Bastards out of California (Oz Pathare, Richard Mason, Mariabeth Swiatek, Patrick Friel) Get on the Bus Trash Tossups 1. It's so obvious! His real name is ValJoe, and he won the 1996 National Championships, spelling his nickname with a cute little "i." Long-time partner Kristi Yamaguchi dumped him to go to the 1992 Olympics solo -- no reprise of "The Cutting Edge" there. In recent performances, he carried a rainbow flag and stripped to his underwear from a sailor suit during a Village People medley. For ten points, name this figure skater who played himself on "Will and Grace," where he was known as "the gay one." answer: Rudy (Rudi) _Galindo_ 2. Val Kilmer plays "the Mentor," who generally appears to counsel Clarence in the bathroom, and who bears a suspicious resemblance to Elvis, with whom Clarence would have sex, if he HAD to have sex with a guy. After falling in love with Alabama, Clarence kills her pimp, but by stealing a suitcase full of cocaine, brings the Mafia after them both. For 10 points--identify this movie with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, a script that Quentin Tarantino sold in order to finance ~Reservoir Dogs.~ answer: _True Romance_ 3. Top scorers include Gilbert Dionne, Steve Maltais, and Brian Wiseman. Perhaps one of their teams will capture the Turner Cup, won last year by the Chicago Wolves. Other teams include the Cincinnati Cyclones and the Utah Grizzlies. Of the 16 teams in the league, only the Manitoba Moose hail from outside of the US, making the league's name a little strange. FTP, name this league, home of the Orlando Solar Bears and Long Beach Ice Dogs, one of America's finest second-tier hockey leagues. answer: _International Hockey League_ or _IHL_ 4. It's phone number 718 498 ten-43. Ask for Janice. It has the "best in men's clothing" and it's in Brooklyn. This is what we're led to believe by track 14, on an album of the same name. Other tracks on the album include "5-Piece Chicken Dinner," "The Sounds of Science," "Johnny Ryall," and "Shadrach." For ten points, identify this sample-heavy 1989 album recorded by the Beastie Boys. answer: _Paul's Boutique_ 5. In the game of seduction, there is only one rule: never fall in love. So goes the pitch for this movie, an update of an classic French novel twice adapted in the 1980s. The connection is made painfully obvious by the male lead's name of Valmont. The plot revolves around a bet: if a certain virgin cannot be bedded, Kathryn wins a Porsche; if she can, Sebastian wins Kathryn. For ten points, name this film, opening this weekend, starring Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe. answer: _Cruel Intentions_ 6. While this show ran from 1986 to 1995, only its top star remained on board, with others coming and going. Longtime costars included Julie Sommars as Julie March and Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Conrad McMasters. Other costars included Linda Purl as Charlene and Michael Durrell as the DA, not to mention the natural costar Don Knotts as Les Calhoun. FTP, name this long-running crime show, beloved by old people worldwide, starring Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock. answer: _Matlock_ 7. He was played on TV by Danny Wells, while John Leguizamo took on the role in the film. He is often depicted as being a bit taller than his brother, and he has a penchant for dressing in green, while his brother prefers red. He was introduced to the public several years after his brother, and given the name by which they are collectively known, he can never attain the same status of his brother. FTP, identify this pizza maker and underappreciated Mario Brother. answer: _Luigi_ 8. In the Mabinogion, it was a peace offering by Bran and Branwen to the Irish king Matholwch, but when war eventually broke out anyway, the Irish used it to replenish their armies. Efnisien destroyed it by feigning death and being thrown into it alive. For 10 points--identify this zombie-creating item of Welsh mythology, the title object of a 1985 Disney movie and a children's fantasy novel by Lloyd Alexander. answer: _The Black Cauldron_ (accept just _cauldron_ before "title") 9. Elena dumped Blair when he kissed Tara. Ben made the swim team. Javier and his boyfriend moved to Pamplona. Julie interned at Carol's firm hoping she was her birth mother. A truck ran over Todd Mulcahey while he courted the title character, who recently got naked in the art studio with Eli, while her boyfriend and