Fourth and Inches: The FedEx/Poulan Weed Eater Football Packet

Author: Brian M. Hight


  1. In 1983 and 1984, they appeared in 2 straight Hall of Fame Bowls under coach Jerry Claiborne. Babe Parilli led them to the a Sugar Bowl appearance in the 1950 season and an appearance in the Cotton Bowl the next season, although head coach Bear Bryant may have played a role in their success as well. They employed a former Crimson Tide coach in the 90’s, but Bill Curry was fired after making only one bowl appearance. FTP, name this SEC school, now known for Hal Mu mme and Tim Couch.

    A: University of _ Kentucky _ Wildcats

  2. It last occurred in the NFL in 1941, being done by Lions star Dutch Clark. Jim McMahon practiced it, but never got to try it in a game. Charley Brickley and Jim Thorpe were known for their prowess in doing this. FTP, name this skill, which can earn yo u 4 points if done correctly in Arena Football.

    A: _ Drop kick_ing Field Goals

  3. He was originally signed straight out of the Marines by the L.A. Rams in 1953 and then picked up off of the waiver wire by the Colts, where he was noted for being Art Donavan’s counterpart and for breaking Gino Marchetti’s leg during the 1958 NFL Cham pionship Game. However, he had developed into an All-Pro defensive tackle during that time and had a great season with the Steelers in 1962. But it is in his death that we know about him. FTP, name this aptly-nicknamed defensive tackle whose death from an apparent drug overdose in 1963 is still shrouded in mystery.

    A: Eugene "Big Daddy" _ Lipscomb _

  4. Two answers required. The moment that forever linked them occurred on August 12, 1978. With 1:26 remaining in the second quarter, Steve Grogan called "94 Slant". However, he threw a high pass to his intended receiver, who was in the zone covered by th e free safety who was determined to stop the Patriots’ slant passes. FTP, name the free safety, an Ohio State product known as the "Assassin" and the New England receiver he permanently paralyzed on that night.

    A: Jack _ Tatum _ and Daryl _ Stingley _

  5. It was first presented by the Rotary Club of Houston and the first winner was Jim Stillwagon in 1970. Although many notable players have won, the winners also included NFL busts such as Tony Casillas and Percy Snow. The only two-time winner is Orlando Pace, but several other players have won this award and the Outland trophy in the same season. FTP, name this award for lineman, named after one of Fordham’s "Seven Blocks of Granite"

A: The _ Lombardi _ Award

6. This team’s main quarterback was Chuck Fusina. Other notable players included Irv Eatman and future Redskins RB Kelvin Bryant. In their last season, they played at Byrd Stadium, while taking the name of their would-be home in 1986. FTP, name this Ji m Mora-coached team that appeared in all 3 USFL championship games, winning in 1984 and 1985.

A: _ Philadelphia _ or _ Baltimore _ or _Stars _

  1. He played the lead in the 1941 Republic Pictures serial _ King of the Texas Rangers _. According to legend, he replaced Chuck Bednarik with Paul Duke on a national radio all-star team due to his inability to pronounce Bednarik’s name. Despite this, he was one of the best passers and punters of his era, although if he played today, he couldn’t wear number 33. FTP, name this famous TCU star who went on to play QB and punt for the Redskins from 1937-52.

    A: "Slingin" Sammy _ Baugh _

  2. He made the Bills as a 12th round draft choice out of Cornell in 1964 and immediately made an impact on the AFL, scoring 102 pts. in ’64 and 115 points in ’65. When he signed a contract with the Giants in 1966, it started a bidding war that was only ended when the AFL/NFL merger was announced. His brother Charley, who played at Princeton, also went on to play in the NFL at the same position. FTP, name this Hungarian-born kicker who introduced "soccer-style" placekicking.

    A: Pete _ Gogolak _

  3. His first head coaching job came in 1926, when he was an ROTC instructor after concluding a successful playing career the year before at West Point. In 1935, he spent the year in Panama on military assignment, but returned one year later. In 1938, his team was undefeated and in 1939, his team was unscored upon. After serving his country again during WWII, he returned to the school where he had made his coaching reputation on the basis of "defense and special teams" to win the 1951 national title, even tually retiring after the 1954 season. FTP, name this coach, nicknamed "The General", the namesake of the University of Tennessee’s football stadium.

