most heavily pushed gimmicks in the indy NWA Worldwide is the Bad Street Boys.
A. Five points for two and ten for all four, name the four members of the Bad Street Boys.
ANSWER: Joey "The Future" Mathews, Christian York, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore
B. FTP, name the original team from which the name "Bad Street" is taken ("Bad Street USA" was their theme song).
ANSWER: The Fabulous Freebirds
C. For ten more, in what city was Bad Street supposedly located?
ANSWER: Atlanta, GA

18. Given one member of a current tag team, name the other member for ten points each.
A. Scott Taylor
ANS: Brian Christopher
B. Amish Roadkill
ANS: Danny Doring

C. Tough Tom

ANS: Mean Mike

19. FTP each, identify these people who are or have been members of ECWs Triple Threat.
A. He last appeared in the WWF as DOA biker Chains. In ECW he was known for his feud with Tommy Dreamer featuring a choke slam through four tables from the rafters of the ECW arena.
ANSWER: "Prime Time" Brian Lee
B. Usually more of a manager to the Triple Threat, shes apparently an actual member of its latest incarnation, since there are only two guys in it.
ANSWER: Francine
C. He was known as "No Gimmicks Needed" while in the Triple Threat and is a lucky dog for having a relationship with Tammy Lynn Sytch.
ANSWER: Chris Candido

20. 30-20-10, name the move.
30: This tag team specialty move was also used by the New Midnight Express, with the two members alternating roles.
20: Called an Atomic Blond when used by the Hollywood Blondes, it can be described as an assisted top-rope splash.
10: It got its name because Owen Hart was the first to be used as the projectile thrown by his partner at a prone opponent.
ANS: Rocket Launcher

21. Prove you know about recent pay-per-view history.

A. First, for five points each, from most to least recent, name the individuals who won the main events at the last three WWF pay-per-views.

Answer: Steve Austin, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon [name must be in correct spot to get points]

B. Now, for five points each, from most to least recent, name the individuals who won the main events at the last three WCW pay-per-views.

Answer: Diamond Dallas Page (or DDP), Ric Flair, Hollywood Hulk Hogan [same as above]

22. FTP each, given the catch phrase, name the wrestler who uses or used the phrase.
A. "Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better CAAAALL SOMEBODYYYYYYYY!"
ANSWER: The Road Dogg Jesse James (either "Road Dogg" or "Jesse James" is acceptable)
B. "You will feel the power of..."
ANSWER: The Ultimate Warrior

C. "Life! Is! Good!"
ANSWER: Bart Sawyer