R.A. Noel was getting it on with ex-girlfriend Hanna. For ten points, these events occurred on what WB series starring Scott Foley and Keri Russell? answer: _Felicity_ 10. Okay, so you've got a car. Okay, so you're Brad Pitt. Okay, so you're a rocket scientist. Okay, so what do you think you are, Elvis or something? You may have the brains, the looks, and the moves, but you may not have the necessary "touch" for the difficult task of winning over Shania Twain in--for 10 points--what song from the album ~Come on Over~? answer: _That Don't Impress Me Much_ 11. She recently donated 50% of the profits of her teen cosmetics line, designed by her daughter Bianca, to Teens Against Addiction. Soon after, as a result of a car accident, her lung and aorta were pierced by a piece of wire and her face grossly disfigured, making it unlikely that she will return to her post as host of WRCW's Pine Valley-based hit talk show, 'The Cutting Edge.' For ten points, name this former supermodel played by All My Children star Susan Lucci. answer: _Erica Kane_ 12. After a 1991 auto accident that instantly killed passenger defenseman Kirile Tasarov, Russian doctors were bribed with $25,000 and a Chevrolet Caprice to diagnose him with permanent brain damage, whereupon he was released from the Red Army and went to Detroit for "treatment." Sometimes obscured by other members of the Russian Five, what left wing--for 10 points--has repeatedly shone in playoff scoring for the Red Wings? answer: Vyacheslav (Slava) _Kozlov_ (do not accept Viktor Kozlov) 13. The Joy of Cooking suggests you feed it on milk and cereal for ten days, then kill it and boil it unskinned until the hair is easily scraped off. Parboil, roast, and serve with turnip greens. Less fancy recipes suggest you scare it, hit it over the head, marinate in soy sauce (or radiator coolant, if you live in Kentucky), and cook over burning tires for added flavor. For ten points, drive around in your truck for a while and you're sure to nab at least one of what North American marsupial? answer: o_possum_ 14. While questioning people in an underworld bar, he breaks a man's fingers one by one, then leaves the human cockroaches to their heroin and their child pornography. He hides in a refrigerator to jump out at a suspect. When the police come for him he sets one on fire with a can of hairspray and shoots another with a grappling gun. In prison he electrocutes one of the Big Figure's henchmen, then kills the Big Figure, each time using only a toilet. For 10 points--identify this brutally inventive vigilante superhero from Alan Moore's ~Watchmen~, whose mask is a shifting blotchy pattern of black and white, into which you may read whatever meaning you choose. answer: _Rorschach_ 15. Hey ladies! Have you ever had a man go away for business and come back with a tan? If not, here's another example of how another brother can trample -- ruin your life, sleep with your wife; and there's the girl who, when her boyfriend asks if he was the first, says "Yo, why do you guys always ask that?" For ten points, these scenarios, along with an incident at the crib involving drinking cocoa on a bearskin rug, constitute what set of thought-provoking events, according to a 1991 C&C Music Factory hit? answer: _Things that Make You Go Hmmm..._ 16. The stars of silent films such as "Little Neddy Goes to War," they were fired by producer Harry Flugleman and forced to seek work elsewhere. For one hundred thousand pesos, they flew a Tuppin 601, crashed a birthday party with a plethora of pinatas and sewed like the wind to save the village of Santa Poco from the evil El Guapo. For ten points, name this trio whose members Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander, starred in another silent film, "Amigos, Amigos, Amigos." answer: The _Three Amigos_ 17. Jenna Stannis was a smuggler. Olag Gan was a murderer. Vila Restal was a thief. Kerr Avon was a computer criminal. Roj was a political prisoner. They were all headed for the penal colony on Cygnus Alpha, but they escaped and hooked up with Cally, a telepathic resistance fighter, and a computer called Zen, and waged war on the evil Federation with their spaceship ~Liberator~. For 10 points--identify this title septuplet of a 1978-1981 BBC science fiction show. answer: _Blake's Seven_ 18. This website's top 40 includes Wassily Leontief, Naomi Mitchison, Sara Delaney, Jerry Quarry, Doug Wickenheiser, King Hussein, Dusty Springfield, Gene Siskel and Harry