    A: Robert _ Neyland _

  4. In 1950, they became the first team to televise their home games, although gate receipts did drop during that one season. They were once owned by Dan Reeves (not the coach) and Pete Rozelle served as their General Manager before being elected as NFL C ommissioner. In 1972, Robert Irsay traded the franchise to Carroll Rosenblum for Rosenblum’s Baltimore Colts. Rosenblum’s death by drowning in 1979 left the franchise in the hands of widow Georgia Fronterie, who still owns the team. FTP, name this franchi se, which has not made the playoffs since 1989, 6 years before they moved to St. Louis.

    A: The _ Rams _ (Cleveland, L.A., or St. Louis)

  5. In 1960, he led the nation in total offense at UCLA and was a first round pick of the 49ers, who made him the starting QB in their innovative shotgun offense. After breaking his leg in 1962, he became John Brodie’s backup until he earned a starting jo b with the expansion New Orleans Saints, which he held until the arrival of Archie Manning. FTP, name this QB, noted for his on-field leadership, who went on to alternate with Sonny Jurgenson and later Joe Theisman as the Redskins’ starting QB until his r etirement after the 1978 season.

    A: Billy _ Kilmer _

  6. He graduated from Washington State in 1954, and four years later, he was the announcer for the first live sports broadcast to the U.S. from the Soviet Union. He was the first announcer to win the Amos Alonzo Stagg award for outstanding services in the advancement of college football. Counting his stint as a student announcer, he covered college football games from 1952 to 1998 with the exception of 1970, when he was the first play-by-play man for _Monday Night Football _. FTP, name this announcer, fro m the state of Georgia, whose wife’s name is Turi Ann, and not, I repeat, not Nellie.

    A: Keith _ Jackson _

  7. Their roster included such future Hall of Famers as Gary Mullen, Dwayne Dixon, Tate Randall, and Alvin Retting, who is still fifth in career rushing yardage in the Arena League. Before he moved on to Tampa Bay and after he coached Denver in the inaugu ral season, Hall of Fame coach Tim Marcum coached this franchise, which recorded an all-time playoff record of 12 wins and 2 losses. FTP, name this notable team of the Arena Football League, who won 4 Arena Bowls and lost 2 other Arena Bowls during their lifespan of 1988-93.

    A: _Detroit _ or _ Drive _

  8. In his first 4 years, he alternated at QB with the likes of Zeke Bratkowski and Bill Munson. Once he became a full time starter, he led the NFL in touchdown passes in 1969 and 1973, the latter coming with the Philadelphia Eagles. FTP, name this native of Wilmington, N.C., and N.C. State star who went on to coach the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks, but who was most noted as the QB for George Allen’s Rams.

    A: Roman _ Gabriel _

  9. It was the only Super Bowl that lacked a turnover by either team. The winner outgained the loser by only 15 yards in spite of a 2:1 edge in time of possession, which included a 9:29 drive in the 3rd quarter that ended with a 1 yard TD run b y Otis Anderson. FTP, name this Super Bowl, noted for Whitney Houston’s lip-synched National Anthem and Scott Norwood.

    A: Super Bowl _ 25 _


  10. Murray Warmath coached the 1960 and 1967 teams, who were the last two teams from this school to take 1st place in the Big Ten. However, they were perennial national title contenders in Bernie Bierman’s first tenure as coach, which ran from 1932-41. In recent years, they have fallen on hard times under coaches such as Jim Wacker and current head coach Glen Mason. FTP, name this school, whose last notable head coach was Lou Holtz in 1984 and ‘85.

    A: University of _ Minnesota _

  11. The first matched up Nebraska and Penn State. In 1985, a post-Flutie Boston College team played defending champion BYU. In 1989, Notre Dame started the defense of their title with a convincing win over the University of Virginia. Nebraska foreshadowed their 1994 national championship run by crushing West Virginia, much like Florida State did the year before against Kansas. FTP, name this "exhibition game" that has been held in the Meadowlands since 1983, but whose days may be numbered if the NCAA deci des to allow all I-A teams to play 12 games.

    A: The _ Kickoff Classic _

  12. In 1971, he was cut by coach J.D. Roberts when he came into camp at a weight of 275 lbs, which is still abnormally large for his position even by today’s standards. He was picked up by the Eagles, where he kicked for 4 seasons, and he also kicked for the Rams, Bills, and Oilers. However, he will always be linked with Jackie Burkett and Joe Scarpati. FTP, name this individual, who managed to find the Tulane Stadium goalposts from 63 yards away.

    A: Tom _ Dempsey _

  13. His once said "You only have to bat 1.000 in two things, flying and heart transplants. Anything else, you can go 4 for 5". He held a variety of public relations and journalistic jobs until 1982, when ABC made him part of their CFA studio show. Four ye ars later, he moved on to ESPN, and the rest is history. FTP, name this College Game Day partner of Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, who got his childhood nickname from the fact that he was originally from Boston.

    A: Beano _ Cook _

  14. He isn’t Reggie White, but after the Packers won Super Bowl 32, he refused to visit the White House due to his disdain for President Clinton’s politics. He didn’t become a full-time starter until the 1994 season, but he broke through in 1995, earning his first Pro Bowl appearance while also serving as the long snapper. FTP, name this tight end out of Boston College, a favorite target of Bret Favre, aka "Chewy"

    A: Mark _ Chmura _

  15. He was issued jersey #77 in his one season in the Eagles’ training camp, although he always fancied himself as a #74. Elvis would be a #77 in his later days, while Lee Iacocca would be a #74. These tidbits of information were gleaned from his book _ O ne Size Doesn’t Fit All _, a sequel to his first literary work, _ One Knee Equals Two Feet _. FTP, name this pitchman for Miller Lite, Ace Hardware, Tough Actin’ Tinactin, and a role model for telestrator users everywhere.

A: John _ Madden _




































The FedEx/Poulan Weed Eater Football Packet: Boni

Author: Brian M. Hight

  1. In honor of our hosts, Penn State, identify these players from their 1986 National Championsip team FTSP.

    1: For 5 pts., name the running back and later minor league outfielder who scored the winning touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl

    A: D.J. _ Dozier _

    2. For 10 pts., name Penn State’s QB, who never made the pros, but was undefeated during his collegiate and high school career as a starter

    A: John _ Shaffer _

  2. For 15 pts., name the LB who will always hold a warm place in the hearts of Nittany Lion fans for making the final interception of Vinny Testaverde to clinch the Fiesta Bowl win.

A: Pete _ Giftopolus _

  1. For 5 pts. Each, given a player, identify their college.
  1. Howie Long A: _ Villanova _
  2. Chris Warren A: _ Ferrum _ (ask for more if UVA is given, he transferred due to low grades)
  3. Don Beebe A: _ Chadron State_
  4. Andre Reed A: _ Kutztown _ St.
  5. Charles Mann A: _Nevada _ (Reno) (do not accept UNLV; ( Nevada-Las Vegas))
  6. Stan Humphries A: _NE Louisiana _
  1. In honor of the Browns’ return to the NFL, identify these former Cleveland QBs FTP each.
  1. He held a PhD in mathematics and was the starter for the 1964 NFL champion Browns.

    A: Frank _ Ryan _

  2. This lefthander from USC was Cleveland’s starter in 1984, bridging the Brian Sipe/Bernie Kosar gap.

    A: Paul _ Mc Donald _

  3. In an example of how quickly his star fell in the NFL, he backed up Vinny Testaverde just 3 seasons after winning a Super Bowl MVP award.