Blackmun. For ten points, these are 1999's most frequent correct predictions in entries to what site's three thousand dollar Celebrity Dead Pool contest, entered by predicting those most likely to die in 1999? answer: _stiffs.com_ (prompt on early "Dead Pool") 19. The fast way involves ammonia and the explosive ethyl ether, but it's safer just to mix two parts hydrochloride with one part baking soda in twenty milliliters of water. Heat gently until precipitates form and you hear a characteristic noise. Dry the precipitate under a heat lamp for twenty-four hours and you have what street drug, not to be confused with pecan pie? answer: _crack_ cocaine (also accept _freebase_) (Moderator note: after this final tossup, do not read the next bonus in sequence, instead read the bonus directly below this tossup) 20. What 1998 best-seller has references to: a Sherlock Holmes game; an Egon Schiele postcard; a box of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses; a Starbucks mug; Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook"; gingko biloba as a proposed remedy for memory loss; a call to Ron Perelman; a quote from Romeo and Juliet; the Martha's Vineyard restaurant, Black Dog; the Drudge report; Nicholson Baker's "Vox"; the movie Titanic; experimentation with Altoids; potential jobs at American Express and CNN; the music of Billie Holiday, Sarah McLachlan, and Annie Lennox; and a semen-stained dress from the Gap? FTP, name this document calling for Bill Clinton's impeachment, named after the independent counsel. A: The _Starr_ Report or Office of the _Independent Counsel_ Report (accept equivalents) (NOW READ FOLLOWING FINAL BONUS) 30-20-10-5, identify the answer. 30-- According to the Starr report, many of the 30 or so gifts Monica Lewinsky gave Bill Clinton reflected his interest in four general subjects, three of which were history, antiques, and frogs. What was the fourth? 20-- After receiving Leaves of Grass from Clinton, Lewinsky notes: "Whitman is so rich that one must read him like one tastes a fine wine or good" what? 10-- Apparently, "it tastes good." Name it. 5-- Be thankful this isn't a physical demonstration bonus. A: _Cigar_ ---------- X-Sun-Data-Type: default X-Sun-Data-Name: bus.boni X-Sun-Charset: us-ascii X-Sun-Content-Lines: 318 Bastards out of California (Oz Pathare, Richard Mason, Mariabeth Swiatek, Patrick Friel) Get on the Bus Trash Boni 1) (MODERATOR note: this is a physical demonstration bonus that requires some sort of lotion) Answer these questions about the Farrely brothers and one of their favorite topics, male body fluids. 1. First, in this film a character milks a cow for the first time and then drinks the milk as he announces his accomplishment, only to be informed that it wasn't a cow. FFPE name the movie and the actor who did the resulting spit take. A: _Kingpin_, Woody _Harrelson_ 2. In "There's Something About Mary" the Farrelys advanced to human males, as Ben Stiller, counseled by Chris Elliott not to go out on a date with Cameron Diaz armed with a loaded weapon, personally unloads his weapon. Unfortunately, in the process he loses track of his ammo. Now you may think you know where this awful question is going but it's actually much worse, because the rest of this bonus is physical demonstration! To represent the ammo we have some body lotion-- and yes, it really is body lotion. Using this lotion, have one member of your team demonstrate where on Ben Stiller his ammo ended up, FTP. A: {player must put generous helping of lotion on ear (should be left ear, but also accept right). Do not hesitate to advise player to use more lotion.} 3. Next, have another member of your team demonstrate what Cameron Diaz did when she saw Ben Stiller in this state, FTP. A: {2nd player must wipe lotion from 1st player's ear and run it through their own hair. If they get their hair to stand straight up, they automatically get the full 30 points on the bonus.} 2) Battlestar Galactica was perhaps the most expensive flop in network TV history. Given another TV Series that an actor from the show starred in, name the actor and the role he played in Battlestar Galactica FFPE. You must specify which guess is the actor and which guess is the role. 1) Bonanza A: Lorne _Greene_ , Commander _Adama_ 2) The A-Team A: Dirk _Benedict_ , _Starbuck_ 3) The Streets of San Francisco A: Richard _Hatch_ , _Apollo_ 3) Answer these questions about shocking works of art from the early 20th century. 1. In 1912, his sexual liaisons, invitations to children to sit for him, and erotic sketches brought about the first arrest of an artist in 1000 years of Hapsburg rule. He was imprisoned for 24 days, publicly censored, and denounced as a pornographer-- one of his sketches was even burned in front of him. A: Egon _Schiele_ 2. In 1917 someone named Richard Mutt entered a sculpture called "the Fountain" to an exhibition organized by the New York Society of Independent Artists, which rejected the piece despite their stated open acceptance policy. FFPE, what kind of ordinary article of life was the fountain, and what artist who publicly defended Richard Mutt and "the Fountain" in an essay in the magazine "The Blind Man" probably really was Mutt? A: a _urinal_ , Marcel _Duchamp_ 3. Duchamp struck again in 1919 with a work called "L.H.O.O.Q." which mocked a famous work of art. First, FFP all or nothing, what was that work, and what did Duchamp do to it? A: he _drew a moustache on Mona Lisa_ (accept equivalents: he also drew goatee) 4. Now finally for five points, "L.H.O.O.Q." read aloud as letters in French sounds a lot like "Elle a chaud au cul," which roughly translated means what? A: _She has a hot ass_ or _She's got hot pants_ (accept anything which has equivalents for "she", "hot", and "ass/pants") 4) Given an expression used in internet chat, explain what it means FFPE. 1. IIRC A: _If I Recall Correctly_ or _If I Remember Correctly_ 2. ROTFL A: _Rolling On The Floor Laughing_ 3. H ampersand K (i.e. "H&K") _Hugs and Kisses_ 4. colon apostrophe hyphen left parenthesis :'-( A: _Crying_ (Sad tears) 5. vertical line hyphen capital O |-O A: _Bored_ or _Yawning_ 6. caret five ^5 A: _High Five_ 5) Of the 19 different women nominated for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress this year and last year, 15 have at some point in their career, according to the Bare Facts Video Guide, done a nude scene on film. Since this is a BYU trash tourney, we'll ask you to name any 3 of the 4 women who haven't done a movie nude scene, FFPE, and/or the movies they were nominated for, for an additional five points each. You may only guess three actresses and three movies, and you must specify which is which. (Give extra 10 seconds for conferral.) A: Fernanda _Montenegro_, Brenda _Blethyn_, Joan _Cusack_, and Gloria _Stuart_ A: _Central Station_, _Little Voice_, _In & Out_, and _Titanic_ 6) Given a Led Zeppelin lyric, name the song FTPE. 1. "Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while, Think I see my friends coming, Riding a many mile." A: _Gallows Pole_ 2. "Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, going to make you groove." A: _Black Dog_ 3. It starts with "Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining" and ends with "Light of the love that I found." A: _Fool in the Rain_ 7) Identify these terrible NBA free throw shooters on a 15-10 basis. 15-- A 63 percent career shooter at the line, he began the season 0-18, including an air ball that landed a foot short of the basket. 10-- When he finally did hit a free throw, his hometown Seattle crowd gave him a standing ovation. At the time of this writing he's shooting just 17%. A: Vin _Baker_ 15-- The NBA record for worst free throw percentage in a season with a minimum of 125 attempts is 32%, set by this still active player. 10-- He now plays for the New York Knicks. A: Chris _Dudley_ 8) 30-20-10, identify the place. 30-- On Seinfeld, when Elaine finds out that her boyfriend isn't black and when he finds out that she isn't Hispanic, this is where they decide to go. 20-- Cindy and Christy, as played by Chris Farley and David Spade on Saturday Night Live, both work there. 10-- The company ran greats stop-motion commercials with a bunch of young adults swing dancing to "Jump, Jive, and Wail" with the slogan: "Khakis Swing." A: The _Gap_ 9) Answer these questions about herbal supplements, FTPE. 1. According to Good Housekeeping, the most popular supplement is this root found in the U.S., China, and Japan, which may help fight stress and boost energy and mood. A: _Ginseng_ 2. The second most popular supplement is this perrenial bulb with a flowering stem which contains allicin, a substance that may act as an antioxidant, disabling cancer-causing free radicals. It's also been shown to lower choslestrol, and has antibacterial properties that may fight infection. A: _Garlic_ 3. This herbal extract made from a flowering tree native to China may improve neurological functioning by boosting blood flow to the brain. Studies suggest it can enhance memory in elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's. A: _Gingko biloba_ 10) 30-20-10-5, given an actor, name the role. 30) Nicholas Rowe played him in a 1985 movie directed by Barry Levinson and written by Chris Columbus. 