    A: Mark _ Rypien _ (Actually, I’m still a Rypien fan, but this was the best way to work him into the packet)

  4. Turn back the clock to 1989 and name the head coach of the following teams for 5 pts. Each

1. Green Bay A: Lindy _ Infante _

  1. Minnesota A: Jerry _ Burns _
  2. Cleveland A: Bud _ Carson _
  3. N.Y. Jets A: Joe _Walton _
  4. Pittsburgh: A: Chuck _ Noll _ (yes, he was still coaching at that time)
  5. Kansas City A: Marty _ Schottenheimer _ (his 1st year with the Chiefs)
  1. Time for the inevitable UVA football bonus. Identify these people related to Wahoo football FTSP.
  1. (5) This UVA offensive lineman was an All-Pro for the Saints in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Dexter Manley once spit on him during the course of a game, although Dexter said he only sneezed.

A: Jim _ Dombrowski _

2. (5) Along with James Farrior, he was a 1st round draft pick in 1997, although the Eagles are still questioning why they signed him.

A: Jon _ Harris _

3.(10) He ‘s the only #1 draft pick to come out of UVA, being chosen by the Steelers in 1942. He went on to have a very good career as a back and kicker for Pittsburgh and Washington.

A: Bill _ Dudley _

  1. (10) This former Patriot kicker will always be reviled in C’Ville for hitting the field goal that ruined UVA’s undefeated 1990 season. Interestingly enough, he beat the Cavs with a last-second FG the next year as well.

A: Scott _ Sisson _

6. As you know, 1998 saw the rise of the "Dirty Birds" to the Super Bowl. But it’s not as if donning a Falcons jersey automatically meant that you stunk. Name these famous former Falcons FTSP.

  1. (5) This colorfully nicknamed WR was noted as a return man and for catching the "Big Ben" pass that gave Atlanta a rare win over the 49ers in 1983.

    A: Billy "Whiteshoes" _ Johnson _

  2. (5) The Falcon’s first winning season occurred in 1973, when they were led by this QB, aka "The General"

    A: _ B _ob _ Lee _

  3. (10) The Falcons of the mid-80’s did feature two decent running backs. For your points, name this backfield mate of William Andrews, who won a SB ring as the Redskins’ short-yardage back in 1991.

    A: Gerald _ Riggs _

  4. (10) Mick Luckhurst’s predecessor at placekicker was this former bartender, who made his debut by kicking 5 FGs in a 1978 Monday Night game.

A: Tim _ Mazzetti _

  1. Name the college from players on a 10-7-3 basis
  1. (10) Ernie Nevers

    (7) Ed Mc Caffrey

    (3) Jim Plunkett A: _ Stanford _

  2. (10) Frank Sinkwich

    (7) Fran Tarkenton

    (3) Bill Goldberg and Matt Stinchcomb A: _ Georgia _

  3. (10) Don Strock

(7)Antonio Freeman

(3) Bruce Smith A: _ Virginia Tech _

  1. Ack.. another 5 pts. Each 6-parter. Name the successor to the legendary coach given the name and team. For example, if I said Tom Landry, you’d say Jimmy Johnson.
  1. Lombardi’s replacement in Green Bay A: Phil _ Bengston_
  2. George Allen’s replacement in Washington A: Jack _ Pardee _
  3. Paul Brown’s replacement in Cleveland A: Blanton _ Collier _
  4. Joe Gibbs’ replacement A: Richie _ Petitbone_
  5. Bud Grant’s first replacement A: Les _ Steckel _
  6. John Madden’s replacement A: Tom _ Flores _

9. FTP each, name these players who are known for their contributions to the fabled Redskins/Cowboys rivalry.

  1. This Washington DT’s touchdown return of a Gary Hogeboom pass clinched the Skins’ victory in the 1982 NFC title game.

    A: Daryl _ Grant _

  2. Ken Houston saved a 14-7 Washington victory in a 1973 Monday night game by stopping this Dallas receiver on the 1 yard line as time ran out. This receiver went on to do TV ads for Skoal chewing tobacco.

    A: Walt _ Garrison _

  3. And in the interest of being fair to you Cowboy fans out there (Boo to you!), name the QB who came off the bench to lead the ‘Pokes to a come-from-behind victory on Thanksgiving Day 1974.

A: Clint _ Longley _ (The 70’s version of Jason Garrett, only Garrett has now had a much longer career)



  1. 10.FTP each, identify these people and teams from the original incarnation of the WLAF.
  1. This London starting QB, a Maryland product, won the 1991 WLAF MVP award.

    A: Stan _ Gelbaugh _

  2. The 1991 champion Monarchs’ opponent in the first World Bowl was this team, who actually started Scott Erney at QB over Tony Rice.

    A: _ Barcelona _ or _ Dragons _

  3. Name the only North American team to make the playoffs in both 1991 and 1992.

A: _ Birmingham _ or _ Fire _

  1. 11.Time for a high school football bonus that has nothing to do with the film _ Varsity Blues_.
  1. For 10 pts, name either the high school or the town profiled in the 1989 book _ Friday Night Lights _, an expose about one high school football program in Texas.

    A: _ Permian _ High School or _ Odessa _, TX

  2. For another 10 pts, name this city, whose Polytechnic High School produced the most players on 1998’s NFL rosters.

    A: _ Long Beach _, CA

  3. For 5 pts each, name the two states that compete in the "Big 33" high school all-star game.

A: _ Pennsylvania _ and _ Ohio _

  1. 12.Identify these QBs who could run other than Randall Cunningham and Steve Grogan FTP each.
  1. He ran for 986 yards in 1972 and had an 8 yds./carry avg. with the Bears in 1969.

    A: Bobby _ Douglass _

  2. He led the NFL in completions, yards, and TD passes and ran for 11 TDs for the 1956 Packers. He was also the starter for the 1957 NFL champion Lions and finished his career with San Diego and Denver of the AFL.

    A: Tobin _ Rote _

  3. This Detroit QB ran for over 500 yards in both 1971 and 1972, and later resurfaced in 1979 as the Colts’ starter after Bert Jones’ injury problems benched him.

A: Greg _ Landry _

  1. 13.FTSP, answer these questions, which may or may not be related.
  1. (5) This HOF TE is most often remembered for dropping a pass that would have tied Super Bowl 13 for the Cowboys.

    A _ J _ackie _ Smith _

  2. (5) This running back, who is not Gerald Riggs, was later with the Redskins, but he will always be known for "The Fumble", which cost Cleveland a chance to tie Denver in the 1987 AFC championship game.

    A: Earnest _ Byner _

  3. (10) Under the rules in effect at the time, if the refs ruled that the ball touched him before it hit Jack Tatum, the "Immaculate Reception" would have been ruled as an illegal forward pass.

    A: John "Frenchy" _ Fuqua _ (A man who exhibited true 70’s style by once wearing a pair of platform shoes with live goldfish…interestingly enough, the shoes were a size 9 ½ and Fuqua normally wore a 13)

  4. (10) This Raider is noted for two famous plays: "Ghost to the Post" , and as the man who recovered Ken Stabler’s "Immaculate Deception" fumble to beat the Chargers in a 1978 game.

A : Dave _ Casper _

  1. 14.FTP each, name these players noted for making big plays during the Super Bowl.
  1. He intercepted the Joe Theisman screen pass that led to a 21-3 Raiders halftime lead during SB 18. The Raiders never looked back in the second half.

    A: Jack _ Squirek _

  2. This Redskin scored Washington’s only touchdown in SB 7 when he caught Garo Yepremian’s "pass"

    A: Mike _ Bass _

  3. This Cowboy returned a Thurman Thomas fumble for the 46 yard touchdown that tied Super Bowl 27 early in the second half and later intercepted Jim Kelley to set up the game-clinching TD.

A: James _ Washington _

  1. 15.FTSP, name these winners of the Walter Payton Award.
  1. 5: This 1988 winner came out of Towson State and has since been a fixture on the teams of Bill Parcells as a return man and 3rd-down back.

    A: Dave _ Megget _

  2. 10: The 1989 winner was a QB from Idaho, who has since alternated as a starter and backup in San Diego, Washington, and Seattle.

    A: John _ Friez _

  3. 15: Sandwiched between Michael Payton in 1992 and Steve McNair in 1994 was another Idaho QB, who was a Saints clipboard holder for a few years before being cut by Mike Ditka.

A: Doug _ Nussmeier _

  1. 16.Name the famous College head coach from his head coaching resume on a 10-7-3 basis.