20) Michael Caine played him in a 1988 comedy whose title referred to him. 10) Jeremy Brett played him in British TV series and specials which appeared in the U.S. on PBS in the 1980s and '90s. 5) Basil Rathbone played him in many popular movies in the 1940s. A: Sherlock _Holmes_ 11) 30-20-10, given a description of a commercial, name the company. 30) Their Super Bowl commercial this year was OK, but it was far inferior to last year's classic, which featured the voice of Patrick Warburton. 20) Patrick Warburton is best know for playing the character of David Puddy. 10) David Puddy is a charcter on a TV show named after a man who also starred in the commercial alongside his favorite fictional character, who was voiced by Warburton. A: _American Express_ ("Seinfeld/Superman" commercial) 12) 30-20-10, Given a song and album, name the female musician, 15-10-5. 15-- "Vox", from her debut album "Touch" 10-- "Do What You Have To Do", from her current album 5-- "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy", from the album of the same name A: Sarah _Mclachlan_ 15-- "Why", her debut song from her first album 10-- "Walking on Broken Glass", from the same album "Diva" 5-- "No More I Love You's", from the album "Medusa" A: Annie _Lennox_ 13) 30-20-10, identify the man. 30-- This billionaire made tabloid headlines after claiming in recent divorce proceedings that he feeds his 4-year old daughter on just 3$ a day. 20-- He bought Marvel Comics in 1986, which recently declared bankruptcy in part because of his squabbles with fellow investor and rival Carl Icahn. 10-- His company, McAndrews and Forbes Holding, owns most of Revlon. A: Ron _Perelman_ 14) Rupert Murdoch has a knack for controversy. Answer the following questions FTPE. 1. In 1993, Murdock reacquired what newspaper which, after a decapitated body was found in an after-hours strip joint, became infamous for the headline "HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR" ? A: The _New York Post_ 2. After buying the Dodgers, Murdoch made waves by signing Kevin Brown to the richest contract in major league baseball history. What will Brown's total salary be over the lifetime of his contract? A: _105 Million_ Dollars (15 M$ over 7 years) 3. Murdoch's Fox News Channel hired this controversial figure to host a show which runs from 9:00-9:30 on Saturday nights. A: Matt _Drudge_ 15) 30-20-10-5, identify the product. 30-- Made in Great Britain by Callard & Bowser, the container they come in features a picture of the plant they are derived from. 20-- The metal tin container describes this product as "curiously strong," so much so that one of their ads states "no wonder the British have stiff upper lips." 10-- Another ad line warns that "you might want to practice on other mints first." 5-- Rumor has it that the mints are so strong they can enhance oral sex. A: _Altoids_ 16) As league MVP in both 1997 and 1998, Cynthia Cooper of the Houston Comets obviously has made all-WNBA first team each year. But can you identify the teams these other two-time all-WNBA first or second teamers play for? You'll get five points for identifying the city they play in and another five points for the team name. 1. Teresa Weatherspoon A: _New York_ & _Liberty_ 2. Lisa Leslie A: _Los Angeles_ & _Sparks_ 3. Jennifer Gillom A: _Phoenix_ & _Mercury_ 17) 30-20-10, name the performer. 30-- She played Endie in the 1947 movie, New Orleans. 20-- Her songs include "Fine and Mellow" and "Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do", and a version of "I'll Be Seeing You". 10-- Diana Ross played her in a 1972 movie. A: Billie _Holiday_ 18) 30-20-10-5, given cast or crew members, name the movie. 30-- Brian Dennehy and Paul Sorvino played opposing patriarchs. 20-- Baz Luhrmann produced, directed, and even received a co-writing credit for the film. 10-- John Leguizamo also played a role in this film set in Florida. 5-- Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes played the title roles. A: _Romeo and Juliet_ 19) 30-20-10-5, given a TV show, name the network. 30-- Earth Matters 20-- The Cold War 10-- The Capital Gang 5-- Crossfire A: _CNN_ (BONUS 20 is after TOSSUP 20)