1. (10) Southern Methodist: 1962-72

(7) North Texas, 1973-78

(3) Iowa 1979-98 A: Hayden _ Fry _

  1. (10) Iowa State: 1968-72

    ( 7 )Pittsburgh: 1973-76, 1993-96

    ( 3)Tennessee: 1977-92 A: Johnny _ Majors _

  2. (10) Oberlin: 1892, 1894, Akron: 1893, Washington and Jefferson: 1923

(7) Auburn: 1895-99, Penn 1920-22, Rice: 1924-27

(3) Georgia Tech: 1904-1919 A: John _ Heisman _

  1. 17.Inevitable WFL bonus. 5 pts each, I give you the city, you give me the team nickname.
  1. Birmingham A: _ Americans _
  2. Southern California A: _ Sun _
  3. Jacksonville A: _ Sharks _ (1974) OR _ Express _ (1975)
  4. New York A: _ Stars _
  5. Charlotte A: _ Hornets _
  6. Florida A: _Blazers _ (played in Orlando)
  1. 18.What’s Buddy Ryan up to now? Good question, really. Answer these Ryan-related questions FTSP.
  1. For 5 pts., name the fellow Oilers assistant coach who he punched on the sidelines during a 1993 game.

    A: Buddy _ Ryan _

  2. For 10 pts, name the Dallas kicker who had a bounty placed on him in a 1989 Thanksgiving Day game.

    A: _T _ony _Zendejas _

  3. For 15, name the Eagles DB who was notorious for his late hits, perhaps the most notorious of which was inflicted upon Wade Wilson.

A: Andre _ Waters _

  1. 19.Identify the SEC school from the tradition on a 10-5 basis.
  1. (10) After a win, fans gather around "Toomer’s Corner" to cover the town in rolls of toilet paper.

    (5) "War Eagle "

    A: _ Auburn _

  2. (10)The singing of "Glory Glory" to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

    (5) This is done "Between the Hedges"

    A: _Georgia _

  3. (10)Before a home game, the players walk through "The Grove", a 10-acre grassy plot at the center of campus. Fans gather around to greet the players.

(5) Efforts to phase out the Confederate flag and singing of "Dixie" have been less than completely successful.

A: _ Ole Miss _ or _ Mississippi _

  1. 20.Answer these questions about famous ties in college football FTSP.

1. 5) In 1968, this team, which featured Calvin Hill and Brian Dowling was "beaten..29-29" when Harvard scored 2 late touchdowns and a 2-pt. Conversion.

A: _ Yale _

  1. For 10 pts, all-or-nothing, name the 2 teams that played to a 10-10 tie in a 1966 showdown between the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the polls.

    A: _ Notre Dame _ and _ Michigan State _

  2. For 15 pts, name the coach who sent out the ironically named Win Lyle to kick a short field goal to tie Syracuse in the 1988 Sugar Bowl, posting the only blemish on the Orangemen’s season.

A: Pat _ Dye _

  1. 21.Identify these USFL franchises FTP each.
  1. This 1984 expansion team featured Heisman winner Mike Rozier, but merged with another team after only one season.

    A: _ Pittsburgh _ or _ Maulers _

  2. This eastern team suffered through two losing seasons as this original team before moving to Orlando and becoming the Renegades for the 1985 season.

    A: _ Washington _ or _ Federals _

  3. Steve Spurrier coached this team, a perennial USFL playoff contender.

A: _ Tampa Bay _ or _ Bandits _

  1. 22.FTP each, identify these kickers.
  1. He won the 1982 NFL MVP award and was notable for being among the last regular straight-on kickers in the NFL.

    A: Mark _ Moseley _

  2. This peripatetic kicker out of Appalachian State is most noted for his stint with the 1989 Giants, where he became famous when David Letterman kept using his name as a punchline.

    A: Bjorn _ Nittmo _ (Who had a longer career than Buddy Biancalana and for all I know, may still be kicking in the CFL or Arena League)

  3. Give the very common name of the Patriots kicker who booted a snowplow-aided FG to beat the Dolphins 3-0 in the 1982 season.

A: _ John Smith _